Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Circumstances Beyond Our Control

Readers- Believe it or not, it actually takes a modicum of focused thought to do each post on Hope n' Change, and that simply proved impossible today owing to a personal situation which has now been successfully resolved. But rather than leave you in the lurch (as we like to say to John Kerry), here are some cartoons from the vaults which still have something to say about current (and sadly recurrent) stories.

Regarding the wave of accusations about "fake news," Hope n' Change thinks we all know how the game is really played...

And Brian Williams is leading the charge against "fake news?" Really...?!

Meanwhile, as yet another parting gift from the outgoing president, Barack Obama has declared that our nation is still suffering from the effects of slavery. And he makes an interesting point, since by almost every available metric, things have gotten much worse for black Americans...over the last 8 years.

Okay, things haven't gotten worse for EVERY black family...
Ever the whining grievance-monger, Obama has never been shy about bemoaning "the blood of slaves" which courses through the veins of his privileged wife and daughters. But it was only in 2012 that a lone researcher surmised that there might be a scintilla of slave's blood in Obama. Inherited from his white mother's side rather than from Barack senior...

Meanwhile, Barry is criticizing Donald Trump for missing some daily intelligence briefings (a criticism which we find valid, by the way), and saying that a president is "flying blind" without those briefings. But why in the name of Beelzebub's blast furnace didn't anyone say that to Obama for the last 8 years?!

Some reports say that Barry skipped as many as two thirds of his intelligence briefings, including the one the morning after the Benghazi debacle. Instead of attending the briefing, he flew to Las Vegas for a fundraiser at which he compared the "sacrifices" of Democratic fundraisers to the sacrifices of four still-warm murdered Americans. The miserable rat bastard.

Okay, Happy Hour is officially on...which means it's time for us to take time off. Hopefully everything will be back to normal here (or as close as it ever gets) on Friday!  


Jim Irre said...

Good stuff as usual, but the auto-play ads have to go. Security certificate pop-up warnings take away from the whole experience.

OpenTheDoor said...

Yep, as long as blacks blindly follow the Dims they will remain the same place they were originally put, on the plantation.
Support = slavery

Fred Ciampi said...

It's sad what has been taken from the youth of today: honest news reporting, the teaching of history instead of made up stuff, and just plain made up lies from politicians. I could go on but I don't want to spoil my day this early in the morning...... I Hope 'N Pray that the new administration will be able to start things on the right track again. Kind of A New Beginning.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Irre- Auto-play ads? Security pop-up warnings? You shouldn't be getting those on this site. The ONLY ads we have are two little boring ones (text and graphics only) in the left sidebar. But now I'm not seeing those, making me wonder what the heck is going on. I'll dig deeper. Note that as an additional possibility, there are some virus-type thingies ("Adware") that can sneak into your computer and do pop-up ads while you're browsing, making it LOOK like it's coming from the site you're on, but is actually in your computer. Anti-virus software can usually detect that on your computer if you run a scan. In any event, sorry for the inconvenience.

@OpenTheDoor- I worry about Trump, but I think he might actually be a breakthrough in waking up black voters and making things better in the inner cities. I winced when he brought Kanye West in for a talk, but then I thought it might be a smart idea; it won't be enough to do things which are good for black communities, there will also have to be positive PR from people those communities respect. Maybe Kanye can make a good ambassador.

@Fred Ciampi- Amen, brother.

TrickyRicky said...

The whole Benghazi debacle was enough IMHO to disqualify Ma Barker from the presidency. In a sane world, or a country where "leaders" are held accountable for their actions, she would have resigned in disgrace within the week. Instead, she and the whole administration promulgated a transparent lie about an inconsequential video for three weeks. Then called the families of the fallen liars. Makes my blood boil to this day.

Graylady said...

I am so tired of talking heads saying "The Russians influenced the election." They didn't, they did influence the campaign via the Wikileaks email releases. But there is no evidence the Russians hacked into voting systems and influenced the election. The Dims should grow up and face the reality that they lost the election due to a lousy, unpersonable, criminal candidate. If they were smart (but they're not), they'd make peace, dump Pelousy and start working toward the 2020 election.

Bruce Bleu said...

Don't know HOW you did it, Stilt, but magilla almost looks human in the first two panels, then in the third, she looks like someone just offered her a banana that's all black and squishy because it's been sitting in the sun for 6 weeks. Oh well... back to normal I guess.

