Wednesday, December 21, 2016

College Education

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Run, forest, run!
Hillary Clinton, who was desperately pushing a "free college education" pledge to win votes from the young and simple-minded, got her own college education Monday for the low, low cost of only $1.2 billion in campaign spending. Because Monday was when the members of the electoral college finally voted to officially make Donald Trump the winner of the 2016 Presidential election.

While Hillary still has ongoing grudges (and perhaps assassination contracts) against Vladimir Putin, Anthony Weiner, and schizophrenic FBI director James Comey for her loss on November 8th, the former first lady is blaming one and only one person for her massive electoral college loss: former actress (and recognizable human) Loretta Swit...

obama, obama jokes, political, humor, cartoon, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, electoral college, trump, hillary, loretta swit
At the plastic surgeon's she went full retread. You should NEVER go full retread.
Swit was one of a handful of alleged celebrities who appeared in a last-gasp ad which encouraged electoral college voters to cast their ballots for somone - anyone - other than the man who actually won the Presidential election.  Clearly, no minds were changed...although we imagine the electors will continue to have screaming nightmares for the rest of their lives.

And so, Hope n' Change is emitting a small (but cautious) sigh of relief as it appears that the election results will really stick, and Hillary will be forced to spend the rest of her days out in that poplar forest foraging for grubs, berries, and nonexistent Foundation donors while muttering obscenities in the snow.

As Tiny Tim would say, "God bless us, every one!"


Boligat said...

Actually Hollywood did manage to sway some electors. Two voted for someone other than Trump and five voted for someone other than Hillary.


Geoff King said...

With Hot Lips on her side how could Hillery have possibly lost? At least she will go down in history as the first woman to lose the same presidential election 3 times in a row.

John the Econ said...

Allot of people who were expecting free college got a free education instead this year.

After all of the angst and efforts from the left to intimidate electors into defecting from Trump, it was actually Hillary who suffered most of the defections.

So Hillary lost twice! The schadenfreude actually keeps getting better.

Adding to this almost guilty sense of amusement is watching the Progressive Hollywood establishment screech in vain. It clearly hasn't sunk in yet that the majority of Americans not only do not really care what they think, but will actually react contrary to how Hollywood commands that they should. Seriously, who cares what "Hot Lips Houlihan" thinks? And how many people under 50 even remember who she is to begin with?

But don't expect that any of this will stop here. Having lost the election, then the electoral college battle, the left will now concentrate on de-legitimizing a Trump Administration by carrying on with the meaningless "He lost the popular vote" meme. Whatever. Never mind that that argument plus five bucks still won't get you a latte at Starbucks. When that finally wears out, they'll come up with other pointless memes that will consistently fill your social media feed for at least the next 4 years. It's never over.

Fred Ciampi said...

Poor old Hot Lips ...... She should have stayed at home. I used to have good memories of her from MASH. Now I have to bleach that vision of her botox laden self out of my brain. And I don't have that much moonshine......

chef621 said...

All of this boo-hooing and rage reminds me of an old Amish saying. "Ve gets too soon oldt and too late shmart". I hope that they smarten up one of these days for their own sakes. It would be a shame to have to see a bunch of senior citizens lying on the floor kicking their heels and screaming.

@Stilt, love the "run forest run". One of my all time favorite movies, along with "Driving Miss Daisy" which also reminds me of the Hildabeast.

@John the Econ, That is exactly why I don't so social media. I don't need the bull c**p.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Judi King said...

The hag actually lost in the recount fiasco, also. And voter fraud was found, at least in Detroit,in 37% of the precincts. Of course she won in Detroit. So, more proof of lies and deception and what lengths the libs will go, to to keep power.

pgm1972 said...

As much as we're all hoping for the cast of characters to "Exit, stage left", I can't help but keep picturing that commercial we see countless times a day. "If you've had the chicken pox, the shingles virus is already inside you."

That about sums it up, right? Eight years of Clinton Pox from '92-2000 and, even after leaving the White House (and trying to leave WITH the White House), we've always that annoying, burning rash from the Clin-gles virus

And I understand there's a new strain.

Regnad Kcin said...

