Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Axe Not What Your Country Can Do For You

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While we wouldn't have been surprised to see the above scenario actually happen, it now appears less likely that Hillary "I Lied About Everything" Clinton will be in need of a presidential pardon to escape justice.

President-elect Donald Trump has said he no longer intends to request a special prosecutor to go after Hillary. Instead, according to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, "if Donald Trump can help her heal, perhaps that's a good thing."

Look, we understand the bad optics of having the new President zero in on a former political rival, and are fine with the idea that he doesn't do it personally. But healing?! Give us a break. Do any of the Bond villains get a hug after their plans for world domination fail? They do not. In fact, they usually disappear in gigantic, satisfying explosions.

And while Trump should not pursue Hillary his DOJ most definitely should, in order to send a signal that criminal activity simply isn't excusable in the privileged and well-connected classes anymore. If Trump truly wants to send a message about Law & Order, that's a good place to begin.

Additionally, on his first day in office we think Trump needs to permanently cancel security clearances for Hillary, Bill, Huma, Cheryl Mills, and the rest of the gang that so blithely gave away our most guarded intelligence. They should never, ever, under any circumstances, be privy to national secrets again.

On top of that, we'd like to see President Trump make it publicly known that anyone (individual, corporation, or nation) donating to the Clinton Family Foundation will be considered persona non grata by the new administration. Which should finally mean the end of any million dollar speeches or book deals by these detestable grifters.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, thanksgiving, 2016, johnny optimism

Our good friend Johnny doesn't appear on Hope n' Change very often, but we thought his perspective for this Thanksgiving was worth sharing.

Every one of us in this country has a lengthy list of things to be thankful for - and not just the fact that following the election, we'll be eating turkey this year while half the country and all of the media are forced to eat crow.

Here in the Jarlsberg household, we're grateful for many good things which have happened this year, especially in the life of daughter Jarlsberg (including a new job and a new dog, Ladybug - the world's most watchful watchdog). 2017 beckons as a fresh start, and we're feeling an optimism that has been missing for a long time - as you may have noticed in these pages over the past 8 years.

On a very personal level, we're truly thankful for YOU - our many loyal friends who have supported this website and shared your thoughts, insights, humor, and camaraderie on a daily basis.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful and meaningful Thanksgiving!

NOTE: Unless something crazy happens (which is never unlikely), we'll be taking Friday off to spend time with family, catch up on some TV, or maybe hit some crazy sales at the stores. Because #BlackFridayMatters.


james daily said...

I was really P.O. when I read that he was going to let Crooked Clinton slide but, after reading Rush's take on that, my BP has returned to the normal range. I now believe PE Trump is correct. 1st, the Muslim will pardon her regardless so PE Trump would be basically just holding his Johnson in his hand because he would have no place to put it. Secondly, A crook is a crook and she cannot help herself and will screw up again. Lastly, my belief, she is dying and PE Trump wants her to live knowing blowing the election is pain aplenty. There is no way she has four more years of earth bound living, and personally, I want her gone to her reward and hopefully it will be next to LBJ who started this whole mess.

Geoff King said...

Could it not be possible that Trump is merely saying he won't prosecute Hellery so that Ødismal has no reason to pardon her (as they all say she is innocent anyway), then after the Don takes office he just changes his mind?

Bobo the Hobo said...

Gotta admit the thought of the Hill Beast getting her comeuppance is very satisfying. That said, she's a broken old woman who has very little time left on this planet and sometimes charity in the face of evil is torture enough.

Should PE Trump sic the FBI on her and her minions from hell? I dunno. Echoing @James Daily: just the thought of Hillary! waking up every day knowing she was this close to achieving her goals ... well, that is enough with me.

And if I may indulge myself a little here ... I'm thankful for my wonderful Hobo Family, for living in a land that will soon be free from the shackles of eight years of terror, and for you and your readers, Stilt; I have learned so much from your pithy posts and your readers' comments.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!

Jim Irre said...

The FBI investigation is on-going. I suspect that they have dirt on the Foundation that will shock a lot of people. That's all going to come out after inauguration day. And, as Limbaugh has suggested, a pardon seals her guilt.

TrickyRicky said...

Regarding the pursuit of Ma Barker, whatever. Indeed the optics of an immediate and vigorous prosecution might be tough. Nonetheless, all of her scurrying flea-infested rat bastard underlings and minions should be mercilessly prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I would like to see them making small rocks out of boulders in northeastern Kansas, but would settle for disgrace, a few years in Club Fed, and perhaps a scarlet letter branded on their foreheads.

