Monday, April 20, 2009

Danny Pearl

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Even by our standards here at Hope n' Change, this is a very dark cartoon. For those who've forgotten (including, apparently, the POTUS), Daniel Pearl was the Wall Street Journal reporter who was tortured and beheaded by Islamic terrorists. He wasn't just threatened with caterpillars, slapped, or kept awake.

If you take the entire list of "tortures" that Obama has revealed to the world, you can find every one of them on Youtube being done on college campuses for fun. Stupid fun, but fun. You'll also find people setting their own buttocks on fire, people hurling themselves onto patio tables from roofs, people being shocked with dog collars, and people deliberately having friends choke them until they pass out. We're not saying this is a good thing - we're saying that these people are idiots.

But it's also idiotic to be unable (or unwilling) to tell the difference between inflicting stress or physical discomfort, and true torture. Telling the world that America tortures as a matter of policy is a lie...and a lie that has no other goal than to weaken and tarnish our country.


Gabriel Girl said...

Ouch. Very dark cartoon. But, sadly, very poignant. RIP, Danny Pearl.

Suzy said...

I second that comment, GG....