Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother******'s Day

Readers- I'm taking Sunday off, but here are a couple of Mother's Day tidbits- one new, one old. Hope you all enjoyed the day with your loved ones and/or memories.  -Stilt

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Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, also taught him about "leading from behind"...

Maybe this will scare Boko Haram more than her hashtag selfie...


David B. Finlayson said...

You so funny, me ruv you rong time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! LOL :D

Geoff King said...

M.O.M. - Michelle Ă˜bama Monster.
All in all, I would much rather imagine Barry's mother naked than his wife.

Jim Hlavac said...

Indeed, Happy Mother's Day to all -- a day later from the official day -- though, mothers are important every day, without a doubt.

My own mother, and grandmother, and great-grandmother who I remember well, were wonderful women. All my aunts too -- lot's of 'em. My mother was a nurse for nearly 50 years ... I was born tomorrow (yep, the 13th of May) lo those many years ago ... which is quite a mother's day gift: Me! Thanks mom!

Though, in the hospital where my mother trained and worked -- they spelled my last name wrong on my baby-boy "Hlavic" papers -- egads, don't get me started on people screwing up my last name.

They taught me Czech, and cooking, and honesty, and well, they were great influences. I think it's from those three I get my "tell like it is" attitude -- they were not shy women.

Of course, some say, still, that it's the mother who makes the son gay -- others aver it's the father -- still others -- well, there's more than a 100 theories, each weirder and weirder until you get to the "germ theory." So when religious figures and politicians attack gay men as some horror & danger to the nation, and society and to the family -- I get awfully cranky -- for they're attacking my mother.

Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoyed my two blog posts that I pointed to last week -- thanks for stopping by my blog. Yeah, I'm complex -- and yes -- I do want the little Nigerian girls set free -- but that doesn't mean I can't ponder the bigger issues. I get that from mom too.

Now, as for the mother*&^%$ in Washington - well ... enough from me -- you attack them! :)

Chuck Ef said...

@David B. Finlayson

What you said! Ruh roh... cat got my tongue.

@Jim Hlavac

I posted a reply regarding your posting on the magnetic poles - thanks for the info. This is something that needs more looking into.


JibJab is great - I have no idea who they are but they just crack me up every time.

As for the lady in the nudie, I have read somewhere that actually isn't "The First Mutha" - it was apparently another woman doing cheesecake pics during the fifties, I think. I"ll have to do some more research, if for no other reason than I like cheesecake. And hey, if it is the prez's ol' lady, all the more fun, eh? At least I won't get any of the diseases he has.

John the Econ said...

To all the feminists and post-modernists who believe that single-motherhood with revolving-door relationships is healthy for children, I present our President.

Oh wait, they think he's perfect too. Never mind.

The sad part is I'm sure that deep inside, the President is very hurt by the sad reality of his childhood. The sadder part is that he feels that the rest of us should be made to pay for that past, especially the kinds of people who were least responsible for it.

alan markus said...

@ Chuck Ef:

Re: the nude picture - I have seen the same doubts about the picture, but it's still funny to see it tied to Obama.

Somehow, Obama and "fake ass" seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, so in my mind it's all good.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@David B. Finlayson- I'm blushing.

@Anonymous- I'm still blushing.

@Geoff King- Don't even joke about imagining Michelle in the buff.

@Jim Hlavac- You're lucky to have had such good, strong women in your life.

I was feeling particularly churlish about Mother's Day yesterday because, ironically, it was the anniversary of my own mother's death (and Cinco de Mayo was the anniversary of my father's death - as far as I'm concerned, my family is definitely doing holidays wrong).

My mom was a delight; funny, intelligent, a hugely talented artist, and inexhaustibly giving when raising her four kids. I miss her every day.

@Chuck Ef- I don't have definitive evidence that the nudie gal is Barry's mother, but they certainly look identical - and it wouldn't seem out of keeping with her other non-traditional life choices. But as you point out, some online sleuths have found evidence that makes it unlikely that this bit of retro cheesecake is Stanley Ann Dunham.

@John the Econ- I think in a lot of ways, Barack Obama's story is the stuff of epic tragedy. I feel sorry for what he went through as a child, rejected by his father, losing his step-father, eventually being rejected by his mother, and raised in strange cultures (yeah, I consider Hawaii pretty effing strange) without meaningful guidance.

I think he's filled with demons, and is releasing them on the rest of us. Dinesh D'Souza's book "The Roots of Obama's Rage" lays it all out very well.

