Friday, March 30, 2012

The Words of the Profits

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For the second year in a row, the House of Representatives has examined the fiscal budget submitted by Barack Hussein "World's Smartest Economist" Obama and voted it down unanimously as being an utterly useless piece of political crap.

Hilariously, the Associated Press did their best to cover the president's keester on this embarrassing defeat, reporting that the "GOP-run House easily rejects Obama budget." Oh - the Democrats in the House weren't given a chance to vote? Well yes, they were - and the AP says that even the Dems "largely voted no."

Largely?! The vote was 414-0! The Democrats didn't largely vote no, they unanimously voted no! Not a living, breathing soul elected to the House of Representatives thought that the president's budget was worth even a token vote of support! The AP could more accurately have reported: "Obama's Budget Declared Rancid Roadkill - Too Foul For Even Dems To Swallow."

But maybe there will be more luck when a vote comes down on the Senate budget and...oh wait, that's right. Harry Reid and his band of merry marauders haven't bothered to even propose a budget in years, because they've been waaaaay too busy stimulating the economy, creating jobs, and underwriting lubricant subsidies for Georgetown coeds.

But Republican Paul Ryan has created a budget, just passed by the House (without the help of a single Democrat), which could actually make a positive difference in our nation's future by, for instance, making sure we have a future.

Because astoundingly, as this excellent video from Bill Whittle shows, Tim Geithner concedes that by his own calculations, our country will collapse completely just 15 years from now owing to out-of-control spending...and he blithely admits that the Obama administration has no plan and no intent to stop that disaster.

But after saying that he has no plan to prevent national armageddon, Geither sneers to Ryan that "we've seen your plan and we don't like it." End of conversation. And presumably end of country.

Well, Mr. Geithner, some of us don't much like the idea of you, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama deliberately spending the United States out of existence in the next few years.

Which is why we're hoping (but not expecting) that the Senate and the president will ratify Ryan's budget as soon as possible. Failing that, it is our greatest wish that this November, Barack Obama will receive exactly the same number of approving votes that his insulting, hypocritical, anti-American joke of a budget just got in Congress.


Don't laugh. We'd be better off.
FRIDAY BONUS: Even though I already linked to one Bill Whittle video in the commentary, this newer one is so important that everyone needs to see it. PLEASE forward this to friends (and/or liberals) through your social media!


Coon Tasty said...

I have recently been involved in a lengthy discussion of media bias/Trayvon Martin/the GOP are evil bigots/Obamacare, etc, on another forum, where a couple a Black guys are making the most ridiculous, fantastical, credulous claims about BHO, such as him being the smartest President ever, a great family man, morally superior to his competitors, etc.
I have never, ever seen such wilful self-delusion...and I worked with a bunch of extreme-Left unionists for 8 years!
I had never realised that there is a section of American society that deliberately ignore reality in favour of imbuing their representatives with almost mythical powers and abilities.

BS Footprint said...

Obama 2012! Immanentize the eschaton!

BS Footprint said...

Er... I mean:
Bring it all down, man!

Yes, the 60's are still with us...

pryorguy said...

Our time under the obama regime is literally a horrible nightmare that, hopefully, will end in a few months as more and more people (who actually take the time to stop, listen and THINK)...begin to wake up to a new sane world without this regime and their ridiculous post-modernist ideology!
I mean, life on this planet with all the goofy and deadly ideas from goofy and deadly factions is bad enough...we really don't need our president's destructive policies to destroy our home.
I believe America will survive in spite of all that is thrown at her, but only if people get back to some of that courage that was standard equipment for the thousands who have died that we might be free.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I'm trying to listen, Stilton, but I just can't hear above the cacophonous slurping noises created by the Obama-fellating media. Luckily I was able to hear Bill Whittle's piece that you provided (God bless you for that) and I stood up and cheered. How sad that less than one percent of the population (I'm guessing) will ever see that.

Colby said...

Stuff like this is going on, but turn on any radio or TV and all you hear or see is Trayvon Martin this and Trayvon Martin that. Damn people! (and that includes a lot of so called conservative TV hosts)

I would venture to guess that there are ACTUAL, violent, race related crimes committed in this country every damn day! Why can't the media (and that includes Fox) pry their damn eyes off of this and focus on some larger issues. Yes, the whole Martin thing is a tragedy, but let the cops and courts sort it out and move the hell on.

OK tirade over...

