Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unemployment Saurs

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Reports out of Washington this week say that new unemployment claims unexpectedly rose yet again, by the biggest margin in the past 3 months. An additional 25,000 people were added to the jobless rolls in just one week. Ouch!

In response, Democrats are hastily assembling a bill that Nancy Pelosi describes as "creating jobs, preventing outsourcing of jobs overseas, closing loopholes that corporations and wealthy individuals use for avoiding U.S. taxes, and meeting the needs of those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own."

The new bill, expected to add an additional $200 Billion to the deficit, can numerically be expected to generate one fourth the number of net jobs created by the Democrats' previous $800 Billion jobs bill.

Which is to say, one fourth of none whatsoever.


BornLib said...

Democrat rule is nothing but a self-perpetuating emergency. They make the same mistakes over and over and call it leadership in the face of a crisis, when *they* are the crisis.

Dr.D said...

For the perpetually unaware, everything is "unexpected." They live in utopia, and reality constantly amazes them by its stubborn resistance to their preconceived ideals.

Maggie Thatcher spoke of a limit being reached "when you run out of other people's money." In a slightly more sane world, that would be true. In our present Alice-In-Wonderland world, even that limitation is ignored. We have long since been out of money. The US has been deeply in debt for many, many years, so it is no stretch to say that our leaders have "run out of other people's money." But now they simply print more greenbacks, just as fast as their high speed presses will run. This is true "redistribution" because it spreads the devaluation around to everyone that is holding US dollars in proportion to the amount of those dollars that they hold. What could be more "fair" in the Leftist sense than that?

PRYORGUY said...

This site is so right on! I'm sure youre aware we are living in the 'postmodern' age now, and I see after researching what all that means, we are seeing the characteristics of the postmodern age everyday, which basically is characterized by a far leaning to the left, an abandonment of absolute values, etc. In other words, the entire direction a nation takes when its on the downward spiral. Throwing more money at problems has always been the left's answer to problems, never works, and they keep doing it. Come on, mid-term elections, I hope and pray we can make a difference of some kind at the ballot box! Reid, Pelosi, the AG, all of em....GOTTA GO! Includes the guy at the top most of all! I'm HOPIN' for some good CHANGE!!!

Anonymous said...

"unexpected" is clearly a relative term.

anyone with two logical brain cells can expect worse job numbers as a result of these liberal half ass measures (pun intended).