Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Song and Dance

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A full year and a half into the Obama administration, the president's hacks and flacks are still trying to blame President George W. Bush for the fact that so many things are going wrong, no matter how wildly implausible.

In recent days, Arianna Huffington has called Bush "1000% responsible" for the BP oil spill and the inept governmental response. Bush is also being blamed for the escalating tensions related to Israel's need to defend itself via the Gaza blockade. And because George W. Bush is at the root of virtually everything that goes wrong in the world, the former President is even being blamed for Al Gore's separation from wife Tipper.

Considering that Barack Obama's major accomplishment as a senator from Illinois was voting "present," it's fascinating to see him trying to claim that he's still not "present" when it matters most.


Anonymous said...

George W. Bush responsible for the Gore's split??? Only if Tipper compared the two and realized what a loser SHE married. The only question I have is how did she stay married to him for 40 years?

You are right on the money when you say that it will ALWAYS be Bush's fault until something goes right - whenever that might be!

alan markus said...

Too bad Bush has got this "dignity/respect of the Presidency" thing. Unfortunately, Obama can say whatever he wants, because he knows that Bush will never respond, as it is bad form for a President to comment on his successor.

Me, I'd like to see Bush go "nuclear" and kick some "pansy-azz".

Considering the Obama voting demographic, one can assume that about 25% of them would not know who Bush was - ask them to name a President before 2009 and they would draw a blank.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Cheney (daughter of the former V.P.) is our best spokesperson to rebut the "blame Bush/Cheney first" crowd. Any hope she'd run for office? This lady is smart, articulate, and oozes gravitas. She doesn't need a teleprompter or speechwriters either.

TheOldMan said...

If GWB ever does comment on TAO's reign, he will start on the day after TAO is booted from office. GWB has too much class and also knows the difficulty of the job. It's tough enough to be President without having previous officeholders harping at you, e.g. Carter and Clinton.

TheDarkKnight said...

Can't be that hard of a job.. Obama's lasted this long without doing a damned thing ... he golf game sure has improved

Presidential Daily "To-Do" List:
- Kiss reflection of self in bathroom mirror
- Ignore pressing issues of the day
- Blame George Bush for the pressing issues of the day
- Say what teleprompter tells me to say
- Mollycoddle Islamic extremists
- Plan next golf outing

PRYORGUY said...