Too dang funny po widdle Bawack's budget got it's ass soundly kicked for the second year in a row. But... imagine if that had been W's budget that was unanimously trounced. This would have been smeared in bold 6" high letters on the front page of every "news"paper in the land.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Not only does that delusional mindset exist, it exists in frighteningly large numbers.

@BS Footprint- In many ways, the Left and the MSM are trying to make us think the 60's never really went away. No progress on civil rights, Hippy-dippy activism against business and jobs and oinking pig cops, "Free love" with the emphasis on free, singing "Give peace a chance" as our response to Iran's nuke program, and on and on. These were the glory days of the college professors and the news media, and they'd like us to return to them - no matter how much they actually sucked for everyone else.

@Pryorguy- I've always believed that no exterior force could destroy America - but we're very vulnerable to the dangers which come from inside. At this moment, our country - in any recognizable form - will end in a handful of years unless enough people with political courage are empowered to make huge (and initially unpopular) changes. And that keeps me up at night.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Bill Whittle's piece (specifically the one I posted in full at the bottom of the page) feels like a hot cleansing steam bath of truth, washing away the media slime. I highly encourage all HnC readers to make a habit of watching Whittle's "Afterburner" videos. Always brilliant, scathing, and truthful.

@Colby- Whether it's Trayvon or Sandra Fluke, the media (and the Left) is always quick to create some relatively trivial "cause of the week" to distract from the important things that are happening.

And I'm not saying that Trayvon's death is unimportant - I'm just saying it's no more important than the countless other such crimes committed every day in this country: the ones that Barack Obama clearly doesn't care about.

And you're right that if Bush had racked up a grand total of NO votes in two years of budgets, the MSM would be screaming for his impeachment. But in Obama's case, the story is (barely) presented in a single paragraph on page 15 with the headline "Damn Republicans Thwart Black President's Really Good Budget."

mlester101 said...

Too good to be true: THIS is what NBC runs w/ today on TODAY w/ not a word about the 414 to zip vote. I give you chili. (one bowl feeds multitudes):

Colby said...

Great cartoon today, Stilton! Using Simon and Garfunkel was truly inspired.

I'm a bit baffled today about something. I have not yet heard even one stinking joke about Dick Cheney getting a heart transplant. Where the hell is Rachael Madcow saying, "Who knew he had a heart..."? Why hasn't Ed Shultz said anything about it being too bad Cheney didn't die during surgery? Have I missed something? I can't believe the libs would let this slip by, being it's a lot more newsworthy than, say, The Nutless One's budget getting shit-canned. Or, thousands of people being slaughtered by their own President in Syria. Or Bernanke talking about the unemployment crisis...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@mlester101- The president's budget and his chili recipe are almost exactlyt the same: nobody likes either one, and both cause scalding diarrhea.

@Colby- I wish I could say that, like Cheney, the MSM has gotten a new heart - but that wouldn't be true. There has been PLENTY of cruel criticism of Cheney's heart transplant. NBC asked whether he "deserved it" because he's "controversial," Newsweek said the heart should have gone to someone who is not a "war criminal and evildoer," and Ed Schulz said of Cheney's old heart "we ought to rip it out and kick it around and stuff it back in him."

All of which are great reminders about why we don't want medical decisions made by political panels.

graylady said...

@ Colby.....I don't know who or what you're watching/listening to but I've heard more than enough to sour my heart and mind (not to mention stomach). Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, they all jumped on the bandwagon. Some of the political cartoons have been downright vicious.
@Stilt....Thanks for the heads up on Bill Whittle. Finally another voice of reason, no PC, poop, just the truth.
Re Trayvon....... You'd think after his "the police acted stupidly" debacle, the Prez would have learned to keep his mouth shut when NOT in front of a teleprompter.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@graylady- Another good way to stay on top of what the media is reporting (good and bad) is to look at the news updates on the left side of my blog from Wall Street Journal, Heritage Foundation, and Newsbusters. Good stuff there - and it's frequently where I find fodder for my cartoons.

Regarding Bill Whittle, I can't say enough good things about the guy. He's passionate without being unreasonably angry. He's pointed without being strident. And his arguments are solidly backed with facts. Seriously, we should all get into the Bill Whittle habit - and help spread his videos however we can.

Finally, regarding the president's idiotic pronouncement on Trayvon, I like these little moments that give us a clear peek at Obama's inner racist. I just wish more people would see it as a warning.

