Monday, May 19, 2014

Moanday News

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Hope n' Change can all too readily identify with the gentleman in the cartoon above, trying to balance an infinite supply of bad news with a decidedly finite supply of liquor. Or at least, so it seemed to us while combing through stories to consider for today.

The VA scandal is only starting to unfold, but we agree with Fox News' Judge Jeanine that it's looking like the criminal charges should start with negligent homicide of veterans, and move out (and up, and up, and up) from there. Of course, spokesweasels from the White House assure us that Obama is "mad as Hell" about this - but then again, Barry said exactly the same thing about the IRS abuse of conservative groups until he later declared that there wasn't even a "smidgen" of wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama spoke at a college commencement and complained that "our schools are as segregated as they were when Dr. (Martin Luther) King gave his final speech," and whined that "many young people are going to schools with kids who look like them." But if she's really against racial segregation, shouldn't she be starting a hashtag campaign against her husband's "Brother's Keeper" initiative which discriminates according to skin color?

Then there's the newly-opened 9/11 Museum...and it's increasingly infamous gift shop. You can buy wearable replicas of FDNY, NYPD and Port Authority Police outfits...because it's cool to look like the heroes who died on that horrible day. Or for $39, you can look like Obama's son (if he had one) in a black hoodie that says "In Darkness We Shine Brightest." For the kids, there are toy "search and rescue" dogs - although it isn't clear if the stuffed animals represent the dogs who died when the twin towers fell, or the dogs brought in later in failed hope of finding survivors.

Also in the news: the zero-gravity pissing match between Russia and the United States. In response to our country's rather tepid sanctions against Russia for their ongoing mischief in Ukraine, Russia has declared that they will cut off our access to the International Space Station. Which isn't hard for them to do because Barack Obama ended our own manned rocket program (albeit after thanking Islam for the centuries-old mathematics which, he claimed, helped put a man on the moon).

In the cartoon above, Hope n' Change then ran out of cartoon panels - but we hadn't run out of head-slapping teeth-grinding idiocy in the news.

Specifically, we were honked off because Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that there should be no law against a man secretly slipping an abortion drug to a pregnant woman, even though it sounds suspiciously like denying a woman her precious "right to choose." Her reasoning? Passing such a law would suggest that there was a person being killed, rather than a meaningless lump of tissue being excised. And if the pregnant woman feels raped and violated by this involuntary violence to her body and reproductive system? Well, what the hell - like Debbie says, you can't make a Liberal omelet without breaking a few women's eggs.

Despite all of this terrible news, Hope n' Change would like to leave you with at least one happy thought.

We're not really out of booze - nor are we likely to be for the rest of Obama's administration.


oldredleg said...

Please allow this (must be getting senile) old man to ask a question.
When in the hell did America start using Russkie engines in our Atlas Rockets? I must have been down in a fracking coal mine for 20 years or so. How did this pass Congress? Did it even make it to Congress? Was this decision made public beforehand? Did anyone object to it? I'm totally befuddled over this,not to mention really pi$$ed off. Thanks for listening.

Colby said...

C'mon man. Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Seriously, everybody in this country should be as honked off as you. I think all Presidents in recent history have abused their powers to some extent, but this ass-wipe has taken the art to a whole new dimension. I have a bumper sticker (that I'm afraid to put on my car) that says, "Obama... The quicker f**ker upper." Does that not sum him up in the fewest possible words?

Being a child of the 50's and 60's, it grieves my spirit deeply what O'Liar has done to our space program. I fondly remeber the national pride and wholesale awe that occurred during each and every launch back in the 60's. Now we're reduced to paying $70 million per launch to a country that hates us; out shuttles are in mothballs, and you tell me we're buying rocket engines from Russia? We have 91 million people without a job and we can't build our own damn engines?Grrr....

Frankie said...

Why can't we use some NASA prayer rugs to go to the ISS? sarc/off

Geoff King said...

On the topic of Russia denying access to the ISS, I think that may be a good thing. Now private companies such as SpaceX will be able to compete for the services formally provided by NASA. This can only mean that the cost of putting people and equipment into space will come down dramatically as private industry is always less expensive and more efficient than government operations.

Jim Hlavac said...

Is Michelle saying all black kids look alike? I thought that was racist? Meanwhile, I see endless "black this association" and "black that group" implying a willful segregation on their part. Hell, the "Congressional Black Caucus" alone is racist for not letting in a white guy. Maybe Holder should investigate this sort of exclusionary practice.

