Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2020 Visions

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Even though Donald Trump hasn't even been inaugurated yet, Joe Biden has already stepped forward to offer himself as a possible opponent in the 2020 Presidential race. When asked by alleged reporters, the soon-to-be-former Veep declared "I am going to run for President in 2020. What the hell, man, anyway."

Granted, he hasn't officially thrown his hat into the ring, but that's because it's his winter hat and he has problems unfastening the chin strap while wearing the mittens buttoned to his coat sleeves. And a friend of ours posited how much fun it would be if Joe had a match-up against General James Mattis, who could run as "Mad Dog 2020," thus endearing himself to generations of partiers who have a history with fortified wine.

Biden would, of course, bring a lot to such a contest. For one thing, he's a wacky old white guy with a disturbingly unnatural hairline, which was certainly popular in this election cycle. Additionally, he's pretty much the last major Democrat standing; Bernie will be in a soundproofed socialist rest home within four years (perhaps sharing a room with Castro's ashes), and in that same time frame we expect to find Hillary's well-pickled liver floating in a glass jar at the Smithsonian.

Still, all of this is actually good news according to Democrats like Nancy Pelosi...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, pelosi, bill clinton, new direction, nude erection

The newly re-elected House Minority Leader and Botox spokesperson disagreed with reporters who found it odd that, in a time when voters clearly want change, Democratic House members decided to dust off an archeological relic like Nancy to guide them .

"I don't think people want a new direction," Nancy said through clenched teeth while compulsively blinking her tarantula-leg eyelashes. Really? Democrats were swooning over Bernie Sanders and the country actually voted in Donald Trump because they wanted to "stay the course" set by Obama and Pelosi? Seriously, this woman is on some kind of world class drugs. Not that we're ruling out senile dementia.


obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, pearl harbor, 2016, 75th, bitterness, japan
The few remaining survivors of that horrible day 75 years ago now have the odd distinction of being attacked twice at Pearl Harbor...once by the Japanese, and once by the Obama administration.

Yes, we understand the symbolic importance of showing Japan and the United States united on this historic anniversary - but it could so easily have been presented to the public without accusing those aging heroes who fought, bled, and saw their friends and shipmates blown to pieces, drowned, or burned alive of "personal bitterness" if they haven't just "moved on" and made their peace with the horror of the sneak attack.

This appalling statement makes it clear that, in the mind of this administration, this anniversary is not about those who fought or died at Pearl Harbor, but rather about one more fatuous photo-op with a foreign figurehead for the sole benefit of the second greatest American tragedy to originate in Hawaii: Barack Hussein Obama.


Andrew said...

When I was 8 years old (in 1971), I toured the Arizona Memorial. I remember trying to read and sound out each name. At 8 years old I understood what happened. I understood the loss of life. I understood as much as I could at 8 years old the treachery and underhandedness of the Imperial Japanese government under Tojo and the other warlords (for all intensive purposes, yes, warlords.) I still remember and dream about walking on that hallowed and haunted, yes, haunted, memorial.

My father also taught me that those Japanese are gone. There was a new Japan that wished to be true friends with the US. I met some of those new Japanese, officers who represented the new Navy and Air Force.

His lesson was "Never forget. Always remember. And try to be the better person."

I met men and women who had hard feelings for the Japanese government of WWII, and some specific Japanese of that era. Most also had no problems with the modern jap. These people included a Catholic priest who still had cane scars on his back (and didn't mind kids checking them out), a pilot who lost his plane at Hickam, and others.

Obama's government is foul. It will take years, maybe a generation, to fix most of the errors and issues of this corrupt government. January 20th can't come quick enough.

Tucci said...

"This appalling statement makes it clear that, in the mind of this administration, this anniversary is not about those who fought or died at Pearl Harbor, but rather about one more fatuous photo-op with a foreign figurehead for the sole benefit of the second greatest American tragedy to originate in Hawaii: Barack Hussein Obama".

Shouldn't we consider the fact that Barry Soetoro - a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia through his childhood - is himself "a foreign figurehead"?

Rod said...

Part-time blog reviewer (full time blog fan) says:
Part Three is excellent, very well done.
Yes it's funny but I prefer not hearing anything about the California nut-cake.
And back in Part One: "alleged reporters" should become iconic. Good one.

