Friday, May 3, 2013

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Long Story
When asked about the American deaths in Benghazi and the Administration's ongoing refusal to give answers, Whitehouse Spokesweasel Jay Carney brushed off the question as unimportant because "Benghazi happened a long time ago." Which might be true if you're the brain-damaged star of the film "Memento," but for the rest of the thinking world, remembering all the way back to a successful terror attack just last September 11th isn't really that hard. 

Of course, maybe Carney's memory could be jogged if the Whitehouse would allow the Benghazi witnesses and whistleblowers to come forward and testify to Congress without fear of losing their jobs...or worse.

And speaking of people with memory impairment, it's worth mentioning that at Barack Hussein Obama's press conference this week, he asserted that putting prisoners in Guantanamo Bay had been an "emotional reaction" to those goshdarn 9/11 attacks but it needs to be closed because, "we are now over a decade out. We should be wiser."

Sure, Barry. Ten years is a long time ago, right? Even though they're still finding pieces of aircraft wreckage in New York, near the desired site of the (presidentially praised) Ground Zero Mosque.

By the Numbers
And speaking of bloodthirsty, radical Islamics who would probably love us if we just gave them more hugs and government cash and put Sandra Fluke in a burkha, it seems that 30 of the FBI's 31 Most Wanted Terrorists are (surprise!) Muslims (and yes, the remaining terrorist is an environmental nut).

Which makes it odd to the point of frigging stupidity that profiling is not being used to help identify terrorists before they kill in places like, oh, just picking a city at random here, EFFING BOSTON.

Stranger still, considering these statistics, why is Homeland Security still railing about the dangers of potential terrorism from flag-waving, Constitution-loving, fiscal responsibility-type citizens...while simultaneously removing materials about radical Islamics from their counterterror training programs?

It used to be that being a terrorist did not invite government sympathy and support, and being a patriot didn't invite government enmity. 

But, as Jay Carney would say, that was a long time ago.


Velcro said...

Jay Carnage, like his effing master, measures up almost to the level of court jester. Except that instead of being funny, he's just a boorish jackass.

txGreg said...

No way in hell I could do Jay Carney's job. I couldn't even stand up there day after day and tell my own bald-faced lies in front of cameras and microphones. Even less could I do that, plus be forced to try to sell someone else's lies too.

TrickyRicky said...

C'mon Stilton. 30 out of 31 are Muslim? Not a very strong correlation is it?

/Sarc off

Colby said...

"It doesn't matter now." "Water under the bridge." "That was a long time ago." "Move along; nothing to see here." "It's time to forgive and forget." "No need to close the barn door after the horse is out."

I'm sure the families of the Benghazi victims echo these sentiments daily.

I agree; there is no way I'd want Carney's job. He has to get in front of a national audience every day and lie his ass off for shit that he didn't even do. That being said, he sure doesn't seen to mind and obviously has not quit yet. So Jay, exactly how much DID the devil give you for your soul?

And I'm with TrickyRicky. 30 out of 31 hardly seems conclusive. Show us some real evidence, Stilton!

Colby said...

Sorry tXgreg....

American Cowboy said...

Using the "logic" of the chameleon-in-chief I don't think there is any correlation that can be drawn about terrorists when 30 out of 31 are Muslims on the most wanted list. Perhaps when the ratio reaches 57 out of 31?

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Colby: There are those whose souls were never owned by any other. Much of this administration, if not the left, seem to be of this nature...

On the subject of characterizing conservatives as terrorists...

The "PC" nature of the TSA is precisely why I refuse to fly. I am an inherently logical person. Logic dictates that when some things consistently cause a result and other things rarely cause that result, you single out the things that cause the result in order to control the outcome. This is a very general description of a concept known as process control.

The TSA knows that the outcome they are trying to control or prevent is generally precipitated through the activities of a group that fits a certain general description, yet they refuse to actively monitor and act against these people for fear of offending them. I'm sorry, but I find innocent people being being blown up far more offensive than having some muslim male between 16 and 40 singled out for a search. If it were protestant Irish causing the issue, I'd have no problem with them being singled out as well. Finally, if it were plain vanilla white boys like me, again, though the numbers would be huge since there're so many plain white males in the States, I'd again have no problem with being singled out.

Political correctness is a formula for death and nothing more - it is a poison that has been slowly fed into the country's bloodstream until true freedom of expression has become an arcane concept. And after your freedoms, it takes your very existence...

To add salt to the wound, they seem to specifically avoid this general class and actively harass those that do not fit the class. This administration - particularly through Homeland Security - with their revision of history to allow the targeting of their political rather than mortal enemies fits this to a tee.

Sorry. That was a rant...

It's No Gouda said...

Whatever Jay Carney thinks or believes to the contrary; Benghazi continues to occasionaly rear its ugly head.
I heard on the news this morning that intelligence sources are now saying that AlQaeda In The Arabian Peninsula may have sent a number of Yemenis to Libya specifally for the attack on the Consulate.
That's another nail in the coffin of the "anti-Islam video" story. Additionally there seem to be more individuals calling into question the stonewalling by the administration re: the testimony of those evacuated from Benghazi.
They need to keep up the pressure!

CenTexTim said...

30 out of 31 - and the 31st, the lone non-muslim, was just added yesterday.

"On the 40th anniversary of the murder of State Trooper Werner Foester, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced today, May 2, a $2 million reward for the capture and return from Cuba of 1960s revolutionary Joanne Chesimard.

Forty years ago. Better late than never, I guess.

Chesimard, who is also a pal of Bill Ayers, obama's terrorist buddy, has been openly living in Cuba since her escape from prison.

