Saturday, March 19, 2011

HnC Vault: Mr. Popularity

Originally published August 2, 2010

Poor Barack Obama. First he didn't get an invitation to Chelsea Clinton's wedding ("It's going to ve a very small, inexpensive ceremony," Hillary told him. "Just six people, and afterwards we're going to Cici's pizza for the buffet.")

And now, Congressional Democrats are telling the alleged president that the best way he can help them get re-elected is by staying far, far away.

Considering the stress of all these rejections, the president should consider treating himself to a relaxing first-class, five-star, taxpayer-funded luxury vacation in Spain with Michelle!

Oh, that's right.

She's going without him.

3/19/2011 Update - I chose this cartoon for the weekend rotation for several reasons. First and foremost, the snub from Hillary about Chelsea's wedding was nothing compared to Mrs. Clinton's definitive statement this week that she wouldn't work under Obama during a second term, in any position, for any reason. Insiders suggest she can no longer tolerate the president's inability to make a decision or take a stand on matters of international importance.

But the cartoon is additionally relevant because since it first appeared, Mr. Obama has also been snubbed for an invitation to the Royal Wedding in England, and there has been a 90% drop in requests for the alleged president to speak at high school commencements.

Oddly enough, when Obama is enthusiastically invited somewhere, he refuses to go. For instance, his presence (actual or even rhetorical) was requested by the people of Iran, the people of Egypt, and the people of Libya...but the president stood them up.

Which is why his popularity, and America's image, continues to plummet.



Suzy said...

Wow, I'm still up when the new cartoon was posted!!!!

I thought this article would go with this comic. TOO funny:
Even the schools don't want him! LOL!

I'm reading that Japan feels America isn't doing enough to help....I'm torn on it, I do feel we are doing some things, and that its not fully our responsibility...however as Japan is one of our allies, it certainly looks like we are not doing enough to really help with food and water like we have with other countries. Not that anyone can reverse the devestation they are experiencing. :-(

You know...Obama is an idiot...but there is something more scary than the idiot in the White House. Its the idiotS who put him there. Because Obama can be voted out, or in the worst case, be termed out...but the idiotS will still be voting every November.

John the Econ said...

Good find Suzy. Quite symbolic really:

"At the time that the school acquired its new name, administrators took a lot of flak for ostensibly focusing on the name change instead of the plight of its students. But the city resident behind the movement, Myra Campbell, believed it would "send a subliminal message" to the students.

And just what what was that "subliminal message"? That your future belonged to the state? That the fruits of your labor is not yours, but belongs to the state to be redistributed as it sees fit? That you will be condemned to a lower standard of living than your parents for the first time in American history? That becoming a "community organizer" is the highest calling one can follow as opposed to becoming educated and then freely producing things that people need and want? That it's more important to "look good" than to "feel good", or to actually be good?

You are right; the "national embarrassment" isn't that all of this is happening. It's that he was elected in the first place. In 2008, it didn't take genius to see that his was an empty suit. America as a whole bears responsibility for the Obama administration.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

John the Econ:
Yes, we do bear the bulk of the responsibility. It is incumbent upon each citizen to know who he's voting for and why. But I also recognize that we have placed so much (too much) faith in our news media to tell us what we should know about these national figures. Big mistake. Still, I don't know if it's going to be very different in 2012, at least as far as the media's complicity with the current regime is concerned. It doesn't matter how bad things are domestically or internationally, they will be shilling for Obama because they have handcuffed themselves to him and can't find the key. At worst, they will opine that they can't understand how such a brilliant man can make such rookie mistakes. I used to think they were overtly lying. Now I'm not so sure. I think it's entirely possible that they don't report the truth because they are so ideologically bent that they can't see the truth. Regardless, like you said, America bears the responsibility. I pray we have learned to honor that responsibility with more intelligent choices. Was the election of 2010 a fluke or a harbinger of things to come?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad (and John and Suzy)- I'm on the same page as the rest of you. Obama is, in my mind, the worst president in my lifetime... but "president" Obama is remarkably consistent with "candidate" Obama; his shortcomings were there to be seen all along, and people voted for him anyway.

As you say, AHD, I think many in the media are reporting what they think is the truth, because there is a consensus of idiocy. How could so many be so wrong? And yet they are.

