Monday, March 26, 2012

Hot Topic

There's no doubt that the shooting death of black teen Trayvon Martin was a tragedy. But exactly what kind of tragedy remains unclear.

Was this an innocent black kid executed by a racist with an itchy trigger finger, or a civic-minded crimewatch volunteer whose life was ruined when he was bloodily beaten by a 6'2" football player and subsequently felt compelled to defend himself with a gun?

Honestly, we don't know. And neither does Barack Obama, who has chosen to take sides anyway, based entirely on the skin color of the participants - and not so subtly try to enflame racial tensions just in time for his reelection campaign. And that is a tragedy of national proportion.

Regarding the shooting, Obama bemoaned the fact that "if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," and then said that all Americans need to do some "soul searching" about the incident. But why? What do the rest of us have to do with any of this? The direct implication is that Americans are, at heart, dangerous ugly-minded racists who need to work up at least a little residual White Guilt by Election Day.

And the president is getting plenty of help trying to whip up his racism souffl
é. Uninformed cries of anti-black racism and demands for anti-white revenge are already pouring out of the usual suspects: Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton, Louis "The White Man is Our Mortal Enemy" Farrakhan, Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson, and Eric Holder's favorite pollwatchers, the New Black Panthers - who have issued a $10,000 reward for the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin so they can exact "eye for an eye" justice.

Meanwhile, the president hasn't suggested any national soul searching is necessary in the case of a 13-year old white boy who had gasoline poured on him and then was set on fire by two black teens who said "You get what you deserve, white boy." The boy's offense? Possibly it stemmed back to an incident in which he tried to answer a question about Black History Month in school, and his black teacher snapped at him "What would you know about it? You're not our race!"

But Barack Obama is a busy man and can't take time to comment on every little anti-white Hate crime in America. And unsurprisingly, he takes a special interest in Trayvon Martin because he looked more than a little like a young Barack Obama.

The resemblance can easily be seen at the Tampa Bay news site (the area where the incident occurred), where a picture of young, innocent Trayvon Martin is displayed and...oops, wait. That link went to a 14-year old who looks like Obama, but has been accused of rape and attempted murder. But the actual picture of Trayvon Martin on the website shows...hang on. Apparently that link goes to a 17-year old cop killer who looks like Obama. Hey, look- here's another guy on the website that look like Obama! Surely he must be Trayvon and...crap! Sorry, it's a 21-year old who robbed an 86-year old great-grandmother. On the other hand, this girl - arrested on felony charges - definitely doesn't look like the son Obama never had, though presumably her 17-year old brother does. He's currently facing a life sentence in prison if convicted of murdering two unarmed British tourists.

Rather than belabor our point (and trust me, we could) let's cut straight to the bottom line. Nobody's guilt or innocence should be judged by their skin color or "who they look like," even if the president of the United States thinks otherwise. Anything else would be the most despicable kind of racism.

But that is exactly Barack Obama's goal in injecting himself into this sad story. Having failed dismally as the president of "Hope," he is now redefining himself for 2012 as the candidate of "Hate." He - and his willing media accomplices - have already invented and fomented a "War on the Middle Class," and a "War on Women." Next on his checklist, to nobody's surprise, was to gin up a "War on Blacks" in hopes that any bloodletting can be turned into votes.

Is this the country we want - with American pitted against American for the benefit of a venal politician who must distract us from our real problems, his real failures, and his real agenda?

Because that is the question which actually demands soul searching from Americans of every race.



Jim Hlavac said...

Well, I was forced to watch some March Madness - and as I looked at the teams and crowds something occurred to me = the teams are overwhelmingly black, and the crowds are overwhelming white - and the crowds are whooping and hollering for their team. And last I looked, Oprah, a female Obama, was the highest paid performer in America, because of her white audience. And, alas, (for I despise the music; you've heard mine Stilt,) I hear, incessantly, black rappers spew "nigga'" out of white rednecky pickups at traffic lights in my town.

What on earth are these "Racist!" people talking about? It's mind numbing.

Which reminds me of the time, decades ago, when Mwamba Jabulani, a black man I worked with in NYC, cried "Racism" because I "couldn't handle his name," he said. The bosses started up with the racist crud, too. I looked at them -- and I said "Hlavac, Ludmila, Vycheslav, Bohumil, Bohuslava, Vlastimil, Hrdlicka, Vrch, (how's that last one? hehehe.) " etc etc -- names of my family, first and last, "Don't give me the name nonsense - try something else." They could not.

Egad, those liberals are relentless. And even some of my rational liberal friends are appalled. That I worked for a decade at a "Minority Owned Business Enterprise" is another arrow in my quiver against this nonsense. I have more, way more.

