Monday, October 10, 2016

Make America Grab Again

Readers- At the time of this writing, the second Clinton/Trump debate hasn't taken place yet, which is probably a mercy since we aren't expecting anything less than another disaster (perhaps with Shepherd Smith doing play by play and predicting that we, our kids, and our friends and families are all going to die).

But we're not without fodder today, thanks in part to the "Trump Tape" from way back in 2005 when The Donald was caught on tape talking about using Tic Tacs before stealing kisses from women and, in singularly inartful parlance, "grabbing them by the pussy."

This was the inspiration for the cartoons below - none of which is actually a defense of Trump. He is a clod and a lout, and his attitude towards women is shameful...albeit not as shameful as raping them, leaving them bleeding in a motel room, then having his wife destroy their credibility and shaming them as bimbos and stalkers.

And so, here's our salute to idiocy and hypocrisy...

His nickname is "U.S. Minty"
Talk about a "War on Women"...
No Justice, No Queef.
Which more or less leads us to our best guess at how last night's debate went...

The cartoon above makes reference to the new Wikileaks release of emails related to Hillary Clinton, which reveal some of the things she said in her previously secret high-dollar speeches to Wall Street powerbrokers.

For instance, when in the cozy (and assumed to be confidential) embrace of her high dollar donors, Hillary says she wants open borders. In this way, Hillary can assure that every American - no matter race, creed, color, economic class, or sexual orientation - will be guaranteed the right to be stabbed by a jihadist in a shopping mall.

She also admitted that for the sake of political expediency, she has "public" and "private" positions on matters of policy. The difference being that public positions are lies she tells voters, and private positions are lies she tells donors.

Neither Trump nor Hillary will make a good president or even a good human being. But so far, Hillary is the only one who has proved herself both anti-American and unable to handle high office.

As a case in point, one of her big "accomplishments" as Secretary of State was the so-called "reset" of relations with Russia. Since that time, Russia has run hog wild on the international stage, pretty much doing whatever the hell it wants - always testing to see just how far the United States can be pushed, and always delighted to find that there's seemingly no limit.

Which is why, thanks to numerous Clinton/Obama policy failures and weakness, Russia is now threatening to shoot down our aircraft over Syria, and has just moved nuclear missiles into closer striking distance of European targets.

Put simply, Vladimir Putin has grabbed America by the pussy - and its name is Barack Obama.

That strikes us as a lot more offensive, and unimaginably more dangerous, than anything Trump may have babbled a decade ago.


Okay, now we've seen the debate - and we're pleased to say that in our opinion, Trump did much better than his previous time at bat and may even be reasonably considered the winner. Granted, the man still can't give policy specifics to save his life and speaks with a 5th grade vocabulary, but we weren't looking for miracles.

Unlike the first debate, the gloves were off - and both candidates were slugging with everything they've got. Hillary was clearly coached to put on a big "well, there you go again" grin every time Trump started hitting her on something substantive...but he eventually wiped that Cheshire Cat grin off her puss (so to speak) and whacked away at her like a piƱata.

The moderators were both annoying, but we're going to say the contest was about as fair as we could have hoped for. Tough questions were thrown at both candidates, though Hillary was challenged less often with follow-up questions after completely dodging troublesome topics.

All in all, riveting political theater with no major gaffes on either side, but also no major reasons for optimism about the next 4 years.


Mike aka Proof said...

Tonight was the first time I've seen Anderson Stupor, er, Cooper for more than 30 seconds at a time. Color me underwhelmed.
His brother Sheldon seems more socially adept.

B Martin said...

Trump is supposed to get a pass in his comments, after all he was a Democrat at the time.
Also, when is someone in the media going to press NBC for suppressing evidence of workplace sexual harassment for ten years?

Anonymous said...

I thought Trump aced this debate. While he did wander a bit he stayed on the reservation and took the Hildabeast's scalp home.

I wish he'd have mentioned Alian Gonzalez or her hubby allowing the NK to get nukes. Seems like this kind of dealing runs in the family.

Rod said...

Ahhhhhhh! The clarity of your assessment is refreshing. Well-said, Stilton.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- Let us not forget that this isn't the first time Anderson Cooper has dealt with the word "pussy" on air...

@B Martin- I don't really believe that anyone in the media who is claiming to be "shocked" is shocked in the least. This is the cesspool they choose to live in.

@Rod- Clarity is the goal.

Judi King said...

I watched parts of the debate and was underwhelmed. A phony and an aging sophomore. Both losers.

Applemask said...

"Donald Trump said the word 'pussy'". Yep, that's what the problem is alright, well done there

Graylady said...

