Monday, July 29, 2013

Time Tripped

Readers- Rather than revisit the issues of this past week, we've decided to invite you all into the Wayback Machine to see what was going on in Hope n' Change four long years ago. It's interesting and depressing!

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The Democrats have now enlisted union members to help them "punch back twice as hard" at townhall meetings, drowning out and physically intimidating anyone who questions the president's healthcare bill. But why would the unions support Obamacare unless it was good for their membership? Because the healthcare bill gives union members a better deal than everyone else (except politicians) will get. And all the unions have to do in return is pay off the Democrats with forced union dues, and occasionally beat the snot out of people who get in the way.

July 2013 Update: The unions are now up in arms because it turns out Obamacare will cripple their healthcare insurance and destroy fulltime jobs. Too bad the unions weren't reading Hope n' Change four years ago, huh?

Other news from that first week in August, four years ago:

• The president's poll numbers took a dive as the effects of his policies started becoming clear. And his job performance numbers still stink now, although his personal numbers show that many people still believe him to be someone who is clean, articulate, "lacks a Negro dialect" (credit to Harry Reid for that one) and has perfectly-pressed creases in his pants.

• Obama's economic advisors admitted that just maybe there would have to be an increase in middle-class taxes after Obama promised repeatedly that it would never, ever happen. Then Supreme Court Justice Roberts ruled that Obamacare is a tax...making it the largest middle-class tax hike in history.

• Barry's administration announced a draconian program which encouraged Americans to report their friends and neighbors who disagreed with the president's policies. The email address was, disgustingly, "" - and it quickly became overwhelmed with people self-reporting that they were friends of America and enemies of Barry's latest attempt at totalitarianism.

• Panicky elected Democrats were trying to figure out how to avoid returning home to their districts where they were facing increasingly angry constituents at townhall meetings. In the short term, they solved the problem by either not showing up, or by doing "teleconferences" which kept them safe from the rabble. In the long term, however, the IRS was directed to put an end to this sort of inconvenience and come down hard on fiscal conservatives and patriots to prevent them from organizing to express their opinions and concerns. And, oh yeah, make their lives hell.

• And finally in the Hope n' Change news of that week, we reported on a woman who contracted HIV from a gorilla.  Which doesn't really have an exact corollary at present time, other than to let us point out that "safe sex" is rarely safe, especially if you're doing it with a gorilla...or your Twitter account.


TrickyRicky said...

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face -- forever." - George Orwell

Sometimes it certainly feels like a boot in the face, or the crotch. Each day seems more like forever.

Colby said...

Four years later = SSDD (same s**t, different day). BO has done more damage with his big effing mouth than any of his predecessors ever did delcaring war on other nations. I somehow doubt this country will ever be the same after obama's war on American exceptionalism. The things that made our country great are all in his sights, and I'd even venture to say he is the most racist president ever (and some early presidents were even slave owners).

Many times, the Bible states that the tongue is an incredibly damaging weapon. How very true!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

It is serendipitous that the unions are being hurt by their "savior". I guess they expected the Ă˜bamanation to be more like the initial implementation of communism in Russia - where all the "workers" held the power, and the "rich", educated folks who were out to exploit them (though creating jobs, I guess...) were subjugated to them. Even with their inability to learn anything substantive from the history of movements such as theirs, they should have at east known something of this nature would come upon them - it didn't take long for the communists in Russia to begin eating their own, and Ă˜bama and the socialist democrats are so much more efficient than they were...

Jim Hlavac said...

So, what you're saying is that now that we're finding out what's in it, it's a clusterbunny, yes?

Coon Tasty said...

Sex with a gorilla? Is Michelle pregnant again?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- The fact that the boot is on the foot of a smug little nincompoop only makes it hurt more. And it does increasingly feel like this may go on forever.

@Colby- Barry's mouth is certainly the most destructive weapon which has gone off in my lifetime.

In another recent speech, he said that race relations in America may not get better and may get worse unless the government gets better at "spreading the wealth." He's not making a prediction - he's making a threat.

@Emmentaler- Schadenfreude is a bittersweet pleasure, but I frankly relish seeing Obama's supporters being fed into the very wood chipper they helped create.

@Jim Hlavac- Yes. And by the way, the word "clusterbunny" gave me my first smile of the day.

@Coon Tasty- As long as the left keeps teaching young girls to put condoms on bananas, these sorts of incidents are inevitable. Whether Michelle was involved is her own private business, and it should only be shared with her personal physician and her Twitter fans.

graylady said...

@ Colby......"BO has done more damage with his big effing mouth than any of his predecessors ever did delcaring war on other nations."

Yes, his mouth should be declared an EPA Superfund site. By the way, did you ever read The Mouse That Roared? It's a silly/prophetic little book about a VERY small European country that declared war on the US in order to lose and be rebuilt. And the Peter Sellers movie isn't too bad either.

As for the union members, the primary reason for a union is to let someone else do the hard work for you. They should have done the hard work on Obama(could)care(less) themselves. They should have studied the bill, listened to knowledgeable people (some of the financial experts on FOX Business, come to mind), and thought for themselves, instead of being good, little union sheeple, blindly following their corrupt leadership. As most of us know, decisions/behaviors have consequences and we are all having to deal with theirs.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Reminds me of a (sick, sexist) joke...
heavy guy signs up for a 'guaranteed weight loss' program.
Show's up, is attractive woman who whispers, "if you catch me, you can have me" and takes off jogging.
After a week of this, the man has lost 5 lbs and actually catches the woman, and gets his reward.
The cycle repeats, until after 6 months he's lost almost 100 lbs, and can run 10 miles in an hour to catch a supermodel.
Naturally, the next Monday, he can hardly wait to see what's next.
Walks into the gym, and there's a gorilla w/ a sign on him, says 'if I catch you...'

