Monday, September 24, 2012

Let Mo's People Go

Owing to the failure of Barack Obama's repeated apologies and multiple fruit baskets sent to the Muslim world to say "we're sorry for being Americans who richly deserve to be attacked by terrorists," the president has decided to take a bold new approach to kinetic sniveling: he's instituting the release of one third of the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

Oh sure, it could look like yet another groveling surrender from our Apologizer-in-Chief, not to mention a clear invitation to Al-Qaeda to murder more of our ambassadors if they'd like to get the rest of their pals back.

And it could seem like a bad idea since intelligence reports now suggest that the terrorist who masterminded the Benghazi attack was a prisoner who had been released from Guantanamo Bay in 2007, and that 27% of prisoners released from that facility return to terroristic activities.

But in reality, the release of 55 potential new terrorists is a brilliant political ploy on the part of this most political of presidents.

Liberals will love this decision because Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay in his first term, and time is running out. And sure, he's only keeping 1/3 of his promise - but that's still a lot better than he's done with most of his other campaign promises.

But the real political beauty of Obama's prisoner release is the effect it will have on reducing the number of conservative voters who will be coming to the polls.

Because when they hear this story, a lot of their heads are going to explode.


Coon Tasty said...

Dealing With Islamic Terrorists 101

1) Extract all information by any means necessary.

2) Humane execution.

3) Publicly televise the feeding of their corpses to either pigs or sharks.

TrickyRicky said...

@ Coon Tasty - That is what I'm talking about. Part III is perfect for PBS broadcast.

FlyBoy said...

Coon Tasty-

Your solution is close to what I'd do (if I were King of the World), with a small variation:

2) Return the terrorists to their home nation.

3) Push them out the back of a C-17 over said nation at 25,000 feet.

What Barry utterly fails to comprehend is that these terrorists CANNOT be negotiated with. All they understand is a good ol' fashioned ass-kicking. said...

Stilton, Your "comics" are right on mark. They are comics but they are simplifying a sad state of affairs so even the liberals have to see the insanity of supporting Him. I have been reading you for a few years now and forward a lot of them to friends. You bring rational thinking to an insane situation. Thank you for every comic (including Johnny Optimism) you write!!!!

Colby said...

I hope I'am tyoping thuiis correpttley.. can t seee... headdf ezplodedd.!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I wrapped my head with duct tape before reading the cartoon and editorial, and thereby prevented the cranial explosion it should have precipitated...

I, too, believe that islam is truly the "religion of peace" just as they claim, but it's the character of that peace we disagree on. The phrase "religion of peace" is a bit of crafty spin and false advertising. You see, by peace, they actually mean eternal peace. And, as you know, eternal peace and eternal rest can be used interchangeably. Making the final rhetorical leap, islam is the religion of death - as demonstrated time and time again.

So, I disagree. They don't understand a good ass-kicking; based on their religion, they understand only two things: life and death - and, for them, the former requires the plentiful doling out of the latter. The only safe state for these terrorists is "in state". Releasing them back into the wild is a mistake, but we're pretty much used to this administration's affinity for making horrible mistakes in the hopes of gaining international favor, "solidifying their base", and/or being re-elected (heaven forbid)...

Sarah Rolph said...

FlyBoy, the misunderstanding seems to be much deeper than that. The President does not appear to be even attempting to negotiate. They say jump, he says how high? It's un-effing-believeable.

We have had the "wildly misinformed, wildly incompetent" vs. "evil, purposefully malignant" discussion going in our household for the past few years and I am about to give up my position, which was the former, and reluctantly agree it's the latter.

The only other explanation is willful blindness, which is close enough that it amounts to the same thing....

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Since everything is a political calculation with this turd, one wonders exactly what he calculated. He should know this will further enrage conservatives and make us more determined (is that possible?) to bounce his bony ass out of the WH this November. He should also know that his base alone cannot reelect him. He needs that muddled middle, the so-called moderates and the independents. How in the hell is this going to bring them into the fold, even with the MSM twisting themselves into pretzels to cast it as a good thing? Is there something in the political world I just don't understand that makes this a bold, positive move?

Jim Hlavac said...

I think he's releasing the prisoners precisely because they will blow up embassies and other things -- it's part of his economic plan: people will get jobs (seasonably adjusted of course, what with activity down in Ramadan,) rebuilding that which was blown up.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Your plan strikes me as being well thought out.

@TrickyRicky- It would probably be so popular that PBS would only broadcast it during fundraising drives.

@Flyboy- We've seen what 4 years of kissing ass has accomplished, so I think it's time to put new ideas on the table. So far, I'm liking the ones on this page.

