Monday, May 6, 2013

Executive Disorder

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Today's commentary may be just a little threadbare (but no less sincere for that). It's been a complicated weekend, including the anniversary of my father's death on Cinco de Mayo seven years ago (note that it was simply the day he died; it wasn't a specific "tequila and piñata" incident gone wrong, and no burros or pistolas were involved). He was a great guy and I miss him every day.

But I couldn't let the day slip by without talking about my surging hopes for the upcoming "whistleblower" hearings on Benghazi this week, and my desire that the Administration's self-serving fictions will finally be brought to light (or better still, blown to smithereens).

Obama and Hillary lied their asses off to cover up a successful terrorist attack which took American lives (many or all of whom the two could have saved) all so Barry could continue to read "Osama bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is on the run" from his campaign teleprompters.  Actual terrorism and death was an inconvenience to candidate Obama and 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton. And so they had to cover it up.

Some of the facts we already know: The attack was recognized as terrorism by the intelligence community immediately. An Al-Qaeda connection was known immediately. NO intelligence assessment ever mentioned the laughable YouTube video which Obama and Hillary repeatedly blamed the violence on (and for which the video's creator was thrown in jail). Susan Rice's story to the Sunday news shows was total and deliberate fiction, intended ONLY to fool the American public. And Barry had the gall to not only fly to his Las Vegas fundraiser on September 12th, while the rubble in Benghazi was still smoldering, but to compare his campaign workers to those who gave their lives in Libya because of the "sacrifices" they were making to improve out country by making phonecalls at dinner time, forging names on voter lists, and assuring four more years for B. Hussein to go golfing.

There are many issues which should put Barry and Hillary permanently out of politics - but this one may actually have the traction to do it. We're long overdue for some meaningful justice.

BONUS: Need more reasons to be pissed about Benghazi? Refresh your memory with this cartoon and commentary from September 24, 2012...

obama, obama jokes, benghazi, whistleblowers, lies, hillary, jason collins, terror, Al Qaeda, stilton jarlsberg, conservative, tea party, hope n' change, hope and change


Jim Hlavac said...

My dear HnC fellows --

Today's cartoon has a gay cast. As the gay man in your midst -- I would like to say I approve of this cartoon. So much that I shall share it with many men I know.

But I would like to point out something very real: I'm well aware of the difficulty we present - but we are not a Leftist or Democrat Party plot or ploy: despite the president's call to Collins – who was not “heroic” in the sense I know gay men can be.

What we are is a group of vilified men who 60 years ago said "No!" to everything ever said about us.

For political reasons related to votes and money, and to shift attention from their disastrous policies, the Democrats of a sudden have embraced us. For decades they were staunchly against us. Leftists and Statists across the world remain staunchly against our existence.

Unbeknownst to you, it is my experience that the vast majority of gay men are not Leftists or Democrats or Liberals in the sense you usually speak of such people.

Instead, we are mostly apolitical, and so desperate for a nice word that we will mostly follow those heterosexuals who will utter the nice words. I'm far more daring, you know.

Gay men -- the object of the discussion, not the "LGBT community" -- have been bringing up our existence to every heterosexual of any political or religious persuasion for decades. We have never cared about your views on the IRS. Our situation is unrelated to any current policy. There is no “homosexual position” on any issue under the sun.

I shall not relent in my "radical" "militant" "homosexual agenda" of introducing gay men to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

And perhaps the more “radical & militant agenda” of introducing the Tea Party and Sarah Palin to gay men. Stilt's cartoon today is a valuable tool, I thank him much.

For I strongly believe we are naturally on "your" side -- which is ours - in everything -- but the gay thing.

And the gay thing is so unrelated to politics that only a book could be written on it; that I'm working on now.

It is for this complex set of reasons that I continue to extend the hand of peace, as my religion teaches, to all gay-perplexed heterosexuals I've ever met.

And all I ask any of you to do is somehow figure out a way to attract our votes so that you and we together might form a more perfect union -- and get rid of this administration.

There are many of us with you in spirit -- we are the quintessential self supporting rugged individuals -- but the words against us pain us.

Somehow the Right has got to overcome this - and seek us out. I don't know how, and I can't do it for you. But you need the votes, we need the peace. Frankly, there's not enough of us sissy smoochers to really worry about. And the Benghazi situation, the deficit, debt, etc etc are far more important to all of us.

Thank you. Jim Hlavac.

TrickyRicky said...

@Jim Hlavac
Heartfelt and well said. I sincerely believe that what people do in their spare time is none of my business, and certainly none of the government's business either. I also sincerely believe that the current administration is using the "gay question" in a cold, calculating way to gain votes and distract from their massive failures elsewhere. They actually could not care less when it comes down to it.

WMD said...

Stilton, while I'm with you in spirit, I'm afraid this whole thing will go nowhere. Why? Well, obviously the media. They will cover up what they can. Minimize the damage to Dear Leader. They are already doing their research on the witnesses and their backgrounds. How they're registered, support for a tea party, divorce records, financial records whatever they can use against these people to protect their god. I'd wager it's going to get messy.