Oh, Frack !! Talk about looking at five miles of bad road ! It's too early in the morn to see both those decrepit hags at once. Good thing I don't see in color till ten o'clock in the AM. What the hell happened to LS ? She looks like her face caught fire and someone put it out with a brick. Could be she just got home after an all night stag party with the Oakland Raiders front line. Woof !

Rod said...

I prefer "They won't quit", but it IS over. More and more people just need to quit listening to or reading the BS and those media which deliver it. Let's focus on helping this new team stay on track. They are bright, successful, and right-minded but they will have to learn a lot quickly and that means they'll make a few mistakes. It's how we who elected them react which will make a difference now.

You all know key the names on the Left; one big one only has about 30 days to keep screwing thing up. Then I don't want to hear a damned thing from any of them. The recent silence from Hill, Huma, etal has been a blessing.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping now that she has been thoroughly thrashed she would tuck her tail between her legs and just go away. No such luck. Bi hear she is floating trial balloons about running f or mayor of NYC and taking another shot at the Presidency in 2020. It could be to just keep the donations to he Clnton Crime Foundation coming in, as they have pretty much stopped. The people of NYC would probably vote for her, sad to say. Please God, make her go away.

Crotalus said...

The "poplar" vote? Just couldn't "leaf" well enough alone, huh?

DrRiff said...

I thought Tiny Tim said "Tip Toe Through the Tulips".
Hmmm. . .

GenEarly said...

Frau Merkel is saddened over the recent loss.........of her socialist sorority sister in the USSA. Power & ProgreSS is all that matters to these NWO Elitists.

Shelly said...

I must admit when I first watched that stupid PSA featuring Martin (I was the President) Sheen and the others, I literally gasped when Loretta Swit appeared. She looked like a ghoul. Sometimes plastic surgery has the opposite effect intended.

Anyone else notice the Russian hack news, which was plastered across everything, suddenly disappeared after the EC vote? I guess next we will be treated to demonstrations when Congress convenes to certify the election, which will be heralded all across lib media. Then there will be the protests at the inauguration, which will take center stage. The fools just won't give up.

Walter L Stafford said...

Damn, I thought Halloween was over and then you show Hillary the Harlot and Loretta Swit.
Scared me almost to the point I had to change drawers!

Marry Christmas

Fred Ciampi said...

Regarding the protests at the inauguration, I kind of hope a bunch of Hollywood liberals do show up to try to disrupt it. President Trump said that he is going to keep his own security force. Methinks that between them and the gazillions of bikers there just may be a deterrent effect. I'm going to make popcorn and watch the WWW event of the century.

Colby Muenster said...

If Shrillary's career died in a forest, would anyone hear? Or give a shit, for that matter?

Oh yes, the circus is not over by any means; this could go on years, or until we let our guard down AGAIN and they gain control of the government AGAIN. I pray that the productive folks who actually drive the economy have finally learned the lesson, but I know better. The pendulum will swing left again, but boy am I going to enjoy this while it lasts! Whoo hoo! Heads exploding everywhere!

That was Loretta Swit in those ads!!?? OMG! I thought it was Donatella Versace's ugly sister (or brother?). Bad Colby.... not nice to make fun of someone's looks. Besides... the ugliest part of her (and the rest of the dickweeds in those absolutely stunningly idiotic ads) is not physical. I still am taken aback at the sheer hate that exudes from these people who claim to have a monopoly on tolerance.

If I was Trump, I'd move the inauguration to AT&T Stadium in Dallas, and surround the place with bikers. It would sure be fun to watch the snowflakes vs about 10,000 real men on Harleys.

John the Econ said...

I generally refrain from criticizing people's looks, unless, of course, those looks belong to public figures intentionally inflicting themselves upon the rest of us, and the looks in question are intentionally inflicted upon themselves. I really hope that wasn't the look Loretta was going for, and if not, that she got a refund. She wasn't helping her cause on so many levels.

Perhaps now that Hollywood has failed at preventing a Trump presidency, they could pop over to Germany to help out Angela Merkel who after welcoming in millions of Muslim refugees, now faces almost certain defeat in the wake of Monday's (don't call it "terrorist" yet) attack at a traditional Christmas marketplace in Berlin.

