Monday, July 16, 2012

Giving Them The Business

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Broadening his attack on Mitt Romney, capitalism, success, prosperity, and America in general, Barack Obama spoke to supporters (who were clearly way more important than the NAACP) last Friday and made the stunning declaration: "If you've got a business - you didn't build that. Somebody
else made that happen."

Oh sure, you might have been the one with the original idea. You might have invested your own money. You might have done all the work yourself. But when you're finally presiding over an actual business...
you didn't build it. And you damn sure shouldn't be allowed to keep the profits.

To help illustrate this point for his supporters, the president then related the story of "The Greedy Little Capitalist Hen," in which a chicken plants a grain, waters the grain, tends the grain, harvests the grain, mills the grain, then makes it into bread with no help from the other lazy farm animals.

When they smell the delicious fresh-baked bread, they want to eat it - but the greedy capitalist hen says, "No. None of you did any of the work!"

So the angry animals elect a leader who points out that the greedy capitalist hen didn't create the grain, or the soil, or the water by herself - and then says the lazy animals should not
only get the bread, they should use it to make chicken sandwiches. And they all eat happily ever after!

Well, they ate happily ever after until they ran out of chicken sandwiches and starved to death. But the president skipped that part of the story.

Despite the fact that this is clearly a fairy tale, the president's supporters are eating it up just like the lazy farm animals they are. And it's even possible that Barack Obama himself believes that neither bread nor businesses can be created by the hard work of just one person.

Though oddly enough, it's exactly the way he claims to have killed Osama bin Laden.

The moral of the story: Get the chicken to pay for your healthcare
BEFORE you kill her and eat her bread.



Coon Tasty said...

It is true that many working class people want to feel like they are just as important to the success of their employer's business as is the employer themselves. - They are wrong of course, since the average unskilled worker can be easily replaced by another off-the-street drone, whereas the employer is usually the main creative/driving force behind a business.

Dobro Player said...

In Obama's full speech he goes on to talk about how (according to him) government research singlehandedly created the internet, and that all eeevil, greeeedy capitalists have done is exploit it for their own gain. He conveniently omits, as all leftists do, all the private sector money (IBM and Bell Labs, for example) that has gone into computer technology and expanding the internet. As a side note, Stilton, I would love to see you turn "The Greedy Little Capitalist Hen" into a full, illustrated book and sell it on or something.

Velcro said...

He sounds more like Animal Farm to me! On the button as usual, Stilton!

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

In lieu of an actual policy idea or a record worthy of touting, this fetid regime would rather foment class envy and race hatred. And it's not that they can't come up with ideas to boost the economy and reduce unemployment; those ideas abound. They simply don't want to. The positive ideas that would enable the economy to prosper conflict with Obama's twisted ideal of "fairness". As Rush has pointed out so many times, "fairness" to a leftist is simply an equal distribution of misery. No matter how they try to dress it up, when you put a dollop of mayo on a sh*t sandwich, what do you have? A sh*t sandwich. All of the issues I take with Romney pale to insignificance compared to the awful truth of life in Obamaville. Hell, just look at the kinds of people who continue to support the Fecal King. Do you want these people deciding your fate?

Unknown said...

Where does one even begin with the parallel parables - "Ant and the Grasshopper" being one, Atlas Shrugged" being a second, and the obvious "Animal Farm. What is to me the scariest thing is this narcisstic, sociopathic, meglomaniac actually believes this, and belives that any means justifies the end (of America). The second most scariest thing is that ~46+/-% approve of this idiot (granted the built in base of those permanently living off entitlements - any wonder why the welfare reform rules were abandoned last Thursday?). One thing I do believe is that we should modify the voting amendment so that the voting age is raised back to 21 - unless you are serving in the military. That should make 'ol Eric blow spit bubbles! I also believe that the citizenship test required to become a US citizen should be a passing requirement to graduate from high school - one just has to watch the pathic answers to an on the street interview about anything relating to US History/Government/etc. to see the fine job our educators are doing preparing our children for real life. I was worried during the Cuban Missle Crisis, and again on 9/11 watching the Air Force flying CAP over Houston and the refineries/chemical plants to the south, but for once I am truly scared for my country, that we can survive this President and his plans.

TrickyRicky said...

And Wyatt's Torch burns on.....

