Friday, September 4, 2009

Reading Assignment

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It seems hypocritical for Obama to be encouraging students to "do their homework," when he hasn't read the huge healthcare bills that he's been pushing, nor has he read the McChrystal report of the status in "Obama's War" in Afghanistan.

Indeed, Obama has often said that the healthcare legislation is so important that it should be voted on before anyone reads the 1000-page bill. If that strategy is a bad idea for young test-takers...isn't it also a bad idea for our politicians?


Suzy said...

Well if Obama is anything like my husband in high school...he'd say "They didn't make the movie yet!" haha.

Philip said...

If you ever read this, Suzy, you will probably have a heart attack :

Suzy said...

Philip--I saw that headline, vaguely, the other day...but I'm getting to the point I don't even wanna know sometimes... *shaking head*