I wish you all had this ammunition to hurl at this crud.

(PS, my fellow HnC folks, I'm off on vacation, months even, don't think I abandoned you all, but I need a break from life.)

Coon Tasty said...

Well, I suppose Obama thinks that the White kid "acted stupidly"...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Every day, in every way, I hate the Obama-sucking media more and more. Like I said before, I can beware of snakes and I know what they look like (of any color). It is the willful failure of those whose job is to warn of snakes approaching and don't...they make me want to puke my guts out. I expect blatant racism from Turdboy. I don't expect (or didn't in the past) the media to back him up on it.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Within the past month or so, there have been 4 kids shot (3 dead, last I heard, 1 still alive)

1)Two people get out of a van and open fire on a house w/ AK47s, only one hit is a (9 yr old?) kid - dead.

2) Attempted carjacking, guy hits the gas, two kids (15, 16 iirc) open fire on the car w/ 9mm handguns hitting 6yr old and killing 9 mo old in back seat

3) Gun battle b/n people in a house and people in a car, (suspected to be gang related - really? you THINK so?) and young kid killed.

BUT - these all happened in 'bad' parts of Detroit, not some posh place in Florida, so it's not 'news'. Also, all the shooters were black.
(Note - it became a BIG stink locally, community groups protesting, etc, but no national coverage, that I'm aware of...)

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Yeah - this person was supposed to "heal" the racial rifts in this nation. So far he's been more like a staph infection than an antibiotic. But like jackson, farrakhan, and that jackass of the radio, (not so) sharpton, he knows which side his bread is buttered on. Without racial divides, they have no power. Better to have riots in the street than peace and harmony, because peace and harmony drive no notoriety; guarantee no votes...

And now, Mr. Zimmerman's life is ruined. True, he should have listened to the police and not followed Martin; however, Martin is apparently guilty of attacking him with the intent of doing extreme bodily harm. Should Zimmerman, then, lay there and take it because Martin was black? Apparently. So now he's tied up in the legal system, with a price on his head from the ultra-racist black panthers. (And I thought it was illegal to take a contract on a person's life in the US (and the world). Am I expecting any repercussions for the black panthers? Hardly. Such actions are apparently no more illegal than voter intimidation...)

Colby said...

No big surprises here... Da Won has no doubt been "hoping" something like this would come along to "change" the direction his poll numbers are taking. "Geez, Carney, can't you find me a good racism story; I'm dying here!"

And, Pete... you have said more than a mouthful. We are surrounded by all sorts of crime, but the only ones that seem to get attention are the Trayvons. Please nobody take me the wrong way; this is indeed a true tragedy and never should have happened. My point is, it happens all the time, but it seems we only hear about the cases that liberals use in an attempt to advance their hatred for us commoners.

John the Econ said...

I too am hardly up to the facts in this case. And beyond the race of the participants, it's been difficult to find them. To me, it should be pretty simple; if the shooter, in fact, shot the victim unprovoked, then it's a relatively clear case of murder. Case closed.

But of course, the left is using this as another trope on "racist" America, against carry permits and the "Stand your Ground" laws, all of which they find abhorrent. Many would like to see us like the so much more civilized Britain, where guns have been outlawed, and where the law actually requires you to leave your own home when confronted with a criminal, lest the criminal be harmed in some way. (Who would want that?) Confronting or actually causing harm to a felon is a worse crime than whatever the felon was perpetrating.

It's also telling that one has to rely upon right-wing blogs to hear about clear & obvious hate crimes like that which took place in Kansas City. Certainly had the victim been black and the perpetrators been white, the usual suspects would have been calling for "hate crime" retribution, especially against the teacher.

And speaking of hate crime perpetrators, only the truly ignorant or irony impaired can take anything seriously once Al Sharpton shows up on the scene to call for a "hate crime" prosecutions. If such laws were actually to be applied, he would have been in jail a long time ago. Maybe he can queue up some riots and lynchings like he did in Crown Heights just in time for the elections.

@Jim Hlavac, when I was in school back in the "evil" Reagan '80s, whenever I'd hear the "racist America" trope, I'd point out that Bill Cosby had the highest rated show on TV, and was America's richest/highest paid celebrity. (to be followed by Oprah a decade later) I don't know anybody who would mind having Bill Cosby or Oprah as their next-door neighbor.

Happy vacation, Jim.

alan markus said...

Every month it seems the Dems introduce a new "War on ......" that they attribute to the Republicans or conservatives. Of course, the Dems have their own long-running war that they can take credit for. It is the "War on Intelligence". And they appear to be winning that war - they are getting stupider as each day passes.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@John: I definitely wouldn't mind Bill Cosby as a neighbor - I have infinite respect for the man. But I would definitely have to pass on having Øprah. It was her beat on the early drums that helped bring Øbama into office, and my great fear would be that, were she my neighbor, Øbama might visit and, you know: "There goes the neighborhood..."