Colby said...


A real knee slapper today! And dobro player is right; this absolutely needs to be in book form and required reading in all elementary schools! My parents (who were Roosevelt Democrats) even made this book required reading when I was a little cheese.

Obama telling us how all successful people had help is like Jeffrey Dahmer preaching to us about proper eating habits. This waste of skin only got where he is by crapping on others and taking money from socialists (Soros)and terrorists (Ayers) and the like.

My father was a poor farm kid during the depression, but still managed to work his ass off and end up fairly successful. He receive zero help from anybody else, especially the damn government! I guess that's why they are called The Greatest Generation. I wish they were still around to teach our young people.

Colby said...

What I mean by my last paragraph is, BO just slapped an entire generation of hard workers in the face. This group of people would have NEVER accepted a damn thing from the government unless they were absolutely and literally starving and as a last resort.

Irene Peduto said...

I am always impressed by the cartoons' message - this one scored AA+ (but they ALL do).....

FlyBoy said...

Was that the same speech at which Barry told fainting people to get help from "paralegals"?!?!?!

It shouldn't, (but does) continually amaze me the new low this asswipe can reach each day. What's frustrating is that he STILL has substantial support from the the public, which is truly frightening.

Earl said...

Great cartoon and bonus picture as usual. On the same topic and surprisingly fun to read is today's WSJ article by Jack and Suzy Welch. The first paragraph grabs your attention. "Here's a new party trick. Want to be accused of being a member of a satanic cult? Like to be called the kind of person who would steal candy from a child, or harm a puppy and start a forest fire--all in the same day? Do you want to be described as evil, heartless and stupid? Then just do this: Offhandedly mention in pulic that you agree with Mitt Romney--and that, yeah, you think corporations are people."

Earl said...

I mean public. That was close.

My Dog Brewski said...

I would like to give Obama points for consistency in his ideological positions, but...when he's consistently wrong, consistently inept and consistently destructive, "points" are not what he deserves.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilt: LOVED the "Chicken Little" story. Notably, it could be retitle noaw as "Little Chicken" as Øbama's economy and policies have scared them all off...

@Dobro Player: First, I wish I had a dobro! Love the sound of the metal resonator, but don't play enough even to justify the three guitars I already have. Per your post, Øbama and his ilk have little if any connection to true history, logic, and cause-and-effect - unless the stoy line supports their line of bull$hit for the day.

@Mamun: This can CLEARLY be the finest article for this subject matter ever read by I. Stilton are maintain running off at the blog! (English as a second means to SPAM! Blogger's protection has apparently gone the way of investment capital...)

@TrickyRicky: Amen!

@Earl: It would have been funnier if you missed the "l" rather than the "b" :o)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Wildly liberal business "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream" had a salary cap saying the highest paid executive could earn no more than 7 times what the lowest paid employee was getting. Which worked great for the company until they needed to hire a good CEO and were basically laughed at. Their principles melted faster than their ice cream, and they threw out the pay cap. Are there grossly overpaid executives? Absolutely. But there are also individuals who bring new businesses (or even entire sectors) to life through their personal drive and initiative - and those people are called "job creators." Of course, maybe that's why Obama is denying that such creatures exist.

@Dobro Player- As you point out, Obama argues that businesses couldn't thrive without government-backed Internet services or roads, blah blah blah. Agreed- but last time I looked, to the extent that those things are funded by government, they're funded by TAXPAYERS (which, by the way, doesn't include 47% of Americans). But Obama claims that we're all just cogs in a big machine, and so none of us is "special" enough to hang on to what we earn - rather, the amount we keep should be decided by the collective (which suddenly DOES include that 47% of nontaxpayers I mentioned).

@Velcro- If Obama ever read Animal Farm, he apparently missed the point.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Great points, but the standout to me is that Obama could boost the economy and reduce unemployment, but he doesn't want to. Prosperity and individual accomplishment are the opposite of what he needs to stay in power. He foments class warfare because he feeds on the resulting anger and hatred.

@SeaDog- There is far more useful information (for kids OR adults) in a single Aesop's Fable than in all of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." And I couldn't agree more strongly that our nation is done for unless we start educating (really educating) our children about this nation's history again. One huge side benefit that would create is educated voters who would guarantee that our nation is never threatened from the Whitehouse again.

