Monday, August 29, 2016

Race to the Bottom

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"Did I say I had a dream? I meant nightmare."
So after 8 years of an historic black presidency, the contest to choose his replacement is boiling down to a single critical issue: which candidate hates black people the most.

Frankly, the cartoon above says what we want it too without much need for additional explanation. The country has gone out of its freaking mind on the subject of race, owing to the long term combination of liberal government policies (some well-intended, some less so) which have decimated black families and communities, and the Democrats' realization that they can harvest votes by keeping black Americans on a new and impoverished plantation. And it makes us sick.

Hope n' Change is old enough to remember rampant racism in this nation. Some of it casual, some of it hateful - but all of it unacceptable. We saw the "colored" drinking fountains with our own eyes, heard the cruel and casual use of the n-word, remember ax handles (suitable for beating uppity blacks who wanted to enter schools or restaurants) being handed out as Democratic campaign souvenirs, and saw the struggle for civil rights playing out in the streets of Selma.

We've seen so much progress since those days. And tragically, we've also seen so much of that progress lost for the previously mentioned reasons.

Readers of Hope n' Change know that we're not big fans of Donald Trump, but on this particular topic he's right. Trapping black Americans in poverty and entitlement programs for the purpose of collecting their votes is absolutely bigotry, as is the liberal belief that they're doing black Americans a huge favor because (looking around, then whispering) they're just not smart enough or motivated enough to take care of themselves. 

Our one initial hope for Barack Obama was that he could become a racial healer. Instead we got a political pyromaniac who will be leaving his post with the country burning.

These are serious issues, being treated unseriously by unserious people. In marked contrast to the little-reported efforts made by unfairly reviled House Speaker, Paul Ryan, to truly understand the problems of black American inner cities and propose sweeping and realistic solutions.

If Hillary is elected, she will continue stoking the racial fires that her predecessor has built. If Trump wins, he's promising to actually do something to reverse the current disastrous course of race relations in this nation.

Do we believe him? Only "maybe." But that's one helluva lot more than we believe Hillary, Barry, or the rest of the Democratic "good massahs" who seek political empowerment from the suffering imposed on others.


Bruce Bleu said...

"Democratic "good massahs"", What choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?
It is SUPREMELY frustrating to observe people being enslaved to the poverty of TRUTH in an environment where more information to "free" them is available than ever in HISTORY! "Not to know" something is bothersome enough, but to see willful ignorance in the face of their "benefactors" blatant LIES is absolutely CRIMINAL!
Maybe a new psychological malady should be coined... the "Compton/Detroit/DC/Baltimore/Chicago/NewOrleans Syndrome"... wherein a group of people can be oppressed by the very ones who WANT them to be impoverished while they recite lines from Chucklehead Dickweed, "Please, sir, I want some more."

Fred Ciampi said...

I remember Lyndon Johnson saying how he would have the black vote for the next 200 years. And Orville Faubus having a barrel of ax handles in front of his Arkansas restaurant. And these were our democratic leaders. And the story goes on and on. So sad for a country once so great as ours was..........

Geoff King said...

I no longer believe that any elected president, short of Jesus Christ Himself, will be able to set this country back on the right path. The vast majority of both parties of congress, and the whole of government in general, are so corrupt and self-serving that only change for the worse is now possible.
Nothing short of a civil war, military coup, or Constitutional Convention of the States has any chance of saving us at this point.

Rod said...

Trump is indeed a mystery and POTUS is a poor place to have a mystery. We're about to survive an eight year mystery that didn't work out well. But Trump is IMO still the better choice than all we KNOW about the Clintons. And Trump vagueness may be strategic; specifics draw immediate fire. I just wonder how sharp Trump really is because this attention-getting arrogance IS COSTING HIM A LOT OF SUPPORT. He has mine only because Hillary will not have it; but I'd sure like to see him behaving, acting, BEING more Presidential these next three months. Fewer "I's", more "we's", fewer "yuge" promises and more due process with qualified staff. Republicans started with ~18 formal candidates and allowed them to eliminate each other; several could have made decent presidents, many of them could still help now. But it's still all about "me" with Trump. I don't like it. MY rational on this vote have may be that it's not about the POTUS at all, they are both miserable; at this point it's only about the Supreme Court. And we might wonder why Clinton is the best the Dems can bring up? Because Clintons been at work eliminating or discouraging Dem. completion for decades. Bernie was a diversion. There is offensive arrogance on the surface,and then there is deep pure crooked arrogance.