@alan markus- Imagine if the young woman in the photo had been told that her image would be famous (or infamous) a half-century later while people debated if she was the mother of a president of the United States.

To be fair, I'm willing to accept the idea that the woman in the photo is NOT Obama's mother if he'll just prove it by showing actual naked photos of his mother for comparison. You can't ask me to be fairer than that!

Geoff King said...

Going by Kim Jong Un's recently released estimation of our Tyrant in Chief, his real mother may be hard to distinguish from all the other simians in the jungle.

Chuck Ef said...

@Alan Markus

You are quite correct, as is the good doctor, as always. Stanley made as many bad decisions as her namesake, Stan Laurel. But the latter was more attractive, and helluva lot more funny. And he didn't begat a horror.

And I admit, until the good doctor's exposition, I did not realize that is what The One meant by "Leading From Behind" - and that is all I will say about that.... except that it explains Vlad the Impaler's Mona Lisa smile. OH ENOUGH OF THAT!

Sheesh - some people.

Burton Radons said...

Stilton Jarlsberg, you are a scumbag. Barack Obama's mother has never had any involvement in any of his politics. Whether or not it is her, you claim it is, and so you're making her personal life a public issue. As an alleged conservative, you are supposed to be against this kind of thing.

I'm sure you think this is some kind of childish retribution for some supposed liberal doing the same thing to a conservative. Wherever that happens, I categorically denounce it. People's private lives are not political game, and that doubly goes for the lives of their relations. Obama's or other alleged liberals' actions do not implicate his mother, or legitimise making her private life fodder for public discussion. That's all there is to say.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Burton Radons- I like you! You're funny! Rather than engage in conversation, you state your opinions boldly, declare "that's all there is to say," and then harrumph away.

And of course, you're full of it.

Barack Obama has invoked the "private lives" of his family members innumerable times for political gain - so yes, that pretty much makes them fair game (not that I bring his family into my cartoons and commentary with any frequency).

And if you know anything - anything - about Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior, then you know what a huge (and ultimately negative) influence each had on their shuffled-around son.

In closing (which is your hint to be on the other side of the door when it slams), if Barry was concerned about keeping his private life "private," he wouldn't have whored out his relatives in two, count 'em, two autobiographies to put himself on the political map.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Burton Radons,

Barack Hussein's mother had enough of an effect on him to make him think socialist ideas are A-okay. That sounds to me like " his politics". Did you denounce all the leftist weasel scum who made Sarah Palin's family life "political game"?

John the Econ said...

@Burton Radons, I have to disagree. If the squalid state of an individual's life can be laid blame upon some slaveowner generations ago, then I can't see how Barack Obama's politics were not influenced by the reckless personal life of his own mother.

A cornerstone of the leftist agenda is all about constantly reminding us that the miseries of the present are the direct result of the distant past, and by people we're related to or not, be it about slavery, "income inequality", or any other social ill, real or imagined. If my conservative political views are supposedly the direct result of my "inherited white privilege" as many have claimed, then it's hardly unreasonable to argue that Barack Obama's seemingly hostile communist views may be the result of his very dysfunctional upbringing.

I agree that people's private lives should not be political game, and yet that's exactly what this President has done via ObamaCare, which intentionally sought to destroy people's privately contracted health care so that it could be replaced with his own state controlled solution. He had no compulsion against creating lies about his mother to justify this agenda. He has little right to expect that she won't be game when he himself put her in play.

Sorry, but I don't have a lot of sympathy for these people, who play so last and lose with other people's lives.

Colby said...

@Burping Radon,

It's like a bridge.... you'll get over it. As Dr. Jarlsberg, Mr. JeepGuy, and Mr. Econ said; Barack Obama has used his own family for political advantage over and over. They are fair game, now, so feel free to go talk to HRH Barry about your distaste.

Chuck Ef said...

Ah yes, the lefties know how to dish it out, but not how to take it, as we used to say when I was a kid (the left understand childish rhetoric best - "childish" is the lefty zeitgeist).

I might remind you, Radon, of just one personal attack of a candidates family from the left - Ann Romney. Remember that one, Pumpkin? I am sure you were just as vocal then, huh? Should we go on from there?

You lefties are a vicious lot - true scumbags. Vile. Despicable. Personal attacks are that you know. You get as good as you give.

So be it, Pumpkin.

And at any rate, Colby is correct. Dear Leader has been "using" his family for his own personal gain all along.

Anonymous said...


I've been a fan of Hope N Change Cartoons for a few years, but Burton Radons is right. Moochelle is fair game, but going after somebody's mother -- even 0bama's mother -- was a cheap shot. Especially on Mother's Day. So much for "family values."