Meanwhile, the unions have finally figured out that the Oministration in general and nOcare in particular are the gorilla.
Here's your sign...

John the Econ said...

Not surprisingly for the slower on the left, I guess that Obama had to be elected in order to actually find out what was inside him. Fortunately for us, he was easier to read than the health care bill.

Since most unionized workers these days are working for the government, it's little surprise that they're going to be working on Obama's behalf, like the IRS is. As for what remains of private-sector unions, I wouldn't be so sure. Remember that during the Reagan years, many of the largest unions sided with Reagan and the Republicans over the Democrats because under Carter, being entitled to union wages is pretty pointless if there are no jobs to work at.

As for those organizations and companies that originally signed on to support ObamaCare, I can't feel too sorry for them. When you play with vipers, sooner or later you're going to get bit.

Speaking of ObamaCare: Some of my friends on the left are a bit exorcised over the fact that some conservative and GOP groups are going to be running campaigns counter to the Obama Administration's upcoming $700-million ad blitz to convince the uninsured low income young and healthy that ObamaCare desperately needs in order to be economically viable to spend 10%-15% of their after-tax income on health insurance. Specifically, they're upset that these groups will be spending (their own money) to tell people not to buy insurance, and consider that "immoral", or at least "scandalous".

These conservative groups needn't bother; a right-wing attack campaign against ObamaCare isn't the least bit necessary. Most of these healthy and young people aren't going to be buying into ObamaCare because it makes very little economic sense for them to do so.

Straight out of "Portlandia": "New Health-Care Law's Success Rests on the Young - Will Young and Healthy Give Up Disposable Income to Pay for Insurance?"

(sorry, may be a paywall on that)

"After getting a peek at rates being offered for fall, the 25-year-old man said he would have to peel back "expenses that aren't life or death, like records and concert tickets," or whiskey sours at the Horse Brass Pub down the street."

Even with subsidies, ObamaCare means money out of their pockets, whether they buy the insurance or not. And it's cheaper not to buy the insurance, so most will not.

David in SoCal said...

@Coon Tasty:YES! My wife(who voted for Ofooler's first Immaculation)sez Moochelle walks like Sasquatch; when actually the Moochmistress
does it better. Every time I see a close up photo of Mrs. Zero, I can't help but ask myself; "Copenhagen or Skoal?"

Pete(Detroit) said...

Yesterday, a friend of mine was working on some wood projects for a class, and ran a drill into his finger (wasn't being real smart about how he was holding the wood he was drilling) and turned the class into an impromptu 'first aid' demo. As he's working the anti-bacterial creme into the hole, he's admitting that he REALLY hopes it doesn't get infected, as it's just not possible to see a doctor anymore.
He got a list from some friend in the med community of 'these are the Dr.s I trust to be competent' and he called them all, not one is taking on new patients.
As I know he is a supporter of government run health system (tho not necessarily a fan of nO-care) I wanted to ask if he was really surprised by that. But getting a rational response from a man who just drilled himself, in public, just didn't seem likely.

txGreg said...

@Pete(Detroit) - I can sympathize with your friend more than just a little.

I was in wood shop back in Jr. High, and was working on some project or another on the table saw. I was not using the "handle" you're supposed to use for pushing the wood through for some reason (mostly stupidity probably) and "oopsie" happened.

At the moment, I thought the saw hit a knot in the wood, and the board jumped up and banged my thumb. Then one of the girls in class started screaming. I turned off the saw to look around and see what was going on... and notice there was blood splattered on the front of my shirt for some reason. Looking closer at my left thumb, I decided that it must have been the spinning saw blade that had "thumped" me (the corner of my thumb hanging by a flap of skin was my first clue).

I soaked it in some cold water while the (more than slightly) panicked teacher called for a doctor. Fortunately this was in the "good old days," and I got to the doctor pretty quick. He started working on me without even asking about insurance or anything else, and stitched the tip of my thumb back on (at this point, it finally started hurting) and wrapped it all up.

I bet I'd have lost the tip of my thumb today while everyone tried to make sure all the lawyers were appeased...

PRY said...

I was reading this weekend of many instances in past years, that THE PEOPLE have risen up in outrage and got some things done! For instance, in one city, I forget which, there is a block of businesses with a parking lot right in the middle where a building used to be. Turns out it was a movie theater turned porn, all perfectly legal, but THE PEOPLE of that neighborhood rose up as one and that's where the parking lot came from. Good things can happen if only THE PEOPLE get their bellies full and decide they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore! There were other examples, but the old memory is failing me now. Anyway, in spite of the prez spouting venomous lies to his zombie followers that all the scandals under his watch are all PHONY...THE PEOPLE know better, so let's give it a little time and see what happens. Time to let all our representatives know how we feel; it MIGHT do some good! I still believe in miracles!

txGreg said...

Heard someone on the radio today (caller, not host) ask a good question of Dear Leader: "Since when do phony scandals come home in body bags?"

gothmog said...

Answer: Since it was decided that 2+2 could equal 5.