Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ruffled Feathers

Just when it seems that the War on Terror can't grow any more brutal or frightening, word has come out that Al Qaeda has now made personal threats against Barack Obama's grandmother in Kenya in response to the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden.

Sarah Hussein Obama is being protected by 24-hour police patrols after being targeted by
Al Shabaab, which surprisingly turns out to be the name of a terrorist group and not a used car salesman.

And frankly, it doesn't really seem fair to target the woman Obama calls "Granny Sarah." After all, she lives in a small dirt-floored hut in Africa raising chickens...she isn't an actual blood relative of Barack Obama (being the third wife of Obama's paternal grandfather)...and like virtually everyone else in her family she's a devout Muslim.

Moreover, since Barack Obama doesn't seem to have the usual emotions associated with people from Earth, Al Qaeda would have a better chance of shaking him up if they ignored his distant relatives and instead targeted his top campaign donors.

Not that we want that to happen, of course.

But in the words of Jeremiah Wright, it seems unfair for an old woman who raises hens and roosters to be the target when Barack Obama's chickens come home to roost.


The "buck-buck-buck" stops here.


pryorguy said...

It struck me as I see the terrorists of our age are threatening an old woman because she is related (sorta) to Obama. Seems there is absolutely nothing the un-terrorist world can do about this plague of terrorism. Plus, it brought to mind the biblical plagues in the book of Exodus...the dying cattle,the boils, the hail and fire, locusts, the darkness and finally the firstborn of Egypt dying...there really WAS nothing Pharoah could do about repent from his actions and obey God. I am not saying that America is a sinful nation, for it is a fact that a majority of Americans call themselves Christian, yet in many ways this nation as a whole has turned its back on God, thanks to liberal legislation over the past several decades. Kinda seems like those plagues Pharoah had to deal with (and could not) maybe have been transformed into the Muslim plague that we are trying to defeat, but how do you defeat such a widespread and cowardly bunch? They just keep coming at you, no matter what. Just a thought, maybe America could stand a little repenting too. This country is great BECAUSE of God's grace on it, it did not just happen!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. Targeting a old woman, who's the impoverished, STEP-grandmother of Obama is just evil. I'd like to know how this would be acceptable in the Qur'an or Sharia.

Doktor Paulie said...

Facts and logic are the last thing that either Muslim extremists or liberal humanists wish to deal in. So its not surprising that the former are threatening Obama's grandmother since it makes no sense whatsoever. When actions are based on emotion, clever manipulation of jargon, and a religious view firmly grounded in cloud-cuckoo-land, then insane behavior WILL be the result. The description applies to liberals as well as the Muslim extremists because liberalism in its demand for an unquestioning faith in its basic PC tenets in the absence of objective evidence for their validity fulfills one definition of the word "religion".

You cannot reason with such people. You can only oppose them by whatever means are necessary and match their unrelenting insanity with your own resolve never to quit.

With the violent radical Muslims it means we have to employ violence as well as economic and political measures to stop them and over time weaken them to the point of irrelevance.

With the liberals it means we must deploy our political and economic power based on a command of the truth, facts and logic, which they cannot match, to oppose them and their agenda at every opportunity.

There is a hot world war against terrorism going on and a great civil war of values being fought at the same time. It's our privilege, one way or another, to be soldiers in both. THIS is the Greatest Generation.

pryorguy said...

Wow, Dok Paulie, great logic there! And, since we have a goof in the white house with no gonads whatsoever (and an agenda that will do much harm to ALL of us if allowed to fruition) we Americans HAVE to realize we are at war...with evil ideas and agendas both here and abroad! I feel it is only beginning! Strap in!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Good points above. It's interesting to note the ways politics, morality, and religion intersect. When I think about it, "Hope and Change" was a purely faith-based campaign... albeit not faith in a religion or deity, but in a man. But it was a faith not based on morality, but on anger and envy; no good could come of it... and none has.

Similarly, radical Islam is not something which can be combatted through logic alone, nor with weapons alone. In the end, any true victory will have to be ideological. But for that to happen, we need to show that our culture is not as corrupt as it is perceived (usually accurately) by other cultures. One of the most overlooked tasks we have in the war on terror is to clean up our own cultural pigsty.

Because if we don't, it won't matter if our country is attacked by outsiders or not.

pryorguy said...

Amen, my friend

Doktor Paulie said...

Agree absolutely with the above.

Note that a vital weapon in our arsenal in both wars is humor. Neither of our enemies can tolerate being laughed at. In the civil war of values, the "normal force" (quoting Sun Tzu) of facts and logic, combined with the "special force" of humor makes a devastating combination. Lincoln found that telling humorous but pointed stories frequently chased off all manner of irrational petitioners. They were usually his generation's equivalent of liberals. Arm yourselves friends! Gathering a fund of effective humor, such as, for instance, by readingH ope N Change, will not only equip you better for the fight, but the endorphins released in the process will be a wonderful tonic.

Chuck said...

All too true! If all that we are seeing wasn't so darned serious, it would be a laugh. That we can laugh sets us apart.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Doktor Paulie & Chuck- I really do believe strongly in the importance of bringing humor into the battle we're all fighting...otherwise, I wouldn't devote the time and energy.

Laughter always comes from (and reinforces) a position of strength...even under the worst of circumstances. Case in point, the laughter that happens when friends and family gather after the death of a loved one. The fact that we may laugh doesn't mean we don't care, it doesn't mean we don't hurt terribly, it doesn't mean that we're not facing significant challenges, but it means we haven't surrendered to hopelessness. We're refusing to concede that the dark forces will win.

And it's just as true in politics and life (in fact, that's the very theme of my "Johnny Optimism" strip). We must laugh to show that we still have fight in us, and that the opposition hasn't got us cowed.

And the other side hates laughter. It confuses them and makes them unsure of themselves.

I certainly try to address serious topics here at Hope n' Change, but I also hope that giving people a few laughs along the way will help them shake off the blues and gain strength and confidence for the ongoing fight to restore our country.

And it's really gratifying for me to hear from so many people who say that the cartoon & commentary help them cope with this increasingly crazy world.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I re-post links to friends and family OFTEN, Stilt - you are truly doing yeoman's work here.

And, sometimes, preaching to the faithful is required, to remind them that they ARE the faithful, and why..

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Thank you, Pete, that really means a lot to me!

Pete(Detroit) said...

Every welcome - you mean a lot to US, too...

Ercille Christmas said...

Thank you for providing us with some ironic chuckles! One of my friends on FaceBook posts a link almost daily. Every Friday, unless there is a particularly sad national or world event, I e-mail "Friday Funnies" to my friends - a collection of jokes/humor that I received during the week. Invariably, your Hope n' Change Cartoons are included. Keep going! We will keep reading and appreciating!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ercille- Thank you for including my cartoons in your mailings! I'm honored and appreciative!