Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Religion of Pieces

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The attacker was NOT "just a good old boy."
The latest terror attack (as of this writing - but the day is young yet) took place Monday evening on a German train when a young Afghan "refugee" started chopping his fellow passengers with an axe while shouting "Allahu Akbar" (which would still have Barack Obama puzzled as to his motives).

15 people were hurt, 3 critically, before the maniac got a lesson ("rock, scissors, paper" style) that bullets beat hatchets. ISIS has subsequently claimed responsibility, and the attacker left a note claiming to be self-radicalized, along with a handmade ISIS flag.

We are again sadly reminded that - contrary to this administration's repeated claims - guns aren't to blame for acts of terror. In a pinch, an axe or a speeding truck will make a perfectly acceptable, and deadly, substitute for those with murder in mind...or in their appalling ideology.


Some of you may know that talented conservative cartoonist and all-around good guy Glenn Foden passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. If you don't recognize his name, you'll surely recognize his work:

Glenn left behind his wife and two daughters, one of whom has special needs. Glenn had hoped to arrange for her to get a service dog to help with all aspects of her life - but was unable to complete the task before fate intervened.

Glenn's wife posted a GoFundMe request to help find the money for the extensive training a service dog needs - and yesterday, I sent a special message to those on the Hope n' Change email list (you can sign up at the top left of this page) asking to help the family out. And you did!

Only hours later, the financial goal was met and topped (which is great - the family can definitely use every extra dollar)! Note that other websites and Facebook folks also shared the message - anyone who knew Glenn wanted to help - but Hope n' Change readers were particularly generous. It genuinely gave me goosebumps, made me misty, and left me humbled and honored to be part of this caring community we share here.

So now, I'd like you to meet Rosalee - a pup who is truly a prodigy, which is critical for the training and the important, loving job she'll be taking on...

rosalee, glenn foden, cartoonist, service dog, hope n' change

She'll soon be learning a host of skills to help Glenn's daughter find more independence, safety, and comfort. Unlike Penny, the official dog of Hope n' Change, she will not be taught to fetch empty scotch bottles.

Penny is also the official dog of the Energy Conservation movement.
I just want to personally thank everyone who donated, or still wants to donate, to this very worthy cause. You've helped restore my faith in this world, and that's no small thing.  -Stilton


Mike aka Proof said...

Saw that email for the GoFUndMe page. Ya done good, Stilton!

TMay said...

: )

REM1875 said...

Glenn is sorely missed especially now.
Good Job Doc

Jim Irre said...

Anyone who remembers Lassie knows that Collies are great dogs! My grandfather had one on the farm. I'm hopeful that Rosales will bring the Form family much joy! Glad I could help out! 😃

TrickyRicky said...

Fine work, one and all. I was pleased to see the total go from ~$1900 in the morning to over the top by the afternoon.

Irene Peduto said...

Stilton, I don't comment anymore but I read your cartoons & commentary as soon as I see one in my inbox.
For all you do to help right this great ship, America, helping you to help another was the least I could do.
God bless you, your family & those you have inspired us to help.

Geoff King said...

Some sobering facts about the unvetted "refugees" that Øbamahamad continues to dump on us despite the recent terror attacks:

treefroggy said...

Sheltie ?

Sandra Gray said...

HooRay! The family will be more than pleased with their choice for a helper doggie! Collies & Shelties are the best - we have 3 Shelties that are rescues, they are so smart, it is nearly unbelievable. Thanks to Hope n' Change for helping this family in their time of need!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could help the family, even in a wee way.
May God bless you Stilton for pointing out the need.


chef621 said...

God bless you Stilt.

King James 2000 Bible Matthew 10:42

And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

Stan da Man said...

"Dukes of Jihazzard"
Spew worthy comment of the day. Thx Stilt, you owe me a mouthful of coffee.. (the regular, not the special, too early for that when I read it this am) Fortunately, it was company monitors and kbd, so no worries there...

Colby Muenster said...

Where are the cries of "We need better axe control!"? How about truck control? If a gun magazine can only have 7 rounds, how about trucks only get 7 gallons of gas? Not sure what you do with hatchets and axes... Limit the handle length?

Folks, sad to say, but these animals only understand violence, so maybe we need to return to the mindset of the old West. Would these faux Islamic turds be so active if everybody had a freaking hog leg hanging off their belt?

Done ranting....

You done did a fine thing sending that email with the needs of the Foden family. This is the way charity is supposed to work, not mandated by a group of overpaid politicians hell bent on spending everybody else's money.

Ted Cruz.... either he should be praised for sticking to his principles, or ridiculed for being a big baby. I lean towards the latter. Who's he going to support, Shrillary? Nobody? Pretty sure he's not supporting Gary Johnson; leastways, he has not said so. Grow up, Ted. You made a pledge to support the eventual nominee, and I know damn well if you had been nominated, and Trump did what you just did, you'd be whining like a little girl whose dolly got taken away.

Donald Trump Jr. is right, they don't really need Ted's endorsement, but dang. Cruz may be running in 2020 and 2024; if'n he is as smart as I think he is, he should be building bridges, not burning them.

james daily said...

I am sure Stilt and I both voted for Ted Cruz but I know I will not vote for him again. If he does not support his party's choice, regardless of the "reason", we have no need of him because he is suppose to support his voters. I think this says it best, "Dr. Krauthammer said: "It was the longest suicide note I have ever read."
Fool me once, shame on you.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby Muenster, James Daily, and probably lots of others- I address Cruz's "non-endorsement" in tomorrow's Hope n' Change, and I expect it will generate some robust - and hopefully friendly - debate.

I don't think Cruz supports Trump the candidate because Trump seemingly doesn't support the conservative principles many of us have been fighting for over the past 8 years. That being said, I think Cruz laid out the importance of our cause and made it damn clear that our dreams and goals for this country can't survive under a Hillary administration.

I know many people wish Cruz had just said "vote for Trump" directly, but I don't think he could have done so and kept his integrity intact. Not his ego - his integrity. But I think his message AMOUNTED to telling people to vote for Trump rather than staying home, because even if we have ideological disagreements, there's too much on the line to let Hillary win.

I'm open to that "friendly debate" I mentioned, because I know everyone here basically wants the same thing, even though these are crazily confusing days about how to achieve what we want.

Tomorrow, let's kick all of this around like a soccer ball while remembering we're all friends and allies here, and the best way for us to achieve anything like pragmatic unity is to listen to each other and find common cause.

Also, a round of drinks might help.

Geoff King said...

Gary Johnson now has 13 percent of the popular vote in more than one poll. If he hits 15 percent, he will be allowed to enter the Presidential Debates with Trump and Clinton. If that occurs, anyone who says they are voting for the 'lesser of the two evils' becomes part of the problem.