Thursday, December 30, 2010

Man's Best Fiend

Barack Obama, who has previously described himself as a racial "mutt," has decided he'd rather be a friend to sports figures than dogs. How else to explain his recent call to the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to praise him for giving a "second chance" to Michael Vick - the man who spent 19 months in jail for torturing, electrocuting, and drowning dogs when not forcing them to fight to the death for his own amusement.

It's hard to understand the president's giddy enthusiasm...unless, perhaps, he believes that the police simply planted maimed dogs at Vick's residence, and buried other dead dogs on the grounds. After all, Mr. Obama has famously declared that there's a "long history in this country" of police abuse against African-Americans like Vick. And OJ Simpson.

But apart from that, the president expressed delight at Vick's return to the playing field because "so many people who serve time never get a fair second chance" - unlike recently released detainees from Guantanamo Bay, who are allowed to return to jihaddist terror campaigns.

The president also feels that "individuals who have paid for their crimes should have an opportunity to contribute to society again"...although in this case, "contributing to society" consisted only of
carrying a football for $5.25 million a season at the same time that the president has indicated that anyone earning over $250,000 is an evil, selfish threat to society.

But in the end, Barack Obama is simply trying to teach us all a lesson about the importance of forgiveness - and here at
Hope n' Change, we're embracing that lesson. And so we forgive the president for his idiotic support of a vicious dog-murdering sonofabitch...and will think no less of him than we did before.

In fairness, Michael Vick does like puppies. With cream gravy.


drjim said...

Yeah, with all the talk of "evil" CEO's making 'too much money', and small business owners who sweat and slave to break $250k (I know....I've been there!), how come the libtard left *never* complains about all the obscenely overpaid sports figures and movie stars????

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Animal abusers, like child abusers, can be rehabilitated...but it's not likely. Once caught, they just go underground and get sneakier. Vick is human garbage and deserves a spot in a landfill, not the Pro Bowl. And before you Eagles fans accuse me of having no forgiveness in my heart, forgiveness is not mine to give. He didn't torture and kill me so I owe him no forgiveness. But the animals he has and will torture deserve a voice on their behalf. Burn in hell, Vick, and take that jug-eared sh*t-stain with you.

Jim Hlavac said...

Nothing says, um, "presidential" like comporting with & praising criminals of demented sorts, eh? For no reason other than to flaunt uncivil behavior and lunacy. It's bizarre. And since he also likes tax cheats, terrorists, thugs, liars and philanderers I must say, I'm bollixed if I can figure out which miscreant he might adhere to next. I wonder if there's a Las Vegas pool for which nefarious wacko he might give congrats to next? I suppose O.J. Simpson will be invited to a state dinner, to show the "best" of America. Egad.

Every time some gay guy hears about Michael Vick's "rehabilitation" we hold our pugs a little tighter for their safety. Every time Obama opens his mouth I find another gay buddy asking me about this TEA Party thing that needs all the support it can get. Fear not Double-Cheese man, more help is on the way.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same alleged president who condemned evil pediatricians for ripping tonsils out of young children? And his administration has always been more concerned with tea party people being homegrown terrorists. Don't get me started on his condemnation of the Cambridge police and his defense of the professor friend. He sure picks and chooses interesting people to be his heroes, villians and victims.

John the Econ said...

This is just another example of the moral retardation that infects our culture. Too many Americans love "winners", even if they're creeps. That's why so many of our professional sports leagues are now dominated by the thug culture; people that in any other context even Jesse Jackson would cross the street to avoid.

Would Obama have called up Jeffrey Lurie to commend him on Vick's "second chance" if Vick had sucked in his comeback? Of course not!

At least it was pleasing to watch Vick repeatedly get pounded by the Vikings the other night. Small consolation.

Suzy said...

I just think its all ridiculous. Every bit of it. And I wanna know when murdered unborn babies are going to get the same outrage as murdered dogs....everyone is so mad at Vick (he's scum, I agree, and Obama tends to pick the most idiotic battles to jump in and help fight) but then we still allow baby killing day in and day out in this country, as a legal money-making scheme. *sigh* When are children going to be more valuable than mutts? Right now the government only loves our children as much as it takes to be able to control their parents.....

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was just dogs, not people, not children, just dogs. Excess dogs are killed everyday by the "Humane Society", often by shooting them with a bullet to the head, especially in small towns. Yes what he did was wrong, but again, it was only dogs. Dogs are not people, they are dogs. I "torture" minnows every summer, I grab them and put a hook through their head, then I put them in the water to be eaten by a larger fish. That doesn't make me evil, it means I am a fisherman.

Yes what Vick did was wrong, but he served more time in prison than most people who commit crimes against other humans. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

i love dogs. i love the eagles. naturally, this is conflicting.

i don't like vick for his previous transgressions, and i still have my reservations about him playing for my team.

but he deserves a second chance. in the past few years on the team he has cleaned up his act. he does not see any of the people that enabled his behavior in the past, he lives humbly (by nfl standards), he doesn't go out clubbing, and he has made every single right move to remove himself from his former lifestyle.

i am not saying that he acknowledges what he did was wrong. all i am saying is that he should be held to the same standard as any other person under probation.

everyone deserves a second chance. let him be a symbol of redemption.

unless, of course, he screws up royally and is caught with the rape stand again. then feed him to the wolves.

one last note-would have been awesome to see a cartoon blaming obama for jinxing my eagles!! another reason to dislike that pompous jerk.

