Friday, June 24, 2011

Tidal Waive

Today's cartoon isn't subtle...but neither is war. You fight or run. You win or lose. You tell the truth or you lie like a rug.

Which brings us to Barack Hussein Obama, the commander-in-chief of the United States military...God help us all. After recently overruling his top Whitehouse lawyers on the definition of "war" and "hostilities" in Libya (and giving the finger to Congress), Mr. Obama is now overruling his top generals and withdrawing troops from Afghanistan not when it's militarily wise, but when it will do the most good for his reelection campaign. And it was important to announce the actual withdrawal dates right now to give our enemies time to plan for their big victory parties.

The president and his trusty teleprompter explained all of this to the American people in flowery language that would have seemed more appropriate coming from a Poet Laureate than a president. A drunken Poet Laureate.

"The tide of war is receding," quoth surfing aficionado Obama, indicating that he thinks military success is based largely on the gravitational pull of the moon.

"Even as there will be dark days ahead in Afghanistan, the light of a secure peace can be seen in the distance," he continued over a background of soothing new-age harp music. And Obama loves using those light/dark, future/past rhetorical devices when he speaks, because they sound great but when you put them together they mean absolutely nothing; things will be bad and things will be good? Wow, thanks for the insights, genius.

And just where is Obama getting the military advice to take this action and likely lose a war? Not from General David Petraeus, but from his reelection campaign planners and Joe Biden, who hasn't been correct on a single foreign policy matter in his entire inexplicable career.

Finally, Barack Obama is basically giving Afghanistan to the Taliban because, in his words, "it is time to focus on nation-building at home."

Funny, we thought that a pretty good nation had already been built here... but it's obvious that this despicable little political worm of a man is intent on building something else.


Jazz said...


Isn't Barry the boyo who proclaimed just two months prior to his election words to this effect:
"America is the greatest country in the world -- and with your help we'll change that"?

It is no wonder he has been able to make such unparalleled decisions, regarding foreign -- and especially military -- affairs, domestic policy ... and which club to used to get over the next water hazard.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Politicians in general are like children with scissors. They need watching. The watchers (media) have left their posts and joined the cheerleading squad. Many are actively suppressing the truth but some truth is filtering out via alternative media and word of mouth. And so many of us are living with the truth (prices, unemployment, home values) every day that it can't help but be self-evident. These are the things the cheerleaders can't hide, they can only lie about and promise "good times ahead". I am completely done with all forms of national, main-stream media. I won't even watch local news and only take the Sunday paper now. If anything major happens I know I will hear or read about it in the alternative media. Somehow I don't think I'm going to miss anything. As for Obama's "nation-building at home"...methinks the nation he wants to build us into is Somalia.

SeaDog52 said...

"Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it", Obama has now committed the cardinal sin of Vietnam, ignoring the advice of his military commanders and responding to what his disgruntled leftist supporters want in order to get reelected. Unfortunately, all the American Public sees in the Lame Stream Media is 'US Forces Killing Civilians', 'Karzi and his Government Is Corrupt' and 'x Troops Died', they have no idea of the progress being made. The greatest ally the Taliban and AlQueda have is the American Press, just as the North Vietnamese relished in the news media reports of the time. When Obama wanted to get elected, Iraq was the 'bad' war, Afganistan was the 'good' war. Now he has switched policies because he is losing his leftist support, and the media polls indicate that American want us out. As a person schooled in statistics, I want to see the raw data on that - what the make up of the polling audience was, how was the question worded and phrased, etc. Lord save us from all politicians! Semper Fi!

CenTexTim said...

"this despicable little political worm of a man is intent on building something else"

building ... or destroying?

(BTW - great characterization of the loser-in-chief)

Jim Hlavac said...