Don Surber said...

Hop n Change -- now in color. W0oonderful!

Don Surber said...

Hop? I have Easter on my mind.

Earl said...

Stilton, correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't Obama again insert his daughters into this most recent situation? So now they are victims in both the War on Women and the War on Blacks? Watch them find a way to enlarge this to the War on Minorities to earn Hispanic votes, although that might get a little tricky if the MSM actually reminds people that the shooter was hispanic. Actually, half hispanic in the same way that Obama is half black. (Ironic that a half hispanic shooter of a black person is labeled white and the first half black president is labeled black.) Someone smarter than me called Obama's response to this shooting, "like pouring gasoline on fire." Your cartoon and commentary are spot on. Jim, hope you enjoy your time off.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Great anecdote about the "racism" of having trouble pronouncing someone's name. Because that's what much of "racism" has devolved to in this country - no actual affront or prejudice, but simply people jockeying for the power granted by victimhood.

Enjoy your vacation, but make sure you're home in time to vote!

@Coon Tasty- If people don't buy the president's new race war, maybe he can invite the burned boy to the Whitehouse for a beer summit. Sure the kid is only 13, but he can be served the same non-alcoholic brew that Biden partied with last time.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- The MSM doesn't even bother trying to make their lies plausible anymore - instead, they try to make them universal. If almost every network is using a "War on Women" graphic when talking about birth control, there must be a War on Women, right?

The MSM has become an active enemy of freedom and informed democracy. They are the assembly line which will continue to produce as many false crises as necessary to enable the Left.

@Pete(Detroit)- If Barack Obama had wanted to call the deaths of those innocent children a tragedy, I'd be right behind him. If he said action was needed, I'd agree. And if he told the black community that it was time for soul-searching, I'd hoist him on my freakin' shoulders. But none of those things happened, or ever will.

And this is yet another Tragedy about Obama: surely the first black president in US history had unprecedented power to initiate meaningful dialogue on the problems of race in this country, and start moving people of all colors closer together. Instead, he's used his unique position to foster more hatred and resentment because it represents political power for him and his cronies. There are no words (that I'm willing to put in print on this blog) for how despicable that is.

@Emmentaler- Good summary. And yes, Zimmerman (whom Reuters amusingly calls a "White Hispanic") has had his life ruined. That being said, let me make it totally clear that I don't know where all the fault lies in the shooting. Did Zimmerman confront Martin in an agressive way which prompted the fight, or a reasonable way? Did Martin initially respond in a reasonable way, or an aggressive way? Did Trayvon give Zimmerman a real beating putting the crimewatch volunteer in fear of his life...or did he just punch a perceived jerk in the nose and pay for it with his life? Might Trayvon have even thought that Zimmerman was a thief? I don't know, so I'm not judging. I want to hear what the witness said, I want to hear what the police said, I want to hear what the evidence says. But I don't want to hear the MSM declare that white people in Florida are hunting black kids for sport, and I don't want the president to tell me to judge people by the color of their skin.

@Colby- Everyone with a lick of sense (as we say in Texas) knew that Obama had to gin up race anger in this country in time for his election. I'm sure the strategy has been in place for a long time, just awaiting a trigger. And if this story falls apart, they'll find - or create - another. I flat out guarantee that racial anger will reach a fever pitch as November approaches.

@John the Econ- As you point out, the Left is trying to get a "twofer" out of this: white people (including white hispanic people) are anti-black racists, and no private citizen should have a gun. It's like Christmas for the Left (or would be if they weren't offended by "Christmas.")

As you point out, if we swapped the races of the people involved in many "hate crime" stories, people's reactions would be much different. If I say "A man was beaten solely because of his skin color - was it a hate crime?" a conservative will say "yes" and a liberal will ask "what color was the victim?" That's sick, sad, and racist.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@alan markus- The "quiet" wars that the media aren't reporting include the War on Intelligence, the War on the Constitution, the War on Jobs, the War on Meritocracy, the War on Faith, and the War on Responsibility. And I could list a lot more if I wanted to get really, really angry and depressed before lunchtime.

@Emmentaler- While we're on the subject of Bill Cosby, I'd like to call the man a hero. Not just because he's hilariously funny, but because he's been absolutely courageous about telling the black community to clean up its act - and he's been badly and repeatedly punished for it. Cosby has dedicated himself to childhood education issues and trying to make a positive difference for all races. I wish that Obama had made him our "racial healing czar" - but oddly enough, that issue wasn't important enough for Obama to address at all.

