Monday, May 31, 2010

No Picnic

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Barack Obama's backyard picnic in Chicago took a bizarre turn on Saturday when his Secret Service detail had to call for reinforcements after being challenged by Louis Farrakhan's paramilitary group "Fruit of Islam."

The reason for the confrontation was that the president and his family had walked to the home of "old friends" in their Chicago neighborhood...and Louis Farrakhan just happens to be another neighbor who lives across the street. Presumably a few doors down from Obama pal Bill "the Bomber" Ayers.

While Obama enjoyed his picnic, up to two dozen members of the "Fruit of Islam" group confronted the Secret Service, chanted "Islam," and surrounded a bus carrying reporters.

Eventually things were sorted seems that the Secret Service apparently hadn't known the president of the United States and his family were walking and partying across the street from a paramilitary outpost of The Nation of Islam, and Louis Farrakhan's troops claimed they were unaware that the president was across the street.

Unfortunately, this scenario would suggest that the Secret Service is run by freaking morons
who failed to do even a minimal security check into an area where the president was going to go strolling. And we don't believe that of the Secret Service.

Rather, we think Barack Obama told the agents to just chill, because this was his neighborhood, and his kind of people.

Which, sadly, is true.

"Barack, I like you just the way you are!"


Anonymous said...

Even on a vacation Barack is the gift that keeps on giving. Did they share a bean pie?

John said...

ROFLMAO... "Barack, I like you just the way you are!"

It's you I like,
As long as you stay of my lawn,
It's not the way you do your hair--
But it's you I like
The way your policy's are made,
The way down deep you hate America--
Not the things that you hide,
Not your lies--
They're just beside you.

But it's you I like--
Every part of you,
Your skin, your eyes, your feelings
Whether liberal or progressive.
I hope that you'll remember
Even when you're feeling blue
That it's you I like,
It's you yourself,
It's you, it's you I like.

Anonymous said...

Chicago seems like an advanced notice of the way things should be in Barry's perfect world. Cloistered, scary men carrying 9mm and giving marching orders to the Secret Service in the "rich" part of town! The only thing missing was the gun battle. I'm glad cooler heads prevailed. Thank God. And they were in the running for the Olympics? I go to Rio!

Dr.D said...

Barry went back to Chicago to have some down time, some time with his own folks where he knew no one would be saying anything he would not want to hear. It has been pretty hard for him these past few weeks, what with the whole nation catching on to him all at once and all. That has to make a fella just about paranoid, as if he was not already! He needs some time to flex his inner narcissism among supportive friends that will restore his sense of world dominance.

Front Woodsman said...

Wonder if little "o" is thinking he should have gone to Arlington after all, with the Other Fruits of Islam being a problem for him, and then the lightning strikes at the cemetary that ruined his pathetic little sham speech. My grandfather always used to say the thunder was just some of his artillery buds from WWI practising in case they needed to come back and kick some enemy ass again...... I'm thinking this time around it might have been Patton, or maybe some of my own old pals, trying to give little baby "o" the kind of warm reception he deserves from anyone who's actually served this nation.

Cuchieddie said...

Arrogant piece of excrement

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- very good comments (as usual)! This whole story is just wildly surreal.

And Front Woodsman, we also would like to think that the lightning and thunder that cut off Obama's speech was more than just coincidental.

Suzy said...

Wow I didn't even see that news story today. Freaky.

The Mr. Rogers was a NICE touch...and nice song, John!