@JLVecchio- Thank you for the kind words! I really do try to take important issues and put them into bitesize chunks. When the occasional liberal takes issue with my work (especially on Facebook), they're never successfully able to challenge the facts - usually because they don't know them. I think that's actually a significant problem: liberals think conservatives are crazy because we're outraged over news stories that they (the liberals) don't even know exist.

@Colby- Oh, the humanity! I tried to warn you, but I was just too late...

@Emmentaler- In all seriousness, I don't think the release of 55 Gitmo detainees (of whom, statistically, 12 will return to slaughtering innocents) will really do anything positive for Barry in the elections. The message, therefore, is to the Islamic world. And it's another message of concession, saying "we were a bad, bad country to hold these gentlemen in prison."

Our nation will pay a predictable price for this latest act of anti-Americanism by this wretched president.

@Sarah Rolph- I've similarly "evolved" my beliefs (as the libs like to say) and now fully believe that Obama's actions are well calculated to create exactly the chaos we're seeing. And the film "2016" rather eloquently describes the logic behind it: Obama feels that the world will be a better place with a vastly weakened America, and additionally feels that America needs to be punished for her sins on the way down.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Here's how I see the political calculus: this action is about the American elections, but not a direct effort at influencing the voters. Rather, the clear failure of Obama's foreign policy can hurt him at the polls, so he wants Muslims to stop rioting, attacking our embassies, and killing our personnel. And so he's giving the radical Islamics this gift in hopes that they'll calm down. And if, in the long run, this only encourages the worst elements in the Muslim world (and more Americans die), I'm sure Mr. Obama finds that a perfectly acceptable tradeoff.

@Jim Hlavac- Economic stimulus through creating shovel-ready diplomats. It sounds sadly plausible.

John the Econ said...

Crafty move and not surprising: Makes some in his core base happy, and even lame news like this on the headlines beats news on the economy, which continues to depress.

CenTexTim said...

Warning - get more duct tape.

There are reports -- denied by the administration, for whatever that's worth -- that obama is considering releasing Omar Abdel-Rahman, a.k.a. “The Blind Sheik,” (the person behind the original attack on the World Trade Centers back in 1993).

The new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi (of Muslim Brotherhood fame) has called for Abdel-Rahman's release. Apparently the only thing stopping obama are political considerations, since such a move might even catch the attention of the 47% of the population that Mitt Romney doesn't care about. So one might speculate that releasing 55 terrorists from Gitmo is intended to placate the terrorists at large until after the election, when Omar gets his freedom.

Where's my 'coffee'...?

Mike Porter said...

Wanna bet that Tony Rezko is packing for his pardon come November? But then, he's only in for fraud and bribery - perhaps murderous animals need only apply.

As to any 'grand plan', I'm starting to think that the boy king is hoping to awaken from the nightmare before it actually catches up to him.

Colby said...

I am in near 100 percent agreement with you, but to prove we are not complete barbarians (like them), let's give them all parachutes.

... then drop them out of the C-17 at 100 feet.

@John the Econ,
You are correct; this is pretty dang crafty, which makes me wonder who thought of it. On the other hand, I'm not convinced the lefties will think this is a great move. I don't hear them quacking about Gitmo all that much. Leastways, they don't quack about it nearly as much as wanting unlimited abortions for Sandra Fluck or seeing Romney's tax returns going back 58 years.

graylady said...

Gentlemen, I love your ideas for the Gitmo held criminals (and they ARE criminals). My personal thought is we need to administer some sort of drug to the soon-to-be-released detainees that will explode THEIR heads at the first violent thought. But then the plane would never get off the runway.

Note to self: Buy more duct tape, water/coffee-proof keyboard, refill blood pressure RX.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: Whattaya mean "In all seriousness"?! I was being serious...

Yes, yessssss! The Øbama camp is crafty like a... ...a... bird. I don't believe this "tid-bit" detracts anymore from the economic narrative, the failure-in-policy narrative, the loss-of-healthcare-liberty narrative, the freedom of religion narrative, or all-the-democrats-booed-God narrative than the already-in-place, day-to-day actions of the MSM in covering for him does. If anything, this latest news depletes that seemingly bottomless store of propaganda/spin/good will - and, maybe more importantly, the MSM's ever waning store of credibility - unnecessarily. I can imagine news editors nationwide rolling their eyes at this new revelation wondering if the asshole will ever give them a break; wishing he were a republican so they could report the news "honestly". I mean: how are they going to please Soros and ensure his donations to their industry by spinning yet another of Øbama's many, many missteps - what's the magic formula going to be this time?!

This news release is tactically like tossing a grenade into your own barracks in the hopes that, having no-one left to fight, your enemy will be vanquished by the dual-edged sword of depression and boredom. Luckily for Øbama, the MSM is there for him to help mitigate the damage.