@DonSurber- I like going to color in the cartoons from time to time, and the topic demanded it today. And I'm writing down the "Hop n Change" line in case I need a punchline for an Easter cartoon (I see it already: the Bamster in an Easter Bunny suit offering baskets of chocolate eggs to everyone for the next four years as part of his "Hop and Change" campaign).

@Earl- Yes, Obama thought of his daughters yet again and inserted them into the story. Because when he thinks of women who want elective abortions, and thinks of women who want free birth control, and thinks of black-skinned youths who use crimewatch volunteers as punching bags - he thinks of his daughters. The daughters whose "inheritance" (according to Obama's speech on March 8, 2008) is "the blood of slaves." Seriously, can someone tell Obama to just STFU about his daughters? Because frankly, he's the one forcing them into involuntary servitude for the benefit of the man up in the big white manor house.

As you point out, Zimmerman is exactly as "white" as Obama is - but you sure wouldn't know it from the media reports. And "pouring gasoline on fire" is an apt description of what the president is doing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's off topic but thought you might find it uh... perhaps entertaining is the wrong word...

Caught on a hot mic, Obama tells Medvedev he will have more "flexibility" on missile defense "after my election."

mlester101 said...

That Al Tawana Sharpton is in Samford Fla. is no surprise. That he's there representing MSNBC is.

(fyi: that would be "Microsoft National Broadcast Corporation")

CenTexTim said...

Breaking News!!! Trayvon Martin shooting linked to the Koch brothers, the NRA, and other assorted right-wing groups.

Sadly, the above is not satire, but is actually the position of an obama shill masquerading as a journalist at MSNBC.

@Jim Hlavac - we'll miss you, buddy. Best wishes, and come back soon.

CenTexTim said...

Sorry - I screwed up the link in my previous post. Here it is. You'll have to cut-n-paste, because this damn computer is obviously smarter than I am...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Believe me, Obama whispering that he'll be more flexible with the Russkies after the election hadn't missed my attention. If Obama is reelected, and if he regains control of the House and Senate, we'll see radicalism that makes his first term look Reaganesque by comparison.

@mlester101- Sharpton's history should render him the kiss of death on any story involving racial sensitivity. But there he is, promoted as some sort of half-assed expert on the subject.

@CenTexTim- If the Koch brothers were really behind everything, then I'd expect to be getting a paycheck from them (and I'm not - though in case the Kochs are reading this, gratuities are always welcome). I've also heard the shooting linked to Rush Limbaugh and given time, I imagine MSNBC will find a way to blame Trig Palin.

Anonymous said...

In the Coon case local law enforcement are doing their jobs, without needing to be told. The same can't be said of the Martin case.

Would you like to explain why this isn't the most important, immediately obvious difference?

motor 2 said...

Am I missing something here.... isn't the "shooter" in this case of Hispanic heritage, or at least his surname.... where is the uproar of Hispanic versus Black ????

John Robert Mallernee said...

Copied, posted, and duly credited.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (3 above)- Who says that law enforcement officials aren't doing their jobs in the Martin case? There is an ongoing investigation, but the statements of the witness and the nature of the physical evidence all confirmed Zimmerman's story that he was physically assaulted by Martin. This being the case, that police had no due cause to arrest Zimmerman, but every reason in the world to investigate further which is what they're trying to do when not coping with presidentially encouraged race riots and tearing down "Wanted" posters from the New Black Panthers.

By the way, in case anyone thinks Anonymous was being a little insensitive when talking about the "Coon" case, the white burning victim is a boy named Allen Coon.

@motor 2- "Hispanic vs Black" doesn't generate the political windfall the media is hoping for as it would set Democrat against Democrat. Which is why Mr. Zimmerman, who is just as much Hispanic as Barack Obama is black, is being universally described as either white or a "white Hispanic." Because the goal here isn't accuracy - it's the incitement of anger and potential violence.

@John Robert Mallernee- Thank you. This particular cartoon could easily strike people the wrong way, and it takes some courage just to repost it. But I will not stand for racism, even if promoted by the president of the United States.

Anonymous said...

@Jim Hlavac ... I'm sorry but I couldn't pronounce a single one of those snames (except Oprah and Stilt) ... I'm still doing Hooked on Phonics and that just doesn't seem to cut it with your repertoire. Have a great vacation, but Stilt is right: Be back in time to vote (or take your absentee ballot with you)!

@Coon Tasty ... the stupidity of the white kid is self evident ... he's attending public school.

@AHD The media ... or American Pravda ... the official news organ of the DNC ... are incapable of being impartial or journalistic in their presentation. We will never know a single fact until this goes to trial.