John the Econ said...

We're now living in a world where people like Dan Rather & Brian Williams feel comfortable and free to speak about the scourge of "fake news". Is there nothing a Progressive can do to disgrace themselves enough to be banished forever? I fully expect Anthony Wiener to make another bid for Mayor of New York in a few years. Why not? By today's standards, he hasn't disgraced himself any worse than any other Democrat.

"Race" to the bottom: There's no shortage of studies on "race relations" that show America to be a far more harmonious place before Obama than after. He, along with the usual suspects of race hustlery making a fine living in the grievance industry have done an amazing amount of damage to "relations" in a mere 8 terms. I'd argue that this will likely be his primary form of employment after he leaves the White House, except that black churches can't afford to pay 6-figure speaking fees like the big banks do.

Intelligence Briefings: If I were Trump, I'd be getting them if for no other reason than the optics. But then again, I suspect that Trump's management style is going to be similar to Reagan's; he's going to leave the daily details to wholly capable and trusted subordinates, which I don't have a problem with. Either way, as @Stilton points out, he's still going to be better informed than Obama ever was. Obama was never a detail guy either.

It's time America grew out of this infantile notion that any single individual can have all the answers for every one of over 300-million citizens. The founders of this country understood that it wasn't possible for a mere 2.5-million. The President's job is to oversee the health of the country as a whole; not the state of the potholes in front of my house, which even my local city council cannot seem to be able to deal with.

Keep Happy Hour Happy!

TheOldMan said...


I have yet to hear anyone from the CPUSA state that the leaked emails and documents are not accurate. Therefore they are accurate and correctly reflect the attitudes of the CPUSA officials. That is what sank Shrillary. And as she should have learned from her time during the Nixon persecution, it is less the crime than the cover-up. All Shrillary had to do was up front admit and dump all the raw emails including yoga and wedding plans to the FBI in one shot and the issue would have been forgotten by election time.

TheOldMan said...

@John the Econ

"...similar to Reagan's; he's going to leave the daily details to wholly capable and trusted subordinates,..." I also agree however it is DT's responsibility to keep a close eye on what his people are doing just as a CEO is ultimately responsible for what his subs are doing. It's called management, something that has been lacking in DC for a long time.

John the Econ said...

@Jim Irre, I'm not getting any "auto play ads". @Stilton's page is probably the least obnoxious page I visit all day. I suggest that your computer or browser has been infected. There is malware out there specifically designed to replace legitimate ads on pages with different ads, for which the malware author gets paid.

@Fred Ciampi, it's even worse than that. By teaching "grievance" instead of "opportunity", we've created an entire generation of slaves who will only be able to see themselves as victims, which ironically they are.

Kanye: I've always regarded Kanye West as a talentless hack in a field of talentless hacks with just enough cleverness to differentiate himself from the rest of his pack. Trump, like the rest of us knows that most blacks have been slaves to the Democratic plantation for generations, with very little to show of it. One of the Democrat's worst nightmares has to be that blacks will realize that they are free to free themselves from bondage to the Progressive agenda. Kanye is probably smart enough to see this, and is more than happy to play along.

@TrickyRicky, pretty much everything she's done on an individual basis should have been enough. But like I said above, there doesn't seem to be anything a Democrat can do to disqualify themselves as long as they feign allegiance to the agenda.

@Graylady, this didn't seem to be a problem for them when it was assumed that Trump was going to lose. The gist of the argument seems to be that it was unfair that the Russians exposed the truth to voters about Hillary and the DNC. There's also an argument out there that the Russians also hacked the RNC's email, but it was simply too boring to release. That wouldn't surprise me at all.

Either way, like I said Monday, Hillary was more than happy to serve Russian interests in quid-quo-pro fashion, and logically would have been their first choice over the totally unpredictable Trump.

John the Econ said...

@TheOldMan, I agree wholeheartedly. And I fully expect Trump to be held responsible in a way that Obama never was as the Progressive media shifts modes from 8 years of fawning adoration to open hostility. Under Obama, the VA was permitted to simply let people die with absolutely no interest from the MSM, whereas soon every time some low-level bureaucrat in Topeka farts on the job, Trump will be made responsible for it.

Colby Muenster said...