Considering the prostitution scandals that have plagued Congress for years, their horror at Trump's language is the height of hypocrisy. Don't the entrenched RINOs in Congress realize the American people know their game by now? Say what you think the people want to hear, then go do what YOU want and to hell with what the people want or need.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- Yes, both are losers. Each said perfectly terrible things about the other, and deservedly so. Still, I enjoyed seeing Hillary confronted so directly.

@Applemask- What a stupid election cycle.

@Graylady- Tim Kaine acted like he was going to be physically ill after hearing the word "pussy." Give me an (expletive deleted) break. Suddenly everyone in Washington is pretending to be an Amish virgin.

Mike aka Proof said...

Stilton: Thanks for the link to Stupor. I imagine he uses that on his resume reel?
We studied a poem about pussywillows in grade school. Anderson would have had to have been sedated.

Geoff King said...

Not having watched a second of the debate, I have forced myself to read about it from various online sources. Between the pussy comments, and Clinton spokesman tweeting that Trump should "go fu*k himself", it appears that seeking the highest office in the land starts from the lowest gutter.
The fly that landed on Clinton's face during the debate was worthy of more respect than either candidate,IMHO.

Fred Ciampi said...

I did enjoy the look on hildabeast's face when Trump said that he WILL prosecute her when elected. I hope he does. I absolutely love the picture on Drudge of Bill and the four rape victims. At the beginning of the debate Bill and Chelsea were sitting next to each other. She doesn't look any more like him than my old hound dog, Elvis.

Judi King said...

SO...does this mean the "lord of the flies" in the WH is being passed on to a new regime?

Sortahwitte said...

Fred, I beg to differ. Chelsea looks just like her dad, Janet Reno. Eeeeeewwwwww.

GenEarly said...

This election is Nothing when compared to Andy Jackson coming into the Elitist DC environs.
Not that i'm a particular fan of Andy Jackson, though he did win the Battle of New Orleans and as exemplified at his request on his tombstone, "he Killed the Bank".
That presidents are at the mercy of the Feral Reserve Banksters is more unmentionable than pussy.

John the Econ said...

Right-on again, @Stilton. Is Donald Trump a pig? Absolutely. But seriously, just who didn't already know that?

So now the left, either ironically unconscious of their transparent hypocrisy or not, again goes apoplectic over Trump's "locker room talk". But that's the left for you, somehow more injured by mere words that they are about actual sexual violence. I'm still impressed that they don't have a parade of actual Trump sexual assault victims queued up for the talking head circuit like there existed (but were ignored) against Clinton in '92. Last week, all they had to talk about was an aging beauty queen from decades ago that Trump said mean things about.

Back in 1998, how many times did I have to listen to Democrats explain with straight faces and painful seriousness that Bill Clinton's boorish behavior wasn't impeachable and really didn't affect his ability to be a great President?

Our culture has been going down the tubes for decades. Watch 5 minutes of any MTV "reality" show, (aka, "children's programming") and tell me that you haven't seen anything worse than what The Donald has said or done. The idea that people who dress up and dance around in public as vaginas can actually be offended by this sort of thing is simply political theater and/or is absurd. (Brilliant cartoon, btw)

Heck, look at the wack-a-doos the Obama administration itself invites to visit the White House, and tell me again how The Donald will drag America lower.

But you have to hand it to the Clinton campaign. The Donald's "pussy" remarks at least got Hillary's "public vs private positions" comments off the front page.

As for the actual debate: Again I was disappointed. He almost seemed sedated for the first 10 minutes, but then returned to typical form. To destroy Hillary, you can't just reiterate the facts about her; you have to deliver them in a way that leaves her speechless and indefensible. That requires a degree of subtlety, and again, he didn't do that.

Fred Ciampi said...

Yup, 'Old Hickory' did kill the bank and JFK said that he too was going to kill the Fed; 7 days later, BANG!

Rod said...

Several more established & incumbent Republicans are breaking promises, withdrawing party support... in other words showing their true colors when it gets down to the basic issues. They are very comfortable just as things are now.

A goal to set for USA NOW is to develop another STRONG & VIABLE organized, modern, smart party for the two-party system by two years from now which will start to be the Republican replacement... and let these comfortable, dug-in, say one thing - do another (or nothing) Republicans be the ineffective third party next time. They're not much better than the progressives and liberals.

HOWEVER! For now we need to watch the current balance in U.S. Senate & House in case the lying, inept, crooked, two faced, criminal bitch wins.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Sortahwitte - It's long bee rumored that Webb Hubble (White Water partner, IIRC) was the sperm donor. Not sure if it was s direct injection, or turkey baster method.
God know, if She actually SAID anything during the process, the sound of her voice would drop MY bone into the dirt....