Obama keeps hoping that his fortunes will change if only we can get another "(fill in your non-african ethnicity here) on black" crime. It appears the Libs want to keep the Hispanic/Latino (whatever the heck those are) vote ... so they'll just call the perpetrator "white" it goes along with the meme.

@John the Econ - I note that there is an Op-Ed in NEWSONE ... which calls Mr. Zimmerman a "gun toting white bastards with superiority complexes menacing young Black boys and girls." The Op-Ed is written to tell blacks to stop pointing out black on black crime, when it is necessary to come together to fight the "racist, violent criminals". Sounds like you got that one right on the money!

A $10000 reward, Wanted Dead or Alive, and forming a militia to hunt Zimmerman down. Hmmm! Sure sounds like we've moved into a post-racial America.

I wonder if the President of Black America will ever decide he wants to be President of the United States?

Colby said...

Frustrating.... At what percentage does any ethnic background become irrelevant? My great, great, great grandfather was a Native American. Does that make me one, even if I have blue eyes and fair skin?

Why does the LSM call Obama a black man when he is half white? The same LSM is calling Zimmerman a white man, but he is half Hispanic!

Ever notice that it's the same, damn libs that want "equality" that are also so freaking hung up on the ethnicity of victims AND perpetrators. They are the ones who just can't let go and cling to all the old stereotypes and labels.

To all you people still clinging to the days of slavery in this country: If you insist on dredging this up continuously, please include a reference to who the dominant political party was in the South back then.

My opinion - If you can't laugh at "Blazing Saddles," your a flaming Liberal.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@READERS- Here's the most detailed account I've heard of the incident so far.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- There is a hunger in this country to move beyond racial politics. That doesn't mean everyone needs to lose their ethnic identity - it means that A) real discrimination needs to be stopped and B) claims of false discrimination must be stopped. Currently, conservatives embrace both of those ideas...and liberals reject both. Appalling.

Doc - N. Nevada said...

Earlier to today I addressed this issue on a private blog copied here for your perusal. It accompanied a picture of "innocent" Trayvon with slagged pants, and boxer shorts, no shirt - flipping the bird with both hands on his facebook page. "Very sad that someone lost thier life, but I am not suprised about this development at all. Far too often things are told to us by the MSM that upon investigation turn out to be someone "tweaking" the reporting of an incident to fulfill anothers agenda. Then you can be guaranteed that the Sharpton, Jackson crowd, et al, will be all over it 'like white on rice' to scream thier messages of hate, and percieved racism. Look at the evening news, and the talk shows, etc., all across the country reporting on all of the "Memorials" for "this poor innocent black boy, who was gunned down ONLY because of hate and Racism!" Do you think this picture will get the same coverage? I can almost guarantee you, it will NOT! You don't keep viewers by telling them how stupid they were for memorializing a gang-banger that got dead because he was dumb, and apparently a well known local thug (according to Z's defense atty on the radio ytdy)! So the MSM will bury the story. Exactly what Obummer and his racist crowd want to happen. Since when does a sitting President go on the TV about a routine LOCAL NEWS STORY? Even if it is a killing? Not too long ago Reno had a black on black killing, plus the black and Hispanic gangs are killing each other off all over the country EVERY DAY ... how come Obummer isn't on the TV about them? In the Martin case, the administration HAS to keep pushing the racism agenda so he can get re-elected. Does "Divide and Conquer" ring any bells for anyone? What REALLY gets me bent out of shape is that I HAVE NO DOUBT if Trayvon had been a young White or Hispanic boy, or if the Neighborhood Watchman had been black - the story would have been a last minute filler on the local news (if time permitted) and nobody would have heard another word about it. I firmly believe the administration and thier puppet media, jumped on this like wolves on raw meat - because the shooter was named Zimmerman! They did not find out until AFTER they jumped on the bandwagon, that he was Hispanic - they all thought he was WHITE & JEWISH! Trayvon's death HAS to be RACISM! Play the race card, stir up the country ... and get as many blacks voting for color, instead of quality, only to return the socialist to office! Preserve the monarchy at all costs!

Watch for a lot more of this kind of story before November - Obummer will do ANYTHING to get re-elected.

JMHO ... off my soapbox now!


Earl said...

The irony to me is that white on black violence seems as rare as an albino. Not so much all the other variations. Would like to get some stats to back up my admittedly gut reaction here. And I don't want the stats clouded with actions taken by police.

My Dog Brewski said...

@ Doc:
So why do all the media outlets use a photo of Martin as a smiling 14-year-old? No need to answer. We all know why.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Doc: Zimmerman is not a Jewish name; it is a Palatine German name - just so you know.