Of course, they don't want to actually call this yet another attack by the followers of Mohammad, and yet they've now taken the "precautionary" step of closing ALL Christmas markets in Berlin.

So once again, the Islamists get exactly what they want; another retreat of western culture. Violence works. That's why they do it.

Popular Front said...

Merry Christmas Stilton and all at Hope n' Change, it's been a fun year.

Re the election result, I don't want to be an Aussie wiseass and say "I told you so" months and months ago but, I TOLD YOU SO! bwwahahahahahahahaahahahaa!!

Dan said...

So with voter fraud in Detroit (and other places, I'm sure), can we get Congress to pass a law that photo ID is required for any election for a Federal-level office (POTUS, VP, US Representative, US Senator). States and municipalities can have no-ID voting, if they wish, but that'd have to be a separate ballot. Or they can come on board the freedom train and require voter photo ID.

Popular Front said...

With Dan on that one. Voter fraud in the USA in this day and age should be unheard of. Even in dirt-poor democracies they have thumb markers to show you've exercised your franchise and can't do it twice. It takes a couple of days to wear off apparently - crude but effective.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Boligat- I loved the fact that Hillary had the most defectors.

@Geoff King- I'm hoping Jill Stein will demand a recount of the electoral college results so that Hillary can lose a fourth time.

@John the Econ- I'm expecting the next four years to bring a previously-unseen level of ugliness from the Left...which is pretty frightening considering how ugly their behavior is when they're winners. They will never accept Trump as legitimately elected, and never make peace with his Presidency. Fortunately, I still enjoy their delicious grief.

@Fred Ciampi- I wouldn't normally mock an 80 year old woman's looks, but the very-formerly attractive Swit was asking for it by jumping into this political fray. Bless her old heart, she looks like a wad of Silly Putty wearing lipstick.

@chef621- I know that my path from liberalism to conservatism (and reality, for that matter) started in earnest when my daughter was born. Maybe such life changes will help bring some of the young Leftists around eventually...though I'm not holding my breath.

And it was fun for me when the line "Run, forest, run!" popped into my mind - glad you caught the reference!

@Judi King- Were those voting irregularities in Detroit ever reported by the mainstream media? I wouldn't know, as I wouldn't watch them at gunpoint. Although I do sometimes tune into MSNBC when I expect them to be wailing in agony.

@pgm1972- Wow, I love your chickenpox/shingles analogy for the Clintons. And I'm sure you're right. It's just not in their DNA to fade away from public view. I'm sure we'll still be seeing a lot of Hillary as she (and the mainstream media) try to solidify and propagate the notion that "she wuz robbed."

@Regnad Kcin (But everyone knows you as Nancy)- Just be grateful I didn't throw in a gratuitous picture of Nancy Pelosi to complete the trifecta of nightmarish women!

@Rod- I'm sick beyond measure of the crap from the media, and will be running from it like a scalded dog as soon as Barry is frog-marched out of Our House on Pennsylvania Avenue. I like Trump's cabinet picks so far and am optimistic. This new administration will make mistakes (they all do) and fail to keep some campaign promises (ditto), but I also think they may do some real good. It will be those results I keep my eye on - not the characterization of those results by the media.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Popular Front - 'dipping a finger' would be a helluva start - lo tech, inexpensive, effective, and better than a silly sticker to wave in the face of the non-participants you run into...
All reasons the Lib hate it.
I'd also like to see a total purge of the voter rolls every couple of years - at LEAST every 10... if you can't be bothered to re-register, I don't think you need to be voting..

chef621 said...

For a change of pace..........

What a good life it was in the 50's!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I'm sure Hillary will continue haunting us, but I think the odds of her making another semi-successful presidential run are over. Not only are all of her old scandals still in play, but by 2020 she'll have 4 years worth of new scandals weighing her down, because she can't help it.

@Crotalus- In much the same way that some farts cannot be contained, I occasionally can't keep a pun from slipping out to the horror of everyone in the room.

@DrRiff- You're showing your age. And my age! By the way, Tiny Tim (the singer) was weird as hell, but cool. I have musician friends (the wonderful band "Brave Combo") who backed him on what I believe was his final album.