Regardless of who her father was, Poor Chelsea clearly got her mother's face, and voice.
Had always hoped she'd 'pretty up' as she aged (see specifically Melissa Gilbert, pretty plain as Laura Ingalls, and simply stunning as an adult) but tragically, nope - turning right into Mom. Hopefully she can avoid the cankles...

Fred Ciampi said...

I was just watching parts of the dee-bate and I noticed that every time The Hill got flustered (which was often) her right eyeball seemed to cross. Cockeyed I think it's called. Anyone else see that? And I wasn't having any moonshine either!

Colby Muenster said...

The year was 1964, and a big hit movie had a major part for the character Pussy Galore. Ho hum.... Not that Trump's locker room banter wasn't in poor taste, but O'Liar and The Clintons have had guests in the White House that likely have much worse language, and it's perfectly fine if you're a Democrat. Dollars to donuts, Shrillary drops the F bomb on a regular basis when she is forced to deal with the rabble and no cameras are rolling.

At any rate.... Trump blew it with the "say something nice about each other" horseshit. He should have noted that "her ass didn't look nearly as big in person as it does on TV." Or maybe, "You did a terrific job making through 90 minutes without fainting or hacking up a lung." How about, "You did the right thing by giving back the White House silverware; terrific job!"

AND... I thought this was supposed to be a friggin' town hall. Anderson Stupor and Martha Rat'sAss should not have been allowed to ask any questions. Granted, they both surprised me with a couple of questions that made poor widdle Shrillary squirm.

I grade it a yuuuge win for Trump, but only because he managed to fight back without looking like a total buffoon.

Anonymous said...

You are going to see a lot of people try to deflect the issue right now by saying things like, "He just said Pussy, its just a word" or something similar, or its no worse then whats in rap today, or its no worse then 50 shades.

Trying to make it about a single word, rather then what he actually said.
No one is upset about a naughty word. Its never been about dropping the P-Bomb. Pussy pussy pussy.

See? Saying Pussy is ok... whats not ok is as a married man, saying "Grab'em in the pussy" even if shes married, Im rich so I can do it..

Thats why people are upset. The man running for highest office, Even if in jest, suggested that its 100% dandy to make sexual advances on a married woman. It really speaks to trumps character."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike aka Proof- In fairness to Coop, it's pretty hard to do a news story about Dyngus Day and keep a straight face.

@Geoff King- Yes, political discourse has gone in the dumper. This is closer to nude mud-wrestling than the Lincoln/Douglas debates.

@Fred Ciampi- I hope Hillary IS prosecuted and they can make something stick. I thought Trump missed an opportunity last night when Hillary said "no one can put their hands on any evidence that my server was compromised." Trump should have pointed out it's not because the evidence didn't exist, but because she destroyed it! She took hammers to Blackberry devices, "Bleach-bitted" her emails, and had the FBI destroy the laptops of her staffers.

And no, I don't actually think Chelsea is Bill's daughter. He told Juanita Broaddrick that he was sterile, and I believe it.

@Judi King- It would seem that way.

@Sortahwitte- Hillary made a deal with Janet Reno to provide genetic material for Chelsea. Nothing was put in writing, of course, but Janet shook on it.

@GenEarly- Sadly, I think the Federal Reserve Bank is a complicated enough issue that most voters couldn't understand it - and certainly don't want to make the effort to.

@John the Econ- The hypocrisy about All Things Sexual was painful last night. And I'm not trying to let Trump off the hook; he's a sleazebag...but as you point out, we all knew that from day one.

Regarding the debate, I agree that to really put Hillary away Trump would need actual debating skills and nuance - and he will never have either. It's painful to think of the way some of the orators who lost out to Trump could have eviscerated her.

@Fred Ciampi- And ironically, there are those who say that JFK could have survived that day if he wasn't wearing a back brace which kept him from bending out of the line of fire. A back brace he needed after a recent, illicit romp.

@Rod- I have mixed feelings about those Republicans who withdraw support from the (ahem) "nominee." Personally, I don't even vaguely support Trump, but will put my vote in his column just to try to thwart Hillary. But just because I prefer a gunshot in the knee to one in the forehead doesn't mean that I'm an enthusiastic supporter of being shot in the knee.

@Pete (Detroit)- It seems like Chelsea got Webb's looks and Hillary's personality. An excellent argument against being too cavalier when playing around with genes.

@Fred Ciampi- I forgot to look for her wandering eyeball this time around, but I believe you.

@Colby Muenster- Man, do I wish Trump had used your "at least she gave back the White House silverware" crack as the best thing he could say about her. Brilliant!