Happy Thanksgiving, we DO still live in the shining city on the hill, we just have to clean it up a bit.

Irene Peduto said...

I have been reading Hope 'N Change since its inception & once shared my opinion quite often. While I don't indulge anymore in that practice, I want you to know that you have given me a bit of humor despite the levity of the deluge of "transformational" horrors we Patriots faced each & every day of these long eight years.
Trump will be President. He has no authority to "go after" anyone in that capacity. That said, there is a new Sheriff in town who does have that authority. And just because the email situation seems to be a no-go, there is still the Clinton Foundation which is still under investigation.
Trump is a really smart guy, and I'm hopeful he knows what he's doing. He has surrounded himself with the best of the best and continues to do so. Even if Romney is selected (which I hope doesn't happen), I'm thinking Trump has a valid reason for it. Or at least that's what I'm HOPING for: a real HOPE 'N CHANGE.
Thanks Stilton for all you have done over these interminable eight years.

Judi King said...

To everyone...have a blessed Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year
RE: Pardoning HRC....I don't understand how the current dic can pardon someone who hasn't even been indicted yet. If anyone knows the answer to this, please share. When Trump said he didn't want to hurt her and that they were "good" people, I pretty much lost it. There's absolutely nothing good about the clintons and unless Trump plans on leaving it up to whoever his head of the DOJ may be, I just don't get his motive.

Chuck Baker (Macon) said...

I'd like to echo Irene's post. This site has been a daily read for me, both commentary and comments. While I used to contribute more, I ran out of things to say that weren't already being said by others (and usually better than I could say it) but I've been here just the same and am thankful for all aspects of this site (and Johnny, too).

Anonymous said...

Your readers are among other things thankful for your tremendous humor and insight. Maybe not enough to send tons of money, but thankful!!

Fred Ciampi said...

I think the saying "Let your enemies underestimate your strengths and your friends overestimate your weaknesses" would be Donald Trump. Here's to a wunnerful, wunnerful Thanksgiving to one and all. When Teddy Ros.... oops, I mean Donald Trump takes over the reins of our government things will take an immediate turn for the better.

Anonymous said...

Dood, #ALLFridaysMatter

jlw said...

@ Judi King

yes, a pardon can be given without indictment

txGreg said...

While I too have some trepidation at DJT apparently joining the "some people are above the law" crowd, I hope he does in fact have an ace (or a pair of handcuffs) up his sleeve.

On the other hand, I have no concern at all about wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all & sundry who make Hope n' Change the brilliant twinkle that it is in the shining city!

Tots said...

Thank you for the reminder of how much we have to be truly thankful for. We can start bashing each other again after the holidays (or at least Thanksgiving).

Thank you for the laughs you bring. May your family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

chef621 said...

HRC will likely go down in the history books more than Obama. He should be grateful for that.

Stilton, I have to confess that I read my other email first, but only because I want to take the time to savor your humor and all of the comments. I get the other stuff out of the way so that I can take my time with the fun and interesting stuff. That said; I am thankful that the election went the way that it did. As far as the PE letting go of HRC, maybe he was remembering, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay." Whoa.....I would hate to be in her shoes!

GenEarly said...

After the NWO Bushies, Clintonistas, and Obamamites this country can take No More Betrayals. The above link is more descriptive and eloquent.
I am Thankful for the Blessings of the Almighty, but am unwilling to squander those blessings by having anymore hollow and farciful 4th of Julys'.
We either have the Rule of Law, or Not and if Not; Are we then constrained by Laws that only is applied to Us and Not to the Elitists?

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, if Hillary didn't commit any crimes like the Dems have been screaming about, why should Obama pardon her.

John the Econ said...

The Pardon: Here's a conspiracy theory of a "deal" between Clinton & Trump somewhat similar to the "chance meeting" between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac a few months ago; Hillary would not contest a close election, the Donald would not release the fully realized furor of the Deplorables in seeking her prosecution and confinement, and Obama would not be forced to pardon her, which would have put the final nail in his legacy which at this point is sorry enough as it is. Behind the scenes, Hillary will tell her sycophants that she did this for the "stability of the republic" and they will buy that, since they've already proven that they're willing to buy anything the woman says. In a decade or so, her sacrifice will come out as the ultimate punchline in a book lauding her as an American patriot countering the countless other books documenting the Clinton crime syndicate.