Sarah Rolph said...

I read the whole paragraph from which the astonishing quote is taken, and it does not get any better in context! In fact it's very, very strange. None of the sentences fit together. Is he crazy, or on drugs, or does he just not care whether he makes any sense? (not mutually exclusive, I realize)

He believes in the general notion of the anti-capitalist point he is making, but he does not know enough about business to even insult it properly!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@TrickyRicky- For those unfamiliar with Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged," Wyatt's Torch was the result of the government placing crushing, impossible regulations on an oil company owned by a man named Wyatt. So he basically said "to hell with it," and set his oil wells on fire rather than put up with the government's crap anymore.

@Colby- I might try to figure out how to make an actual book (or more likely, ebook) - but I doubt that many kids would ever see it.

Obama knows nothing about creating or earning anything. He was born to communists, raised by communists, and subsequently sought out the company of radicals in college (and the rest of his life).

But your father's story is - or at least was - the story of America. When people raised themselves through hard work rather than class envy. And you're right that Obama's words are an insult to that generation AND this one.

@Irene Peduto- Thank you! This one was actually fun to write (well, as much fun as I can have while steaming mad!)

@Flyboy- I had to laugh when I read about Obama calling for "paralegals" to help those who swooned in his presence. No doubt to help them start the paperwork for lawsuits: "you fainted in the heat, the heat is due to global warming, global warming is due to business, therefore you should sue business."

And like you, I'm constantly appalled by Obama's support numbers. They make me think ill of the gene pool.

@Earl- That IS a great (and funny) piece. And readers can find it right here at the Wall Street Journal.

@My Dog Brewski- Considering that points are also what you find on the end of sharp sticks, maybe he does deserve them.

@Emmentaler- Actually "Chicken Little" is the story in which "the sky is falling!" and "The Little Red Hen" is the story in which individual reward was based on individual effort. And in "Henny Penny," I don't know what the heck happens.

Regarding "Mamun," readers should know that there was indeed a SPAM message vaguely praising this (or any) blog in broken English and including a backlink to an air conditioning business or something. Blogger's spam filters usually catch these things (many times a day), but this one slipped through. Briefly. By the way, Barack, SPAM is more reliant on "your" Internet more than any other business. Thanks!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sarah Rolph- Obama's (ahem) "reasoning" is bizarre. His position is that we all work together, therefore we should all share the rewards. Which we do, in the fairest possible distribution, through market forces which determine the value of what we've done. But Barry is arguing that because we all work together, we must all be equally important to the final product - which is flat out crazy talk.

Mike Porter said...

If by some miracle we could institute a rule whereby one could only vote if one has not been on any form of direct government assistance for at least one year, we would then see any possibility of a BO reelection evaporate. Voter means testing would then seal the deal for generations to come; demonstrate even a cursory understanding of the difference between America's Democratic Republic and all other forms of governance and your vote will be counted.

Of course, don't let the likes of me determine the test questions lest we disqualify pretty much everyone who doesn't know that George Washington was actually our ninth president.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: Of course! But, again, under the current administration, it is easy to confuse the concepts within the two fables...

Chuck said...

Words fail me. There is just no way to argue logically with the left when logic plays absolutely no role in their “thinking” process. The total nonsense being spewed upon us by the elitist left defies intelligent discussion. Joe Wilson had it exactly right on September 9, 2009 when, during an address to a Joint Session of congress, he shouted out “You Lie?” to the Liar-in-Chief. And now they are constantly tell bold, obviously, proven lies AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT! I’m at least glad to see our side finally starting to echo Joe Wilson and loudly proclaim, “LIAR!”

@Stilton - I'm very grateful that words do not fail you ... Thanks!

Angry Hoosier dad said...

@ Stilton:
Re: Your reply to Sarah...
You have found the window to Obama's soul. I do not envy you the view.

Goldenrod said...

Since Obama wants equality, why aren't WE the people being fitted with the same health insurance that congress enjoys? Or are some people more equal than others?
Libs always want to equal down instead of up.

Cookie said...

