Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Putting the POS in POTUS

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Yes, it's an old cartoon - but it's never been truer.
Although Barack Obama has only days left in office, he's doing his best to make every one of them the worst possible ways. As a case in point, witness his almost unbelievable betrayal of Israel by failing to prevent the passage of a U.N. resolution which will do grave damage to our (ahem) former ally for years to come.

Even worse, Israel claims to have evidence that the Obama administration actually helped draft this sneak attack on Israel - clearly missing any moral insight from the recent visit of Japan's prime minister to Pearl Harbor.

Also in his busy, busy schedule, the president has been releasing prisoners from jail faster than Henry Ford churned out model-T's, recently setting a new record by granting 231 pardons in a single day - which is perhaps only a warm-up for setting more felons free in the coming weeks. But at least he's not dumping dangerous prisoners from Guantanamo on the world, right? Wrong! He's taking steps to transfer up to 18 more detainees before Trump takes office (only 4.5 of whom will return to battlefield mayhem and active terrorism, according to the government's own statistics).

But wait - there's more! To help assure that US relations with Russia are as bad as possible on his way out, Obama is about to announce plans to "punish" Russia for their alleged (yet entirely unsubstantiated) role in telling voters the truth about Hillary Clinton, thereby upsetting our precious national system of basing elections on catchphrases, lies, and genitalia. The president's retaliatory arsenal is said to include various harsh sanctions and "cyber-operations," including forcing Russians to use the website to get medical treatment.

Besides all of this active sabotage of the incoming Trump administration, Barry is also spending the waning days of his presidency ingesting large quantities of hallucinogens (perhaps with buddies from his Hawaiian "choom gang"). How else to explain his recent declaration that, had be been allowed to run again, he would have won a third term by beating Donald Trump.

Not because of any actual accomplishments, of course, but because "in conversations that I've had with people around the country - even some people who disagreed with me - they would say, 'The vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one.'"

That direction, by the way, remains unchanged after 8 years...although we're still unsure if it points to Mecca or Hell.


American Cowboy said...

If there were a God whom I believed really listened and answered prayers of mine I would definitely ask that when Øbamma leaves our White House that all photos past, present, and future be banned from public view.

American Cowboy said...

Photos of Øbamma and fambily that is.

Andrew said...

Is Mecca not a city in Hell, with the dar al Islam (the lands controlled by Islam)being one plain of that infernal place? That would make the dar al Harb (the lands of War, in other words not Muslim) Purgatory, or Heaven, no?

Oh how I wish the magic ink fairies would descend upon the current President and remove his/her/its ability to sign, write or do anything officially ever again.

And it is amazing the numbers of pseudo-Islamic supporters get shocked when they are told the truths about the two lands, those of War and those controlled by that religion of not so much peace.

The speech by Prime Minister Abe was beautiful and moving, sounding like a poem, or some weird Shinto Viking saga. Highly recommend all y'all readers out there go and find a trans... oh, heck, just go here

Abe got the power of that memorial. And he too has heard the voices that whisper in the hall of that sacred building. If you go, listen for them. They speak to you when you read the names.

chef621 said...

I am satisfied, just knowing what Obama is going to get for all of his hatefulness to Israel.

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
- Genesis 12:1-3

In my humble opinion, he has cursed Israel. Never fear, God is still in charge and He never lies. Israel may lose a battle but they will win the war.

Stilt, that was even funnier this time around! Loved it! We meed smiles at the end of THIS year. Cheers!

Judi King said...

Dittos to Chef621. Funny cartoon, curses on those who curse Israel, etc. They used to have a solution for those who commit treason to their country. I guess some people are exempt from earthly punishment. And Flotus is wrong about hope. Most of us hope we are done with these morons for a while.

Fred Ciampi said...

I can only Hope n' Pray that our new President can undo most, if not all, of what 0bozo hath wrought. It cannot be soon enough before he is gone from our lives.

Geoff King said...

