Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You, Readers!

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This "bonus" cartoon is just to express our sincere thanks to the increasing number of loyal readers and followers of "Hope n' Change." We'd like to encourage you to share the cartoons with friends and family...or even liberals who have a sense of humor!

A few newish features: by clicking on the little envelope icon, you can easily forward a cartoon to a friend. This does not create spam for the recipient...nor will we even have a record of the email. I also encourage you to cut-and-paste your favorite cartoons into email to share, or post them on your own blog or social page if you want!

Additionally, you may have noticed that there are now links embedded in many of the commentaries that accompany the cartoons. This will help you know what the heck the cartoon is about (if you've missed the news), but is also intended to help steer readers toward well-researched and thought-provoking stories.

Please know that all of this is being done FOR YOU! The goal of Hope n' Change is not to make money, but to share some laughs and conservative viewpoints during these strange times...and to hopefully become a place where like-minded people can drop by to exchange thoughts or just find a much-needed daily chuckle.

THANK YOU for the support you've shown already. We'll keep the cartoons coming!

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