Sunday, March 20, 2011

HnC Vault: Lincoln Knocks

Originally published February 23, 2009

Isn't it odd how we celebrate President's Day by making sure that no government services are available? Then again, maybe that is something to celebrate!

Update 3/20/11 - This cartoon was pulled from the vaults because it mentions the sad state of our public schools; a topic I'd wanted to touch on this week - but which got pushed aside by more urgent news events.

According to the "No Child Left Behind" standards which President George Bush instituted for assessing the quality of education being delivered, more than 75% of all public schools will receive a failing grade this year unless something is done. Unfortunately, the "something" being proposed by Barack Obama is a lowering of the schools don't actually have to improve to get a passing grade.

Additionally, it was announced this week that the "Barack H. Obama Elementary School," which was renamed two years ago to "inspire" students, will be closing permanently owing to dwindling attendance. Which just goes to show that if you name a school to honor a man whose greatest accomplishment was being "present"...students won't be.


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Education is rightly, and constitutionally, under the jurisdiction of the individual states. Unfortunately, the states have abrogated their responsibilities and relinquished leadership to the federal government. They know it is difficult to vote with your feet if every state has the same low federal standards. Your only choice is to pay dearly for private schools while still supporting the public schools with your tax dollars or condemning your children to the depredations of a public diseducation. It was a serious financial hardship for us to send our daughter to private school, but we did so from K through 12 so that she would have a fighting chance. If we'd had more than one child I don't know what we would have done. The awful truth is that we are the public and we are responsible for this sin against our children. We let it happen on our watch. We could fix it, but it would mean putting down the remote and actually doing something. I am not hopeful.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- My family had to move to get out of a public school system where the majority of first-graders either spoke no English, or couldn't even identify alphabet letters - unlike my daughter, who was reading books. She's out of college now...but in the interim, that richly-funded school system has only gone farther downhill. Between the unions and the ethnic sensitivities, there's almost nothing that can be done to improve public schools in their current condition. Even, apparently, Barack H. Obama Elementary.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I know some teachers, am related to a few, and even dated one for a couple of years... this is a hugely complex issue. Yes, 'we' the parents / community are at the root of things, by not being more careful who it is that we elect to school boards. Parents of the children are responsible as well, for not ensuring that kids arrive at school well fed, well slept, and ready to learn. "Mainstreaming" is a broken policy, where 'normal' to 'bright' kids are held back to the pace of those unable or unwilling to do the work (at some point, a janitorial co-op ought to kick in - "would you like a mop with that?" I mean face it - some of these goobers are just not wired for anything higher. Not that there's anything wrong w/ that - world needs janitors, too). Once again, what we have is the logical (and obvious) consequence of a system that penalizes success, and rewards mediocrity. The teachers that WANT to teach the kids that WANT to learn, can't because of all the moo-poo that goes on relating to the kids who are unwilling and/or unable to learn. All this totally aside from having "PC" curricula forced on them AND having to deal w/ kids who don't even speak English, don't respect teachers, and Unions who are all about protecting crappy teachers and sucking up dues...

As stated, it's complex - but if WE got off our butts, got INVOLVED, and pitched a fit now and then, it might be a start.
Then again, too many single parents have not the time / energy to be properly engaged, more's the pity..

Suzy said...

I agree, a lot of the problem is the parents...and then, in turn, the schools tie the hands of the teachers so they are not able to teach. My stepmom is a public school teacher and I do not know how she manages.

Our kids are in private school. I'm so thankful for it. I have a kindergartener the same age as a friend's kindergartener who is in public school. I could not believe the difference in the homework each child brings home. My child is reading short books. Her child is barely reading three letter words, if that.

Homeschooling is also becoming bigger...unfortunately it also carries a dreadful stigma as something "religious nuts" do...but more and more "non religious nuts" are jumping on the bandwagon just so their kid has a chance in the future. said...

I have an interesting idea if anybody wants to support it. next year, when school starts ALL the people whose kids are in the area for each public school should show up for the first day.

Anonymous said...

There's two things you missed. The remains of a man were found in a plastic bag, stuffed in a closet in a blood splattered apartment at the Justice Sonia Sotomayer Houses, a public housing project. The Joe Biden train station, newly renovated with stimulus money, had a problem during its ribbon cutting ceremony when the train broke down and the Amtrak CEO had to be driven to the event.

SC said...

Moronpolitics – No kidding. I was thinking along the same lines during the Wis missing-dem-debacle. Tons of folks in IL own vacation homes in Wis and pay property taxes for the schools, but, none of their children attend. What would the Govt-Run schools in Wis do if all those IL kids showed up next year......along with all the Wis kids that normally attend private/religious schools or are homeschooled?

Anon - I heard about the Amtrak CEO thing LOL

ParaPacem said...

You know, Mr. Obongo, the Kenyan In Chief, is actually following an ancient tradition of wisdom which is, if not Solomonic, at least Moohammudan, by lowering the school requirements, and thus making sure that there are more graduates, etc.

Once, a disciple of Moohammud approached his master, saying, Master, I burn with lust for a girl child in my village, but do not know if she is old enough to marry me. I have copulated with my wives, my children, and my goats and chickens, but still she is on my mind. What must I do?
Moohammud replied, place the child in a barrel; if her chin rises higher than the rim of the barrel, then she is ready for your use. Pluck that chicken, my son!
The disciple replied, But Master - what if her chin is NOT above the rim of the barrel?
With a sly grin, Moohammud answered him,
Then cut the barrel down until it is a proper size!

So you see? He follows the traditions of his fathers!