Naturally Øislama would be against the only democracy in the Middle East. Hopefully Trump will reverse at least part of the evil that POS has spawned.
Here is a petition asking the President Elect to get us the hell out of the UN:
Perhaps Trump could turn that building in New York into something more useful such as a casino/hotel.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@American Cowboy- I wish that prayer of yours would be answered; I'd love to never be reminded of Obama in the future. Sadly, it's not going to happen.

@Andrew- Interesting observations about Mecca and Hell, and I love the notion of "magic ink fairies" stealing Barry's ability to sign anything ever again.

Thanks for the link to Abe's comments. The power of the Arizona memorial really needs to be experienced in person for people to understand why it is almost universally referred to as a sacred place.

@chef621- I've been criticizing Obama for 8 years, and even I was still dumbfounded by the level of perfidy in this attack on Israel. Of course, it doesn't represent a change in his feelings about Israel - rather, he was finally free to do what he always wanted without personal political consequence.

@Judi King- I think Obama believes there would be "peace" in the Middle East with Israel out of the picture. And by "peace," I more or less mean a caliphate.

@Fred Ciampi- Trump should be able to undo quite a bit of Barry's damage, but he's going to face media opposition of a kind we've never seen before.

@Geoff King- I'm in favor of kicking the UN out of the United States, and substantially (perhaps entirely) cutting our funding of this wretched body. I am genuinely unaware of any good done by the UN in my adult memory.

Boligat said...

During election years, there should be an Oct 31 deadline for all presidential pardons, executive orders, speeches, vacations, appearances on TV, etc. etc. etc. Inauguration Day should be moved up to Jan 1, too. If the important people have hangovers and can't attend, well, maybe they aren't so important after all. All performances should be cancelled as well, thus saving all performers from embarrassing themselves by declining to perform. Forget the parade; forget the parties. Just meet on the steps, take the oath of office and go home for the rest of the day. The new congress back in session on Jan 2 opened with a speech by the new prezy.

GenEarly said...

The "Russians are Foreign Devils' policy is at least "Bi-partisan" with Chumps like McCain and Grahmnesty doing their part to jump start WW III with their NWO pal The Obamy. Such a Fetid Swamp in DC.

Graylady said...

We need to stay in the UN, mainly to protect ourselves and Israel. But we should throw the UN the hell out of the US. And we should cut back our financial support to a level commensurate with that of other members. If they want to take advantage of the anti-Israeli bias of the UN they should pay for it.

Tots said...

" conversations that I've had with people around the country - even some people who disagreed with me - they would say, 'The vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one.'"

I simply cannot fathom how anyone can hear or read these words and not realize it has to be an outright lie. How can someone who doesn't agree with you believe your vision is the right one? By definition if they don't agree with you, how can they believe you have the correct vision for the country?

What the frack do they NOT agree with you on if they agree with you?

He is a moron and the people who vote for him are even bigger morons. The only difference between the two is he knows they will believe whatever he says.

Judi King said...

Geoff, thanks for the petition. As I've been opposed to the US being in the UN since I was in high school in the 50's, I was happy to sign it. A waste of prime real estate in NYC and a waste of American funds.

SiGraybeard said...

although we're still unsure if it points to Mecca or Hell. ... and the difference would be?

John the Econ said...

The upside is that the UN grows less relevant by the hour; overwhelmingly dominated by people who are anti-freedom, pro-dictator, and pro-fascism and who, ironically, have absolutely no affinity for women beyond their value as slave labor and for carnal pleasures, much less all the new genders that we're discovering weekly.

I keep hoping that at some point, most of the inhabitants of the left's great plantation will awaken to realize that they're slaves, and that their elite overlords are literally leading them to slaughter at some point. That's why they need to keep the hyperbole level set at 11 as a distraction. Unfortunately for them, that can't be sustained forever.

Pardons: Somehow, I don't think we've seen anything yet. In this regard, Obama is likely to be far more dangerous than Bill Clinton was. Clinton only pardoned for money and feel-good points. Obama pardons for ideology and revenge.