And I see that "death panels" have been instituted in the VA, yes? Well, it's cheaper I suppose to let them just die. And all they did was fight good Muslims -- oh wait, Obama is drone-bombing them. So it's contradictory to say the least. But of course the president is "mad as hell" -- he's been caught being an idiot once again. Of course, he will now announce that neither he nor anyone in his administration had a blessed clue as to what was going on. "We're know it all's who know nothing!" is the mantra of our times.

Poor Wendy ... she's all for "women's" rights -- so long as there's no women making decisions? I don't follow that ... just as I still can't get figure out why that Sandra Fluke still can't find a free condom down at a gay bar. They're not gov't funded -- maybe that's why they're no good.

Russia's "International Space" station? Well, all we've seemed to have learned is that "stuff floats in space" -- every damn picture I've ever seen is of stuff floating. So far I think they've figured out that nothing acts up there like it does down here. But, they're so broke, and will go broker soon enough, that they'll abandon it too before long. Though perhaps Putin will send all the gay guys there up to space, you know -- get 'em out of the way of the war brewing over there.

I sort of avoided the WTC 9/11 museum situation -- other than to listen to my nephew say 'blah' - and he's the son of one of the fireman lost -- so he might have a vested interest.

Well, after this sort of catalog of the nonsense I'm almost ready for Hilary -- for it'll be hilarious to listen to her nonsense for a few years after this guy's. And we'll be one more term towards the end of it all.

Though at least now we are getting to add legal marijuana to the party juice ...

But be cautious about impeaching Obama -- for we'll get Biden.

Though I did see a picture the other day of "global warming" flooding inundating Washington -- and I thought - 'good start.'

Chuck Ef said...

@Geoff King

Yes! SpaceX. NASA is past it's prime. Let the free market take this stuff over. Opppsss...."free market" is the sign of the devil to the

@Oldredleg and @Colby

As they say these days, I FEEL you!

@Jim Hlavac

What you said. I can't add any more ... need some more caffeine after reading the good doctor's cartoon and commentary. Just too pissed right now. So pissed that I took @Frankie seriously. Need ... to ... calm .... down.

John the Econ said...

Yeah, don't hold your breath waiting for accountability on the VA scandal. Like our good doctor said, we can expect it right after we see it on the IRS scandal.

However, what we should be doing is promoting the VA scandal as a meme for the future of government run single payer healthcare, which is the ultimate goal of ObamaCare. Bad customer no-service, rationed care, burying the statistics, and absolutely no accountability for those responsible. At least if your doctor, hospital, or insurance company were to treat you like this, you (or your survivors) can sue them and win big. (And the media will gleefully assist in the endevour) When the government does this to you, you have no practical recourse.

If this is the way that Progressive government is going to treat our veterans, why should civilians expect that they will get treated any better when the government is responsible for their care?

Dunno what the First Lady is talking about. It was my understanding that "self segregation" was the "in" thing in education these days.

9/11 Memorial: It was my impression that the only thing your couldn't find in the museum or gift shop was anything referring to Christianity.

We will probably be the last generation that will have known NASA as an organization that did space or real science. It took less than two presidential terms to turn it entirely into just another propaganda arm of the far left.

And of course, the only surprising thing that Debbie Wasserman Schultz could possibly say would be something that didn't leave me shaking my head. Ironically, it's people like her that lead me towards supporting retroactive abortion. It would drastically lower the numbers of Debbie Wasserman Schultz that we currently have to endure.

During the sheer insanity of the Clinton years, I began to develop my theory that that this level if irrationality was all by design; By constantly deluging us with so much literal nonsense, we'd eventually get numb to it, and as long as the media remained pliant, any level of insanity would become accepted.

And so today, we have a government health system that is deliberately denying care and killing veterans, a War Memorial that all but celebrates the enemy, a space program that outsources space and instead forwards the President's warming agenda, and feminists against punishing men who secretly administer abortifacient drugs to pregnant women.

If you had suggested this reality in any other point in our history, people would have called you insane.

Colby said...

Jim Hlavac,
Just imagine the heads that would explode if somebody started an organization called NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People), or how about The United White Guys College Fund. Congressional White Caucus? White Panthers? Don't get me wrong, I think groups like this are absolutely counterproductive and create problems rather than solve them (KKK for instance). The real racists are the ones screaming "racism."

