Friday, November 18, 2016

Over The Hil

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After spending nearly a week in isolation, pulling the wings off butterflies and jabbing pins into a little James Comey doll, Hillary Clinton returned to the public eye on Wednesday night. Not that the public eye was particularly delighted by what it saw.

In marked contrast to her campaign appearances, Mrs. Clinton appeared to be wearing almost no makeup (causing a brief panic among building contractors that this might have been indicative of a spackle shortage), had puffy red eyes, lank hair, and in general looked about 10 years older than the last time we'd seen her.

Hillary's supporters, still active on Twitter because, frankly, what else do they have to do with their miserable lives - seized upon Hillary's low-glam look as a victory for feminism because Hillary was boldly bucking our patriarchal society by not tarting herself up as a sex object to please male eyes.  All we can say is "Mission Accomplished!"

Hillary was speaking at a fundraiser (no, really?) for the Children's Defense Fund, a group which presumably tries to keep the young and innocent from swapping online photos with Huma Abedin's husband, or climbing aboard a private jet to "Pedophile Island" in the company of Bill Clinton.

Despite a clear lack of energy, Hillary did address the outcome of the recent election, saying "I know that over the past week a lot of people have asked themselves whether America was the country we thought it was."

And the answer, of course, is no - it's NOT the country she thought. It's not happily dependent on goverment handouts, not willing to accept declining standards in healthcare and education, not ashamed of exhibiting faith nor patriotism, nor is our nation the racist, sexist, xenophobic nightmare which she never tired of condemning.

Whether Hillary wants to go back to wearing makeup is her business. Whether Hillary can make up with actual Americans is our business - and it must never happen. She's already done too much damage to ever be forgiven.

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, stand up, russia, putin, trump, merkel, syria
"Well, there was that time when I cut in line in front of Putin to get a shave ice..."

We can't help but laugh (and it's that shrill, scary laugh) when we hear Barack Obama telling Donald Trump to "stand up to Russia where they are deviating from our values and our international norms."

You know, sort of like Barry has stood up to Russia regarding Ukraine, Syria, the build up and redeployment of nuclear missiles, cyber attacks, and the increasing games of "chicken" Russia is playing with its warcraft and the borders of our allies.

Seriously, it's time for someone to stage an intervention for the Lame Douche - er, Duck - president. He's out of touch with reality, and he should really look into getting mental help while it's still covered on his presidential healthcare plan instead of Obamacare.


Dr. Strangelove said...

My sources are telling me that directly after Kim Jong Hillary's loss, several members of her SS detail were treated for minor cuts and bruises from thrown scotch bottles.

james daily said...

I was hoping we had seen the last of the Clintons but probably not. Now the quandary. To escape justice, what country would crooked go to? Those that paid up front would love to have a visit. Now, I think even slick willie is a bit worried. I do not think he got an $18 college consulting fee because of his speeches.
Now, I am liking what PE Trump is doing in selecting folks and that 5 year commitment after leaving is unheard of and probably thinned the selectors a bit. This is getting fun again. Already the economy is picking up. The only downside is how much more damage will the Muslim do in the next two months?

Jim Irre said...

She would have gotten away with all that stuff had it not been for her predecessor. Barry greased the skids for her ultimate failure. Bet she's really pissed that the progressive globalists made her wait until after eight years of Barry for her turn! Dumbass!

Fred Ciampi said...

You nailed it with The Hildabeast's eyeball Stilt. Perhaps a nail just might hold it in place. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. And barry should take advantage of his lame ducky time that's left and just golf. Because after 20 January he might have to pay his own green's fees. And if he's golfing he will do less damage to our country.

Geoff King said...

It looks as though Hillary didn't get her daily dose of sacrificial children's blood to maintain her non-zombie appearance.
Perhaps the child-trafficing investigator she just had offed in Haiti put a temporary halt to her supply:

TrickyRicky said...

@Jim Irre- Exactly right. The recent election was at least as much about the past eight years of lurching left at home, flailing internationally, and having our history and culture shat upon by the utterly vile creature in the White House. The prospect of four or eight more years of that was enough to wake up (barely) enough voters to keep the sea hag Ma Barker from being president. Yay!

chef621 said...