Pete(Detroit) said...

"Think no less of him than we did before"
C'mon, Stilt - is it POSSIBLE to think less of HIM than we already do?
Just sayin'..

Dr.D said...

Why do we need people like Michael Vick in America?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (four above)- "It was just dogs" "Get over it." Wow.

Yes, vast numbers of dogs in animal shelters are killed every day. But they're not tortured to death. They're not put into a ring to fight, where their flesh is ripped and torn, bones are broken, and the only two ways out of their nightmarish pain are to kill or die in agony. That's what Vick did. That's what Vick loved.

Our legal system is set up so that once a person has served their time, they get a second chance. But a "second chance" is not the same as a "clean slate," and no one is compelled to forget the horrors that Vick perpetrated.

If there are enough people out there who think football is more important than animal cruelty, then the Eagles simply made a practical and pragmatic decision in hiring Vick. But it's hard for me to accept a president who believes that ripping a living animal's face off is less torturous than pouring water over a jihaddist's nose...or that moral absolution can be achieved on a football field.

John the Econ said...

It's not just about the dogs. It's about the idea that Vick and his friends are the kind of people who derive pleasure from perpetrating and watching the most thoughtless, vicious and brutal forms of entertainment. It's sad and disturbing to know that activities that we used to think Americans for the most part were above and only took place in "backwards" countries is going on here right under our noses.

The only thing more disturbing about the revelation of Vick's dogfighting activities was the number of Falcon's fans who saw little wrong with it. As long as he won games, people were either able to overlook his ugly personal life, or worse, didn't even care of find his personal life particularly ugly. Even today in Atlanta, you can still find people walking around proudly wearing their Vick jerseys!

The NFL and the Eagles have done the economic calculus, and have decided that the number of fans who either don't care or who can overlook Vick's ugliness equal or outnumber the ones who they'll loose because of it. It's a sad statement on both the NFL, Eagles, and American culture.

Colby_Muenster said...

Just throwing out an opinion here... If a person (like Vick) has their brain wired to think it is acceptable to torture and brutally kill dogs, does anybody really believe a year and a half in the hoose-gow is going to rewire that brain? I just sort of expect that doing time like that is just going to teach that person to be a lot more careful from now on.

That said, the issue here that REALLY bugs me is the mind of our alleged president. Apparently it is perfectly acceptable in his mis-wired noggin to torture and brutally kill unborn babies (and innocent animals), but has a real problem bringing known terrorists and murderers to justice. The guy scares the living shit out of me!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I don't think it's that mutts are more important than babies (to liberals they are equivalent), but (historically) we expect parents in particular and society in general to look out for human children. Domesticated animals don't have those natural protections and need people to step up and act in their defense. But you provided a needed perspective check and I appreciate that.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

John the Econ- Very well said!

Colby_Muenster- I'm in complete agreement, and this is precisely the point of today's cartoon and commentary. Michael Vick may just be a stupid, cruel dumbass who's good at football, and from whom we don't demand much in either the way of intellect or decency.

But the bar used to be set a bit higher for presidents - and for Barack Obama to enthuse about Vick puts the two on the same moral level.

Bobo said...

No matter what the crime, drug abuse, illegal steroids, illegal gaming, sexual abuse or assault, rape, robbery, DUI, on and on and on..., people will always pay to see a TV or movie or athletic celebrity (notice I didn't say a Hero) do his or her thing. And, team owners will always hire back a talented player who will put butts in the seats. They do it for one

If the league and owners required/established draconian clauses in contracts that would forever ban players from playing in the league again we wouldn't have such infamous bad behavior off the playing field or arena.

The only name that comes to mind regarding this issue is Pete Rose. I think he was banned from baseball (or maybe just retired, I don't remember) for betting on baseball.

John the Econ said...

Bobo, most athletes and entertainers usually have "morals clauses" in their contracts which allow for their dismissal should their behavior be deemed "immoral".

Unfortunately, the bar for "morality" in the western world has fallen below any discernible or measurable standard. Employers rarely evoke them anymore, and when they do they're frequently overturned by arbitrators or courts.

(Remember Latrell Spreewell, who attempted to strangle his coach? An NBA arbitrator deemed that it was NOT a offence worthy of termination. If physically assaulting your boss isn't a termination-worthy offence, what is?)

As long as we as entertainment consumers tolerate this level of behavior, we'll continue to see it. Sad.

Philip said...

As always, Stilt's cartoons speak a lot to us.

Like this one : Dog Days

Suzy said...

Angry Hoosier...that's the point, too...unborn babies are just as defenseless, if not more so, than dogs....and they are HUMANS, no less.

I suppose Vick is somewhere similar to Tiger was always supposed to be a "gentleman's" sport...and he acted anything BUT a gentleman....but is still playing. Granted, he didn't torture anyone...well, that we know of....