Sunday, April 25, 2010

Senior Momentum

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According to the experts at the Health and Human Services Department, Obamacare will - astoundingly - not reduce costs, not improve the quality of medical care, not be "deficit neutral," and will have a significant negative effect on senior citizens - possibly jeopardizing their access to healthcare.

Previous government cost estimates by the Congressional Budget Office were required to use numbers, assumptions, and guesstimates which were provided by the Democrats. The new study, however, uses cost estimates based on something called "reality," and arrives at conclusions than are wildly different than what Barack Obama and the Dems promised.

The Medicare cuts the president is counting on to pay for the new entitlement program are "unrealistic and unsustainable," and the report suggests that 1-in-7 providers of medical services for the elderly could be driven into bankruptcy. In fact, the cumulative effect on older Americans is so bad that one expert has likened Obamacare to a "war on seniors."

Fortunately, that's a war that seniors are well-equipped to fight, being one of the largest blocks of voters in the country. Let's just hope no "senior moments" interfere with the need to "Remember in November."

UPDATE: We've now learned that this report was available for review before Obamacare was passed into law...but the budget-busting truths were buried to avoid "affecting the voting." The promised "savings" were always a lie, and the Democrats knew it.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, complete idiots happen to be THE largest voting block.

Anonymous said...

This mess has been brewing for decades. That's why it's been especially maddening to watch Obama and the democrats add additional trauma to an already unsustainable system. Obama loves to pit groups against each other. Is he counting on a large turnout of young voters to throw granny under the bus? This could get very ugly. And I don't think he cares.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Can't imagine what the donkey flavored Kool-Aid tastes like, but they sure seem to enjoy drinking it!
Many seniors knew last summer this was a bad deal - membership in AARP dropped, radically, when they first publicly supported it, then tried to sell it to the seniors. Who, by and large, were not interested in hearing AARP's reasoning, they just wanted them to withdraw support. When they refused, the seniors canceled their memberships, in droves.
Yay them!