So, he's withdrawing from Afghanistan for peace, he says, a place that has seen more peace now than anytime in the last 20 or 30 years, but this will bring more war there and a new reign of terror from Medieval scrods, aka the Taliban -- and in "not a war" he's bombing Libya to pieces? The media is so daffy and such liars that my own brother-in-law was surprised to hear that we're at war in Libya, that's how hidden that "kinetic action" is. Meanwhile, because he's "not at war" in Libya we have to supposedly release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to lower the price of gasoline, he thinks, that went up because we're "not at war" in an oil exporting nation? And a measly 2 day supply of the stuff -- 60 million barrels is not much at all. It's a very weird world in strange times indeed, and this president is so looney that I need a score card to keep track of the nonsense. Still, I read this AM that the misery index is the highest since 1983. Oh well, Obama, you is the James Buchannan of our times, with failure written on your time in office. Yet, with RINOs of Obamian proportions filling the Republican hustings perhaps we'll just muddle along until ... well, I no longer can see the future. Perhaps Jane Fonda will head to Kabul to tell me how wonderful everything will be under the newly reconstituted Taliban -- and we'll find a humanitarian crisis in the making as they begin their slaughter of anyone whom ever talked to an American. I'm bumfuddled, truly.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

0bama didn't say he was withdrawing for "peace". That's what it SOUNDED like, but not what he actually said. You see, "peace" and "piece" are pronounced identically. 0bama is CLEARLY withdrawing the troops for a piece of the voting pie which would be denied him otherwise. Or would be purportedly denied him - most of those dyed-in-the-wool democrat-socialists cannot force their puppet-like hands to throw the lever or punch the chad for anyone other than another dyed-in-the-wool democrat-socialist, so he can pretty much do what he wants in most regards and is likely after a headline and a sound-bite. I can see it now: "0bama actually fulfills one of his campaign promises. Details at 11..." That his fulfillment of such a promise in such a mode makes pointless the lives of several war-dead soldiers and jeopardizes the safety of all US citizens - and those of other countries - at home and abroad matters not to the narcissist-in-charge.

And he's not repeating the mistake in policy of Vietnam; he is intentionally politicizing the episode for personal benefit. That can be read as committing treason if you like - however, it is not much different than the long string of treasonous activity - including abeyance or outright dereliction of the duties of his office - this guy and his cronies in the house, senate, and courts have already gotten away with.

Chuck said...

We have the most Anti-American president in history. There ... I said it, therefore I am a racist.

Well, guess what, that's how this no-talent, inexperienced, narcissistic community agitator got in office: racism. Our first affirmative-action president, in charge of the best military in the world … and hell-bent on destroying it.

God save us from ourselves.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Outstanding comments above!

John the Econ said...

Buckle up folks, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

So it begins. Since the hopey-changey BS isn't going to work on the swing vote in 2012, expect a series of desperate and contradictory policy moves all designed to shore up the base for next year's election. Because without the base, he's toast.

The first shot was locking down labor by deploying the fascists at the NRLB to exceed its mandate and run roughshod over industries that continue to flee the blue states.

Next, shore up support from the highly disillusioned anti-war faction by leaving Iraq & Afghanistan. I'm still not sure what he's going to do about his cluster in Libya. His original plan of having it run by the "international community" pretty much evaporated when the "international community" unexpectedly (at least to the Administration) got timid early on and left Obama holding the bag. but I'm sure he'll figure out something that will both leave the rebels abandoned, America further discredited internationally and especially in the Middle East, and will be able to be blamed on someone else. But at least, we won't be "at war" anymore.