Justifying your immoral behavior by saying that his mother "had an influence on him" is the kind of intellectual laziness I'd expect to find in a Michael Moore film. And like his legions of mindless followers who have been trained bark on command, your readers have come to your defense. Dr. Dunham was not involved in 0bama's campaign -- having died a year before the False Messiah was even elected to the Illinois State Senate. By your standard, it's fair to make derogatory comments about your mother for spawning and influencing you, given what a ****in' ***hole you turned out to be. You should be ashamed of yourself, but it's obvious you have none.

I hate Democrats with a passion that would boggle the minds of the scientists who study the creation of the Universe. But every now and then, conservatives remind me that you, too, are horrible sociopathic monsters. If it's a contest between Hilter and Stalin, or conservatives and liberals, I choose "none of the above". As much as I despair at the thought of the U.S.A. becoming infested with Blue Meanies, you and your followers have demonstrated that voting for the other side is not an alternative.

Chuck Ef said...


Hey Woff! That was a bark for the good doctor, as you so presciently described.

"I hate Democrats with a passion that would boggle the minds of the scientists who study the creation of the Universe." - What the heck does that mean?

Oy, you have issues dude. Some kind of mother fixation I suspect.

Whatever. Say .... are you Radon?

For someone who claims he/she/it "hates Democrats" you sure went ballistic over humor involving a scandalous person. And you can decide who I am talking about.

Or is it "whom"?


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- You've taken the time to explain yourself fully, and I appreciate it. That deserves a fair response.

First off, allow me to absolutely admit that the Mother's Day cartoon is a cheap shot, intended for a momentary laugh. The primary target is, of course, Obama far more than his mother...and part of the joke is that he's made it more than a little difficult to ferret out the truth of his past except through his own questionable writings, leading to a lot of speculation.

You and I will just have to agree to disagree on whether or not it's fair to comment on those who have been critical influences on public figures. Certainly I wouldn't do so if I didn't feel Dunham had a lot to answer for.

A case in point: when shoving Obamacare down our throats, the president whined about the battle his dying mother fought with the evil insurance industry in her final days, saying no one should have to go through that again. Surely that makes this incident fair for further examination, right?

It turns out that Dunham's employer-provided health plan actually did pay for her medical bills without any hassle whatsoever. But she also had a disability policy which she took out after learning she had cancer and not reporting it to the company. Unsurprisingly, and entirely appropriately, the company denied her attempted fraud - at which point she retained the services of a sleazy young lawyer to try to pursue the case. He lost - but carried his grudge against the insurance industry right into the White House.

Finally, you just might want to notch down the hyperbole if you want anyone to take you seriously. Feel free to dislike my cartoons and commentary, or even call me out when you think I've crossed a line - but calling me a "horrible sociopathic monster?" You just make yourself look stupid with that kind of brainless bombast.

WMD said...

Anonymous tipped her hand when she called you a "horrible sociopathic monster" She has never been a fan of HnC. Don't believe it for a second.

And the other one, radons? I clicked on your name. The resultant page said you're a Canadien? Personally, I could give a rats ass what you think about how we should conduct ourselves. The First Amendment to our Constitution grants us the right to freedom of speech. Don't like it? Tough shit. You know why Canadiens like having sex doggy style? So they can both watch the hockey game while they're fucking.

Sitlt, As I've mentioned before, you've got some big huevos my friend.
I've seen that picture and several more, four or five years ago. They were linked to in an article at American Thinker.
Frank Marshall Davis, in one of his tomes, wrote about turning out (deflowering) a young teenage girl who he only refered to as "ANN". It's likely to have been Stanley Ann Dunham. Apparenty, FMD would bang anything with a pulse. In a separate article in American Thinker an author had discovered some poetry writen by our boy king barack and it was REALLY disturbing. Talking about examining the cum stains on each others underwear. (You have no idea how hard it was for me to type that.) Anyway, really disturbing stuff.
The point being, who the hell is this guy that is ruling our country right now? We still do not know the truth.

Furthermore, why is it that only Conservatives have to play by the rules? The neo-communits do and say whatever demented thought enters their brains and that's OK, but we have to be polite. I'm tired of it. Stilt is right, king hussein used a total lie about his mothers health situation to force the destruction of the health care industry down our throats. Where was the communist outrage then? Oh yeah, they're only outraged when called on their own blatant hypocrisy or some madeup, imaginary "offense."

Colby said...