And it's soon to be real winter here; glad we're all together.

Comanche Voter said...

Where would we as a nation be without Josh Earnest? Every time he opens his mouth, something even more gobsmackingly stupid than the last thing he said comes out. His momma done raised an idiot.

OpenTheDoor said...

Pelosi, Ellison & Biden, an opposing party's wet dream.
"We'll have them centrist libs voting Republican for the next 200 years." LBJ paraphrased

Gang of One said...

"Nude erection" That, Uncle Stilt, deserves the Pull It Surprise.

Fred Ciampi said...

I was on a troopship across the harbor when the Arizona Memorial was dedicated. What a memory...... Whew!

Geoff King said...

On this solemn day we can rejoice in the sinking of two other ships: the USS (Unamerican Socialist Scum) Ă˜bama and the USS DNC.

jlw said...

44 more days

on the good side:

Tucanae Services said...

I suspect that the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors probably would advise -- "We beat'em fair and square, nuked two of their cities, took over their country for 40 years and offered no apologies for doing so. So no, I don't expect the Japanese PM to apologize. That makes us even, leave it at that."

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- Thank you for sharing your memories and your father's wisdom so eloquently. I visited the Arizona memorial at a much later age, and it was a very powerful experience. As you said, hallowed and haunted.

What particularly enrages me about the White House "embittered" veterans comment is that there is no way to spin the word "bitter" as anything other than a character defect. Josh could have said he hoped these survivors could put aside their pain, their grief, or their sad memories - but no, he admonished them to put aside their bitterness. It was a deliberate and wholly unnecessary insult.

@Tucci- I made the Hawaii connection for symmetry, but I knew we'd be having this conversation. I'm still not 100% convinced Barry was born in Hawaii, and I believe he was still passing himself off as Indonesian when applying for college grants.

@Rod- So if I'm reading your review correctly, that's two thumbs up, plus a middle finger for Pelosi.

@Comanche Voter- I won't be sorry to see Josh go, though I wouldn't be surprised if he lands on one of the fake news networks to continue attacking Trump.

@OpenTheDoor- I am so hoping the Dems go with Ellison. If they think the way back into power is going farther left, I encourage them to try it.

@Gang of One- I'm not touching that (grin).

@Fred Ciampi- Wow. I can't imagine. On a semi-related note, this may simply be my lack of Internet search skills, but I've never been able to find a record of Obama - who lived on Oahu - visiting the Arizona memorial prior to becoming president. But why would he? In his own autobiography he talked about disliking white people - surely this was their war, not his. Nor is it likely that the grandparents who were raising him, Leftists both, would have bothered to take their dope-smoking ward on the short but important spiritual journey to the memorial.

@Geoff King- Indeed.

@jlw- What a great idea!

@Tucanae Services- Exactly. We don't need an apology from the Japanese PM because the matter has already been long (and very decidedly) resolved. On the other hand, on a previous visit to Japan, local officials had to ask Obama not to apologize for Hiroshima which he was absolutely aching to do.

TrickyRicky said...

I can't add much to the previous comments on what I've always known as "Slap a Jap Day". My Dad was on a troop ship steaming toward the invasion of Japan when the war ended, so I am personally not at all sorry that we used the atomic bombs. They saved many lives on both sides.

And yes Dems, keep tacking left it will help you become resurgent. /sarc

Sean said...

I don't care if Abe apologizes or not, I think apologies, unless for minor offenses, are stupid anyway. The Japs got what was coming to them, and if it had been up to me, they'd have got a lot more than two atomic weapon hits. The Japs would've done more to us, had they the bomb instead, and would have not hesitated one whit. No one seems to recall the raping, murdering, and pillaging they did throughout the Pacific in other areas, or how they treated prisoners like garbage, and starved many to death, let them die of disease, or even infected them with diseases in human experiments. Or how they, like the Germans, moved prisoners around to use as bargaining chips when the end came, cruelly causing more suffering and death to them in the process, or how they murdered Allied prisoners in retribution for military setbacks. Want to know if they are now truly an ally, or not? Watch what they do when the Chinese make their move in the Pacific. They'll turn on us like the rat cowards they are, and all the technology they have will serve the Chinese.

CenTexTim said...