So Hannity has that asshole Juan Williams on his show today, and ol' post-racial Juan was all jacked up about why you would choose a child to suspect - a 6'3" 150# "child" in a hoodie, mind you. Why does Hannity keep giving that apparatchik airtime? 6'3" and disguised in a hoodie? I wouldn't have thought him a child. Apparently, he bashed Zimmerman in the face with what? A teething ring? These people make me sick. Sickening. I had to turn it off as I was SEETHING after hearing his "talking points". Absolutely disgusting....

Sooooo: anyone hear anything out of the SC regarding Øbama's plan to make us all shovel-ready? Kagan recuse itself? Anything?

Me neither. Too busy hearing news out of Sanford, FL, I guess. This point goes to the Øbama team.

Suzy said...

After I read today's comic, I was like..."Ouch." But then..well...truth hurts.

I'm against all crime, and all crime comes from hate. I get sick of crime against minorities being worse than identical crime against whites. Its all crime. Its all hate. Its all illegal. No categorization necessary.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Doc N. Nevada- You're unquestionably right. Obama's team has already stacked the kindling for a racial conflagration and they've just been waiting for a lit match. If it isn't Trayvon, it will be something else. And soon.

@Earl- White on Black violence is rare, but it's much, much worse than the reverse because it's based on hate instead of economic expediency.

@My Dog Brewski- I've seen some of the pictures of "gangsta" Trayvon online, but I don't think I've seen one yet that was really definitively cleared by a respectable news source. And if he posed for tough guy pictures for his Facebook friends, so what? Whatever went down that night happened because of the personalities involved and how one action led to another. I can easily imagine Martin and Zimmerman being equally to blame here...or equally blameless. But solid investigation and honest reportage is going to get harder with this bloody circus coming to town.

@Emmentaler- Award-winning editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant did a cartoon showing a big fat white redneck haw-haw-hawing over the Florida law that lets him hunt little black kids; he then blows away a tiny child carrying a bag of candy, then haw-haw-haws some more about how he "done good" killing a black kid. THAT'S the freakin' narrative here. It doesn't matter that Oliphant's caricatures had nothing to do with the actual people involved. And while I generally have some degree of respect for Oliphant (at least his craftsmanship), I'll just have to say in this instance that he's acting as a complete well as advocating racism.

Aaron Burr said...

Hee hee hee.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- "Ouch" was my thought on hearing Obama's pronouncements, on thinking of this cartoon, and my wife's first reaction on seeing it. It's strong, ugly stuff - but it HAS to be to comment meaningfully on the stronger, uglier stuff which Obama and the Left are trying to jam down our throats.

I would love to see our government actually allow and encourage blacks to get out of the crime-infested ghettos in which they are the most frequent victims of violence. But while the Left holds power, the inescapable inner-city plantations will continue to be ruled with an iron hand - not producing cheap cotton, but cheap votes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Aaron Burr- There's a candy we're not going to see on shelves anytime soon!

Larry Sheldon said...

How did George Zimmerman get to be under Trayvon Martin?

Did Martin chase Zimmerman's car down the street, drag Zimmerman out through an open car window (without getting shot), and then begin to beat the snot out of Zimmerman, getting shot in the process?

I read that Zimmerman's weappn was just stuck in his waistband. Hod did he manage to keep it there while being dragged out through the window?

Or is it possible that Zimmerman got out of his car, went to Martin and began an inadvisable physical contact (what did we used to call that....."assault and battery"?) that resulted in Zimmerman getting his ass kicked for which he shot Martin?

John the Econ said...

@Anonymous, Obama has already demonstrated his willingness to lie straight to America's face while signalling his intent to proceed with his agenda that a clear majority would never vote for. The open-mic gaffe with the Russians is nothing new. He's already admitted straight-up that he'll be running against his own energy policy.

The Progressives have always had to resort to lies to get people to vote for their candidates. Few sane people would vote for them otherwise.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Larry, that is indeed the rub. While he may well have genuinely been "in fear of his life" at the moment, how he ARRIVED at that moment *is* relevant. Per the released tape, the 911 op told him to drop it - the fact that he didn't may well hang him. Shockingly, I'm kind of OK w/ that. Given the condition of his face / back, I'm kind of OK w/ him 'defending himself' too. yah, just a bit torn here. As for the gun 'in the waistband' it seems unlikely. Mostly a Hollywood fiction. Guns are HEAVY, even the small ones. If not in a holster, secured to a decent belt, they rapidly become uncomfortable, awkward, loose - often falling free / pulling your pants down. Unless your pants are sufficiently tight against you to securely press the weapon into various soft tissues, at which point we stop w/ 'awkward and uncomfortable - VERY uncomfortable'...