In the meantime, Chelsea Clinton will be groomed as the heir apparent of the Clinton machine.

As for "healing", if the Jedi can redeem Darth Vader, what isn't possible?

As for the Clinton Foundation, it looks as though it's largely done.

Thankfulness: We here at the Econ household are very blessed. First and foremost, we still live in one of the best countries in the world to live, proven by the fact that as bad as we're constantly being told that it is to be here, it's one of the few places that people literally risk their lives to get into instead of getting out of. Other than that, we're comfortable, warm, well fed and surrounded by loved ones. We're blessed indeed, and we don't wait for a single day a year to celebrate it. I think it every day I wake up.

My prayer is that the rest of you may know such blessings. Peace.

Bobo said...

I am thankful for all the humor and thoughtful wit and commentary of HnC. I am thankful for all the good Americans coming out to vote for The Donald. These, and Jimmy Johnson winning his 7th NASCAR championship makes for a very blessed Thanksgiving season.

@Stilton...what breed of dog is Lady Bug? I'm thinking a Pug?


Pete (Detroit) said...

John the Econ - have frequently been grateful, over the past week or so, for a dry house that I can (still) afford to heat.

Judi King said...

I found this:

Shelly said...

I have mixed feelings about the Hillary deal. On the one hand, I want her to be put in the slammer and pay for all her transgressions over the years. On the other hand, I think having the presidency so close and slip through her claws is the greatest punishment she could have. On a pragmatic level, I think pursuing her would be a yuge distraction for Trump in setting and carrying out his agenda of fixing the real problems that need to be addressed and the liberal press would use it as an ever present cudgel with which to beat him up. It would dominate the news cycle and would therefore be destructive. So I guess I'm okay with it with those reservations.

I join with all you patriots here and especially Stilton wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful we have survived the scourge of Obama and dodged the worse scourge of Hillary.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am thankful to you, Mr. Stilton, for all the pleasure and enlightening work that you provide to all who are fortunate enough to stumble into your delicious little corner of the world.

About 15 years ago I was an unhappy camper until I met a wonderful man who taught me to count my blessings before falling asleep at night. He said, "Try five at first. It might be difficult to come up with that many. Be thankful that you still breathe. Or that you saw a rose that day. It does not have to be big. Within a month your list will be endless."

Life has not gotten any easier since then but that wisdom serves me very well even today.

Just wanted to share that story with you. And, once again, thank you for all your work. For some reason, when I read your comments, I smile. Your bittersweet insight is bang on, pithy, to the point and... well thanks again.

SC said...

Thank YOU, Stilt, for all that you do for us. Hope you & all of your readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Colby Muenster said...

Trump should stay the heck away from pursuing ANY action against the old hag. It would backfire in his face, and set a precedent for all future presidents. That being said, the FBI is not slowing down their investigation as far as we know, and a new AG (Rudy, Gowdy... whoever) may well decide to go for it. All Trump would have to do is pull an "Obama" and claim he has no say so in the matter; "I have no control over the Justice Department." Truthfully, the president shouldn't have any power over the AG one way or the other, but we all know that ain't so.

Probably moot anyway because O'Liar is going to pardon her sorry ass for all crimes past, present and future. Just think... She'll be able to murder, rape, and steal to her heart's content after January 20, and face no charges. Bill better watch his P's and Q's. Comey too.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@James Daily- Emotionally, I want Hillary to get everything that's coming to her. Pragmatically, I understand why it makes sense to not go after her. I still think it's entirely possible that Barry will issue her a blanket pardon before he leaves office, not for any wrongdoing (according to him) but rather to protect her from the unending "persecution" of those on the Right.

@Geoff King- I thought about that possibility, but I don't think it's likely. Rather, I think Trump focuses on winning - at nearly any cost - and once he's won he's simply disinterested in the losers.

@Bobo the Hobo- I'm sure Hillary's self-awareness of her loss is a constant, painful scourge. While that's satisfying, I wonder how many lives were lost as a direct result of her email chicanery, and how many lives ruined by her financial wheeling and dealing (especially in places like Haiti). It's those crimes which shouldn't go unaddressed.

@Jim Irre- I really hope this proves to be true. Trump can and probably should walk away from anything related to Hillary...including intervening in her favor when the revamped FBI and DOJ go after her.

@TrickyRicky- I complete agree. I'd like to see comeuppance for those in the State Department who "reclassified" documents for Hillary's benefit, lied on her behalf, or slow-walked the release of subpoenaed records. I want the whole criminal cabal to be punished.

