Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dung Beatle

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When former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney was recently honored by the Library of Congress, he gave a concert in which he alternated between silly love songs and kissing the First Ass, pausing only long enough to smear America's previous president by saying "After the last 8 years, it's great to have a president who knows what a library is."

Well hardy-har-har, Paulie.

Insulting an American president while at a state-sponsored event seems as wildly inappropriate and rude as, oh, performing "Baby You Can Drive My Car" at the funeral for Princess Diana.

But while President Bush made a point of promoting libraries and honoring the British, Paul's pal Obama has done just the opposite.

Newly in office, Obama insulted the English by returning the bust of "greatest Briton" and historian Winston Churchill which had been displayed in the Oval Office to inspire courage and tenacity following the 9/11 attacks. (Theoretically, the president harbors dislike for all things British because his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, was allegedly tortured by them during the Mau Mau rebellion. And no, we're not making that up.)

Then the president baffled the Queen of England by giving the aging matriarch an iPod which contained photos of himself, audio recordings of his speeches, and video of his inauguration.

And what did our "library-loving" president give as a gift to England's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown? A collection of great works by American authors? No - he gave him a cheap DVD-collection of movies in a format that wouldn't even play on British DVD players.

If McCartney wants to suck up to a self-absorbed president who detests the British, that's his business. But seriously, Paulie...a man who paid $50 million to have sex with a one-legged woman really shouldn't be insulting anyone else's intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Paul has finally revealed his true colors - I always thought he was an idiot, but it's nice that he has finally removed all doubt! I never liked the way he treated George (who had real talent) and Ringo - he considered them "Beatles second-class." I consider Paul the "Beatle - no class."

Anonymous said...

The Bush family always presents itself with class and graciousness. Paul doesn't know how petty and ignorant his comments make him look. But geez, I'm embarrassed to admit I only now made the beetle/beatle connection. I'll go hide my head in shame. And appreciate your apt comparison.

Anonymous said...

Is Paul too ill informed (or just rude and ill-mannered) to note that our former first lady was a librarian and devotes her life to promoting reading? What an ***hole.

TheDarkKnight said...

George Harrison WAS the best of the bunch - IMHO

As for the rest... Maroons ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did he also perform "Taxman" for Obama. They could have performed a duet.

alan markus said...

Could it be that Paul McCartney is a blatant racist? Was he saying that because Obama is black, he would know the inside of a library because of the janitorial role that might be performed by African-Americans, better than a white President from an upper-class background? That makes about as much sense as implying that somehow Bush is too dumb to have any familiarity with a library. Bush, who is married to a librarian, has degrees from Yale & Harvard (which I think is twice as many degrees as Paul McCartney has), and had better grades than Obama (he did better than John Kerry, since Obama has not released his grades, we must assume they are worse).

Paul McCartney is a raaacist - his head should be put on a pike.

CT Yankee said...

I think that's twice as many degrees as Obama has too.

alan markus said...

Yesterday over at a few other sites, a lot of fun was had coming up with songs that could have been played. Here are some that I saw - too many sources to cite:

The Fool On the Hill

Fixing a Hole

Back In the USSR

The Usurper Came In Through the Bathroom Window

I'm A Loser

Nowhere Man (November 2012)

I'm Down (as in polls)

The Long & Winding Road (dedicated to Ted Kennedy)

We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert (dedicated to Al Gore)

Get Back (Arizona)

Not A Second Time (November 2012)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good comments from everyone. We're still shaking our heads over the blatant stupidity and tactlessness shown by McCartney. But then, it's altogether possible that Paul just wanted to say what he thought would please Barack Obama (and which surely did). Still, he owes the American people an apology.

AngieComics said...

Wasn't this the guy who sang, "We got to fight for your right to live in freedom" during the 911 concert? Sir Paul is just what Lennon said about him; The cute Beatle who jumps on the popular band wagon rather than taking a stand on his own.

(That's Lennon not Lenin...)