Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Matter of Life and Debt

We live in tense times, and there are many threats to America's national security - North Korea, Iran, bioweapons, suitcase nukes, Al Qaeda and more.

But according to Admiral Mike Mullen, the chair of the Joint Chiefs, the single biggest threat to our national security isn't Osama bin Laden, but "Obama's been Spendin."

As of 2012, just the annual interest taxpayers have to pay on the National Debt will be $571 billion dollars... as much as our entire military budget. And as money grows ever tighter, it is the military that will get budget cuts before bloated social entitlement programs.

But even putting military spending aside, it's perfectly possible that Obama and the democrats can simply spend America into true and absolute oblivion... destroying the country as completely and utterly as any external attack or internal act of terror.

Hope n' Change applauds Admiral Mullen for his candor, and willingness to speak truth to power. And we won't be shocked if Obama gives his job to General Petraeus too.


Emmentaler Limburger said...

OK. Now I'm really confused. Didn't Barbie the Boxer say that the next major wars we'd be fighting would be over climate change? I wish they could make up their collective mind.

Stilton: you left Obama and the liberals off of your list of threats to national security, though you implicitly include them in your discussion.

Pete(Detroit) said...

EL - Climate change can be bought off...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Emmentaler- Yes, Boxer declared the greatest security risk was "climate change." Which is probably right if she's talking about the political climate, and her job security.

And all kidding and metaphor aside, we believe that an elected democrat with a checkbook is a far greater threat than a jihadist with a bomb vest.

alan markus said...

This is a difficult post to put a comment to - things are just getting rather bizarre.

The Barb Boxer/Climate Change thing - note that "national security" is one of the things that rank pretty high on voter concerns. That was her attempt to put a positive spin on climate change legislation (i.e, cap & trade) and link it to one of the key concerns that voters have. Another key concern is "jobs" - that is why the Stimulus Bill was about "jobs". "Health Care" was a concern that did not rank as high as "economy" or "deficit" or "jobs", so the ObamaCare got a "jobs/deficit reduction" spin put on it.

I'm not sure what is going on with military leaders "speaking out of turn". In my opinion, the Democrats lack of respect for the citizens of the United States is culminating in the citizens losing respect for the political class. It's kind of like the air is leaking out of one of the tires on the Obama bus - hopefully none of us will be on that bus when it goes out of control.