My parents are the same story as Colby's dad. They both grew up during the Great Depression. They couldn't afford college, but they both worked hard and ended up buying two businesses that they took to new levels and became very successful in their small town in Utah. They didn't take any government help, either, They left a great legacy to their posterity. Hard work, not government assistance, made all the difference to them. The free market, capitalist system works. But wait, they bought the businesses that someone else had already created. I guess, according to BO, they must have really been failures because they built on something that someone else had started. What was I thinking! *sigh*
We've got to get BO out of the whitehouse, out of our pocketbooks, and out of sight!

John the Econ said...

Just heard this one as I was driving home from my barely-affordable annual checkup. I just had to believe that this was taken out of context, and yet it wasn’t. In this age of absurdity and gross ignorance, you'd think that nothing could set me over the edge anymore. And yet, it happened again. I barely made it home without my brain self-immolating within my skull.

See what happens when he’s off-teleprompter? You find out what he really believes, and how poorly he comprehends reality.

As someone who created his business from thin air from ideas in his head, self-determination, a wish to be independent and money saved since childhood I can say that our Affirmative Action President doesn’t have a clue as to what it takes to be successful outside of special political shell that only exists because of the wealth expropriated from others. If I didn’t create my business, it simply wouldn’t exist.

The only thing I or my business requires of the state is the protection of my property rights. But as we’ve witnessed from day one of this administration, they aren’t the least bit interested in that job. It’s quite the contrary. Almost none of the taxes collected from me go to pay for my Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Yes, there were even “great teachers” in my life. Ironically, most of them were mavericks and at war with the systems they were operating under. Many of the classes they taught don’t even exist anymore.

Strangely enough, this comes from the guy who takes total credit for killing Osama bin Laden as though he was the one who trained for a decade, jumped out of a helicopter and fired the rifle.

And clearly, we are not “all in this together”.

We are getting closer to the final chapters of "Atlas Shrugged". The more and more our clueless leaders spout this ignorant nonsense to the clueless sycophants, the more that people like me get likely to say "Screw it! If you want all my profits, I just won't bother anymore." Just as in Atlas Shrugged, his clueless masses are going to be sorely disappointed when they find out that 100% of nothing is still nothing.

@Stilton, also consider that as the creators and owners, “Ben & Jerry” didn’t require a salary 7-times greater than their lowest entry level employee to be “rich”. Total & typical liberal hypocrisy.

@Mike Porter: I’ve long argued that since our government today is little more than a wealth redistribution system, “net consumers” should be prohibited from voting. The 1040 long form should double as our election ballots. If the amount on line 60 is zero, your vote shouldn’t count.

John the Econ said...

Finally, it’s easy to see why Obama actually believes this, because in his case it’s absolutely true; He has only gotten to where he is through preferential treatment through school, and then the political patronage of people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, whoever programs the teleprompter and other unsavory characters. It’s only his extreme hubris and arrogance that makes him assume that since it worked that way for him, that it must have been that way for everyone else as well.

PRY said...

I'm glad to see that many of you here are a bit 'confused' by Obamas rantings! I swear, he just gets stranger all the time! Got to be the most bizarre reelection attempt I have ever seen, and this will be about number 15!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- Personally, I'd love some form of voter testing to get the real nitwits and leeches out of the system. Of course, I can't imagine any way of instituting such a system which wouldn't be subject to horrible abuse. But oh, what a pleasant fantasy.

And I like your trick question about George Washington being the ninth president. Everyone knows that Beethoven's ninth!

@Emmentaler- When it comes to chickens, it's hard to keep your ducks in a row.

@Chuck- Obama's logic IS appalling. The government doesn't pay for anything, it only taxes people. So who pays the taxes? To a very large extent, the most wealthy. So by Obama's own tortured logic, people should thank the "evil rich" for their Internet, sidewalks, roads, and military defense - and then STFU.

And yes, Joe Wilson packed a lot of truth - and a potent warning - into those two words.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Trust me, I take no pleasure from whatever understanding of Obama I've arrived at.

@Goldenrod- Isn't it funny how "fairness" doesn't come into play when it comes into pay, perks, and healthcare for our alleged "leaders?"

@Cookie- The story you're sharing is the kind that Obama would like to make sure our nation doesn't hear anymore because it distracts from his narrative of envy and hate.