Obama on Obama: Can anyone remember a President that spent so much time talking about himself? I think he's going to be shocked by how much people won't care about him anymore in a mere 23 days. I have little doubt that even his sycophants in the media are counting the days.

I also predict that when enough time has passed, someone is going to come out with proof that Hillary was going to lose regardless of what Comey or the Russians allegedly did. I seriously doubt that many minds were changed by any of that; it all only confirmed what people already suspected or knew. I think I can say without any fear contradiction that everyone here already knew that the Democratic primaries were nothing more than theater and the Clintons are crooks before we read the DNC or Podesta's mail.

As for "Mecca or Hell": I'm not convinced there's a difference.

TrickyRicky said...

But wait - there's more! To help assure that US relations with Russia are as bad as possible on his way out, Obama is about to announce plans to "punish" Russia for their alleged (yet entirely unsubstantiated) role in telling voters the truth about Hillary Clinton, thereby upsetting our precious national system of basing elections on catchphrases, lies, and genitalia.

May be your best ever! Catchphrases, Lies, and Genitalia indeed.

@SiGraybeard and John the Econ- Mecca and Hell, two words for the same place.

John the Econ said...

Ugh, just listened to John Kerry prattle on about the Israel vote and how the Obama Administration's vote was "in accordance with our values."

Because nothing boldly asserts "Our Values" like an abstainsion.

smitty said...

Very disappointing to see Hope n' Change parrot the Fear Factor of 'felons'.

Check out Harvey Silverglate's Book: Three Felonies A Day, which shows that the average citizen in the USA commits three felonies a day due to the myriad ridiculous criminal laws enacted over time.

Fill in a wet spot on what you thought was your landed property-felony...

Tell a lie to federal agents-felony...(though the feds can lie to YOU with impunity)

Cultivate and possess certain amounts of a naturally occurring *prohibited* flora-felony...

But not all felonies are created equal. Just ask former Senator Jon Corzine, thief of over a billion dollars who has faced zero accountability.

Presidents may murder at will via drone strikes...even executing Americans without even a hint of due-process, and there's not a whiff of accountability for such behavior.

The American Gulag warehouses people (mostly by far the rabble; 1%ers and/or the politically powerful usually just get hall passes) in greater numbers and per-capita rates higher than any other country.

It is a pitiful disgrace.

The Prison Industrial Complex was and is fed by the thoroughly corrupt criminal 'justice' system that operates as a conviction assembly line, and serves as a monument to the death of Rule of Law.

Non-violent drug offenders and all other -political- prisoners should be released in even higher numbers.

Obama has done little of merit, but releasing some of the non-violent out of our bloated prisons deserves recognition.

mark said...

It points directly to hell.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Boligat- I'm in favor of everything you suggested!

@GenEarly- I have no great fondness for Russia, but I can't really see what they'd have to gain by destroying our nation - a desire which many hysterical types ascribe to them. I think the "counter attack" Obama is hinting at is really only intended to make relations worse between our countries in time for Trump's inauguration.

@Graylady- Agreed.

@Tots- All I can surmise is that the people who he says "disagree" with him think he's not moving fast enough. They agree that his vision for single-payer health insurance is right, perhaps, but would rather he impose it in one fell swoop rather than taking the round about way of creating an Obamacare structure to destroy the industry and then collapse.

Additionally, I'm betting that the Secret Service doesn't let ANYone get near Barry if they truly disagree with him...unless they're simply farther to the Left.

@Judi King- At the very least the UN needs to go elsewhere. Perhaps Helsinki, just so we could have the fun of telling the delegates "go to Hel...sinki."

@SiGraybeard- No difference at all that I can see.

@John the Econ- Good thoughts all; I completely agree.

@TrickyRicky- Thanks!

@John the Econ- I thought Kerry was never going to shut up. And as critics are already noting, it seems like Kerry was loathe to address the real problem with his "two state solution" - which is that one of those proposed states wants the other expunged from the Earth.

