Friday, October 22, 2010

Hide and Sikh

As plans are being finalized for Barack Hussein Obama's "get me the heck out of Washington after the elections" overseas tour, the president has managed to insult a huge number of people in India by refusing to visit the "Golden Temple" which is sacred to people of the Sikh faith.

The reason? Mr. Obama would have to wear a traditional head covering in the temple...and his handlers fear that this would make him look like a Muslim, even though Sikhs
aren't Muslims and, to hear the president tell it, there is no culture in all the world so wonderful and beloved as that of the Muslims.

It's hard to find a positive spin for the president's position. Is he declaring that it's
bad to "look Muslim?" Is he saying that Sikhs and Muslims "all look alike?" Or is he asserting that the American people are too stupid to understand that all visitors to the Golden Temple wear headcoverings as a simple show of respect...and not a religious conversion.

In one masterful stroke, the president has managed to offend Sikhs, Muslims,
and Americans. Not because of a headcovering...but because of his clumsy asscovering.



Pete(Detroit) said...

In a word, "sphincterhut" (google translator for "asshat")
What a Pyle (of something)

AnGry Hoosier Dad said...

Walk like a Mus-a-lim.

Anonymous said...

Obama is kind of late to the "not wanting to appear Muslim game." He's already done his bowing and scraping to the global Muslim world. But it's ok to offend Sikh's and stoopid Americans. Can we count on NPR to chastize him for his multiple racial/ethnic insensitivities?

Pete(Detroit) said...

Yeah, right... NPR needs to be de-funded like yesterday. Them and the Nat Endowment for Arts.
Sorry, libbie I have far better things to spend my money on - like diapers for my 1 yr old neice.
And no, I do NOT care that it 'only' costs $50 / year, it is NOT appropriate use of tax $$$

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- And let's not forget that NPR has no ideological problems with taking millions from George Soros, even though he hasn't been shy about expressing his political opinions.

drjim said...

Hey Stilton....what's the source of the picture showing Teh One in a head covering and red robe? I've seen it around the Web, but never heard where it came from.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drjim- The photos are from a 2006 visit to Kenya in which Obama tried on "traditional" garb. Hilariously, the photos are said to have been leaked to media by Hillary Clinton's campaign people during the Democratic primaries to build the perception that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

pryorguy said...

This guy sooo does not need to be an American president! But, in the big picture, it looks (hopefully) as though things might take a turn for the better since the folks out here have figured him out for the most part. He will still be around, unfotunately, for a while, but many of his cronies will not, and that's gotta be a step in the right direction!

drjim said...

Ahhhhh....a visit back to his homeland. Makes sense that he'd pay them more respect than he does the USA!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I've never heard of Baracky Fife offending Sikhs and Muslims before. Just Americans.