Geoff King,
You are spot on that the private sector will build a space program far superior to anything the gubmint could, but I think O'Liar yanked the rug out a little too early. Companies like SpaceX would have eventually rendered NASA obsolete, but in the meantime, we could have avoided being beholden to Russia for transport to the ISS. Yes, the shuttle was approaching obsolescense and was pretty damn expensive to run, but at least it was ours.

CenTexTim said...

Oh great, just what I need - an excuse to start the week off with 'coffee.'

Thanks a lot.

No, seriously, I mean it...

American Cowboy said...

If only the "option" to secretly slip an abortion drug to a pregnant woman had been available, and promoted as "okay" by the left many years ago. I could have saved thousands of dollars in child support for a child I never had the opportunity to see or get to know after her mother filed for divorce and moved on to her next victim. And of course those extra dollars could have been confiscated to pay for some other woman's birth control.
Disclaimer: I do not endorse or believe in abortion as a means of birth control.
I think I'll go have a super-sized coffee, hold the coffee.

Judi King said...

Well, here goes....I was raised in the 40's and 50's when I felt happy and safe and proud to be born in America. Then came the 60's and the downward spiral overtly began. Now the idiots turned loose in the 60's are running this country. We had a slight respite in the 80's with the great Ronald Reagan and then the spiral slowly continued. Now it's no longer a slow spiral but an accelerated downward spin. And the last 5 years it's gone totally out of control. I've never seen anything like this. I wish I drank more but I'm depressed enough.

Chuck Ef said...

@Judi King

I grew up in the 60's and thought it was rather interesting but then, I was a kid. Then the 70's hit. Oy! We came so close to collapse. That WAS the great thing about Reagan - the revitalization of the country. But the progressives (so-called), like a bad virus that found immunity to the salve, came back with a roar and the decay resumed with a vengeance.

I am a libertarian (small "L") because it best reflects the values of the country's founding. In that sense, government has no place in cultural issues. Government reflects culture, not the other way around.

Unfortunately, culture is everything when it comes to the survival of a country. And ours is going into the toilet, as you said, because of the fracturing of anything approaching "common core values". This is the true progressive (so-called) victory.

I am hoping the good doctor will share his booze stockpile as that flushing sound gets louder and louder.

Chuck Ef said...

Debbie Does Mindlessness

The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. —THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1788

Jim Hlavac said...

Colby -- funny, when I was a kid my mom used to say to people: "And don't you forget -- the NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Czechoslovak Peoples" hehehe :)

I'm sorry I said "Wendy" when it's "Debbie" who is the ... well, I don't like cussing -- anyway -- isn't there some crazed Wendy in Texas? Ah, good enough. Pardon my error.

thanks folks, for the thanks ... I just try to keep some humor in this.

Say -- Michelle and Barry like out of town vacations -- and they want to impress Putin -- so why don't we blast them off on an Iranian rocket from the Sudanese coast to the Space Station? We'll tell them there's ice cream and another Nobel!

txGreg said...

@Jim Hlavac,

For the "crazed Wendy in Texas," just call her Abortion Barbie and we'll all know who you're talking about.

John the Econ said...

Don't sweat it, @Jim Hlavac. Your confusion is quite understandable. It's rather clear now that in order to advance to the top as a woman in the Democratic Party, being "crazed" is now pretty much a prerequisite. They all pretty much look and sound alike now.

Meanwhile, I see that the USDA, an agency that was originally established for defining how milk should be produced has expanded well beyond regulating the dairy: ‘Rural Pride’ campaign to focus on needs of LGBT people living in rural America

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) on Wednesday announced the launch of the Rural Pride campaign to elevate and address the needs of LGBT people living in rural communities across the country.

The centerpiece of the campaign is to challenge the stereotype that LGBT people live only in metropolitan areas by elevating the voices and stories of LGBT people living in rural America.

Your tax dollars at work.

About a decade-and-a-half ago, I happened to be staying at a Washington DC hotel that was hosting the annual get-together of the National Gay Rodeo Association. They were a rather fun group to be around. It certainly didn't appear to me that the needed federal dollars fighting against urban-gay stereotypes. They seemed more than comfortable with who they were.

Chuck Ef said...

I don't know if we should cut Jim Hlavac any slack here folks - this war on women thing is getting unseemly. Certainly mixing up names is a sure sign of insensitivity. Seems like that ranks right up there with Debbie Downer who wants to allow guys to slip "mickeys" to their pregnant ladies. Hmmmm ...