Sigh. The silver lining, to continue the analogy, is that all of those ever so crafty do-do birds are now extinct. I fervently wish the same for this administration... But, then again, the three-ring democratic national convention doesn't seen to have hurt Øbama any - clearly didn't help him any, either, but all of those supposed Christians who sport a "D" in their party affiliation box seem nonplussed by it all... And that, my friends, speaks volumes regarding the convictions of the electorate, or of their attention span.

(Duct tape really hurts when you pull it off your head. I think I'll try a compression bandage Wednesday, instead. Womenfolk? You have my deepest respect - after this, I cannot imagine what going through a waxing would be like...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Agreed. There's no way the MSM would give this anything other than a positive spin, and it eats up airtime.

@CenTexTim- I've also heard reports about the possible release of the Blind Sheik, and find anything - anything - plausible at this point. Perhaps the release of the 55 soon-to-be-terrorists is Barry's way of telling the Mullahs that he "will have more flexibility after the election."

@Mike Porter- Rezko has got to be hoping for Mitt to win; if that happens, Obama has 3 months to sell favors, pardons, missile guidance systems, names of intelligence agents, and a lot more. And he'll do every bit of it.

@Colby- Can falling terrorists be used to fight wildfires? Then again, I guess we can't know until we try.

And regarding the prisoner release, like I've said it serves two purposes: placate the lefties who want Guantanamo closed, and placate the Islamic radicals who want clear proof that America is kneeling to those who killer her ambassador.

@Graylady- Howzabout we just make it known that all of the released detainees have had undetectable tracking devices implanted inside their heads. How Al Qaeda chooses to deal with the people after that is their business. (By the way, I'd want each detainee to have a nice little "implant scar" to further the hoax).

@Emmentaler- I think the Whitehouse can be secure in the notion that the MSM won't mention the detainee release at all, so no explanation will be necessary. And those of us who are pissed off were already pissed off. So Barry makes Al Qaeda happy, quiets the protests, and sees it as a net win.

Colby said...

In all seriousness, what exactly DOES happen to people released from Guantanamo? Do they just open the door and let them walk out? Is there somebody from "home" there to greet them and give them a lift? Do they put them on a plane and fly them first class to their home country?

I heard that 55 Chicago teachers refused to go back to work. Maybe that's where these guys are going? Maybe Rahm is going to let them crash at his place until they get on their feet.

PRY said...

Good thoughts all, guys n gals...getting kinda intense isn't it? I have a good feeling (not like Chris Matthews'), and am praying that in the upcoming debates, that Mr. Romney will throw out being totally fair and decent as he certainly seems to be...hopefully he realizes he is stepping chest-deep in a snake pit full of lying vipers!

He must have facts and figures ready to hurl at Obama, then call him on his lies for all the world to see. If that Mexican TV guy can stick it to the prez, Romney should be able to also. Screw that 'racist' howl the MSM will throw out mightily! That's what this country gets for electing someone such as he is (not just the black part, that doesn't matter, except you have to walk on eggshells around him).

Pray for out nation, might be surprised how good it can go; or maybe, just maybe, this nation has turned its back on the Almighty one too many times, and rough times are coming!

Colby said...

Ahhh! You, sir, have perhaps accidently struck upon one of my obama fantasies. It involves hurling and his lap. But seriously, I pray you are right, and Mitt has the wherewithall to retort with facts, and to do so before the MSM host has time to know what the hell just hit him. The debates is where I hope Romney suddenly finds himself channeling Newt.

"Can falling terrorists be used to fight wildfires?" This reminds me of a joke. How many terrorists does it take to shingle a roof? Depends on how thin you slice 'em.


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- It's my understanding (and I'm operating only from memory here) that detainees are turned over to other governments, who will then process them and either jail them or release them. As part of the processing, the detainees (who are not unusually welcomed as heroes) go through a "retraining center" at which they promise not to blow people up anymore, after which approximately 27% go out and do exactly that.

The 55 detainees who are about to lose their housing, food, television, and soccer privileges were cleared for release some time ago (sorta, kinda) with the assumption they could be shipped off to Yemen- since Obama couldn't find a single Democrat willing to allow terror suspects to be jailed in his/her state. But Yemen was seen as too much of a hotbed to send these guys...until now. No doubt because it's been over a week since we've had an embassy attacked in Yemen and, according to Google News, five hours since Al-Qaida killed an intelligence officer there.

In other words, the timing of this release can ONLY be explained by Obama wanting to make a huge and dangerous conciliatory gesture to Al-Qaida in return for their killing of our ambassador and personnel.

By the way, I doubt that any of these 55 intend to become teachers - but they're probably all intent on teaching us a lesson.

@Pry- I hope that Romney goes bare knuckle on Obama. Nothing less than that will be enough. I don't care if he's called racist, unpresidential, volatile, negative, or anything else. He needs to tell the TRUTH, and at this point the truth can't be anything other than ugly.

