Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Ears

Because it would be unseemly in this disastrous economy for Barack Obama to admit that his highest priority is now campaigning for the 2012 election, he is instead saying that "I really want to figure out a way where I can spend more time outside of Washington listening and learning and engaging with the American people."

Because, you know, this president combines great humility with tremendous respect for the opinions of the American rabble.

Except when they express their opinions by casting votes against his policies. Or telling pollsters that they don't like what he's doing to the economy, healthcare, and the country. Or when they gather in huge numbers on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to ask for fiscal responsibility and a return to the principles of our founders.

Rather, Barack Obama will go forth among the common people and seek listening and learning opportunities in places like liberal colleges and, just to provide real diversity, other liberal colleges. And then he'll drop in on Iowa to ask if the voters there would like higher federal corn subsidies and, perhaps, backrubs...and he will humbly listen and learn from their responses while trying very hard not to jut his chin into the air.

According to Whitehouse adviser Valerie Jarrett, "when he took office, because of the crisis that was presented to him, he had to spend almost every waking hour in Washington."

Granted, many of those waking hours were spent golfing and playing basketball, but sucks for a listening, learning, man of the people to stay in Washington, which is clearly no place for a president to be during a crisis. This being the case, Hope n' Change is glad to hear that Mr. Obama will finally
be able to get out of town.

Between vacations, of course.


Pete(Detroit) said...

Not like he wants to BE president, just wants to play one on TV...
Thank you SO much, George Soros

Suzy said...

I guess eating Hawaiian snow ice is sorta engaging with the American know, eating junk food....hey its a start.... :-P

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

On this point alone do I agree with Bill Clinton: Barry is unfit for anything but fetching coffee for others. He is a damnable liar and has been from day one of his public existence. He rose on lies and stays aloft on lies and the lies must increase exponentially to keep him atop that perch made of smoke and fantasy. This cannot happen without the diligent effort of a willing media and they are indeed willing. Their currency has been "blame Bush" and they have spent liberally, but that purse is getting lighter by the day and their currency is buying less and less. But don't count them out even as their purse is emptied. Never underestimate their capacity for treachery and manipulation. All they will need is a solid, manufactured crisis to pull all eyes away from the truth. The crisis will come, it will be huge and it will be just close enough to the election to be most effective. Will it work? Like the Polish wise man said: A lot of things depend upon a lot of things.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Angry Hoosier Dad- I would never make the mistake of counting Obama and the Dems out. There are too many voters out there who will always respond favorably to the idea of getting free stuff, and punishing the "evil rich." Nor would I doubt that this "never waste a good crisis" administratrion would gin up a "good crisis" when and where necessary.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder what movies Hollywood has in the works to premier the summer and fall of 2012. They aid and abet the Dems every chance they can.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Dunno - Thought the Evil Squiddley Overlord, Galaxhar, from Monsters Vs Aliens bore a bit of a resemblance to Hisself..

pryorguy said...

If you would like to read a very enlightening article, google 'the law', and check it out. It was written long ago in France when they had the same problems we are encountering today, and is extremely educational. Just goes to show people's nature never changes. And, some never learn from history.