As the good doctor would say, grin.

Chuck Ef said...

Dang! King Putt is stupid, eh?

CenTexTim said...

@John the Econ -

Okay, the VA scandal, 9/11 Memorial nonsense, NASA, etc. - sad, but not all that surprising.

But 'Rural Pride'?!?

Nothing against the LGBT folks, but is that a legitimate expenditure of government funds? And I notice that it's being run by the USDA, the same government agency that recently requested funds for submachine guns and body armor.


George in Houtx said...

ok! enough is enough. surely, we can bring the Prez up on charges. A) he is lying and knew for quite some time what was going on at the VA, but did nothing. or B) this time, like all the other times, he truly did not know what was going on until he heard about it on the network news. on one hand, he is a liar and threat to our country. on the other hand, he is an incompetent foole and is a threat to our country. either way, he needs to be removed from office! and, YES, I DO know how to spell 'fool'! I spelled it that way because he is an extra-ordinary specimen of one.

in sy's sieve commentary said...

an uppity minority has the balls to complain about racism; hand me that moonshine

John the Econ said...

@CenTexTim, it goes well beyond the issue of if this is "a legitimate expenditure of government funds". I think most of us here would agree with that.

My point is that it appears as thought practically every federal government agency has been converted into little more than patronage jobs for otherwise useless community organizers:

NASA no longer goes to space, but stumps for global warming and Marxism.

It seems as though the VA no longer does health care.

And the USDA now concerns itself not with agriculture, but the plight of non-urban gays.

Any sane person would come to the conclusion that the government is massively overfunded, if all of these agencies have decided that their chartered fields of endevour are so well covered that they now have the time and resources to devote to these other concerns. The only sane response to this would be to de-fund them. Alas, the exact opposite will happen. We need more funding so that all of these vital needs can be met!

@George in Houtx: Yes, it seems that the President is just as shocked as we were when he read about all of these awful things (IRS, Benghazi, VA) in the pages of the New York Times.

On this basis alone, he should be fired. Either he is completely incompetent, or the office of President is now irrelevant as the bureaucracy is completely in control.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Sorry I haven't been able to jump in until now, but some great dialogues going on here.

Econ John's post (just above this one) nicely summarizes a lot of the topics: wildly overfunded government agencies are ignoring their primary missions and instead concentrating on forcing a liberal social agenda down everyone's throats.

Which is why those of us who are old enough to remember a different America are feeling bewilderment, disappointment, and anger about what's been done to our nation.

Chuck Ef said...

And speaking of which, many of the reports about abuse at the VA centers have stated that this is the vision of things to come WRT ObamaCare. Now a report about vast sums wasted on employees to do nothing in a Missouri OC center (Serco) and another this morning of one in Arkansas.

Is anyone surprised?

Welcome to the Brave New Progressive World.

Jim Hlavac said...

Folks, I don't get the "Rural Pride" thing either, other than "Waste money" of course -- for I have lived in rural Louisiana and Mississippi (Marksville and Lake Charles, LA Woodville and Natchez, MS) and have been to many rural gay-populated campgrounds across the south (you'd be astonished, perhaps) and I didn't experience anything worse, better, more, less or different than when I lived in Greenwich Village.

Of course, you are also perhaps unaware of how radical for liberty I can get on gay websites where I comment with equal insouciance on the troubles of our times :)

Chuck Ef said...

John the Econ, Jim Hlavac Or Anyone,

Care to respond?

Cracks me up, ol' King Putt.

John the Econ said...

Dunno, Chuck Ef. How does one constructively respond to this level of insanity? How is it even possible for liberals to stump for "universal health care" when the federal government is caught doing what it's done? What possible rationale, excuse or defense can there be? How or why does anyone think it will be any better when it's the care of over 300-million people instead of 22-million that the federal government will be responsible for?

Meanwhile, more people will be concerned over who's going to win "Dancing with the Stars" tonight.

That's the real problem.

John the Econ said...

Just read Victor David Hansen's latest blog which highlights the most depressing state of post-modern America: Today, your average illegal alien or gang-banger injured while in the commission of a crime gets better medical care than our veterans are. I'm beginning to suspect that is by design.

Robert said...

Oh hell Stilt pass the bottle. I'm too tired and stressed out by Obama to say anything.