As for the Jay Carney cartoon, Stilton, you have the wonderful ability to say more in three panels than most people do in three pages. Well done.

Skoonj said...

Three buddies of Dzhokar Trarnaev are in police custody for helping him after the bombings.

You might recall that three Jews were murdered, their throats slit, and it is strongly suspected that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was involved. At least one of the victims is said to have been a friend of Dzhokar.

It seems to me that the three in custody should be looked at for that murder as well.

Queso Grande said...

Hmmmmm, 30 out of 31.....I'm sensing some sort of pattern there......but I am wearing my Goobermint issued Rose Colored it eludes me what the similarities are........

Folks, I only wish I still drank.

Thank God for Robitussin.

It's No Gouda said...

Wait for it, Obama will have Holder calling the head of the FBI on the carpet for "Profiling".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Velcro- Still, I'd like to see him do his job in one of those fool's caps with the jingling bells. It would help everyone keep his comments in their proper pespective.

@txGreg- He clearly enjoys lying to the American people, no doubt taking satisfaction from his ability to say words which might stand up in court while giving totally false impessions. He's good at his job - and I think his eventual jail term should reflect that.

@TrickyRicky- Statisticians would be quick to point out that correlation doesn't necessarily translate into cause-and-effect. Although when the correlation is this high, you'd have to be a complete dumbass not to look for (and find) the obvious cause.

@Colby- The meaningless aphorisms mount up in a hurry, and they are an insult to those who've suffered terrible losses. I'm surprised Carney isn't saying that the Boston bombings were "a long time ago" yet. Perhaps next week?

@American Cowboy- And just to help that terrorist list get a little more "diversity," the FBI just named a black woman to the most wanted list for her role making cop-killing bombs in the 1960's, much like Bill Ayers and his wife did. I believe the woman was part of the Black Liberation Army, which sounds like something which meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in the basement of Jeremiah Wright's church.

@Emmentaler- a damn GOOD rant. I completely agree: we should focus most of our attention on the most likely suspects. If guys who look like me were blowing things up, I'd expect to be given extra scrutiny.

But as you say, policies are in place to specifically avoid singling out the most likely prospects when boarding aircraft. I forget the exact rule, but I think if TSA agents have already asked three members of any ethnic group to step out of line for additional inspection, the rule is that they won't ask ANYONE else of that ethnic group to step out of line for fear of appearing insensitive. Which means when you create your four man team of bombers, you make sure that the first three in line all LOOK like insane, radical bomber types so they get pulled aside. The fourth guy - with the bomb - then enters the plane without hassle thanks to political correctness.

@It's No Gouda- I don't know if the truth about Benghazi will ever catch the interest of the American people (cue bleating sheep sounds), but I think the truth will come out, thanks to Fox News and others. And the truth is going to stink to high holy hell.

@CenTexTim- Just think, if Chesimard had done her prison time, she could be a tenured professor by now.

And thanks for the nice comment on the Carney cartoon. Hilariously, it got pretty widely distributed on some conservative Facebook sites, and liberals had no idea what it even meant becuase they're so ignorant about Benghazi, and of course Bush is still to blame for the economy. Dimwits.

@Skoonj- I think the three "friends" might enjoy some good-natured college-style hazing like being strapped to a board and having water poured on a towel held over their faces. These guys stink on ice and should be facing charges much bigger than those currently being levied against them.

@Queso Grande- Hint: if you see a pattern, you're Islamophobic.

Regarding relaxing substitutes for adult beverages, I can recommend either explosive Rock n' Roll or soothing New Age music (depending on your mood), dark chocolate, and - my favorite - loud profanity.

@It's No Gouda- Not only will Holder be called on the carpet, he'll have to pretend not to notice that it's a prayer rug!

mjloehrer said...

I am so embarrassed. In reading iOwntheworld this morning I saw your brilliant work and humor then wondered how come I hadn't brought you up in the past few weeks on my list of favorites. I had somehow deleted the most clever and insightful blog out there. Mea culpa.

The Late Doktor said...

I know I am late in making a Comment about these cartoons but, after all, these were done a long time ago.

Earl Allison said...

Absolutely perfect, and it underscores the Obama Administration perfectly.

Okay for me, but not for thee.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mjloehrer- Glad to have you back, and don't forget you can go to the archives (in the left bar) to catch up on anything you missed.

@The Late Doktor- Funny!

@Earl Allison- I think the Obama Administration's policy is "Do unto others - then run like hell."

Jz said...

Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Zach said...

C'mon, Stilts. Carney is just doing what has worked so well for Whitehouse spokesmen in the past. You probably don't remember Watergate because something bad happened in 1972, the press started investigating a year later. The Whitehouse spokesman said "that was a long time ago" and the reporters all chuckled, and decided to look into fresher stories. Same thing happened with Iran Contra and a year between the deed and the press investigation. Lots of people died in those scandals, but we were thankfully spared a bunch of televised trials because they happened so long ago. I don't know why the press isn't giving the current whitehouse spokesman the same courtesy they used to give in the good old days.

Paul D Garber said...

Most people only remember the Watergate break-in but one of the other charges Richard Nixon had on his impeachment was using the IRS as a political weapon. I guess it's only an impeachable offensive if the person is Republican.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Zach- I think the press (with a few exceptions) is giving far more courtesy to this administration than any I've seen in the past. And as much as I hate to admit it, I'm old enough to have seen a lot of "past."

@Paul D Garber- Today, Obama said that IRS harrassment of his political enemies is unacceptable, so I guess he had nothing to do with it. Right? Right...?

Zach said...

@Stilton - I was being sarcastic. The Nixon trials were broadcast live in their entirety on all four networks and nobody died in Watergate.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Zach- That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure (grin).