Thursday, August 19, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

Just when it seems nobody can make the controversy any more divisive or offensive, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has popped up to demand a taxpayer-funded congressional investigation to discover who might be funding the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque.

That's right: Nancy assumes that nobody could oppose the mosque on principle or because the wounds of 9/11 are still raw. Some mysterious somebody must be paying people to be against the project, presumably to make mosque-loving Democrats look bad.

Meanwhile, the imam behind the Cordoba House project still refuses to divulge the funding sources for the $100 million dollar mega-mosque, leading to speculation that the money may be coming from Saudi Arabian backers of "Wahabi" mosques and schools which are vehemently anti-Western.

The most disturbing part of all this is Nancy Pelosi's apparent belief that no one could or would speak up on behalf of America unless they were being bribed.

But then again, after so many years, it's hard for her not to think like a Democrat.



moronpolitics said...

This witch is pure evil. The unrestrained glee with which she passes law after law giving Obama near dictatorial powers is sickening. Can't we find some little girl in Kansas to throw a bucket of water on her and MELT HER??

I'll pay her air fare. There you go, Nancy. You and Sluggo ( AKA Bozo the spokesman ) know now.

Erik said...

Why do liberals hate Christianity so much but fall head over heels to celebrate Islam? It makes no sense! Muslims want to eradicate liberalism, and Christianity nowadays has nothing BUT liberals in its ranks.

If there is an answer, it's that liberals are inherently self-destructive, and they hate their own culture & identity. The fact that we have allowed liberalism to spread unchecked is evidence too that maybe we ourselves are self-destructive. How did things get like this?

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

At least the liberals acted in what they thought were their own best interests, no matter how wrong or stupid. We did nothing, and that's all evil needs to succeed.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Further evidence that she and her ilk need to receive a free one-way ticket out of office.

The issues surrounding this become increasingly more disturbing. I am generally loathe to credit such a neanderthally (is that a word? It is now...) violent society with any capacity for strategic thought, but...

I could be wrong - it could be islamic marking just as instinctive as a dog lifting its leg in another dog's territory, but I see it shaping up to be quite a coup for islamophiles in the US. By targeting a site so close to Ground Zero for their aberration, they have drummed up a PR tempest against the government in New York city and New York (it goes without saying that this also washes over the libs in Washington...) which, in turn, is causing a decidedly knee-jerk, liberal reaction: rather than telling Park51 to pack it up their donkeys and find somewhere else, they are poising themselves to make the "politically correct" offer of some New York state-owned (read: New York taxpayer-owned) land instead.

Let's all watch how this plays out to see if the muslims are the unsophisticated, unevolved dogs they present themselves to be, or if they are something far more cunning...

Me? Political correctness and ACLU/CAIR be damned: use the liberal/democrats' own playbook and bog them down in regulations, lawsuits, and investigations until they collapse under the weight of it.

Ricko3 said...

Once again...the progressive socialist feel they have to do the thinking for the unwashed masses. We are too stupid to think that this might be a bad idea and MUST be being led astray by evil outside sources.

Nancy, my love, we are not sheep, we are not in need of your benevolent shepherdship...for we ARE the Shepherds. Who in the heck are you to even think that we can not see that this whole issue is a bad idea? You idiots in Washington have had it you own way for so long that you just "assume" we will blindly follow you, no matter what.

Well, guess have destroyed our nation's economy, put millions into the unemployment lines, attempted to turn America into a welfare state, insulted our allies, empowered our enemies and just about destroyed the greatest nation ever to pull itself into being.

The Sheep are no longer listening and the Shepherds are tired of your crapola. Get out of the way and allow US to cowboy up and save what is left of this great Republic. You are a dinosaur and, as such, are going to pass into history...the history WE THE PEOPLE are writing today.

So, Madam Speaker...get out of our way, save your utopia for the dope smoking idiots back home and keep you stupid ideas to yourself.


alan markus said...

This is a good read that showed up today:
Ground Zero on the Tolerance Issue

Here's some of the column:

"Until now, I've refrained from writing on the issue because the way the controversy has moved has been utterly predictable. First, the right opposes the mosque. Conservative figures like Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich don't like a mosque near ground zero. They say as much.

Then, in a Pavlovian response, the left embraces the mosque and proclaims itself more tolerant of religious freedom. But the left is not more tolerant of religious freedom. Only the left, you see, has the sagacity to recognize that, as New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd put it, Rauf is "the moderate Muslim we have allegedly been yearning for."

What you're seeing is the culture-war equivalent of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Quoth House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some." Translation: This issue is poison for Democrats.

And: "I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded." That's Bay Area tolerance for you -- a well-placed Democratic politician wants an investigation into the funding of conservative dissenters."

Buzz Bannister said...