Doc - N. Nevada said...

@E.L. ... I was not aware of that, as I knew a family named Zimmerman as a younger man, and they were defintely Jewish. Thank you for the info though!
@Larry S ... last report I heard today was that Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle, and was approached from behind with something akin to "You got a problem?" ...then (allegedly after an answer said "you do now". That is when Trayvon allegedly began his assualt, with potentially fatal force being used, (witnessed head being banged on the pavement) that led to his getting shot. Witnesses saw much of this interaction, but not the very beginnings of it. Herein lies the rub ... the physical evidence, as reported, seems to follow Zimmerman's & the witness' account. In that scenario even without the 'Stand Your Ground' law, in most states deadly physical force was justified. If, in fact, this IS the real scenario (we have no way of knowing yet, but hopefully we will soon) *I* would have shot him as well. I can handle myself, but at 62 y.o., not against a 17 y.o. 6'3" jock with an attitude. I too would have arranged a meeting with his creator for him. Most of these young punks today are only 'bad boys' (no matter what color or origin they are) when in a crowd of thier friends, or when they perceive that a victim is unable to resist. When someone does resist, and they get hurt, they scream "victim", and in too many cases "racism". Let's just wait for all the facts, then let an unbiased court (without the agitators and federal government involved) decide if it was a proper shooting or not. The MSM seems to be congratulating the New Black Panthers for putting out Wanted Posters for Zimmerman - Dead or Alive. As Stilton stated this may be the match for the kindling ... I hope not, but it could be, and if it is, it will lead to a countrywide conflagration that nobody will win, but a lot will die during. Let's all pray in our own way that cooler heads will prevail. If not I have no doubt that the Obummer will use this to declare martial law - no elections then - and another Civil War.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Larry Sheldon- You're asking great questions that I don't have the answer for. There seems to be considerable evidence that Martin punched Zimmerman in the face and broke his nose, and at some point was on top of him beating his head into the sidewalk. But...did Zimmerman threaten him or start the altercation? Did Martin think he was acting in self-defense? According to one fairly definitive sounding report, Martin and Zimmerman exchanged words and parted...after which Martin attacked Zimmerman from behind. Or not. I'm entirely ready to mourn for Trayvon or mourn for the ruins of Zimmerman's life...and also ready to think the worst of either of them. But not because of their races.

@John the Econ- And let's don't forget that candidate Obama sent representatives to Canada to let them know that he was going to be pounding away negatively at NAFTA while running for office (to appeal to unions and blue collar workers) but that Canada should know it was all a show and he would fully support NAFTA when elected.

One thing about being a lying little crapweasel - at least he's remarkably consistent.

@Pete(Detroit)- About the only thing I know for sure is that the incident was a fustercluck (yes, I've got dyslexic Tourette's... and you can bet I'm going to work THAT idea into a Johnny Optimism cartoon).

I don't know who, or how much, to blame. But I know that calls for racial violence aren't going to help anyone who looks like Trayvon, looks like Obama, looks like Zimmerman, or who looks like a stinking, hate-mongering caucasian.

With all of this acrimony, I may be overdue for an Andy Griffith marathon on Netflix...

Doc - N. Nevada said...

@Pete (Detroit) ... if what I heard on the radio earlier today is true ... he may have been "dropping it", and returning to his vehicle. There was some discussion that ALL of the 911 tapes are being analyzed to determine exactly "who said what, and in what context". They are supposedly not even sure who was calling for help on the one recording. One source said it was Zimmerman, another said it was Trayvon. Other than getting shot, the physical damage evidence seems to say only ONE of them had the opportunity to ask for help while recieving a beating. When no one 'helped' Zimmerman fired his weapon. Again, I do not "know" these things, I am just relying on the various statements and physical evidence ... AS REPORTED, but not proven to be true yet.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@Aaron Burr:
Funny stuff, but I won't be giving up my peanut M&M's for those anytime soon.
So, why isn't the Justice Dept. going after the NBPP for their "bounty" on the head of Mr. Zimmerman? Oh, wait...Eric Holder...never mind.

Coon Tasty said...

Two excellent points raised here:

1) How is it that Obama, being half White, is considered "Black", yet a guy who is half Hispanic is apparently completely White?

2) Does being given *advice* by a *civilian* dispatcher carry the same weight as being given lawful instructions by a police officer? (From a legal point of view I suspect the answer is no.)

John the Econ said...

Thanks @Stilton; I'd forgotten all about the little Canada incident. There are no doubt dozens or hundreds of these little nod-n-wink "understandings" Obama has with various leaders and groups who then comfort their followers with the knowledge not to take Obama's "moderate" rhetoric seriously. Neither should any informed citizen.