Rod said...

"Completion" is a real word and got in there; of curse I meant "competition". See what I did there?

rickn8or said...

Fred, you're confusing Lester Maddox with Orville Faubus.

Faubus is the Arkanssas Governor, who like George Wallace, "stood in the schoolhouse door" in 1957. In his case, it was too keep blacks out of Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas. He failed; Central High School, in sight of the state capitol building, is almost exclusively black these days.

Linda Lee said...

Geoff King, I agree that the entire mess is corrupted, but don't give up hope yet. One office CAN make a difference, as we have seen for the last 8 years. I think Trump, if he wins, will surprise a lot of people. He will be a good president - practical and open to 'outside the box' workable solutions. He is not a philosopher or uber - conservative, but the 'conservatives' haven't worked very hard to bring us what they promised. All talk, no action. At least Trump sets a goal and gives it everything he's got. He's set the right goals, considering the situation we're in now.

Rod, Trump's attention getting arrogance is costing him some support, yes, but it's also gotten him a lot of support. He's like Patton - and we know we need a fighter. Someone who won't roll up into a ball when he's attacked by the other side. Republicans have lacked that and whined about it for years, but once they actually had someone who could fight as hard and dirty as the Democrats, they turned on him. I don't think they want to win. They are comfortable making deals behind the scenes with their supposed opposition. I, for one, am glad Trump is not a 'pure' Republican - I'm sick of the double dealing Republicans. I just want a patriot, a nationalist, not a globalist, and Trump is definitely a patriot.

Walter1694cir said...

Thanks Rickn8or for correcting Fred about Faubus and Maddox. Lester was the owner of The Pickwick Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.
Fred probably got up too early to make his daily donation to H&C, thereby the confusion on the
Geoff always beats Fred to the line to report his thoughts.
Keep going fellows, at least it's not some liberal dribble!

FlyBoy said...

I heard one talking head put it very succinctly a few weeks ago: "While I have serious doubts about Donald Trump, I have NO doubts about Hillary Clinton!"

jlw said...


slight correction it was the Pickrick Restaurant. axe handles were known as Pickrick drumsticks or toothpicks. Maddox served as both Gov and Lt Gov of Georgia.

Orval Faubus served as Governor of Arkansas.

John the Econ said...

I've never ceased to be amazed as to how the utter failure of Progressive policy begets the demand for more awful Progressive policy. So it's little surprise that the "legacy" of America's most progressive President ever is utter failure with the demand for even more of it.

So the President elected to "heal" instead foments the transparently fraudulent Black Lives (don't) Matter movement, which unsurprisingly promulgates a completely unimaginative Progressive platform that has almost nothing to do with the supposed genocide taking place within the black community, much less police shootings.

Just as I've grown tired of feminists endlessly droning on about how absolutely awful it is to be a women in 21st-century America, I'm tired of hearing how racist America supposedly is:

A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

Can America be better? No doubt about it. Improving society is a never-ending task. But is America worthy of the scorn its own elites and others heap upon us? Hardly.

Speaking of feminist fail, this just in: (and unfortunately too late to be today's cartoon, because I bet @Stilton has an awesome one in mind already)

Huma Abedin is separating from her endless embarrassment of a husband, Anthony Weiner

On one hand you have to give her credit for dumping that loser unlike Hillary, who hung on to hers. But on the other hand, what was the cost? Hillary hang on because Bill was the meal ticket to the future, whereas Anthony has no future and was Huma's baggage of the past. So there's little to respect here; both these women took the easy way. Great feminist icons, right women?

james daily said...