Why do we still call them Mosques when they are recruiting and training centers and why does the left continuously want to undermine the good of our Country and why does the left hate Christians but nurtures islam.

Suzy said...

Whoever is funding this opposition to the Mosque is also funding Obama's falling poll numbers.... poor, hardworking, compassionate President that he is. *shaking head*


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- It's always clear when an issue really hits a nerve with people...and this one does.

Because the negative reaction to the mega-mosque was absolutely predictable, we have to assume that it fits into a larger strategy by the mosque builders. But what could they gain from such acrimony? Lots, it turns out...

They can make Americans look intolerant of Islam in the eyes of the Muslim world and, by associating this "intolerance" with Ground Zero, give apparent justification to the 9/11 attacks.

Rather than make a truly healing gesture, they can earn undeserved goodwill by proposing something awful (the Ground Zero mosque) then make a display of apparent "moderation" and "respect" by simply moving their mosque a few blocks further away.

They can drastically reduce the cost of building a mega-mosque elsewhere in Manhattan by getting offers of free, taxpayer-owned space and (no doubt) funds and favors from Democrats who want the issue to go away by any means possible.

The Cordoba House project is an act of provocation, pure and simple. It is salt being ground into America's open wounds. And the fact that Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi reflexively embrace the project for those very reasons shows what a sad and disturbing condition our government is in.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The "sad and disturbing condition" of our government is not hidden. It is more visible, even to the sheeple, every day. The independents are recoiling in horror and the moderates...well, who gives a damn about them. I don't.
The only way I can understand Obama's tone-deafness is that public outrage just doesn't matter to him. He is "The One" and those of us (the majority) who oppose his fascist designs just haven't basked in the glory of his magnificence long enough to be assimilated...yet. I think he has convinced himself that, by 2012, we will all come around.
"Once you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow."

Anonymous said...

One reason the "liberals" (also known as "progressives"--still a code word for communists) are cozying up to Islam: it's currently the most effective force attacking America. The "liberals" want America destroyed, and they know someone has to eventually run it for whoever destroys America. The "liberals" expect it will be them. Why they think the imams will permit them to run things is not something they have considered.

Unknown said...


You are right when good men sit back and do nothing when we know it is wrong then we are as much to blame as the ones who are doing wrong. If we don't speak up about what is wrong we agree with it. Nancy P is as bad as hussein she hates Americans too. They all should be tried for treason, they have betrayed America.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

As much as it would be a cathartic experience to watch those turds be tried for treason, I'm perfectly fine with them just being defeated and going away.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to be reminded by Rush today that if a person's father is muslim, than the child is automatically a muslim. Obama claims he's a Christian. If so, that would make him an apostate which is the most appalling thing you can be in the muslim world. Now I'm not suggesting that the muslim world do anything about this situation. Really. But it's interesting how carefully Obama avoids all appearances of being Christian. (Oh, like going to church, or attending prayer breakfasts or visiting the Boy Scouts.) Ultimately, I still think he's simply a marxist and a politician, but he sure has an affinity for Islam. And what do Black Muslims believe? Is that the most accurate relection of what's inside Obama's head?

pryorguy said...

I think the mosque will never be built...give it a bit....No ground will be broken anytime soon anyway. that time, this issue may cool off, which is what they want to happen, if we let it. I just love the way Obama pissed off both sides of the issue! Shows their flakiness.

And I thought the border issue was HOT!!! wow!

CenTexTim said...

re: Emmentaler Limburger's comment ("Let's all watch how this plays out to see if the muslims are the unsophisticated, unevolved dogs they present themselves to be, or if they are something far more cunning...")

Some have speculated that this issue was engineered by muslim fundamentalists to drive a wedge between 'moderate' muslims (like Big Foot, rumored to exist but no verifiable sightings to date) and the general populace. In other words, the fundamentalists can now say to the moderates "See, we told you that America would never tolerate muslims."

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. In the meantime, it's fun to watch the democraps fall all over themselves trying to figure out what to do with this hot potato ("I'm for it. No, wait, I'm against it. No, wait, it's a local matter. No, wait, we should investigate anyone who has an opinion about it...")

G'Willie said...

She should be thankful that as she was celebrating the corrupt land grab at Treasure Island 2 of 3 questions were about “a zoning issue in New York.”

Anonymous said...

Liberals can be as Islamo-friendly as they want, but in Muslim eyes, they are just infidels. The scimitar is a double edged sword ...

Suzy said...

So...we can put a Mosque up on ground zero, but putting crosses up where people died in car accidents (This is a pretty much universal thing...crosses on graves or whatever...) is "unconstitutional"? How in the heck is it "unconstitutional"? How is it trampling other people's rights?


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

God is unconstitutional. Allah is not.