Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The White To Remain Silent

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As mid-term elections approach, Barack Hussein Obama has announced his plans for "Vote 2010," and his cynical desire to "reconnect with young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women."

We assume that he'd have to "
reconnect" because these are the people who (foolishly) believed in him last time, and who - according to polls - have grown increasingly disillusioned by his actual job performance.

But putting that aside, why wouldn't the president want to appeal to
all Americans...or even refer to us as "Americans" instead of continually breaking us into competing ethnic and demographic factions?

Sadly, the answer is the same as it was in 2008. The "post-racial" politics of Barack Obama have always been, and always will be,
based on race and the inciting of racial discord in America...not for the purpose of ending racism, but rather to use hatred and resentment to fuel the engines that are pushing the country into socialism.

In this, at least, the president is
fully "transparent."


Anonymous said...

The truth about Obama was revealed when he went out of his way to deride a white Cambridge, MA police officer who was doing his job. This calm, thoughtful, post-racial president literally jumped at the chance to highlight what he saw as white racism. Problem is, Obama was very, very wrong. Did he ever apologize for his own knee-jerk racism? All I remember is beers on the white house lawn. Hooray to the police officer who demonstrated what post-racial means.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- In keeping with his Cambridge policy, the president is now saying that the Arizona immigration law can lead to "police abuses." In essence, he's again suggesting that police are inherently likely to be racist.

He says nothing about the fact that entering the country illegally is a federal crime, nor does he concede that a porous border policy has forced Arizona to take action. Instead, he attacks police, and those who would call on authorities to simply enforce existing laws.

Anonymous said...

so let me get this straight- he connected with voters to get elected. then, in the span of 15 months, he disconnected himself from said voters. and now he wants to reconnect with them when he needs a vote?


Red said...

"In essence, he's again suggesting that police are inherently likely to be racist."

The irony is that many on AZ's police force and border patrol are of Hispanic decent. Barry's been using the race card since he tossed his hat in the ring.

Red said...

I beleive Ben Smith referred to Barry as being "demographically frank" which I surmise must be the newspeak term for bigot'.

TheOldMan said...

Older blacks also fought in our country's wars. During WWII the army was still segregated.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Red- great observation about "demographically frank" being newspeak for "bigot." Seems like someone should be printing a T-shirt that says "CAUTION: Demographically Frank"

TheOldMan- Thank you for raising this point (and causing me to smack my head for having missed this interpretation). The cartoon certainly wasn't intended to show any lack of respect to men or women of any age or any race, and especially not to those who have served in the military. The restrictive nature of having a 3-panel cartoon makes it necessary to try to say a lot in very few words...but those words still need to be clear, and I regret any confusion. The point was only that older white men were a glaringly obvious omission in who the president wants to appeal to, and many of those men have done a lot for this country. As have others, all of whom we thank and honor.

Anonymous said...

Pepsi, for example, breaks down their market into demographics.
Why should we be surprised at Obama when he does it? He's just another brand, selling a cheap "commodity" that is really not doing you any good.

And BTW to anon: "MA police officer who was doing his job."
That is NOT the conclusion that was reached, because as soon as he declined to just walk away, his "job" was not what he was doing. Remember, in Massachusetts, it is Legal to berate a police officer, whether we like that or not.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- Good point about Obama selling a commodity that is not doing us any good.

Regarding your other point, it may be legal to berate a polic officer in Massachusetts, but it's apparently not legal to do so with such volume that it becomes a disturbance to those who don't live on your property (which was the case here).

Additionally, the police officer would have been remiss in "walking away" until he had some acceptable proof of Gates' identity to show that the professor had the right to be breaking down the door of a house believed to be empty. Gates originally produced a school I.D. which did not show his home address. The officer appropriately used this "unofficial" I.D. to verify Gates' story as quickly as possible...while the screams of "Racist!" grew loud enough to draw neighbors to the scene.