@smitty- I think you and I can agree for the most part. Are there people in jail who don't need to be? Yep. Are there people committing MUCH bigger crimes and getting away with it? Also yep. And I'd like to see those things changed.

The Libertarian in me favors (albeit without enthusiasm) legalization of marijuana because the current system doesn't work - and we don't need to jail users who prefer a joint to a glass of sleazy-ass scotch (my brand of choice).

But (you knew it was coming, right?) I don't trust Obama when it comes to anything, let alone granting pardons. Many prisoners who are in for "non-violent" offenses simply took a plea deal to lesser charges because our overworked justice/legal system is a mess. So perhaps a charge of illegal possession of a firearm is dropped in return for a guilty plea on holding a little weed. My point is that if possible (and it may not be), any prisoner's original arrest records should be considered - not just the plea deals or convictions.

On a side note, I'll suggest that prison populations will also decline when Democratic strangleholds over inner cities are broken, and real education and job opportunities are made available.

Until I see actual stats on the people who are getting pardons from Obama, I'm going to withhold any particular praise for him. The idea has merit, but if Obama's implementation isn't corrupt and self-serving it will be a first.

@mark- Well that would explain why the compass needle is melting...

james daily said...

On the Pardons, I suspect the Muslim just signs the dotted line, not knowing or caring who it is. Probably someone is selling them as did Ma and Pa Ferguson. On Kerry, this nitwit hasn't a clue and is just parroting talking points. If there has been no peace in this area in hundreds of years, the next 20 days will not change that except to acerbate the hatred and put the coming war in overdrive. I read on G where "Abstention reflected our values". True statement from the Muslims point of view as he has done nothing in the last almost eight years except poke Israel with a sharp stick. He has always hated the Jews and nothing will ever change his mind except the afterlife. Meanwhile, I need to chill out with some SMS because these end days of this administration is giving me a headache.

Unknown said...

...inauguration Day should be moved up to Jan 1, too.

In theory, the congress may need to act to determine the actual president. If this happens, we want the new congress to make these decisions. Therefore, in theory, the president elect may not be known prior to the new congress being seated.

I like the Oct 31 taking away of the pen though!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Ah, it has taken 45 years at least for the day of changes to arrive ... and soon B and his hubby will be just a bad memory although I did hear mention that Michelle was considering a little run some day.... Chortles.

Barry's "rebuff" of the Israelis served many purposes. Is Donald playing Bibi with his assurances that everything will be A-ok when he gets into office? Gosh, these are interesting times... for once tinged with a little optimism.

This Canadian will crack open a bottle of champagne when Trump is inaugurated. Won't have anyone to share it with because Canuck's don't "get" Trump.

Unknown said...

I've heard people say Obama is not a good loser. I beg to differ - I think he's a tremendous loser, perhaps the biggest loser of all time. I'm just waiting to watch him grin and giggle when we hear the report of a flaming bag of dog poop "anonymously" set on the White House porch.

John the Econ said...

Well, wasn't today interesting? The President who 4 years ago was mocking Mitt Romney for his concern over Russia increasing belligerence as being "stuck in the cold war" today decides that Russia actually has been a problem he's failed to deal with, and acts with a mere 21 days left in his administration.

Conventional wisdom is that this is another attempt at delegitimizing Trump, but I really don't see it. It's actually a reminder of Obama's total failure on the world stage. Some "reset", eh?

Geoff King said...

IonsIMHO, a thinking person can only view the Øbama presidency as an experiment in diversity. As a result of that same presidency, a thinking person can now only view the last 8 years as the worst possible scenario for mending race relations and advancing the American dream. Although I did not vote for, nor do I trust Donald Trump, I do believe he cannot possibly be as bad for our country as the Muslim in Charge has been.

Ogrrre said...

When that rectal orifice dies, it should be declared an American holiday, too! If he dies in an American prison, it should be a two day celebration. If he is executed by Egyptian authorities, it should be a week long party along the lines of spring break. Shoot, barbecue, adult beverages, fireworks; it couldn't get any better.