Colby said...

Well, I should have known; I guess I live a sheltered life or something. I have not seen any MSM "news" programs for years; I refuse to watch. maybe I best start at least taking a peek to see what the enemy is up to.

I am originally from Wyoming, so the Cheney stuff REALLY gets under my skin. he is 10,000 times the American as that slimeball Shultz.

BS Footprint said...

@Stilton: Yeah, America was strong, so it had to be taken down from the inside (rotting out its moral fiber so to speak.)

I fear we're in the end stages of that now. Don't know what's coming, but I am saddened by what I see.

It's been a good run.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- Oh, I don't watch any of the MSM or MSNBC shows; I have my limits! But I stay abreast of the ugliness with help from sites like

And I have the utmost admiration for Cheney and hope that his new heart allows him to outlive his (many) enemies.

@BS Footprint- While I share your fears, I don't think we've crossed the Rubicon yet. This country can still be saved IF we get leadership that finally tells all Americans the truth: that the money is all gone, that the goodies/entitlements which were promised have been wiped out and won't happen and, in fact, we'll all have to be paying a lot in taxes for a long time just to put a dent in what Washington has so blithely borrowed to date. We'll either see that kind of leadership or the end of this nation within the next handful of years. I'm hoping for the former.

John the Econ said...

Quite frankly, I'm not sure why Obama even bothers submitting a budget at all. I would have assumed that by this point, just pledges to spend trillions that don't exist on crony capitalism, corporate bailouts, pork barrel nonsense, out of control entitlements would be more than enough.

As I've mentioned here before, I believe that we're now living in the "post budget age", a logical progression front the post-"deficits matter" age of the previous decade. Budgets are written statements of priorities that say "These are the things that are our highest priorities" and voting for one is a statement of responsibility.

What the zero-vote means is that absolutely nobody, even openly spendthrift Democrats in safe districts, wants their name associated with this resume-stain.

(I'm half-tempted to show up at my Democrat representatives next "town hall" event and ask "Why did you not support the President's budget? Not enough spending in it for you?")

@BS Footprint: Oh, the '60s have been gone for a long time. Remember how the hippies used to endlessly scream "freedom!"? I haven't heard that refrain from a hippie in a very long time.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Trayvon's death is unimportant. In the grand scheme of things, Trayvon's death should be unimportant to all but his parents, friends; Zimmerman and his circle, and those investigating. In any case, it should be at least as important as the deaths of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom which were a million times more notable for the inhumanity involved, yet garnered nary a peep from any but the local MSM venues.

The coverage in Florida is media theater; an overt attempt to fan the flames of racial tensions and, perhaps, to deflect attention from real issues and events.

@John: he submits a budget so he can blame others for his failings when they refuse to pass it.

Wasn't it Nikita Khrushchev who said: "America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within."? With current events in mind, it seems he was a prophet.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Obama submitted a budget (which I doubt he had any hand in writing whatsoever) simply so he could continue claiming to be a "do something" president hampered by a "do nothing congress." Smoke and mirrors.

And good point that today's unwashed protest activists aren't shouting "freedom." They're screaming "free college loans," "free birth control," and "eat the rich."

@Emmentaler- You're right; Trayvon's death is exactly as important as the myriad other violent deaths in this country that get no attention at all - and certainly none from Obama. If the president were to review photos of all gun-related crimes in New York, for instance, he'd have to observe that 83% of the assailants "could be his son." At which point, any rational being would do his own soul-searching about his abysmal parenting skills.

And I wasn't familiar with shoe-banging Nikita's quote, but it's increasingly hard to say he was wrong.

John the Econ said...

I don't think most hippies ever really wanted "freedom", at least the way we think about it. At best, they wanted freedom from responsibility which was sold as a kind of soft-Marxism that promised everything comfortable but personal responsibility. At worst, they just wanted "free". So as long as they were allowed to live like slobs and screw whoever or whatever they wanted, they were happy. Most grew out of it. Too many didn't.

Of course, we know better. In order to function at all, Marxism requires, no, demands "from each according to his ability". This does not mean "as much as he feels motivated to do" or even "I'd like a job that 'fulfills' me instead of one where I would produce what society actually needs." There's no room for Nancy Pelosi's society of subsidized artist-wanna-bees finding themselves in Marxism. You work where the state tells you, be it at a job or a gulag.

