Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Facts & Spurious

It's looking more and more likely that Eric Holder will finally get one of the big "show trials" he's been pushing for since joining the Obama administration. Unfortunately, the trial will be to establish whether or not the Attorney General committed perjury when he blatantly lied to Congress about his knowledge of the gunrunning operation "Fast & Furious."

"Fast & Furious" was a secret program designed by our government to put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members. Theoretically, this was to find out what the gun-smuggling channels were...although this is so mind-bogglingly stupid that a broadly held opinion is that the program was actually intended to give guns to violent Mexican criminals so that our government could pretend to "discover" the weapons had been purchased in our country...after which legal domestic gun sales could be curtailed (essentially voiding the Second Amendment).

Of course, the whole plan fell to pieces...except for the part where the guns got into the hands of bloodthirsty criminals, and people started being killed - including two American Border Patrol agents. In fact, dozens or even hundreds of people may have been killed with the guns...the number will never be known because when Mexican police tried to trace the serial numbers, American authorities went into butt-covering mode and said that the numbers were untraceable.

On May 3, 2011, Eric Holder told Congress that he "probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks." Only we now know that he'd been fully informed almost a year earlier.

Holder's office has since pointed out that he did say "probably," and may have had his fingers crossed. They additionally clarified that Holder knew about Fast & Furious, but he meant that he didn't know details. And moreover, "You can take it as a finger-waggling fact that he did not have sexual relations with any gunrunning murderers!"

The Whitehouse has offered no logical explanation for Holder's weasel-worded excuses, but has started screaming and swearing at reporters who dare to ask about the story...apparently believing that "the best defense is an offensive offense."

Frankly, in these tense and contentious times, Hope n' Change thinks that a long, drawn out perjury trial for Eric Holder should be avoided, as there are faster and more reliable ways of getting to the truth.

Which is why he should be waterboarded as soon as possible.


Fortunately, Guantanamo Bay still has empty prison cells
for people who've aided in the deaths of uniformed Americans.


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

So, what are a couple dead American LEO's and a couple hundred dead Mexicans when compared to the awesomeness of Obama's grand plan to unify America under the banner of his glorious beneficence? Just a few broken eggs in pursuit of the perfect socialist omelet. Remember, our tin-plated messiah has a nation to fix. Eyes on the prize, people.

Emmentaler Limbuger said...

I'm dying of not surprised. It's been long held that this administration was at the very least complicit, but more likely directly responsible for the program. Hopefully, the Republicans in Congress can make some good come of this for America. I sincerely doubt they'll do anything, though - a huge portion of the outright bold nature of this administration's flaunting of their disdain for the Constitution likely stems from the apparent unwillingness or inability of their opposition to capitalize on their misdeeds. Frankly, I expect them to get away with this, as they are apparently getting away with every other treasonous act they've committed.

My Dog Brewski said...

You just had to know they'd look under every rock to find a way to say "Bush did it". The new meme that's taking off (or soon to be) among the media is that Bush instituted a "similar" program while in office. One small problem...his program involved arresting the straw purchasers before any guns got into the wrong hands. Expect that tidbit to be conveniently left out of coming media reports.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Nothing against Holder personally, but I hope he goes down HARD and winds up w/ a substantial sentence in some nice, quiet "Federal pound me in the ass Penn"
Just sayin'

John the Econ said...

It's always amazing how widely liberals tolerance for malfeasance at the Attorney General's office swings depending on who's in the White House. A similar scandal for a GOP administration, say over drugs would have resulted in arrests by now and calls for impeachment.

Holder will never be tried for perjury. Post Clinton, perjury is no longer considered a crime worthy of prosecution in Washington. And as usual, the GOP "squishies" won't have the balls to follow through on this, in the spirit of "bipartanship".

Earl said...

@My Dog Brewski. You're spot on correct. There was an article in this morning's local newspaper attributed to the AP that implies absolute equivalancy between both operations. But the article is sketchy, sloppy and makes no effort to describe who actually purchased the guns in either of the operations or whether anyone was killed. We're left with the notion that Holder's justice department is getting admissions of guilt from gun traffickers in the first operation and is actively cleaning up another Bush mess (i.e. prosecuting accordingly.)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Under this administration, "eyes on the prize" only makes me think of the come-on for a rigged carnival game.

@Emmentaler- Sadly, I'm betting that Holder and company do get away with it, owing to the extreme lack of political courage in Washington.

@My Dog Brewski- Isn't it funny that the Obama administration can use "Bush did it" as an excuse for their own failures, OR as justification for their actions? In any event, I saw the AP article that Earl refers to and it's clearly an attempt by the Whitehouse to throw up a smokescreen. The fact that the AP is such a willing participant is hardly surprising, but we're talking about deaths here - a lot of them. The media should be trying to penetrate coverups, not perpetrate them.

@Pete(Detroit)- I, too, think that Holder could benefit from a few years of pillow-biting.

@John the Econ- Perjury is no longer a crime because, in Washington, truth is no longer a meaningful concept. As long as Holder remembered to use weasel words like "probably," "might," "I believe," and "to the best of my recollection," then nothing he said under oath had any meaning at all. Just like when he took his oath of office.

@Earl- As you say, the article implies that Bush did exactly the same thing (without giving any specifics or mentioning any deaths), and then claims that the Obama administration is currently cleaning up the Bush mess. It's yet another example of the "Big Lie."

Suzy said...

The 2012 elections can NOT come fast enough.

Go Herman Cain! The only common sense one who will actually DEFEND our borders properly...

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