Friday, August 31, 2012

Pop Goes the Weasel

On Wednesday night, heartland-favorite Paul Ryan delivered a speech that was truthful, powerful, inspiring, patriotic, and eloquent - and the mainstream media immediately pounced on him and proclaimed him to be the biggest liar since Baron Munchausen and the bloodthirstiest killer since Vlad the Impaler.

(At the time of this writing, Romney hasn't given his speech yet - but you can bet he's in for the same treatment.)

In actuality, Ryan's speech was entirely accurate from top to bottom and it is the so-called "fact checkers" who are engaged in lies and misrepresentations. And how bad did it get? The ever-rabid Chris Matthews of MSNBC told the world that Ryan's speech was a call for the return of black slavery.

No, really.

Because Ryan said that we need to "restore" America, and according to Matthews' single sputtering neuron, “to a lot of Americans, if you get back to where we were, there were slaves. If we got back to where we were, women weren't voting.” Moreover, Ryan dared to mention those appalling bastards called "the founding fathers," which Matthews also interprets as nostalgia for slavery.

So if the seemingly inspirational words of conservatism are, when deconstructed by the Left, so disgusting - what soaring rhetoric is Barack Obama offering to inspire Americans?

He says his reelection will be the "popping of the blister" of Republican uncooperativeness, and that in a second term he will increasingly "work around Congress" to get things done "without legislation." In other words, he finds gross medical metaphors charming but the Constitution sickening.

And in the same interview, he claims that Americans (sheep-like, stupid Americans) don't realize how wonderful the stimulus and auto bailout plans were because he didn't spend enough time selling them - what with being preoccupied with fixing the economy and getting in over one hundred rounds of golf.

But if his programs had been successful, wouldn't we all know that without "being sold?" Wouldn't we be able to look around and see that success and a growing economy, instead of the dismal fiscal reality which we do clearly see... and which Paul Ryan so bravely and eloquently described?

Frankly, we don't think our nation's woes are going to be helped in the least by Barack Obama popping any blisters.

But on the other side of election day, we think it's worth considering how to lance the boil of mainstream media lies and propaganda.



Dave David Schmoyer on Facebook said...

Ahh yes the wonderful screams of racism because anyone in this country has the audacity to believe that we would be better off with small limited government that does not over-regulate every industry into bankruptcy and also believes that Americans that can work should! I guess the slavery part of that whole thing is the belief that except in limited circumstances the population of this once great nation should help themselves not wait around for the government to give them everything they need. I actually ran across an article from a Left-wing publication that claimed to use as it's fact checker database which is laughable since politifact is beyond left-wing but even so the article lied even about what this left-wing front claimed. The infected boil on America's back is the Socialist Left-wing scum-bags that claim to be Democrats. I am now at the point that I don't believe that the entire Democratic Party can be all Far Left Loons but unfortunately they are a bunch of ignorant people that get all their news from MSNBC and the Huffington Post and have been completely mislead by this current sicking group of Commies that have Hijacked the Democrats. Can you imagine if GREAT Democrats of the past like President Kennedy were alive today? They would be considered Right-wing Lunatics like the rest of us that believe in America and the Constitution.

Sorry for the rant but I've been awake for the last 32 hours straight

Velcro said...

Media Fact Checkers must be like Racing Monopoly. It's similar in that players lie and call others racists; then the bank forecloses on all of their property. They must try to bail themselves out (private individuals) by giving all their money to the bank, which is called "redistribution".

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

I keep thinking I can't be surprised by the depths to which they sink. I am so wrong. I have never watched Matthews, except in a link provided by other sources. Has he always been this deranged or has the desperation of his messiah's flailing campaign driven him over the edge of the abyss? Does he even consider that there is life after Obama and he may want to cling to some shred of credibility for the future? I swear I don't get it.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Personally, I believe "the media" is on the same verge of implosion as I believe the US educational system - particularly colleges and universities - is. This state of being for each is unsustainable. Frankly, I find the condition of our media demonstration of the wise old advice to never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same evening, or you'll reflexively spew shit all over the place. Now, if we can only find those that are issuing the meds to "journalists", we'll be all set...