The west is in for a rude awakening when they finally figure out that the reality is nothing like the brochure.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- As the Brits would say, you're "spot on!"

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, nah, I'm just pissed off. Although technically a "baby boomer", I came way too late to enjoy "dropping out", "free love", "doing your own thing" and what-not. All I got stuck with was the bill.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Hey, love has always been free. Sex and drugs, not so much.

BS Footprint said...

@John the Econ:
Another thing we don't hear much: Never trust anyone over 30.

I used to see that bumper sticker a lot when I was knee-high to a zygote.

Haven't seen one lately, though. You?

John the Econ said...

The only upside to the boomers is that most are going to get what's coming to them; the (non)values they passed on to their kids are going to come back and bite them in the most ironic way.

pryorguy said...

Well, I see this morning on yahoonews this headline...

"Obama's insurance requirement not the only mandate.
Are all mandates equal? Other federal health care requirements raise questions for high court"

John the Econ said...

Yes @pryorguy, I saw that on the AP feed yesterday. The media is frantic to come up with a new narrative to spin the court's likely tossing of the "mandate". I've seen a few blogs (New York Times, for one) where the apologists have signaled that the narrative will likely be that the Supreme Court is incompetent. It already fits with their rage against the "Citizens United" ruling.

I also noted on the AP feed that people are upset with "Congress" over how poorly the bill was written. They never mention that the bill was written exclusively by "Democrats", not "Congress"

Of course, this narrative is totally false; The President's plan & Congress could have easily imposed a "tax" to fund ObamaCare, and it would have been totally legal. Then the comparison to Social Security and Medicare by the media would be accurate.

However, in order to sell ObamaCare to a financially illiterate Democrat constituency that still honestly believes that someone else will be paying for their health care, imposing a tax on anyone other than "the rich" was a non-starter. So this is the price the Democrats get to pay for their subterfuge. We can only hope that more of their constituency wakes up to realize that.

Chuck said...

Sorry. When the SCOTUS strikes down the individual mandate (along PARTISAN lines) a Democrat congress in the future will learn the lesson and make it a tax (not a penalty or fee) ... and the argument goes away. And a Democrat President will sign it into law and the SCOTUS won't even hear the argument.

Am I the only one bothered by the fact that it will be struck down along partisan lines?!? That means 4+ out of 5- justices don't see a constitutional problem here? Really? God help us, but WE ARE SCREWED! This isn't a question of "if" ... it's just a question of when ...

Of course, there is an assumtion on my part that there will be another election, and one after that, and one after that ....... and I'm really not so sure. We may be beyond that now. It may be MUCH too late.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@BS Footprint- You don't see bumperstickers that say "Never Trust Anyone Over 30" because all the people under 30 are afraid that if they put something like that on their car, their parents will throw them out of the house.

@pryorguy- Seemingly all mandates are created equal, but some are more equal than others.

@John the Econ- Frighteningly enough, Obamacare would be impossible to get rid of (via the Supreme Court, anyway) if the Democrat supermajority had the balls - and honesty - to simply say this was going to be funded with new taxes. Currently, I'm hoping that this mistake will cause the Court to throw out the whole stinking law...and the Dems won't get a chance to try anything like this again in the future.

@Chuck- It really was disheartening to hear the Libs on the bench of the Supreme Court trying to make the arguments for the Solicitor General. Sotomayor, in particular, said she didn't see why there was even a fuss about this because it's just a big old "gift of federal funding." I honestly don't think she understands that the government has no funds but only has the power to coerce them from others. Wise Latina, my ass.

And the fact that this is likely to be a 4-to-5 decision really is nightmarish. This shouldn't be about ideology, it should be about Constitutionality. But it seems that ship has already sailed (at least for the Liberals).

John the Econ said...

@Chuck & @Stilton, I don't think this was a "mistake". Part of the Progressive lie to the masses is that they won't have to pay for any of these promised freebies. Deploying a plan that included a viable tax plan upon the middle class was simply impossible.

It wasn't a surprise to see this issue come down on partisan lines; many on the court already consider what Progressive law in other countries is when debating Constitutional matters. The left has fallen off the cliff long before this. Of course, this only highlights the importance of the upcoming election as the next POTUS will get to appoint at least 1 or 2 new judges. How would this case have gone down then?

Of course, considering the GOP's post-Bork habit of nominating "squishies", perhaps it won't be all that different after all.