I'm greatly encouraged by the rise of alternative media, but have my doubts how much influence it can exercise in 2012. Sure, it strengthens and informs conservatives...but how much of the alternative message reaches the ears of the independents or (heaven help us) the left?

Couple that with the fact that the actual TRUTH which needs to be aired for the next election is bad news. Entitlements need to be cut... and any honest candidate will be faced with telling people to vote against the benefits they've been (falsely) promised for years.

"Sweet lies versus hard truths." That might not make a bad bumpersticker for 2012.

WMD said...

To all before me, if I understand your comments correctly, I disagree on one main point.
The media, king hussein, they are not stupid or blind or naive. I believe they know EXACTLY what they are doing.
I'm not a conspiracy guy, however, I guarantee you soros is behind all of this. Read "The Shadow Party" by David Horowitz. At the time of the writing, nobody had heard of king hussein. Horowitz does lay out a compelling argument about how soros is overtly trying to destroy this country. soros has said it openly many times. He wrote a damn book about it, called "The Bubble of American Supremacy" And it is about his intention to economically destroy this country. One of his favorite acolytes is Shillary.
But once he saw king hussein come along, he jettisoned her and backed hussein.
I just don't believe for a micro-second that any of this is some sort of crazy accident. An "oops, my bad" moment in time. It is purposeful and deliberate.
In my mind there can be no other explanation.
But what do I know? I'm just yer average American right-wing extremist because I happen to love my country.
One last thing, ever since I first looked into king hussein, I've said you could put his resume in a fortune cookie.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I'm hoping we get a decent Rep candidate - no RINOs or Dem light, PLEASE!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@robert- I have little doubt about Soros' involvement in a lot of mischief (including helping a complete cypher become president), but it's not like he's had to buy off journalists by the truckload. By their own dispositions and biases, all they've needed is a gentle push in the right (albeit wrong) direction.

And you're right about the "resume in a fortune cookie" observation. How in God's name did this country ever elect a man whose greatest (and seemingly only) accomplishment was writing two autobiographies about his own magnificence? Or, perhaps, having them written for him.

@Pete(Detroit)- That's my greatest nightmare: that 2012 rolls around and we get another McCain grinning (or is that grimacing?) from the campaign posters.

WMD said...

I hear what you are saying about the "journalist's". Maybe a better term would be "useful idiots". But no matter how you cut it, they are willing participants.
And that's why I love HnC. There are many great insights on this site everyday.

JustaJeepGuy said...

What I saw when Hillary first announced that she was running was that the for MSM, the only question left to ask was, "Who will Hillary have decorate the White House?" Suddenly, Barack Hussein announced he was running and the MSM barely acknowledged Hillary's existence. I wondered why that was, and then I realized that the MSM had just gotten too tired of protecting Slick Willie's "legacy". They would have had to spend four more years (and possibly eight, God help us all) protecting Slick. Yes, we got stuck with Baracky Fife because of the sordid past of Bill Clinton. FOR NEITHER OF WHOM I VOTED, BTW. The MSM purposely helped to elect and re-elect Slick Willie and they did the same to us with Barack Hussein Obama. Thank goodness they didn't succeed in sticking us with Al Gore and "JFK Lite" Kerry! The MSM's not letting the Goerge Soros story out of the bag certainly hasn't helped...

John the Econ said...

AHD: It's not just the media; it's the collateral damage from over 40 years of the "Great Society", which created generations of people who know little other than dependency upon the state, real or imagined. They honestly believe that it's only through the grace of Democrats that they will have jobs (or alternatively welfare checks) or anything else good in their lives. They are so far down this hole that it never occurs to them that after nearly a half-century of this dependency, that they really aren't any better off than if they they were to be living independently. They will always vote for whoever promises them more, or at the very least nothing less than the mediocre existence they already have. This is the sad and evil result of American liberalism; literally enslaving millions to mediocrity to serve the egos, conscious, and wallets of the elites.

And that is how we get electoral majorities to vote for empty suits like Obama.

moronpolitics said...

I, indeed most of the readers here, have nothing to be ashamed of concerning Mr. Obama's candidacy. It wasn't some kind of surprise. Indeed, I tried to put early money down on Obama running for VEEP when he spoke to the Dem convention. It is Hillary who should get the blame for GIVING AWAY the nomination due to hubris. She DID NOT COMPETE in ANY of the caucus states. In Texas 51 percent of the votes are caucus. She let Obama have those. She won every or all but one or two of the primaries for the last 20 contests, but -- giving away yes GIVING AWAY the caucus votes --- she had no chance.