Colby said...

I used to think Chris Matthews was a wart on the ass of society. Thanks to you, Stilton, I now realize I was mistaken. He is a ZIT on the ass of society. I know this statement could somehow be deemed racist, but isn't everything racist now? I mean, do we have to all throw away our salt and pepper shakers now, or just the salt shakers?

I have to wonder how far this racism crap can go before even some Democrats start seeing how ridiculous it has become. Pieces of moon-bat shit like Matthews, Madcow and O'Donnell are hopelessly over the edge, but do they represent your average Joe Blow working class Democrat? I know quite a few Democrats (being a reformed one) and have to say that most of them are not the "foaming at the mouth" variety like Matthews, and I think they might start seeing the ridiculousness of this. I would like to think so, anyway.

Hell, maybe even a few of the 23 people who watch Matthews will start to wonder.

Colby said...

Oh, and Laurence O'Donnell is out there claiming it is racist to say the President golfs.

Damn! If it's racist to say something as simple as "Obama golfs too much", Clint Eastwood and Marco Rubio must have white suits with pointy hats in their closets!

FlyBoy said...

Let us not forget all of the other "racist code words" that makes the lefties wet their panties: "food stamp president", "work ethics", "American values", and "Constitition". Add to that (from earlier this week): "golf" and "Chicago".

I believe Chris Matthews is dangerously close to having a nervous breakdown. Maybe they should have the guys in white coats standing by on Nov. 6th.....

Chuck said...

A liberal calling a conservative a liar is like a murderer calling a jay-walker a criminal.

Pete (Detroit) said...

Good GAWD I can't wait until November. I was SO impressed by how mature R&R sounded. It will be SO nice to have 'grown ups' in charge again...

John the Econ said...

I've been cataloging the seemingly endless stream of "fact check" articles that I've been seeing every morning during the convention.

It's a shame Paul Ryan didn't say that "the sky is blue". It would have been interesting to see how many column inches the AP would have devoted to fact checking that.

It will be interesting to see how many "fact check" articles we see during the Democratic convention next week. Actually, I doubt it will be interesting as I expect few, if any.

A side note: Read this morning that our local Democratic party is "giving away" tickets to the convention. I fully expect that by the weekend, they'll be paying people to go.

Anonymous said...

DING!!! And Chuck wins the Internet for today! Congratulations, Chuck, your prize is being shipped via FedEx so you can proudly display your trophy on your fireplace mantel!

Squid McGrumpy

Mike Porter said...

Stilton: I'm reminded of that movie Dune, where the evil Baron Vladimir Harkonnen is having his facial pustules lanced by his crooning doctor, who, if I remember correctly, refers to them as 'lovely'. It's not much of a stretch to see Obomba and Assholerod in these respective roles. And yes, you're seeing a de-evolution in my ability to remain polite, civil and above the fray... I just couldn't refrain from spelling these names 'correctly' in the strictest sense of the word.

Emmentaler Limburger: on the education front, check out - these folks are all over it.

Colby: Mathews is the very hole in the ass of society - and unlike pimples, will never heal. Because really, the shit has to come out of somewhere.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Dave David Schmoyer- For a guy who hasn't slept, you write a darn good rant! The misinformation and disinformation from the MSM make my blood boil, because it leads people who are well-intended into making decisions which are injurious to our nation.

@Velcro- Both games could use a lot more "go directly to jail" cards, too.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Matthews has always been a lib, but during the Obama years there's been an accelerating decline into race-obsessed, foaming Leftist insanity. I watched him on election night 2010 as the Tea Party made itself felt, and the man looked like his dog had just been shot. If Obama loses this November, I suspect that Chris will have to be institutionalized. But in the meanwhile, sadly, he is considered credible by far too many people.