@Irene Peduto- No need to reintroduce yourself, I know your name quite well! And thank you for bringing up a point that I've thought but not really mentioned: it's not the place of a President to target anyone for special criminal investigation or prosecution. There are others who should handle that.

I'm fairly open to the idea of Romney as Secretary of State. I think he's a good and decent man, and through his experience with the Olympics is good on the international scene in general and deal-making in particular.

And as you point out, even if it's taken 8 years, we may now finally be on the cusp of actual Hope & Change. I certainly hope so.

@Judi King- I understood why Trump praised Hillary and thanked her for her service to our nation the night he won the election - but it still made me throw up in my mouth a little. It made him seem like a hypocrite who had lied his way through the election. It may be smart strategy, but I'm not comfortable with it.

@Chuck Baker (Macon)- This site has enjoyed marvelous loyalty from readers over the years, not all of whom comment but who just keep coming back. That means a lot to me, because it suggests that I've been creating something of value - even if it's only a comfortable place where people can expect to get a laugh or two during tough times. And I'm glad you like Johnny, too. My heart is, and has always been, in both strips.

@Anonymous- Thank you for those nice thoughts. I never intended for Hope n' Change to make money because I didn't want there to be any question about whether or not I was being sincere in what I wrote, or was just trying to attract an audience. I eventually allowed two small ad spaces on the site which generate about $45 a month...which is just enough to pay for my email contact service to alert readers to new posts. As a business model, it stinks - but as a way to communicate with others and express myself, it's been wonderful.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Fred Ciampi- I really do think some things will start getting better immediately. Many problems (bringing back jobs, revamping healthcare) will be problematic - but there are other issues which Trump can tackle immediately. I'm hoping one of the first things Trump does is the creation of a swat team to clean up the VA mess.

@Anonymous- You make an excellent point.

@jlw- Per my earlier comment, I think that's what Obama will use to give Hillary a "blameless" pardon.

@txGreg- Maybe Trump knows something that we don't, like Hillary having a ticking time-bomb health crisis.

@Tots- I am, by nature, a pessimist. Or more accurately, I'm prey to the truism that "fear is the price of imagination." I've enjoyed personal and professional success through that imagination, but I also conjure up fears and worst case scenarios about everything. Which is why I wanted to share Johnny Optimism's perspective: outwardly, he's a kid in a wheelchair with a host of exotic illnesses and plenty of grievances in life. But inwardly, he's aware and appreciative of the many good things that are all around us. He gives me a goal to shoot for.

@chef621- Your "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord" comment reminded me of an amusing thought I've nursed lately; that Hillary long ago made a deal with Satan - trading her soul (and probably others) to demolish all obstacles in her way, and assure that she would eventually win the most votes in a Presidential election. Then, two weeks ago, Beelzebub showed up at Hillary's HQ in a flash of smoke and brimstone and laughed, "You never asked about the electoral college."

@GenEarly- I completely agree that it's time to end the two-tier system of privilege and (in)justice in our country.

@Anonymous- As I said, he'll pardon her not to protect her from prosecution, but from alleged persecution. You can bet on it.

@John the Econ- I can't picture such a Trump/Hillary deal taking place, unless it was at the very last minute when the election results were becoming clear. But maybe it happened. And I do think the Clinton Foundation is going to be running on fumes now. No one was really donating money to them in hopes that only 7% would go to buying AIDS drugs that were so watered down that they'd provide little or no benefit to the sick and dying in Africa. No, what the Clinton Foundation was selling is now out-of-stock.

@Bobo- Ladybug is of mixed parentage, but is predominantly Pug and Pit. She is a beautiful and glossy brown from head to toe, with a small crest of white on her chest. And she's barking at something even as I write these words. (grin)

@Pete (Detroit)- A house that's warm and dry, indoor plumbing, food on the table, family and can we not be grateful?

@Judi King- Interesting! Maybe Obama can't pardon Hillary easily. But I'm sure he could still get around it: he'd just convene a closed-door meeting at which Loretta Lynch levels charges against Hillary, Hillary pleads guilty on the spot, a friendly judge issues a sentence of some sort, then Obama pardons Hillary. All done in 10 minutes, with champagne for everyone afterwards.

Geoff King said...