My thinking there is no hope for the oppressed blacks. They have just swapped one set of chains for another or one plantation for another, same thing. Their clannish behavior guarantees the majority will never rise above where they are. We will still get many brilliant thinkers and every one will be called Uncle Tom, Acting white, etc. I for one am just tired of the whole mess. When they decide to exit the stone age, I will certain be surprised.

Colby Muenster said...

For so many years, the Democrats have had a monopoly on iconoclastic behavior by their leadership (Harry Reid et al) and have been mostly successful with this tactic. I for one, have been wishing for a Republican candidate who would have the guts to fight fire with fire. Along comes Donald Trump.

Yes, it may backfire, and we'll end up with Ding Dong Clinton, but what if it doesn't? And even if it does backfire, will others be emboldened to the point where they wake the hell up and finally grow a pair? I pray this is the beginning of the end for turdballs like Lindsay Graham and John McCain and Jeb Bush.

Colon Krapperdick.... does he have the right to sit on his ass during the National Anthem? Sure. Does he have the right to accuse all cops of being racist murderers even if it's not even remotely true? Yup. Is he a piece of condensed owl shit? Uh-huh. Is his career over? Lord, I hope so. And being a Denver fan, I'm sure glad they took a pass on his sorry ass.

John the Econ,
I figured Weiner's latest escapade would finally get Huma to dump him, but to be honest, I think his sins pale in comparison to hers. So he takes pictures of his ying yang and posts them on the internet. Big whup. Huma is an anti-American, treasonous, radical Islamic supporting, self serving, backstabber who could end up being chief advisor to the POTUS!

rickn8or said...

"Colon Krapperdick.... does he have the right to sit on his ass during the National Anthem? Sure. Does he have the right to accuse all cops of being racist murderers even if it's not even remotely true? Yup. Is he a piece of condensed owl shit? Uh-huh. Is his career over? Lord, I hope so. And being a Denver fan, I'm sure glad they took a pass on his sorry ass.

Sure does have those rights... on his own time. When I hire a monkey to dance, I expect him to dance, not sit on his ass. Likewise with singers that expound their political views on stage; "you're being paid to sing, not talk."

Fred Ciampi said...

rickn8or and Walter1694cir thanks for the correction. Had a rough night. Wife just had a new knee installed and is still the hospital and I'm almost out of clean dishes and underwear. And on top of that I can't find my moonshine. But the good news is; she took 15 steps today and might be home in less than a week. But by then I'll be all out of clean dishes and underwear. Oh, the humanity....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- I'm afraid the affected groups only say "please, sir, I want some more" to the government - while they're increasingly saying "burn down the suburbs" and "the rich ain't give us nothing" to their fellow citizens. It's a combination of ignorance, manipulation, and the Stockholm Syndrome.

@Fred Ciampi- I don't think the young folks running the media (and social media, God help us) have any working knowledge of what, for we oldsters, are painful and visceral memories. They don't see that the battles they're waging today are actually reducing the gains that were made in the past.

@Geoff King- I also believe (or is it believed?) that such change could come from a leader who could genuinely unite and inspire our nation. But the moment may well have passed. I'm just not sure that the masses can understand eloquence and logic anymore, nor be encouraged to act for a greater good than their immediate self-interest. Damn it.

@Rod- Great summation of the Trump campaign. I agree with every syllable.

@rickn8or- I miss the days when Democrats just distributed ax handles instead of running an old battleaxe for president...

@Linda McWilliams- Nothing would please me more (or surprise me more) than Trump being a good president. He's already got my vote, but he doesn't yet have my heart. If he gets in, I hope that changes.

@Walter1694cir- When you mentioned "liberal dribble," I couldn't stop myself from thinking of Monica's blue dress. And now, neither can the rest of you.

@FlyBoy- That's a great phrase, and dead accurate.