I don't think that BO is going to do much damage that can't be reversed. Right now he is more worried what the history books will say about him than anything else, to the point of lying to himself and everyone else. He must think that the whole world has Alzheimers. Sorry dude, unfortunately, we can't forget the last eight years so quickly. The reason your rating went up is some people feel sorry for you. All that they remember is all of the free government money they have had to spend. (our taxes)

Fish Out of Water said...

With all due respect to our webhost/editor, this has got to be one the best post election cartoons I've seen to date. (the caricature though resembles the late Goulda Meir than the hilldabeast)

graylady said...

Can BO do much damage? That remains to be seen. However I don't like the idea of him staying in Washington like he says he's going to do. Mainly because he can't seem to keep his mouth shut (like GWBush and most of the other previous Presidents did) and the snowflakes and the liberal, useful idiots will rally around him and keep our streets in turmoil. He and Hildabeast will keep the Dem fires stoked and retard action in Congress (retard as in dumb down as well as slow down). He needs to do what a once famous General said, "just fade away".

jlw said...

@ Fish Out of Water

that sums it up perfectly.

Bruce Bleu said...

When I first fired up HnC this morning I thought I was looking at a picture of Jack Elam in DRAG! Then I realized it was shrillary, (and Jack Elam, even though he's been dead for lo these many years, would STILL look better than shrillary today).
lamont "standing up" to Russia? Yeah, right before he bends over to "tie his loafers"! This pussy couldn't "stand up" to Gandhi!

Doc said...

Goody two shoes Barry Soetoro will pardon HRC for ALL her high crimes, misdemeanors & sins...did Mark Rich have vagina when slick Willie pardoned him?!?!

Doc said...

Goody two shoes Barry Soetoro will pardon HRC for ALL her high crimes, misdemeanors & sins...did Mark Rich have vagina when slick Willie pardoned him?!?!

Anonymous said...

Nasty old Russians! How dare they put their national borders right next to our NATO war maneuvers? Provocative of them! How dare they answer the request for assistance from the Government of Syria?

How dare they fight ISIS? After all, Hillary worked hard to get arms for ISIS, as well as our friends Al Qaeda and Boko Haram.

Desertrat, who's never sarcastic.

John the Econ said...

Of course, we already know that Hillary had her White House team assembled years ago. In fact, part of the entire purpose of the Clinton Foundation was to keep those people in the fold and employed until the time came when they would be transferred to the White House. I suspect now that all of those people are floating resumes elsewhere, unless they believe that they can hold out for Chelsea. The world really doesn't need more charities that spend less than 10% on charity unless doing so guarantees future access to a President.

Obama's advice for Trump: You'd think that the useful ones would be limited to tips on improving one's golf handicap.

No intervention please. Obama's legacy is little more than collateral damage upon the poor and middle class domestically, and literal rubble everywhere else. He's still clearly in shock from the election. Let him go on trying to convince everyone that his legacy is more than just the ascendancy of Donald Trump.

Scott C. Wilmot said...

Stilton - these cartoons are outstanding and the commentary is outstanding as well. I am a member at and have linked to your work over there many times. We miss you over there. Keep up the good work.

Shelly said...

That's what losing your hair and makeup person and crying for a week straight does to your face. Ack! It's never been her outward appearance that disgusted me, but rather that cold black heart inside. The following was stolen from a blog (no attribution) but I just loved it.
"Hillary was a reptile piloting a lifelike human suit, with zero charisma, and entitlement issues, who got the candidate she wanted to run against the most and she STILL LOST."
If Barry tries to keep hogging the spotlight as a private citizen, hopefully the country will tune him out. I, for one, have had enough of him to last a lifetime.

Bruce Bleu said...

" I, for one, have had enough of him to last a lifetime." (Shelly)

I agree with Shelly... and if I have to listen to another entitled socialist Ivy League schmuck that talks with "tooth whistles" I'm going to introduce him to "Bruce Bleu's Dental Plan"!