Just read a post on FaceBook where Libs are already.complaining that Melania will be staying in Trump Tower instead of the White House, and therefore taxpayer's will have to pay for the Secret Service to stay there.
I had to reply: just who do you think pays for the Secret Service to stay in the White House and guard the First Lady? No matter where she goes, she has her own detail to guard her. Trump may actually let them stay for free to guard his wife and son Barron, thereby SAVING the taxpayer's money, and I'll bet she doesn't drag them around on multi-million dollar vacations all the time like the Øbama's did.

Geoff King said...

P.S. Not to mention Trump has already said he will not accept the $400,000 dollar a year Presidential Salary. That should pay for Secret Service Rooms in Trump Tower for a while.

NVRick said...

Just think: if Hillary gets a pass, then Whitey Bulger only had to run for president and wouldn't have had to go on the lam all those years.

Rod said...

Well it turned out OK but I still think this election was also a hell of lot of trouble just to keep the furniture in the White House. That's if Obama's leave it on THEIR way out. We all need a big reset. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Yea; then we can settle-in again. It looks like Trump etal are all working through; and that's looking pretty good so far. What a year!

GWashington said...

If it makes everyone feel better... my opinion, supported by not a small amount of reading and research, is thus... I think Trump is trying to keep the whole Hillary issue low key until January 20th, until he is actually in power, and has power. Right now, the only thing he can do is talk, and there's no point letting the other team know what's up. Plus, if the FBI or DOJ charged Hillary before then, high chance Obama would weasel a pardon. However, no charges, no pardon, and with Trump taking light steps around this issue, maybe they are thinking she's home free. Let's just see what happens after the 20th. If anything, a few million of us can sign for , or protest for, her to be indicted and have the investigation continued. Which I think the FBI is doing anyway. Never fear folks, I bet it's alllll gonna work out the way it should.

George said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Stilton and all the H & C bretheren here. Please be safe, happy and healthy.

Dan said...

I echo the others:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here, my Hope n' Change imaginary friends!

Joseph ET said...

About the lawbreakers in DC.

Life is all about
It always gives you back
what you give to others.

No need for ‘REVENGE’
Those who hurt you, will eventually screw
themselves up. And if you are lucky,
‘GOD’ will let you watch.
Keep the faith!

~Author unknown

With that said: Happy Thanksgiving to Stilton and all the Hope n' Changers.

Hawken Cougar said...

Ah yes, a changeup to throw Barry off his game. Later PT can give her a choice to either come clean and apologize to the all for her crimes or the DOJ investigation resumes.

DougM said...

Me? Well, among other things, I'm thankful for Stilton and those of his ilk.
Now if you'll excuse me, somebody just yelled "Dessert!"
Okay, yeah, it was actually me, but still…

Geoff King said...

Exit Castro. One less communist dictator in the world.
One more leaving on January 20th.

Rod said...

@ Geoff: Agreed! Iin fact: 2 persistent liars & crooks here, 1 old communist dictator 90 miles offshore, worst POTUS ever, and a whole bunch of low character underlings: All of them no longer in play.

A new more conservative team who believes in common sense & work in charge; with majorities in both houses of Congress. More state governors of the same mind. SCOTUS saved from destruction.

Markets up and international support turning favorable. That's a very good three months and it's really just getting underway. I don't need any more gifts for Christmas.

Many of the whining & crying airheads? Who cares? They'll have to shut up & get real jobs eventually, leave, or stay in their parents basement.

Unknown said...

I believe the Justice Dept. will pursue legal charges for Hillary Clinton. All Mr. Trump is indicating is that he personally will not hire the special prosecutor. I am hoping Trey Gowdy is named Attorney General and that he will demand an inquiry of the Clinton killing machine. Mr. Trump doesn't want to give her any time to prepare nor does he want Obummer to have time to pardon her for her crimes. She needs to be charged with a crime to be pardoned. Lets just wait and see what happens after January 21st.

Anonymous said...

Who'da thought it? Jill Stein from the Green Party is trying to be Hillary's best friend. Wonder how much of that $5 million in 'donations' she gets to keep for herself? Can US politics get even crazier?

james daily said...

Me thinks that with this recount BS, the Clinton Crimes are back in play. She has conceded, lied again. Anyways, if any of you remember a scene from "Key Largo" with Edward G. Robinson, "We just keep recounting until we get the results we want" 1948.
He played a mobster from Chicago. Hasn't changed a bit.

Doug said...

Now there's a visual that may keep me up all night.

You are a sick, sick, sick man.

I like that in a cartoonist/humorist!