A valiant effort, attempting to explain yourself to the moonbat. This was obviously a driveby, and not someone who frequents this neck of the bloggerhood. Strange they said they love H'n'C, but then called you an asshole and a sociopathic monster. Huh?

Yeah.... maybe that photo IS Stanley Dunham, and maybe it ISN'T Stanley Dunham, but if it really is? Might further explain the behavior of the sociopath who occupies the Oval Office. What would the moonbats do if a nekkid photo of Mitt Romney's mother surfaced. Or (gasp!) Ted Cruz' mother?! I'm speculating here, but I suspect we'd see it 24-7 on ALL of the Barack channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS..... for about a month straight.

Chuck Ef said...

@WMD and @Colby

Dang! You guys are much better at this than I am! I tip my hat to you two.

Chris muir said...


Truly inspired.

I salute you,Sir!

JustaJeepGuy said...

One thing I noticed when reading about Frank Marshall Davis was that the biggest reason, ppossibly the SOLE reason, he was a communist was that there was supposedly no racism in the Soviet Union. Davis wrote that story many times. I'll grant that he suffered from the extant racism of the time--nobody can doubt that--but why he refused to see the rest of the evil of the USSR is beyond me. Barack Hussein is blind to the evils of socialism and communism, too. Is Barack Hussein's blindness willful or not? He'll certainly never tell. He'll also never tell what his mother thought about the subject, either. And I'm sure he knows the true story.

Chuck Ef said...


Yup. I presume that Davis was, however, not Jewish. Lotsa anti-semitism in Russia/USSR.

I am constantly struck by the stupidity of people, ignorant of history, who do not understand that only liberty, as the Founders viewed, is the only way to deal with group hatreds. They struggled with the slavery issue (for which America was a Johnny-come-lately by a long shot) - and a wholly imperfect solution arose for short term goals (forming a country). But they knew it would have to be dealt with sooner or later. It could not stand. And 500K+ lives were lost as a result.

Government power, the kind that the lefties like the Radons and Anonymous' would like, have been an eternal source of the hideous pogroms of the past (and here today in the Muslim world - or maybe even Eastern Europe, again).

The BHO's of the world buy into the lame socialist/fascist rhetoric - they have no clue about reality, just like the Boomers and their children, Gen-whatever.

No system is perfect - only classical liberty allows for self-correction. For all of our past imperfections, we have done remarkably well in correcting them by historical standards. And considering the heterogeneity of our population.

And the ability to make fun of them, like the good doctor does, is part of that freedom. Ask George Carlin. Is he still around? Er ... "When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend."

Sounds like the progs to me....

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@WMD- I didn't for a second think that "Anonymous" was a longtime fan of HnC. For one thing, I've posted plenty of more offensive material and, for another, even I don't claim to hate Democrats as much as Anonymous pretends to.

Regarding Burton Radon, I think it's semi-hilarious that his Canadian parents obviously named him after The Guess Who's lead singer (also Canadian) Burton Cummings. Perhaps Mr. Radon was conceived while his parents were listening to "No Sugar Tonight."

I'm familiar with the Frank Marshall Davis story, and am pretty open to a lot of it being true (whether or not the nudie cutie is Barry's mom).

Finally, I think Conservatives - including myself - should "play by the rules" rather than make up crap. But that being said, the rules have changed - in no small part because citizen journalists have been forced to take up the slack now that the mainstream media is a meaningless propaganda machine.

@Colby- You're surely right that if there were embarrassing pictures of ANY conservative's family members, they'd be "top of the news" in the liberal media. As others here have pointed out, the media eviscerated Sarah Palin's family on a nearly daily basis.

@Chris Muir- Coming from you, that's a huge compliment! (Chris is the wildly talented creator of the Day by Day cartoon strip which everyone here should be reading regularly. Click on his name to get to his site!)

@JustaJeepGuy- I suppose it's still "equality" if everyone is equally oppressed. At least, that seems to be what both Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama have believed.

@Chuck Ef- Very, very well put.

REM1875 said...

Liberals spend an inordinate about of time looking for things to be offended about.
I am pleased we help them as often as we can. It would be a lie to say it's not easy but it is rewarding.
Keep helping em,it's the charitable thing to do.

Bruce Bleu said...

Two things...
It is completely understandable that lamont would "whore" out his family in "his" books... his momma was a "ho", (knocked up at 17 years old and played the "horizontal mambo" with NUMEROUS hosers), and he's married to the "First Ho".
Here in Colorado we experience a by-product caused from decomposing granite in our dungeons called "Radon gas". I think it causes brain cancer, and THAT should explain something.