@Pete (Detroit)- Good idea on purging the voter rolls!

@Chef621- You can't go wrong with Der Bingle at Christmas time!

@GenEarly- Every time Merkel is mentioned (which is a lot lately), I can't help but shake my head over the pre-election narrative that Hillary would have been making history by becoming president. As if the world hadn't already seen Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and countless other female heads of state.

@Shelly- I'll actually give Loretta credit for having the courage to appear in a brightly lit studio with cameras. Surely she knows that she looks like a nightmare, right?

And GREAT point about the disappearance of Russian "hacking" news. Prior to the electoral college vote, the alleged hacking was the worst act of espionage in history and we were at war. Now we're hearing nothing but Cossack crickets.

@Walter L Stafford- Perhaps I should have included a "trigger warning" before flashing those kissers at unsuspecting readers.

@Fred Ciampi- As much as I dislike the protesters, they do have their rights. All I ask is that during the inauguration they be kept behind a rope California.

@Colby Muenster- We know that the circus will continue (as you put it) because it's all these clowns know. They're incapable of change, in no small part because they can't do so without first admitting that they've been the problem all along.

@John the Econ- Sadly, you're right. Violence does work when it goes unaddressed, which is why we'll see more of it until the world gets serious about saying "enough."

@Popular Front- And Merry Christmas to you (and everyone else here)! And feel free to enjoy your "I told you so." I've basically been doing the same thing here for the last 8 years regarding Obama.

@Dan- I don't see how the Dems can credibly say that election security is important but still deny the need for voter ID. Their opposition is transparently about enabling voter fraud - period.

@Popular Front- I'm actually fine with the "finger in the dye" method of assuring "one person, one vote." As a bonus, it might cause a lot of potential Democratic voters to flee the polls believing fingerprints were being taken.

greggbc said...

Is she still alive? Can't tell from the photo.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Stilt, MSM was all over the "overcount" fraud / jamming tally devices, locally at any rate. At first, it was all outrage that b/c the tally counts didn't match the registration rolls, they could not be included in Stein's Fiasco..
However, as it appears to be 'only' some several hundred votes (out of many thousands cast) it may actually have been a hardware / user failure jamming issue. Full investigation / machine replacement onging...

Pete (Detroit) said...

"Registration rolls" - log book of ballots issued - IE, they issues 300 ballots, but tallied 320, for instance...

John the Econ said...

Voter Fraud: Progressives continually repeat this notion that voter fraud has been repeatedly and fully investigated and has been found not to exist. The "fully investigated" part hinges on various Democrat-run investigations that defined "voter fraud" as only counting as "voter fraud" if the fraud was successful. Of course, voter fraud is only successful if nobody finds out about it. So by definition, if the voter fraud is discovered, then it's not successful and therefore doesn't count as "voter fraud".

So all of the shenanigans in Michigan don't count on two counts: A) Hillary lost anyway, and B) the votes were discounted in any recount since there was obvious fraud. So don't bother using this instance as an example of voter fraud to any Progressives, since it obviously doesn't officially count.

I agree with @Pete (Detroit) in that it's embarrassing that low-tech "poor" countries can seemingly run more honest elections than we seem to be able to. If we are unable to do something as simple as reliably count votes, I don't understand why anyone believes that government is any better prepared to handle the more complex issues that Progressives wish it to take on.

Judi King said...

@ Stilton: I don't watch MSM either so I don't know if they reported it but it seems to be a fact. As Mr. Econ says, it doesn't matter anyway, as the hag lost, but it's just another example of liberal manipulation. Those of you on SS will get another example of total manipulation when you get your 2017 statement of "benefits". Outrageous!

Albert Barkley said...

That is true she got more votes than Trump however that is a true fact she were not able to run her campaign in best way.

Ted Henkle said...

The Democrats didn't realize they were in political quicksand. The more they struggled the deeper they sunk.
Just about everyone I know, myself included, along with every commentator I read/watch--your self included :) --have had at least some reservations about Trump.
The on-going lamentations of the left are making Trump look truly presidential.
Let's hope they keep up the good work! :)