Monday, January 3, 2011

Healthy Constitution

Under Nancy Pelosi's leadership, the House Democrats were good at writing (turning many bills into 2000 page monstrosities), but not very good at reading.

This being the case, new Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced that when the Republicans take over this week, the Constitution will be read aloud to the Democrats so (to paraphrase his predecessor)
"you can find out what's in it."

Democrats and the mainstream media are calling it a meaningless stunt, pointing out that the reading is a waste of
an entire hour of valuable governmental time. Oddly, the same Democrats and media types weren't concerned about two years' worth of wasted time under Nancy Pelosi, when many critical issues were delayed - or ignored entirely - before being rushed through in the last days of her evil reign.

If hearing the Constitution in full (perhaps for the first time) transforms the House Democrats into responsible guardians of our nation's heritage and future, it will be a

But on the hopeful side, it wouldn't be the
first miracle the Constitution has been responsible for.

Coming soon to a political theater near you.


John the Econ said...

I just hope the GOP members listen as well. If they had a dozen years ago, we wouldn't have had to endure the last 4+ years.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I'm sorry that my president (Charlton Heston - three time president of the NRA) isn't around to read it aloud to them. The Democrats - and some RINO's - would be pissing their pants and hiding under their desks. What a voice...what a man.

Anonymous said...

I hope the reading doesn't fall on a roomful of empty desks the way much of the business there seems to be done. Mandatory attendance might teach another valuable skill-listening; a skill apparently in grave danger of disappearing from *representative* governance.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (directly above)- If there are empty desks - on either side of the aisle - I hope that it's well documented.

Bobo said...

I'd like to hear James Earl Jones read it. Stilton - could you replace the face on the levitated girl with Pelosi's face?

moronpolitics said...

You can read it 100 times. Until we grow the balls to go after Federal Judges and get rid of them when they say black is white, up is down,gay is straight.. then it doesn't matter.
Do YOU reading this have them? I doubt it. Strategies need to be made, tested and followed. Multiple strategies to avoid future BS decisions, remove judges that have made past decisions that are CLEARLY wrong and NOW...NOW...NOW lining up the Senators to make CERTAIN that not one single justice will reach the Supreme Court that believes he/she has the right to make the laws. ANY Senator that runs around with his thumbs in the air and his head up his butt saying that "elections have consequences" and voting to approve treasonous liars needs to be removed. REMOVED. ASAP. The elections that need to have consequences are those putting the Senate in office. They were supposed to approve or DISAPPROVE Justices. Anyone who voted to approve the last two Justices has ZERO respect for that duty. ZERO. There is NO duty of a Senator as important as this one.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Moronpolitics- I certainly agree that nothing magical is likely to occur from a reading of the Consitution (I'd like to imagine a scene much like when the Nazis opened the Lost Ark of the Covenant in "Indiana Jones")...but it may at least be a start.

You're right about the importance of judges and justices and the tremendous damage being done to our system by them. A major, major housecleaning is long overdue. And like you, I'm skeptical that it will happen anytime soon - despite the need.

Rick said...

Since most demoncraps will call in sick that day the Conservatives should use that day to impeach Obama.

pryorguy said...

How about a few weeks of MANDATORY classes on the Constitution for ALL congress-persons (gotta be PC!)...and after the TEST... take names who dont show up!! Many many Americans (and some of the media)hopefully would find that extremely interesting.