But I will concede Barry's point that anyone successful has had to work with others along the way, and has surely been helped by someone, somehow. For instance, Barry suggests that if you had a mentor, it proves you need to "give back" to be fair. But here's an idea: how about "giving back" by becoming a mentor for someone else? How about "giving back" by giving jobs to people? Or even "giving back" just by spending your hard-earned money wherever you want, creating profit and productivity for others? I can't think of a worse way to "give back" to others than by sending Barack Obama more money to give to the UAW and ACORN (or whatever they're calling themselves now).

@John the Econ- I knew in my heart we'd be hearing from you today, unless this news story had given you an aneurysm (helpful hint: when reading the news, keep an ear-sized soldering iron hot for quick brain cauterization!). Great post!

@PRY- Obama is running a bizarre campaign, but I'm afraid it's not's only illogical and anti-American.

Suzy said...

Well....I know I have a nice, fresh small business loan that needs paying off....I'd like to see if the government REALLY builds small business...I'd be willing to give him a chance to prove it!

John the Econ said...

Sorry @Suzy. I fully expect Obama to announce amnesty for at least some of the trillion dollars of student loan debt out there, since those are the votes he needs the most.

But if we've learned anything over the last 4 years, it's that he has complete and utter contempt for those who actually produce the wealth in this country. He's counting on your to continue to be a slave.

Anonymous said...

He's bat shit crazy. As his employer, I demand a 3 day psych hold and a piss test.

REM1875 said...

You can't fool me (although I am pretty easy to fool ) Zero would never tell that fairy tale that way. I mean after all where was the acknowledgement that government created the chicken, and the soil, and the seed? That the govt created the sun and scheduled it to shine. And the rain? Where is the part about the govt creating the rain and deciding on who it shall fall? (I admit the govt has been a little lax on the social justice issue of who gets the rain lately)
Nope rather than painfully listen to his brilliance you speed read a brief synopsis and missed the most important part while worrying about chicken sandwiches.

badlarry said...

Recently my boss had the tv on at work and came across one of Obama's anti-Romney ads. He summed up the thing better than I could have.

"So...according to Obama because Romney was successful in business, doing stuff every successful business was doing at the time to keep the doors open and people employed he's a bad guy? What'd he want Romney to do, screw stuff up like that energy thing (Solyndra) Obama blew half a billion on?"

My Dog Brewski said...

For the "smartest man in the country", Barry is locked into a rather juvenile sense of "fairness" that drives his philosophy and actions. His ideas for taxation and his whole social justice trip are products of a search for fairness as he sees it. His embrace of socialism is a search for a societal construct that insures fairness for all citizens. All the failures of past attempts are irrelevant to him. He believes he knows how to make socialism work. In this sense he is a child who cannot even imagine the adult world. I would have sympathy for him if he weren't in a position to do so much harm.

Colby said...

Piss test?! Now that's just plain racist! The next thing you'll be wanting is to see his I.D.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Colby, I'd settle for a BCert that was in sequence, didn't have anachronistic errors (name of hospital changed to what is listed like 3 years after his birth) and obvious photoshop artifacts...
Not that it matters WHERE he was born - his father was NOT a citizen, nor was his underage mother (18 was not old enough to vote then).

InRe vote limiting - RHeinlein posed in Starship Troopers that only those who had served in military were allowed to vote - if you're not willing to risk life for country, you get no say..

Personally, it would not bother me at ALL to have voter rolls bounced off property lists and IRS - if you don't pay taxes, you don't get to vote. That would at least cut down on the dead folks and other parasites in the system...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Suzy- This would be one of those situations where it's very, very important to not hold your breath while waiting.

@John the Econ- In Obama's "long game" of discouraging personal responsibility, forgiving student loans would be brilliant. These young people would subsequently be more likely to expect the government to give them a free pass on other debts they incur in life. In fact, they'd probably demand it.

@sablegsd- Does it count as a "piss test" if he gets me (and countless others) pissed off on a daily basis?

@REM1875- Your tongue-in-cheek analysis isn't really very far off the mark. While Obama can't claim to have created weather, he can and does claim that businesses have changed the weather - making it his responsibility to collect money from them to make up for their damage.

@badlarry- Romney was a good businessman, which also means that he was running things with his head instead of his heart. That's a good thing. And did he take advantage of every twist and turn in our tortured tax law to try to pay as little as possible? I sure hope so. Romney shouldn't run from his record - he needs to beat Obama over the head with it.