Then we have the release of oil from the "Strategic Petroleum Reserve", which should really be renamed "Strategic Re-election Reserve". When conceived, we were given the impression that this government reserve of oil was intended for actual shortage emergencies such as a real war or the Arab embargo of the '70s. Nope, it's become a taxpayer-funded political tool. (Not that I can exclusively blame Obama; Clinton and Bush used it in non-emergencies as well) The other little scam here is that the oil in the reserve is usually sold in the marketplace by middlemen of the Administration's choosing, usually someone owed a favor. (In the '90s, it was a buddy of Jesse Jackson's who's "oil business" consisted mostly of a PO Box and fax machine; Don't hold your breath waiting for the MSM to expose who Obama's middle men end up being)

Of course, what defies logic is why Obama has decided that oil at $90/barrel is an economic crisis, but oil at $120/barrel was not. The only conceivable reasons (in addition to the payoff to someone yet known mentioned above) is that "Recovery Summer, the Sequel" is even worse than "Recovery Summer" the original. Perhaps at least one of his new economic advisors has educated him that high energy prices (even through they are a cornerstone of his energy and economic agenda) aren't helping the economy along, and as I am sure he has heard from Bill Clinton, "It's the economy, stupid!"

Of course, we all know it's rather pointless; a couple of days supply of oil thrown into the marketplace certainly isn't going to make much of dent when spending the better part of a trillion dollars of borrowed money didn't either. But hey, at least someone still has "hope".

Suzy said...

Heaven forbid we truly need the oil reserves....this is stupid. Its like pulling money out of your investments because you can't quite afford the new car you had your eye on, instead of buying the one you can afford and saving the investments for when you don't have any other options.

Basically, everything that has been done (and will be done) by Obama is for one of two reasons: Destroying the country he hates, or being reelected so he can continue to destroy the country he hates.

Dave said...

@ Suzy--Hear!Hear! If this administration was anymore transparent the Obama household would be out at the Anti-USA rallies shouting "Down with the USA!" and other great slogans! Of course Obama is fulfilling at least one of his campaign pledges....His pledge of a transparent can his hate and disdain of our once great nation be anymore transparent.

Chuck said...

@Suzy - you nailed it!

Colby said...

John the Econ,

I think I have a guess on the "cluster" in Libya. I heard something on the radio that said Mortimer Gadfly was maybe looking for a way to the the hell out of Dodge. If this happens, the rebels will take over, and BO will get to claim a HUGE victory over a ruthless dictator. Never mind that Gadfly's successors will ultimately be way worse that he was. It will take a while for that to happen (like, until just after November 2012), so the sheeple and LSM will heap praises on Comrade Obama, and brag that it only took him "a few weeks to take out the bad guy; not years like that loser, Bush."

Are Gadfly and BO in cahoots on this? Probably not, but BO is smart enough to know he can drive Gadfly out with limited effort and bask in the glory of his victory just in time to boost his ratings among moderates.

TheOldMan said...

And in other news, The Dear Golfer does a "shout-out" to Jared Monti, a soldier to whom Obungler presented a MOH after he came back from Afghanistan. It was a very loud "shout-out" because Mr. Monti was awarded the MOH post-humously by The Annointed One himself. It must be diffficult for the most eloquent Obomber to keep all of those MOH soldiers straight. TOTUS must have been on vacation yesterday. I would say Obummer is beneath contempt however the word contempt does not deserve the comparison!

Andrew said...

Smartest. President. Ever.

Saying that Obama is 'beneath contempt' gives contempt too much credit.

pryorguy said...

Kinda hard to drum up a light-hearted quip today....reminds me of the Vietnam situation wayy too much, and there was NOTHING funny about that!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pryorguy (and others)- I'm delighted that people are doing such a great job of keeping the conversational ball rolling here today, because I'm too honked off about all of this to say very much that's civil.

At least the House voted today to say that Obama doesn't have their support or approval in Libya (although it was a largely empty gesture). But I agree that eventually Gaddafi will be out, and the media will once again carry Barry Soetoro around on their shoulders like he scored the winning touchdown. No matter that the flow of oil is disrupted, and a nation is left in unstable and likely unfriendly hands. And how soon do you think we taxpayers will be forced to cough up the first "reparations" check for the damage which somehow was inflicted on Libya even without hostilities?

I'm tellin' ya, the weekend can't get here fast enough! (Let ALONE 2012!)

Reaganite Republican said...

You really hit the nail on the head here, Stilton... linked at RR