@Anonymous- Excellent point. There's a genuine question at the heart of all this - so far unresolved: when Trump said those things, was he being truthful (making him a sexual predator) or just saying crude things for fun (making him, well, Donald Trump). If his sin was truly just coarse language, then we need to move on - and unless there are credible women willing to stand by their accusations (as Bill Clinton's women have) I'm going to assume that he was only talking like an a-hole.

Of course, by his own admission Trump has had (ahem) "relations" with many women he wasn't married to, some of whom were themselves married, and whose marital vows were meaningless.

Frankly, I think the man is pond scum. BUT...Hillary is even worse.

Geoff King said...

Here's a refreshing option, the Birthday Party:
They may have won my vote!

James Daily said...

I know my opinion has little merit, but here it is: I have never been so tired of rude television in my life. The soaps the wife watches are bad enough, but what is happening thru the MSM is beyond bad taste. I want this fiasco to be over. It may be over and they forget to tell us. Through all this garbage, I doubt if even ONE person has changed their mind. This scandalous history of both contenders tell a person that he had rather not know either one. Too bad Diogenes passed away before attempting a pass thru this nation.

jlw said...

@ James Daily

you pretty much nailed it

jlw said...

@James Daily

Diogenes went to look for an honest politician. "How's it going?", someone asked. "Not too bad", said Diogenes. "I still have my lantern."

Rod said...

When you think about it... it's really quite remarkable that Trump said in national debate if elected he would have DOJ investigate Clinton's activities. I take it as another reason to vote for him and wish him success considering the "pass" the Clintons have been receiving for a long time. But it IS possibly unprecedented at least in recent times.

And of course the liberal press & others are rolling now on how dangerous, threatening & third world is this type of threat: Alarm Alarm Alarm. Jailing one's political opponents. What they overlook is we would still have full legal process which we don't have now. I'm more suspicious of those who would immediately assume a direct process.

And besides: If we're going to have an open border, third world, socialist nation with a privileged few in charge anyway... let's have an authentic one.

TMay said...

Photo from the debate Oct 9, 2016, Please see

Bruce Bleu said...

It just stuck me, (upside the head), that an enterprising entremanure angler (see what I did there?) could spin this subject's title into a fishing metaphor, (or if he's REALLY creative, a "metaPHIVE"), "Make America Grab Bass Again".
Yes, I've taken my medications, and NO, they haven't kicked in yet.

Colby Muenster said...


Krauthammer was whining about Trump's "DOJ investigation" threat last night on O'Reilly. (paraphrasing here) "Oh Lord, this is horrible; you just don't DO this in the USA. This is what 3rd world dictators do!" Really, Charles? I think it's about freaking time somebody threatened to put her sorry ass on trial! O'Reilly pointed out that 3rd world dictators don't threaten legal action against their opponents; they KILL their opponents.

The ruling class in DC have no nuts anymore, except when it comes to eating their own kind. God forbid they should take legal action on another crooked politician because they (gasp!) might be next. This is how we got Emperor Obama, isn't it? Nobody has the balls to stand up to him.

Yes, Trump is a crass, loudmouthed buffoon, but dammit, he is not afraid of these turds. And I say it's about damn time somebody pointed out the elephant in the room.

On another subject, how is it that Shrillary can criticize Trump for wanting to talk with Russia, when she's bragging about her talks with Russia? Huh?

OK... don't ranting now.

Stan da Man said...

yes, I hope he appoints a prosecutor, and she goes down, and others get VERY nervous and decide to retire... Best possible outcome.

As for what he said, shame he's well known as a d-bag, not a rapper - he could have had a new hit...

See, She was SELLING them Uranium, he's tryign to buy some of it BACK...

Linda McWilliams said...

Anonymous: you said -

See? Saying Pussy is ok... whats not ok is as a married man, saying "Grab'em in the pussy" even if shes married, Im rich so I can do it..

I watched the entire video and he did not say that. It's a condensation of what was said and it changes the meaning. One thing I've noticed about the media tactic when they are after Trump or anyone else, is that they don't use exact quotes, but change it up and then tell us what they want it to mean. Not that he wasn't talking dirty, but he did not say that he did that, just that it could be done. At the beginning he talked about a married woman that he made advances on, but who he got nowhere with. (Which indicates he takes no for an answer) Later, he said if you are a star women let you do anything, including the famous 'grab em by . . . " quote. Afterward, he said, they (the people from the show he was going to be on)are going to make me a 'star' Watching the video and hearing that audio, I could tell it was nothing but guys being as outlandish as they wanted just for the hell of it and yucking it up. Also, his tone as soon as the woman from the show met them became more formal and respectful; she hugged him at Billy Bush's request but he held back and mentioned Melania. The woman hugged BB more intimately (they apparently were friends). A lot of this may not come across in the audio only version, or it may have been spliced. I didn't hear the plain audio.