@Emmentaler- Certainly the old model for news organizations is falling apart; they can't maintain viewership and they have no real ability to either break news or report it accurately. News and entertainment are the same thing in those organizations, but the mix is unacceptable to people who want more - and have access to it through New Media.

@Colby- To answer one of your questions, yes - everything is racist now. Matthews has declared that when a conservative refers to Obama coming from Chicago, that's racist. Because, you know, there are some black people in Chicago and so if you call the city by name, you're really trying to make people associate Barack Obama with urban crime committed by black people. Or something. Frankly, no one sane can quite follow the logic.

@Colby- Yep, it's racist to say that Obama likes to golf. Because (please fasten your seat belts and keep your arms and hands inside the ride at all times) "golf" means "Tiger Woods," and "Tiger Woods" means "black" and whoring it up and living immorally, therefore saying "Obama likes to golf" really means "Obama is immoral because he's black." And that's racist! Ta-daaaa!

@Flyboy- The perverse "silver lining" to the nonsense of "racist code words" is that it seems to show that America has come such a long way from true racism that many people don't even remember what it is. But at the same time, it's tragic that the Left conflates imaginary "racist code words" with the real struggles of people (black and white) who faced police dogs, fire hoses, nightsticks and even lynchings to advance civil rights.

@Chuck- I agree. I just wish someone would put a cork in that murderer's megaphone.

@Pete(Detroit)- I think "grown ups" is a nice description for Romney and Ryan. And man, they certainly make a nice contrast to the current office-holders: a radical socialist and a buffoon.

@John the Econ-

Talking Head 1: "Although Ryan said the sky is blue, experts tell us that the sky is actually colorless but appears blue, as other colors are filtered from the spectrum of light coming from the sun."

Talking Head 2: "The sun. That would be solar energy, right? Ryan is against that, you know, because he wants people to die from breathing coal smoke."

Talking Head 3: "But let's get back to Ryan only seeing blue in the sky and ignoring the other colors which make America look like America."

Crap. That was too easy. It must be glorious to be a liberal commentator and know that you can just show up and babble whatever nonsense you care to make up, and nobody will know the difference.

But returning to reality, I'm sure that the "fact check" articles which appear during the Dem convention will lean heavily towards questioning the alleged "facts" that conservatives will offer in rebuttal of Dem talking points.

And it does sound like nobody actually wants to attend the Democratic convention. Although opening the convention with that "Cirque do Soleil Salute to Abortion" sounds pretty good.

alan markus said...

A side note: Read this morning that our local Democratic party is "giving away" tickets to the convention. I fully expect that by the weekend, they'll be paying people to go.

Dang, a long time ago I had been posting a prediction that there would be some kind of $3 raffle/donation for those tickets - "donate $3 by midnight, get a chance to win a ticket to the convention. Air fare, hotel, meal, and other expenses not provided. Other taxes may apply." I guess those tickets are worth the price of a raffle ticket.

Guess I shouldn't fancy myself some kind of political forecaster. I failed on this one.

Maybe they have held those in reserve - as we speak the DNC is probably trying to round up a racially diverse group of citizens to fill those seats, since the Republicans pretty much kicked ass by showcasing so many young up & comers that just happen to not be white. Of course, the media will not report that the Democrats will have their "divesity" in "the back seats", whereas the Republicans had them "at the front of the bus".

alan markus said...

I guess those tickets are worth the price of a raffle ticket.

Correction: Not!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Squid McGrumpy (by the way, clicking the button marked "Name/URL" when posting a comment will let you enter your name)- Oh great, now I need to find a good deal on trophies! (grin)

@Mike Porter- I know exactly the wonderfully disgusting scene you're referring to in "Dune." And as evidenced in my cartoon today, I'm also finding it hard to remain tasteful or civil because I have so much revulsion for the other side these days. The cartoon was deliberately "meta" that way - being revolting in order to reflect the revolting nature of the characters depicted.