The GOP's shame is here.>>>>>>> McCain<<<<< They let this fool run. He is a complete moron in many many ways. I don't give a damn what he did in a prison camp. He SUCKED as a candidate. He as much as said on more than one occasion that he was extremely PROUD to be the person LOSING to Obama. He ran around at the debates with his thumbs in the air grinning like a looney tune looking exactly like someone with advanced Alzheimers out wandering in the rain. Anyone who has been around politics for 5 minutes knew that he was only the darling of the press because he was a Republican who criticized Bush. ANYONE could see that except McCain. That is now ancient history except WHAT are we doing about our INSANE system to stop it from happening again. It is 2010 and ALREADY unless he dies from a stroke or is killed somehow Newt Gingrich is almost CERTAIN to be nominated. Yes, 67 year old Newt. The Freakin' Idjit that makes Global Warming commercials with Pelosi and who made himself a gigantic media target and then ran himself out of town on a rail, but not before losing control of the House, so we could see Bill Clinton impeached, the GOP look like a bunch of fools, Bill Clinton become a HERO, the GOP look like a bunch of fools, put forward a budget with A BIG FAT PHONEY AS Anna Nicole's Boobs "surplus" so that Bill Clinton got the credit the GOP looked like a bunch of fools AND spendthrifts since THERE NEVER WAS A SURPLUS.........
Obama is the weakest, worst, most pathetic excuse for a President EVER. Almost daily I run into Black people at service jobs who are laughing at him. He is an embarassment to all, BUT ... He will be r-elected. The GOP will slam dunk him back into the Whitehouse and the country will not survive. It is that simple. We will run a pathetic fool, talk about ridiculous "issues" and avoid saying or doing anything that might embarass the President. He will be elected and the United States of America WILL CEASE TO EXIST.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I'd give my right arm to find a hole in your logic. But I don't.

Andrew said...

Worst President of my Boomer lifetime? Tough choice, so many contenders.

In sheer magnitude of damage, Nixon. Clinton. Carter. Bush 2. Obama is an abominable disaster...'building' on so much damage already done by his predecessors. My .02.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Andrew- The way I determined "worst" is that this is the most vulnerable time (I believe) in our nation's history...due in no small part to the other luminaries you've mentioned. But that means that Obama's actions (or inactions) have larger and more critical consequences for our future. He doesn't have to deliver the largest screw ups - he just has to fail to act (or act in bad faith) at this critical time. Which makes him worst in my mind, hands down.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Andrew - Nixon certainly did great damage to the office, however - he did get us out of 'Nam, and DID open China. Clinton, as he was reigned in by a Rep Congress (both houses) mostly merely effed up by responding poorly to terrorist attacks, and not splatting OBL when he had the chance. No great fan of Bush2, who never met a spending bill he didn't like (what, ONE veto in 8 years?!?!?) but he DID did respond to 9/11 by realizing (finally) we were at War, whether we wanted it or not, and was determined not to lose it. Also, recognized that tax cuts provide increased revenue. Other than that, yeah, pretty much a dumbass - including "War on Terror" ok, hello, it's the Terrorist War on Civilization, you know? Carter - Camp David, Israel / Egypt. Other than that, pfffft! Allowed Three Mile Island (and "China Syndrome, came out mere months after, having been in production for YEARS) to totally kill US nuke power... GRRR!
Up until rather recently, he would have been at the top of MY list...
Then again, even given all of O's "issues" we still don't have a "misery index"...
Otoh, "true" un(der)employment hovers still at ~17% - O has serious issues...
Need to pop this guy like a zit.
Then again, we NEED a new Reagan to unify us all. If we hadn't had W, would Jeb be 'the man'? (of course, HAVING had W, Jeb is toast)

Jamie said...


That's a great on-the-fly analysis of the presidents of this era. I'm not the biggest Reagan fan, but he was undoubtedly the best of this motley crew.


You've nailed it yet again. This is not a time for a laid-back presidency. For the love of god, DO SOMETHING.

I'd almost prefer death by a major blunder - death at the hands of a Pierce or a Wilson - then the situation we're in now, where the country collapses as the president plays golf.

Jamie said...

Woops - my first comments was meant to go to Pete. Sorry!