Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eyewitness Jews

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Senior Whitehouse correspondent and Hearst reporter Helen Thomas, who considers Israel a "terrorist state," has declared that "the Jews should get the hell out of Palestine."

And pray, He
len, where should the Jews go if they're thrown out of Israel? The veteran newswoman has a ready answer: they should be sent to Poland and Germany, countries which have a demonstrable record of knowing how to handle the Jews. In fact, they had a Final Solution.

Former Whitehouse press secretary Ari Fleischer has said that Thomas should be fired and removed from the Whitehouse press corps, despite a feeble apology from Thomas suggesting that her remarks were misunderstood.

It's bad enough that the current Whitehouse administration doesn't have the nerve to stand up to Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is a Holocaust denier. But can they really continue to give a seat - and a voice - to a Holocaust supporter?!

This is not a rhetorical question. Israel and her enemies will be watching to see what the Whitehouse does or doesn't do next.

As will millions of lost souls.

Postcard from Helen's old flame, "Adolf H."


Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I am at a loss for words.

BornLib said...

Fire the twisted old hag.

Anonymous said...

Helen should be trembling in fear right now - she has dared to speak against the apple of God's eye. Look at what happened to Germany when they came against the children of Israel. Oh, wait - that never happened, did it?

We can't forget slavery, but the Holocaust (and the murder of millions of Jews) never happened... how hypocritical!

Tim said...

Just when you think nothing more bizarre can come out of the White House...

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what the MSM does with this one. We KNOW what would happen to any Republican or conservative journalist (a few exist) who dare voice opinions against liberal sacred cows. This is one the most offensive comments I've heard yet.

Anonymous said...

You'll never hear a word for the America Pravda CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC. They will not badmouth their King Obama or his supporters. The have the scumbag they need in office to institute the most socialist ideologies this country will ever see. I was kind of hoping the king would have a VERY short. I've been very sad to see that his reign has gone this long as it has. I am however counting the days before I can buy that six pack in celebartion. The sad part is, there's two more mornons after him that be just as bad or worse.

TheDarkKnight said...

Personally.. I'd prefer Biden ... he's a goofball and I'd rather try to work with a goofball than fight against a Marxist radical

Now Pelosi.. don't get me started

drjim said...

Man, that old hag is weapons-grade FUGLY!
Just goes along with the Obummers comments about wanting to be judged by the friends he has!
Wonder if he'll toss her under the bus like so many of his other "friends"?

Anonymous said...

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you, go back to school and learn history.Stop spreading lies about POLAND. -----------------------What do the leading Holocaust historians have to say about alleged Polish complicity in the Holocaust? Yisrael Gutman, director of research at the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem and editor in chief of "The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust" (1990), has stated authoritatively: "All accusations against the Poles that they were responsible for the Final Solution are not even worth mentioning. Secondly, there is no validity at all in the contention that Polish attitudes were the reason for the siting [sic] of the death camps in Poland." And again: "I want to be unequivocal about this. When it is said that Poles supposedly took part in the extermination of the Jews on the side of the Germans, that is not true. It has no foundation in fact. There was no such thing as Poles taking part in the extermination of the Jewish population." "It must never be mistakenly believed that the Holocaust was perpetrated by the Poles. Nor must it be ignored that three million Poles perished at German hands." Szymon Datner, longtime director of Warsaw's Jewish Historical Institute, has been equally blunt: "Poles are not responsible for the crimes of the Holocaust."

Cuchieddie said...

Helen ( Auschwitz) Thomas was just passing along the feelings of our current Furher. My wish is that he also have a small bore hand gun and cyanide. We already know he has a bunker. Let us pray!

AngieComics said...

Wait, was she talking about illegal immigrants?

BornLib said...


Two words: Jedwabne pogrom

Two more: Kielce pogrom

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- Your defense of Poland is interesting, but the whole "shame, shame, shame - you don't know your history" claim is impossible to swallow.

You may have heard of Auschwitz, right? It was in all the papers! And, oh yes, it was in Poland.

If you're simply defending the Polish people, go ahead - but note that no one here attacked the Polish. But we do know enough history to know that Poland was Hell on earth for millions of Jews who were put to death there.

And what Helen Thomas said was unacceptable by any rational standard of decency.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jarlsberg, I have to protest. You wrote:

"The veteran newswoman has a ready answer: they should be sent to Poland and Germany, countries which have a demonstrable record of knowing how to handle the Jews. In fact, they had a Final Solution."