Regarding your link to, I just peeked...and I'm going to have to go back and read a lot more!
They really are on top of the horrible failures going on in education. Which Condi Rice accurately pointed out to be the real civil rights battleground of today. Minority students who are forced into bad schools by Obama and the left will never get their shot at the American dream. That's a tragedy for the kids and for America.

Colby said...

Wednesday, I read somewhere that the liberal leaning TV channels like PMSNBC or CNN were cutting away from the convention floor when anybody of color was speaking, to show some other bullshit. My wife and I opted to watch on Cspan because they were just letting the cameras roll without comment. Just for kicks, when Jane Edmonds (Black Democrat Romney supporter)was speaking, we switched channels, and BEHOLD! there was Rachael Madcow blathering about "all 'they' (don't know who she was referring to) needed to do was read off the teleprompter..." I assume she was talking about Clint, who I'm pretty sure wasn't using a teleprompter. I immediately switched back to Cspan because within seconds, I was already reaching for a brick to throw at Madcow's hate spewing face. Why are liberals like her given a pass, but we can't even say the word golf?

So, I have questions for any of you that may have watched the RNC on MSM channels. How many speakers "of color" did the "Crusaders of the Little People" (MSM) skip and disregard? A LOT I'll bet. And not only were they skipped, I'll bet the skip time was spent bashing them or other "Uncle Toms."

And what's this crap about BO Tweeting a picture of himself occupying the Oval Office chair? Was he wearing a crown and robe, and holding the scepter of Alinsky?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Obumble ... his Administration is very similar to a pustule.

I fear that reelection would result in that pustule bursting forth, carrying with it further infection.

I am sick to death of the Congress allowing the Administration to trample the Constitution ... I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The Patriot Act, The NDAA, the Executive Orders taking control of all the means of communications when "he" declares an emergency, the use of the Executive Branch (DOJ Fast and Furious; DHS Immigration) to violate the law rather than to ensure the faithful execution, the Executive Branch (HHS)trampling on the rights of the religious (and I would hope the non-religious) to mandate that we pay for the murder of the unborn (or of the born, in the case of "live birth" abortion).

Matthews, Madcow, Sally Kohn, Lawrence O'Donnell, and the media "fact checkers" ... have assisted in the enslavement of America.

We desperately need to lance that pustule before it erupts in the next four years.

Earl Allison said...

Racism is the last (and so very old and tired) card the Dems have in their deck.

Control the language, and you control the dialogue. While your opponent is tip-toeing through a linguistic minefield trying to find words that won't offend, you can hammer them mercilessly.

I think this is great, personally. The more outlandish they are, the more foolish their claims (O'Donnell and Matthews really, REALLY need to check themselves, it's not going to be nearly as fun when the pendulum swings back and THEY are on the receiving end), the more people will see them and Obama as what they really are -- devoid of ideas and only capable of attacking others.

Admittedly, their actions lately have infuriated me to the point I wish someone would (figuratively) grind their noses into the dirt and hold them to the same standards they claim for others.

Hold them to their words, point out their rampant hypocrisy, use the same logic on Obama they use on the Right, and see how long they last. Fact check THEM as aggressively as they do people like Ryan and Romney. Remind them of Obama's lies about Selma, AL in his speech.

He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. If the Dems want to keep playing with language and redefining it, point and laugh once they've chopped themselves off at the knees with their own double-edged sword of hypocrisy.

Thanks for posting, and sorry for getting all rant-y.

Earl Allison said...


About MSNBC magically not showing the speeches of "people of color," they (those people) can't win anyway.

It amazes me that the Left screams about how lily-white the Right is, how it's just a sea of white people, and yet whenever someone of color joins or gives a speech, they are conveniently ignored (best case) or called a variety of racial or sexual slurs, said to have Stockholm Syndrome, or the like.

It's very clearly a heads-I-win tails-you-lose scenario that, if you sat any rational person down and explained to them, would put the hypocrisy of the Left front and center.