Side note: When talking to Mrs. Jarlsberg last night, I opined that Mitt has probably given more money to charity than Obama has earned in his entire life. If true, I think it would be a great way to shove Obama's socialist rhetoric down his throat: the rich businessman is doing more good for more people than the community organizer - and has the paperwork to prove it.

@Colby- A piss test is only racist if it keeps someone from getting government benefits.

@Pete(Detroit)- I definitely thought of Heinlein during these discussions of voter requirements. The system we have now is badly broken - and Barack Obama is the proof.

John the Econ said...

Still doing a slow-burn on this one, as I get up with a sore back to get to the work.

Again, considering Obama's history, is it any wonder he believes this? In the entitlement world he's familiar with, one gets paid for just showing up.

I'd be willing to bet my entire net worth that given the opportunity, Obama would not be capable of starting any business, even an ultimately unsuccessful one, on his own. He's not capable of 1/4th of the tasks I complete on a daily basis. Most "community organizers" aren't. They only thing they know is forcing other people to do stuff of them.

Conversely, see that if nobody is personally responsible for their own success, then they can't be responsible for their own failures either. We weren't the audience for Obama's speech; "the unsuccessful" were. This is his real constituency.

Colby said...

I guess the one that really makes my blood boil is General Electric. Billions and billions of taxpayer stimulus money flushed on a corporation that didn't need it, and they are shipping jobs overseas faster than you can say "light bulb."

I guess the good news is, if Bain Capital is all the better O-ButtHead can come up with for ammo, it might start wearing thin by September or earlier. And PLEASE, Mr. Romney; DO NOT pick a running mate that can in any way be connected to Bush, or in any way resembles John "Middle of the Road" McCain. Please think young, dynamic, patriotic, tea party, experienced, Hispanic... Oh, and from Florida.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I keep hearing Barack Hussein whining about "the failed policies of the past". Why does he think he's not trying the failed policies of the past? Why does he think socialism isn't a failed policy?

Pete (Detroit) said...

Colby - How about Ann Barnhardt? Granted, she's perhaps TOO conservative / divisive, but golly it'd be FUN!

John the Econ said...

@JustaJeepGuy, they believe that the only reason that socialism has not yet been a success is that it has yet to enslave the entire planet. Only when we all are their slaves will it then work.

Colby said...

Ann Barnhardt? It would be a memorable election season for sure! I'm picturing a debate with Balloon Head Biden and her holding that pink sub-machine gun the whole time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Sadly, we'll never get to see your theory borne out (as it surely would be) because Obama will not, for the rest of his life, be in a financial position in which he would need to try starting or running a business. His election has already bumped him up to being a taxpayer-supported billionaire (hey, if the Bamster can call people getting $250k/year billionaires, so can I)...and he'll command huge sums from speaking engagements and books until the world runs out of stupidity.

But you make another great point that if nobody can take credit for success, then nobody can be blamed for failure. In Obama's world, nobody has ANY responsibility... except to share their ill-gotten wealth.

@Colby- The amount of stimulus money that ended up overseas is criminal... but not quite as criminal as the media's non-reporting of same. And I want to hear Romney turn things around and start BRAGGING about Bain, and beating Obama over the head with the fact that the president knows nothing about business or capitalism, other than that he hates both.

@JustaJeepGuy- Socialism wasn't a failed policy because it's more than a policy: it's a religion which couldn't work until its Messiah arrived.

@Pete(Detroit)- I desperately want fiery conservatism in a VP choice. With non-apology to our Muslim friends, this isn't an election - this needs to be a crusade.

@John the Econ- You're right - Socialism can't work as long as there are any better systems to compare it to. It makes the rabble testy.

@Colby- Of all my worries in life (and they are legion), none include fretting about Joe Biden winning any upcoming debates.

pry said...

Wow...we need to send todays comments to the Romney bunch...potent stuff here...a huge list of reasons to kick O out of office, and most of congress with him! Term limits!!!!!!!!

Gang of One said...

I am somewhat surprised that no one has made the observation that Obama's idiotic rhetoric is warmed over Elizabeth Warren stupidity. she came up with this straw-man about one year back, and she was all the rage in the usual suspect circles. He can't even be original in his blitheringship.