This prick is never going to go away. You ever notice how when Republican Presidents retire they just kind of go on and live their lives and don't say too much? And former Dem presidents are always mugging for the camera and they NEVER go away and just shut their effin pie holes. No, king hussein is not going anywhere except the golf course. I don't think I can take listening to that shit head bitch about me not working hard enough so he can stay on permanent vacation.

Sorry about the rant, I just can't take this arrogant pos anymore. (That's no way intended as a threat)

John the Econ said...

Or how about an explanation as to why any sane person would hire a militia group that had prominently displayed the al-Qaida flag on their Facebook page to provide security at an American embassy?

I guess it must have been part of the State Department's "diversity" program.

@Jim Hlavac, this is why I think the GOP is dying and Tea Party is the future. The Tea Party really doesn't care.

And I agree that the notion that the "gay" community is philosophically attuned to the agenda of the Democratic Socialist Party is and always has been a charade. Perhaps the "vocal minority" is, but that's it. (It's my humble opinion that that same "vocal minority" has been holding back your movement for decades by being so extreme, and basically alienating the rest of America)

But I do have to applaud the Democratic apparatus for being able to effectively subdue the simple dichotomy between a couple of their most favored groups; Homosexuals and Islam. One group just wants to be accepted and the other wants them exterminated.

Now there's "diversity" for ya.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- As you know, gay issues weren't really the thrust of today's cartoon (hmm - is there a better way to put that?), but rather Barry's desire to curry favor - and distract the media from things like Benghazi - by using stunts like the Jason Collins phonecall. But while we're on the topic, I wish the most extreme elements of the LGBT community and the most extreme elements of the Right could turn the noise down so the rest of us could just get on with coexisting as privately sexual conservatives.

@TrickyRicky- Obama was against gay marriage right up until the time he found out that gay donors weren't contributing to his reelection campaign. Suddenly, he evolved a new position in which he personally (but not politically) supported it. In other words "give me money, but I still won't help you." Barry is a user and a liar.

@WMD- In fairness, today I'm expressing hope more than belief that some feces will finally stick to Obama. The media won't cover the whistleblowers; for one thing, covering the story truthfully now would force the MSM to admit that they've been actively covering up the story until now. And so the story will be reported on Fox News and conservative Internet sites, and the rest will be a chorus of crickets. And make no mistake, the Whitehouse is about to throw some powerful distractions our way to try to occupy the news cycles.

Remember what happened the day Monica Lewinsky was supposed to give her testimony against Bill Clinton? The sonofagun broke into network broadcasting with an emergency alert that he had just initiated a rocket attack on terrorists overseas (which turned out to actually be a civilian aspirin factory). Lewinsky's testimony didn't make the news that night.

@John the Econ- It is a funny way to pick security personnel, isn't it? Maybe we need more Al-Qaeda members of the Secret Service, too.

And you're right that the Democratic party is very good about hiding the frictions between the various groups they claim to represent. Islam vs women and gays, teachers unions vs parents of minority schoolkids, big government vs the middle class, and on and on. That's not a "big tent," it's a tattered freak show.

CenTexTim said...

@Jim - FWIW, I see the 'Right' not as a solid block of people who share the same views on political and social issues, but rather as a coalition of people who have nowhere else to go.

Most of us have a common fiscal and 'limited government' viewpoint, but unfortunately differ widely on social issues. That's why I partially agree and partially disagree with John the Econ on the future of the GOP and the Tea Party. IMO the 'religious right' (for lack of a better term) will never soften their stance on social issues. Again IMO, that means the two will continue to share an uneasy coexistence for the foreseeable future. Of course, that and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of overpriced coffee...

But there is hope. I live in the San Antonio area, which is pretty conservative. Here's a link to a recent editorial, which I believe reflects the attitude of many around here.

@Stilton - May your father reposar en paz (loosely translated, rest in peace). As for the Benghazi debacle, I would give one of my testicles (if I could get it back from my wife) to see barry and hillary out of politics - especially if that came along with criminal charges, which I believe they richly deserve.

Even if that means we have to put up with Joe Biden as president for a couple of years...

Grizzly said...

So in a recent press conference, Obama says, "[If I have been so ineffective this term,] maybe I should just pack up and go home."

He is *such* a tease, playing with our emotions that way, trying to get our hopes up.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, since the US Army embraces psychologically unstable Islamist radicals as part of their "diversity" program, why should't the State Department or the Secret Service? The only question should by why weren't they commissioned and promoted.

SC said...

When the cover-up & fairy tale of the attack being spawned from a protest over a video starts getting closer & closer to Obama (or should I say Valerie Jarred) be ready for: “In the interest of national security we cannot answer any questions on this matter”.

Just like the “executive privilege” that finally reared it’s ugly head when Fast n Furious just got too close to Obama. (I don’t even think this one was Valerie, it has Hillary written all over it). After all, Obama doesn’t really do anything…… he lets his ‘bitches’ do all the dirty work. Basically ALL the work for that matter.

And if I hear 1 more lib equate this with the Valerie Plame, scandal I’m going to puke. How many people lost their lives when we found out that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent that commuted to the agency everyday from her home in suburban DC? Her stupid, greedy husband got a book deal out it! Maybe he outted her. It was like one of these horrible ‘reality TV shows’ where people just want attention, attention & more attention.
There's just NO comparison.