Poland had a final solution for the Jews? Read you history book, it's Germany who OCCUPIED Poland that had the final solution. Jews lived in Poland for some 6 or 7 centuries and no Poles ever had an idea of murdering them all or deporting them all.

You also wrote: "If you're simply defending the Polish people, go ahead - but note that no one here attacked the Polish."

Is a statement that Poland had a final solution for the Jews an attack? I think it is.

Another thing you wrote: "But we do know enough history to know that Poland was Hell on earth for millions of Jews who were put to death there."

They were put to death there because they lived there. And they lived there because this was the safest country in Europe for them to live in. Only after being conquered by the Nazis Poland was turned into hell - for both Poles and Jews.

Truly, a claim that Poles - who for hiding a Jew in their house were murdered together with their children - had anything to do with holocaust, is completely ridiculous. But it is being brought up. You know why? Cause the Jewish organizations want 65 billion bucks from Poland for nationalized Jewish property. Ever heard of the Holocaust Industry? :)

If anyone should pay, it is Germany paying money to Poland for killing Polish citizens. I mean - those Jews WERE Polish citizens. And those, who died without offspring, had their wealth nationalized accordingly to the law. Why should Poland give this wealth now to people, who are not the offspring of the former owners? Because they belong to the same nationality? This, too, is ridiculous.

Best regards,

Jan Cyraniak

Anonymous said...

Btw. - in your language it should be "John Cyraniak".

Just so you don't get confused :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Jarlsberg,do your homework. "Despite the fact that Polish
gentiles also were undergoing their own Holocaust which consumed several
million victims, hundreds of thousands of Polish Christians risked their
lives to help Jews. In Warsaw alone, before the Warsaw uprising of 1944 which
resulted in its total destruction, some 15,000 Jews were being
sheltered. Emanuel Ringelblum estimated that as many as 60,000 out of
the city's 900,000 Christian residents were involved in the rescue
efforts. Assistance has been documented at more than 600 Catholic
churches, monasteries, convents, and church-run orphanages throughout
Poland. Poles form the largest group recognized by Yad Vashem as
"Righteous Gentiles," as many as 40 percent of all those recognized. Yad
Vashem is an official Israeli institution devoted to honoring those who
saved Jews from the Holocaust."

Anonymous said...

TO: BORNLIB. Kielce, Jedwabne? THE COIN HAS TWO SIDES. FEW words : JAKUB BERMAN - jewish head of UB in post war Poland, HELENA WOLINSKA jewish prosecutor in post war Poland, SOLOMON MOREL jewish commandant of concentration camp in post war Poland. Summary; hundreds of thousand innocent, ethnic poles murdered in post war Poland. FEW more words: NALIBOKI, KONIUCHY,etc Summary; thousands of ethnic poles murdered during the war in eastern Poland by "HEROES" like Bielski brothers. EVERY COIN HAS TWO SIDES.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- Please read my previous posts more closely; I'm not criticizing the Polish people or, in general, Poland. But it would be preposterous not to recognize the fact that Poland was the home (albeit unwillingly) of death camps for the Jews and many others. I know this, you know this, and Helen Thomas knew this.

We're not attacking Poland or the Polish. We are, however, saying that "history matters."

Anonymous said...

Mr Jarlsberg---You're ATTACKING Poland or the Polish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. "they should be sent to Poland and Germany, countries which have a demonstrable record of knowing how to handle the Jews. In fact, they had a Final Solution." This is THE BIG LIE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Lie is defined as "the intentional distortion of the truth, especially for political or official purposes." This tactic of trying to deceive a country's citizens was written about by Adolph Hitler. ["The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, Chapter 10, 1925].

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- So it's a BIG LIE that Jews were put to death in Poland? It's a BIG LIE that there were extermination camps in Poland?

No. That's the truth. That's history.

But as much as you seem to think we're attacking "Poland or the Polish," it's simply not the case. You've actually laid out your facts and your position very well, and you make some good arguments.

What we're saying is that Helen Thomas's statement that the Jews should go back to Poland and Germany suggested that she was referring to a return to the wartime conditions that the Jews had fled.

And a German-occupied Poland was, demonstrably, not a good place for them to be at that time.