Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monster Turnout

Here at Hope n' Change, we really enjoy everything related to Halloween. But this year, the holiday is being overshadowed by a much bigger event (and probable cause for celebration): Election Night!

And really, the two occasions have a lot in common: both are about tricks and treats, concealed identities, spooky sounds (and soundbites), and lots and lots of scary stories. And monsters, for that matter...although Halloween is intended to attract them, while Election Night will confirm that we've gotten rid of them.

Similarly, a lot of Election Night parties will have Halloween-styled activities. Homes will be decorated with Barack O'Lanterns, Democrats will be gasping for air while bobbing for votes, conservatives will be playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkeys," and at the Whitehouse they'll be passing out apples with razor blades in them to the Democrats who actually ran campaigns in which they admitted supporting the president's disastrous policies.

All in all, we're looking forward to a grand old party!

The Whitehouse has already hired the band for Election Night.

BONUS: Don't forget this "Hit from the Crypt" for your pre-election Halloween Party!



alan markus said...

Maybe a little off topic, but the other day someone at a different blog linked this video as a reflection of what is happening/going to happen to liberals come November 2nd. They've been in a drunken haze, heading for a big crash.
The Funeral by Band of Horses

Great song, play it loud!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Pelosi and Reid were obvious, but who was the wolfman? And was Barney Fwankenstein?

pryorguy said...

Monster Mash!!! One of my all time favorites...all the better with Pelosi as the bride of Fwankenstein!

Just as long as Obama stays "dead" in the water!

Just as long as Dem candidates and incumbents get "buried" too!!!

Because just like vampires...they all SUCK!!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- The Wolfman (who isn't that easy to identify) is "Howlin' Joe" Biden. Spooky!

Anonymous said...

Don't get cocky!!!!!

Make absolutely sure that *you* are doing something to get out the vote or to reduce fraud on election day.