It kills me! The hag lost the election and it's Russia's fault? Huh? Pretend you're Vlad Putin for a minute. Who do YOU want to win, the bombastic guy the gets what he wants and beats the crap out of the competition, or the tired old hag who promised you a "reset" 8 years ago, sold you a huge chunk of US uranium, and has proven over and over she is totally for sale? If she won, he was practically guaranteed at least four more years of doing what ever the f**k he wants, unabated.

Yes, Russia may well have been stirring the pot to swing the election, but it completely backfired on them if they did.

Shrillary blaming the press for her failure? This is even more of a knee slapper! One news outlet out of 487 leaned Trump. The other 486 may as well have been (and some probably were) employees of the Clinton Foundation. And she STILL lost! What more evidence do we need that she was a completely flawed candidate?

Blame Wikileaks? Another head scratcher.... They leaked info from the lair of the beast. As far as I know, nothing was fabricated, just leaked.

Kanye West... What a piece of crap. But, John the Econ is right; this could be a bit of brilliance on Trump's part. Same deal bringing in Bill Gates, Jim Brown, etc. The optics are a boost for Trump, even if the celebs themselves disagree with him.

Malatrope said...

Has no one listened to Trump's statement about the intelligence briefings? He doesn't attend those which repeat information he's already been given. He has given standing orders to call him immediately if there's anything new. What the bloody heck is wrong with that?

There isn't anything worse than attending a meeting that just rehashes what was said last time – I've sat through my own share of them, and experience I wouldn't wish on anyone.

chef621 said...

This is for the current whiners of the Dem persuasion:

Romans 13:1-2New King James Version (NKJV)

Submit to Government
13 Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

Unfortunately, probably none will be reading it. Wonder what excuse HRC will have against that.

james daily said...

Maybe it's me, but which of these democrat and MSM nitwits haven't seen the optimism polls after his election or notice the stock market or notice how large companies are going to hire by the Thousands? And they wanted to keep this country sliding to oblivion? The Russians my ash. PE Trump didn't need no stinking Russians, he had the crooked one to run against. I have a sneaking suspicion that had the crooked one not cheated Bernie Freebee out of the nomination, PE Trump would have gotten trounced.
PE Trump has over a month before inauguration and every day his political stock rises and the democrats cannot stand it. If you never thought of politics as a religion, it is on full display now as they try to overturn what the People wanted.

Joseph ET said...

It may be good if PE Trump meets with Kanye West and other leaders in the black community. If he can convince the rappers to stop with the hate lyrics and rap about getting the man to provide the education they need and deserve and the love of family. Maybe he can get the guys like the football players to get off of some of their money and use it to provide scholarships to trade schools for the inner city folks. All the successful blacks should support a foundation similar to what Mike Rowe has. It’s called MikeroweWORKS Foundation. Check it out here:
These actions could turn around the lives of many and in turn reduce poverty.

Shelly said...

This parade of angst and shenanigans by the utterly defeated left and their handmaidens in the press is really something to behold. Since the election we have been treated to protests and destruction in the streets, "but she won the popular vote which means she really won," the fake "fake news" scandal, the "it's Comey's fault," the "Russians rigged the election for Trump," the futile recount by a crazy woman that netted additional votes for Trump and revealed massive voter fraud in Democrat-infested Detroit, and finally, the drive to turn the Electors against voting for Trump. These people would be funny if they weren't so dangerous. It's no wonder they are being voted out all over the country. We dodged a YUGE bullet.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- I'm with you: I consider the Benghazi situation to be an open wound which still needs to be salved. Hillary took "full responsibility," but NO ONE WAS DISCIPLINED OR FIRED. And she certainly didn't accept any blame or offer to step down. What in the living hell kind of "responsibility" is that? And calling the families of the fallen liars?! Yeah - blood boiling for sure.

@Graylady- I certainly agree that there's been no evidence presented that the Russians hacked voting systems, but I also haven't seen any evidence that they were the ones who supplied Wikileaks with so much damningly true documentation of Hillary and company's wrongdoing. Should we put a higher priority on cyber-security? Yes. Should we continue to put up with the totally unsubstantiated accusations that Trump worked with the Russians, or that voting systems were hacked? No.