Dave said...

OK I know I'm late weighing in on this cartoon but unfortunately the schedule for the cartoons conflicts with my schedule.

That said....This is a perfect situation for the Commidant in Chief, Odumbass. People are being squeezed economically, between high unemployment, higher underemployment, high food prices and even higher energy costs; especially the poor. Then add a socioeconomic group that is supposedly the cause of all of the hardships suffered by the poor. This group has to be easily identifiable. Now add in a slick charismatic leader that can be identified with by a large number of the "oppressed" and you have a powder keg of revolution and regime change all set for a match to ignite.

It has been done before in countries all over the world, and it will be done again and unforgivably it appears to be done in this country...I predict that there will be attempts over the next few months to continue to foment civil unrest and riots across this great nation with that end result being for Obama to declare Martial Law, suspend civil liberties and either cancel, delay the election or otherwise set himself up as the first American Dictator.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Doc N. Nevada- The reports continue to be confusing and frustratingly incomplete. Which is why it would have been good for Obama to call for everyone to withhold judgement for now, rather than casting Trayvon as a martyr. And why it would be good for Eric Holder to declare in no uncertain terms that it's illegal to put a price on a man's head (as the New Black Panthers are doing).

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Holder's "non-statement" about the New Black Panthers tells us everything.

@Coon Tasty- 1) Obama should be referred to as a "white African-American" by Reuters from now on.

2) No, I don't think someone identifying themself as a crimewatch volunteer even remotely carries the legal weight of a police officer. I think anyone should be able to ignore such a volunteer (though it would be more pro-social if they simply cooperated). If Zimmerman laid hands on Martin first, he should be appropriately charged with assault. If Martin struck first, then Zimmerman was within his rights to defend himself.

@John the Econ- There's such a long list of examples of Obama saying one thing in public and the opposite in private that it makes no sense to believe anything he says in public anymore.

@Dave- Want to add a little dash of paranoia to the scenario you're describing? Obama's off-mic statement that he'd have "more flexibility" to give the Russians what they want after his "last election" could be interpreted (by the extremely nervous) as meaning that the next election could be America's last rather than Obama's. Dictator for life? Terrifying, but not unthinkable in these sad days.

Dave said...

@Stilt-Gee and I already thought I was paranoid enough already.

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - No, you misunderstand me. I meant the dispatcher who advised Zimmerman to stay in his car.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dave- On the bright side, it's really hard to sneak up on a paranoid!

@Coon Tasty- Gotcha, and I was confused. I don't know if police dispatchers are all civilians or not, and further don't know what the legal implications are when they give advice or orders. But I think it's likely that this will be more of a legal detail than anything which would have changed the sad outcome of this confrontation.

pryorguy said...

Ya know, guys, I just came across the ANSWER to this dilemma...the ONE MAN who can make this all go is his address...

Fans of 'breaking bad' will understand!

Coon Tasty said...

@Pryorguy - I have the t-shirt.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@pryorguy & coon tasty- I hadn't seen Saul's website and I love it. I'm a big "Breaking Away" fan, and thoroughly enjoy Saul Goodman's delightful sleaziness.

Coon Tasty said...

^^ Such a big fan that you don't know what the show is called? :P

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- AIYEE!!! Brain fart! Yes, Saul appears in "Breaking Bad" - but I'll tell you why my fingers snuck "Breaking Away" in there.

"Breaking Away" is a delightful little film about the "Little 500" bicycle race held at Indiana University, and the movie was shot in Bloomington, Indiana at the same time I was living there. In fact, the character played by Jackie Earle Haley gets married in the same courthouse where I was wed to Mrs. Jarlsberg. And we were married by a judge - not by Saul Goodman.

Acoff said...

@Suzy- "Ouch" was my thought on hearing Obama's pronouncements, on thinking of this cartoon, and my wife's first reaction on seeing it. It's strong, ugly stuff - but it HAS to be to comment meaningfully on the stronger, uglier stuff which Obama and the Left are trying to jam down our throats. I would love to see our government actually allow and encourage blacks to get out of the crime-infested ghettos in which they are the most frequent victims of violence. But while the Left holds power, the inescapable inner-city plantations will continue to be ruled with an iron hand - not producing cheap cotton, but cheap votes.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Acoff- Glad you see the cartoon in the intended light. I don't know of any greater betrayal from this president (and there are many) greater than his efforts to keep black Americans trapped in desperate circumstances in order to ensure their votes. He's just announced (as of 10/30/12) that in his second term he'll make a greater effort to help "communities of color." Too little, too late, and coming from the wrong direction.