Much like Comanche Voter above, I am continually surprised by Josh Earnest's ability to spew ever-increasing idiocy. I almost wish Trump would keep him on for a while just for entertainment value.

John the Econ said...

Am I the only one who still considers the whole concept of Biden as a fraud? The only reason he is VP is because when the party was going ahead with a totally inexperienced and non-accomplished presidential nominee, the Democrats knew they needed an actual "adult" in the room, and apparently the moronic and ironically racist Biden was the closest thing to an adult that any Democrat in power personally knew. Or an alternative, yet even more cynical theory is that they wanted a VP so inept, than any temptation to take out the President would seem unfathomable. Biden honestly makes Dan Quayle look brilliant.

Of course, in this year when absolutely anything was possible, many Democrats are wishing he had been the candidate instead of Corrupt Hillary. But of course, we know that was never an option in that this year's party candidate was never a choice of the people.

But in 4 years, Biden will be but a memory. In 2020, he'll be 78 years old and I doubt he's going to get any brighter in the interim. Will the Democrats really want to run a already confused aged racist white guy? Well, they ran Hillary, but...

Nancy: Doubling-down on fail. I like it, although I'm really certain that old Bill has plenty of better targets than her. This gives Trump an even better opportunity to build a new coalition of Americans built upon a middle class that is tired of the war the Democrats have been conducting upon them.

December 7th: I've come to the conclusion that the younger Turks of the left are more than anxious for the last of the WWII to finally die off, so that they can be more free to re-write the history of the last 75 years to something more compatible with their world view. Until then, they've got to continue to feign respect for "the greatest generation", which never really considered itself "great". They just did what Americans did in such situations. It only seems great to later generations that can't imaging how world events should be allowed to interrupt the comfort of their personal lives.

I've been fortunate to know allot of vets of that era, and I cannot recall any who I'd consider "bitter". They were pissed at the moment, to be sure. But when all was said and done, they grew to respect their former adversaries, and even become friends. But that certainly doesn't mean that they have to be happy about what happened 75 years ago today, or any of the evil that was perpetrated in the following years.

Unfortunately, Obama, Earnest, and most of their ilk are getting a bit impatient. They came of age in an era of unprecedented affluence and comfort secured by the people they now consider "embittered". It's a shame, sin really, that all of their high-priced education failed to teach them much about history, or anything.

American Cowboy said...

That comment by josh was as insulting to WWII veterans who were at Pearl as a cartoon cover photo a liberal news rag carried some years ago on their December 7 issue.
If my memory is correct it depicted rag-head islamic soldiers raising an American flag on Iwo Jima, with the cover question asking if race relations were getting better between the US and the middle east.

This younger generation leaves little hope for the future IMHO.

chef621 said...

@ John the Econ: " a middle class that is tired of the war the Democrats have been conducting upon them." You hit the nail on the head! We don't have news papers anymore, we have opinion papers. They tell us what they want us to think and believe. The problem with that is, that most of us are educated enough to recognize the drivel and switch to more honest news services. As a result their subscriptions have taken a nose dive. We won, again.

"Unfortunately, Obama, Earnest.......all of their high-priced education failed to teach them much about history, or anything." How true. The best teacher is living through the period. I am glad that I lived through that time. Thad does not make me important, just not condecending.

@Stilt, good to see you back in comments again. Good ones.

Colby Muenster said...

I don't know what is more scary, Josh Earnest's outlandishly stupid and ill thought out statements, or knowing that the moonbats believe every word. I for one am sick to death of O'Liar and his little hoard of crap weasels spewing total lies and re-inventing history. I am so very hopeful for some adults to take over for a while... hopefully for enough decades to bring us back to what our founders envisioned.

Pelosi, Biden, Sanders, Schumer, Ellison... Is this the best the Democrats can offer in 2020? Don't they have some young blood in the wings? The Republicans have tons of young talent, if they are smart enough to pursue it. It will be interesting to see if Trump goes for a second term at 74. I reckon it depends on his success or lack thereof.

Pearl Harbor's 75th... FDR got it right; this day is a day of infamy. How sad that a turd like Josh Earnest is so clueless. His fat headed boss too. I heard on the radio this morning that the wreck of the Arizona still leaks oil, and about 2 gallons a day rise to the surface. Yup, this is a strange small fact, but also an interesting reminder of that infamous day.

Fred Ciampi said...