@jlw- That's what I like about Hope n' Change - the keen attention to detail and historical accuracy. And the occasional dirty joke.

@John the Econ- I, too, no longer have patience for whining about racism in America. There are serious problems, but very few serious efforts to address the things which must change for improvement to happen - many of which need to happen organically from within black communities. As far as government intervention goes, I'm leaning towards a new era of "tough love" and fewer entitlement "safety nets."

Regarding Huma and Anthony Weiner, of course I want to do something with such low hanging fruit (so to speak), though I don't know yet if that will be my topic for Wednesday- the ephemeral comedic moment may have passed. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the whole Weiner thing relates to the parallels with the Clintons; a sexual abuser doesn't change his spots (ask Monica's dry cleaner!), and for a wife to stand by her wretched man takes either neurosis, self-deception, or a naivete which should preclude public office.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- I'm afraid I agree, although rather than saying "no hope" I prefer to say "very little hope." Which doesn't make me a glass half-full guy - at this point, I'll only concede that the bottom of the glass may still have a slight film of moisture.

@Colby Muenster- I actually DO like the broadsides Trump is dishing out about how the African-American vote has been taken for granted by do-nothing Dems. He's not going to necessarily win black votes by his rhetoric, but if his policies at president start showing economic progress which didn't happen during the Obama years, maybe that demographic will start to wake up.

@rickn8or- Kaepernik has the right to sit during the anthem, and 49ers fans have the right to sit at home rather than attending games. He's an idiot- but in fairness he's repeating lies which have been fed to him by the media, the Left, and even the president. He's not the problem - they are.

@Fred Ciampi- When you put your underwear and dishes in the dishwasher, always put the underwear on the top rack so it won't burst into flames during the drying cycle. Also, if your BVDs have skid marks, be sure to use the "Pots & Pans" mode.

And seriously, glad to hear that your wife took some steps and will be home soon. I hope she'll make a full and rapid recovery.

Fred Ciampi said...

Stilt, the TOP RACK? Dang I wish I knew that yesterday..... Wally's World, here I come......

Colby Muenster said...

There is speculation out there that the whole "Huma dumping Weiner" thing is a planned distraction from the whole "Huma's a radical Muslim terrorist" thing. Could be I reckon.


Monkey? Ooooo, you racist! Made me almost spew coffee! I'll add that apparently the 49ers organization is basically saying they agree with turdboy Krapperdick simply by their inaction. Whatever happened to the Vince Lombardi's and Tom Landry's of the football world? Would Buddy Ryan or Mike Ditka have put up with Krapperdick's childish BS for more than a minute?

John the Econ said...

@Colby Muenster, that same thought had occurred to me. Very little that these people do in front of the media is uncalculated.

A month or so ago, I saw an interview where Weiner was being seriously interviewed, as a Hillary supporter, of course. That guy is just creepy. But what is even more creepy was the media taking him the least bit seriously.

Anonymous said...

And HNC regular here: I'm going to be gone for a while; the gates will be guarded by others with guns and chores to do. No it's not jail; at home. Thanks to archives I'll catch up later. Will ya'll please do something to jump Trump well ahead in the polls after Hillary fades away and takes Huma with her?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- Your delicates are fine in the lower rack if you use "no heat" drying. Bonus- the wash water from your underoos won't drip onto your melmac!

@Colby Muenster- It's not impossible that the Clinton camp is putting their Weiner into play as a distraction. It seems likely that they want to put something cheap and lurid into the news cycle every 24 hours for the next 70 days to distract from Hillary's multiple felonies.

@John the Econ- I find myself wondering if the woman that Weiner was sexting with is even a real person, or if it was all a set-up. As you say, it seems very little we now see in the media should be taken at face value.

@Anonymous- Good luck with your travels. We'll keep a light on for you - and I promise to do all in my power to clear Hillary out of Trump's path.

Geoff King said...

It is only Trump if it is the right suit. I do not believe Donald is.