@Bruce Bleu- There was a "Seinfeld" episode in which a girl Jerry was dating was very attractive in bright light, but in dimmer light she looked awful. I think Michelle is kind of like that. She can absolutely clean up wonderfully and look great (make up and $20,000 dresses will do that). She can also be caught at a bad moment and look like Godzilla. Go figure.

@John the Econ- Great stuff. My head is exploding over the Left's sudden "discovery" of "fake news," even if they're completely missing who's to blame (hint: they should look in the mirror). And I read that Weiner left the sex addiction clinic he was in after only 30 days instead of the 90 he was supposed to stay. When they say "it doesn't matter how long it is," they aren't referring to your time in rehab.

On race, Obama has been worse for this country than George Wallace would have been if elected. He has fomented enmity in a way that stuns me. I hope Trump and his potential "ambassadors" like Kanye West really change the dynamics.

Regarding the intelligence briefings, Trump is getting them once a week (with orders to update him on anything actually new) and Pence is getting them six times a week. Considering the fact that Trump is very busy building a new government right now, I'm not bothered by his allocations of time.

Regarding your final point, I'll just agree by saying "government is not the answer" to life's challenges.

@TheOldMan- Exactly! The point that needs to be hammered home is that the election may have been influenced by voters having more truthful information than they were supposed to get. As crises go, that doesn't rate very high on my scale.

And I agree that Trump is going to need to be a hands on manager (albeit not a micro-manager) of his people. I'm really hoping that this is going to be a skill that pays off for all of us.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- There's something odd going on on my page, as the blogger ads aren't showing up (and some other widgets). But no, nothing should be causing the problems Jim Irre mentioned. I have made an ongoing point of keeping this site almost embarrassingly low tech so as to make it easier for people to view.

Regarding Kanye, I couldn't tell you a single song he's done if my life depended on it. And I've strongly disliked him ever since he started screaming that George W Bush "hates black people" during a telethon for Katrina victims. Still, if he could help carry a positive message (for a change) about education, work, personal responsibility, and the idea that a (kind of) Republican president is actually on the side of black Americans, it could be a good thing.

@Colby Muenster- I agree with you point for point. Well said!

@Malatrope- Oops, I mentioned it above but it bears repeating. Trump almost surely is getting the info he needs at this stage of the game. The same people rabidly reporting that he's skipping briefings are the same ones who a couple of weeks ago were reporting that his cabinet-building efforts were in complete disarray. These days, my default position on anything claiming to be "news" is that it's a flat out lie (unless solid evidence is presented).

@chef621- If I'm reading that passage right, we may get to see a lot of Democrats turned into pillars of salt soon. I'm for it!

@James Daily- Fine observations! I personally think that if Bernie hadn't been in a fixed primary, he would have won the Democratic nomination...and likely the presidency. The Hillary Dems have only themselves to blame.

@Joseph ET- I complete agree. And I'm also a real fan of Mike Rowe. A lot more people (and especially young people) need to start listening to his message about the virtues of honest work (hint: it usually involves sweating). At this point, I'm far more likely to be impressed by the graduate of a trade school than an Ivy League university.

@Shelly- I can't add a thing to that. You nailed it!

MicahStone said...

Stilton (BTW: NOBODY believes that's a real name!): You've out-done yourself with 5 great graphics in this post. Bravo !!!

Popular Front said...

That photoshopped image of the murdered Ambassador is in very bad taste mate.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Micah Stone- Not a real name? The Library of Congress would beg to differ (they entered me for my business book parody "Who Cut the Cheese?" eons ago). Glad you liked the post!

@Popular Front- I completely agree. It's in VERY bad taste, and was intended to be. There should be absolute rage at Obama and Hillary being dismissive of Ambassador Steven's death and blaming it on a film that no one saw. So the point of the graphic isn't to be funny - it's to remind people that certain things should still be found appalling. At least, that's how I view it.

Popular Front said...

@Stilton - I understand and agree the point. I would be worried that someone who knew or loved the man would be very upset to see it used in that manner.

REM1875 said...

I still wonder if those slaves that were paid for working on the white hut were black or Irish?
That's right the Irish were often slaves here and not indentured servant like most of the Scotts -indentured for 7 years with a life expectancy of 5 years.
And No they were not busy working in the big house polishing silver but more likely in the fields suffering the lash.
Somehow I doubt that would keep mooch up late at night.