Colby, known as "The blood of the Arizona", the estimate is that there is still 2 million gallons of fuel therein. There will be a reminder for a very long time.

NVRick said...

My wife and I visited the Arizona several years ago. Unlike most "tourist attractions", there was very little noise from the people on the monument. There were many Japanese, and even they presented a somber attitude.
Even now, just remembering that wall with all the names of the deceased moistens my eyes.
"A day that will live in infamy" that I pray no one will ever forget.

REM1875 said...

Yes get over it- this from the guy who still hasn't gotten over colonialism or things that happened over 150 years ago?

Boligat said...

Well, seeing as how it's Pearl Harbor Day, and seeing as how O has managed to make people angry AGAIN, I couldn't think of anything else to do, so I went to get my teeth cleaned. Not sure what that has to do with anything, but for some reason, maybe because of the thought of the coming day of liberation (Jqn 20), it just seemed to be the right thing to do. Here's hoping the new administration will conduct some cleaning of its own.

Okay, in honor of the day, here's one of my favorite jokes told to me by a very liberal black man with green eyes and freckles.

Did you hear about the guy that was half black and half Japanese and culturally confused? Every Dec. 7 he attacked Pearl Bailey.

Seriously, today, like some of the other memorial days, makes me stop to think about, and be grateful for, so many of our young men (and women) who were willing to step up even with the thought that they might not come home. As a draftee myself ('68), but not a combat veteran, I stand in awe of our veterans who went and did their best. I cannot think about them and those that did not come home without getting a little misty-eyed... like right now.

Sortahwitte said...

Don't forget the Army, Navy, Marines and numerous civilians who were also attacked at other places on that day. Having served in the USMC, my mind always goes to Wake Island and the men that held out against the Japanese for about 3 weeks. Those captured were be-headed, on ships sunk by American warships or worked in coal mines in Manchuria for the duration.

james daily said...

My family and I visited the Arizona Memorial while on vacation in'84. Somber experience even for the kids, then 18 and 14.
Now, more serious: Did you read the Newt Comment? "75 years ago the Japanese displayed professional brilliance and technological power launching surprises from Hawaii to the Philippines
4:04 PM - 7 Dec 2016"
Until that stupid comment, sort of liked the guy although he has many personal flaws.
One thing he did not understand is Admiral Chester Nimitz, with how the Japanese really fooked up with their attack. This is a short and outstanding observation from one who was in charge of the Pacific fleet:

Rod said...

Here's some hope and change for us: Since the most recent spike downward on Nov 4, which was quickly overcome by the few last days election outlook and then by the election: the S&P500 has steadily risen. As of now it's up ~7.6% in 34 days.

And (measured graphically)that's about four times the upsie/downsie mostly flat percent gain over the ten months before November. That's the performance Democrats were all claiming as great news.

Other markets are now reacting similarly, many at new records. Do I think this will all continue up sharply like this? No. But it's a better trend than before.

Rod said...

My bad read: Make that above up 7.6% in 30 days. More coffee!

VonZorch said...

The Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and other places was not intended as a sneak attack. The Ambassador was supposed to deliver the Declaration of War shortly before the attack but the embassy staff didn't get the order decoded on time.
Yamamoto was furious about that.

Anonymous said...

RE: WW2 Pacific: An intended few minutes notice vs. complete surprise on something of this scale? No difference. That's never cut any ice. It's detailed lawyer tactics; kind of Bill & Hillary Clintonish in fact. That & their behavior during the war made them well deserving of being big A-bombed a Hell of lot more than they were. Their later spy, cheat,& steal tactics in business (such as in micro-chips, etc.) shows they've not changed. IMO never trust them. In fact trust no Asian governments. They are ruthless. We don't all think the same way. We have to be sharp to handle them; and the current administration has been dumb as stumps. Maybe we'll soon have a team who can do better.

Anonymous said...

Bolches yarboclos pa todos.


Words for the Birds said...

Un-be-liev-able. Mad King B.O. says both, "Godspeed, John Glenn," and, "We can't stop the Taliban," in one and the same day?!?!?!? I can only hope We the People have the grit to survive & repair eight years of B.O.'s Islamist sabotage.

I'm comforted that my deepest, darkest confession is, I Heart Lefty Lucy so much, she gives me a heart-on!