Of course, honest explanation is anathema to the Left, as they shy from it like vampires do to sunlight :)

Thanks for posting!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- I know that MSNBC was basically cutting away from black and hispanic speakers to allow folks like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Al Sharpton to get more airtime in which to say that the GOP is all white.

And in response to Clint Eastwood's "interview" with Obama's empty chair, Obama tweeted a picture of himself sitting in a leather chair with a little gold emblem proclaiming himself to be "The President." I think Clint got under his thin skin...

@elcedar- I'm frankly slackjawed at the president bragging that he'll throw out the legislative process and rule by executive dictates if he gets another term. He clearly despises the Constitution - and I think that he is an agent of sickness and infection that needs to be removed from the body politic.

@Earl Allison- Good points, and Newt Gingrich did a nice job of smacking Matthews down earlier this week when he told Matthews that it's racist to assume that foodstamp recipients are black. To which Matthews responded along the lines of "everybody knows that."

But also, the Dems have overplayed their hand and I think the racism accusation has largely lost its power through overuse.

Colby said...


Perhaps saying that Clint got under BO's thin skin might just be a teensy-weensy understatement. I'll bet his blood was boiling and his horns were showing.

Clint's was certainly not the mose eloquent of speeches, but I was rolling on the floor, clutching my side. I was also a bit dissappointed to not hear the "do you feel lucky, punk?" line used.

Next January, I hope Mitt invites Clint to the White House to take his picture in that same chair.

Unknown said...

OK, my two-cents, for what it's worth: I have never been so proud of the Republican Party to have had the foresight (granted, drug kicking and screaming) to develop so many diverse up and comings for the next 20+ years, Rubio, Martinez, Haley, Love, Cruz, Ayotte, Sandoval, et. al. Seriously, who have the Dimocrates got to run in the next years, DWS?

The Alinisky Channel (aka, MSNBC - an acronym the gives MS a bad name) - I used to think that no person was worthless, they could always be used as a bad example - however, Tingles, MadDog and the other prime-time talking boobs have taken even their brand of 'journalism' to a new low, to the point where even a radical left Journalism professor would hesitate to use them.

Some have complained that the tone of the convention was low, no trashing Obama, etc. I, however, see a method in their 'madness' - Romney is not the type of person to sink to the level of Obama and his cronies - just keep repeating the facts, over and over. Sort of like Reagan's famous 'Now there you go again' remark - done in the right tone, it can be devastating and make the other party look frivolous, inane, and basically have no response other than to sling slime.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- Owing to age, Clint had some slow spots and stammers...but his remarks were funny, accurate and powerful - and I think the Emperor didn't like hearing that he has no clothes on national television. And while I would've liked to hear "do ya feel lucky, punk?" it would have been a mistake to go for the "punk" (too insulting). But how I wish he'd said "You've had Obama for four years. Do ya feel lucky, America?"

@SeaDog- I'm also delighted to see the young and multi-ethnic new stars of conservatism on display. What could speak more encouragingly of the future? Hilariously (or tragically?) I heard one Lefty news commentator dismiss the diversity because "it doesn't matter if they're black, hispanic, or women - they're all still conservatives."

Right. Welcome to color-blindness and "being judged by the content of your character," asshole.

Anonymous said...

@Stilton Jarlsberg - it isn't that the Drive By Media isn't capable of breaking news and reporting accurately: they can. They just don't, because they are so deep into the ideology of the Left, with its attendant templates of "conservatism evil", "guns evil", "Republicans evil", etc., that they won't accurately report. That is why it is so shocking and comment worthy when someone like Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper commit random acts of journalism and call out flacks and hacks like Debby Wassername Slutz for lying.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Ogrrre- I agree that there's as much (maybe more?) covering up as there is sheer ineptitude and political blindness. The mainstream news sources are definitely agenda driven - and it's not an agenda which favors freedom.