I'm not going to be able to take a deep breath or have a restful night's sleep until this election is over. And I don't even want to think about the possibility of it going the wrong way.

@Colby- I want to hear Mitt call Barry a liar, a failure, and a socialist. I don't want hints or euphemisms. No pinky-in-the-air crap. I want him to use words that are unequivocal in their meaning - and I want him to be ready to back them up. This isn't a beauty pageant - this is our last, best chance to keep this country from going under, and it needs to be presented as such.

And I was familiar with the shingle joke - but it's still a good one!

Coon Tasty said...

@SJ - Just be sure you're stocked up on food, water and ammo. I have a feeling that, should Obama lose, there will be rioting and looting on a scale never before seen in the US. (Hell, Obama's supporters will probably riot even if he wins.)

JustaJeepGuy said...

I want to hear two things from Mitt: "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?", and "Well, there you go again." Lets have 1980 all over again!

Colby said...

Maybe they can go to work for NASA?

Or maybe we could drop them all on a deserted island where the only thing to eat is pigs, and there are no women. Give each one a gun with 54 rounds of ammo. Send in tanks with a film crew and call it "Ultimate Survivor."

Pete(Detroit) said...

I like the idea of leaving a surgical scar, and letting it be known they've had a tracking device implanted. Even better, I like the idea of actually implanting such a device, and track their asses, and when they form up w/ their buddies, revoke their parole...

John the Econ said...

Oh, this will work: From the AP this morning:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday will challenge the world to confront the root causes of rage exploding across the Muslim world, calling it a defining choice ‘‘between the forces that would drive us apart and the hopes we hold in common.’’

Yeah, right. Obama is going to dress down radical Islam for its bad behavior at the UN of all places. (which is basically a room of Islamic sycophants) He's going to school the UN on what American "freedom of expression" is all about. Any my taxes & health care expenses are going down next year too!

Obama will step before the United Nations General Assembly and declare that the United States will not shrink from its role in troubled, transitioning nations despite the killing of four Americans in Libya, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, and more than 50 people total in violence linked at least in part to an anti-Muslim film. he withdraws American forces from Iraq & Afghanistan with their tails between their legs.

He is skipping the private meetings with key allies that a U.S. president typically schedules when the whole international community comes to New York. The president will spend only 24 hours in New York in total this time, and he spent some of it Monday to appear on ‘‘The View,’’ giving a talk show interview intended to sell his election pitch to a big TV audience.

Once again, our allies snubbed as he spends his time with sycophants.

That's all you really need to know.

Irene Peduto said...

Yikes! My comment was somehow not sent!
Just wanted you to know, Stilton, that I fear the worst should he win re-election. This man is fulfilling his "red diaper" dreams - from his father!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- I'll probably do some stock-up shopping as election day draws near. If Obama loses, I actually expect some amount of disorder - but not necessarily worse than that following a sporting event or (ahem) rap concert. I think the greater possibility of real carnage is when we try to drag Mr. Soetoro out of the Whitehouse on Inauguration Day.

@JustaJeepGuy- I like the simple, straightforward approach. I'd also like Mitt to kick Barry's ass if he uses the word "inherited" one more time. And by the way, for Barry to sayg that everything was much worse than he thought is only another way of saying that he didn't know what he was talking about when he made the same promises he's making today.

@Colby- Personally, I think the prisoners should be shipped to wherever Barack Obama lives in January. If it's the Whitehouse, Washington DC. If it's Chicago, they'll just have to take the risk of being murdered like anyone else. And if it's Hawaii (where Barry is said to have purchased a $35 mansion "just in case") then they can become the new "Choom gang" with their jug-eared liberator.

@Pete(Detroit)- It really works either way; implant them with a device to see what intelligence it yields...or just SAY there's a device and let their knife-happy friends look for it.

@John the Econ- Well, Obama's speech will almost surely define whatever the heck tomorrow's cartoon will be about, AND guarantee that my wretched mood won't abate anytime soon.

And I'm not surprised that Obama is skipping meaningful talks with world leaders in favor of getting an estrogen treatment. The gals of The View are far more important allies for him right now than any nation.

@Irene Peduto- Sorry you lost a post. It wasn't hiding in the sometimes capricious spam filter. I usually copy my comments before hitting preview or posting, just in case the Internet is feeling playful that day.

Regarding your actual comment, I don't want to think too much about an Obama second term right now, but I assure you that I can only view it in Apocalyptic terms.

Noelegy said...

I really hope the reports are true that Obama's impending Hawaii residency is driving down property values. I know it's definitely dampened my enthusiasm to ever visit there again.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Noelegy- If the reports are true, I know the area where Obama's new mansion is located very, very, very well. My parents (sadly no longer with us) lived 10 minutes or so away. It won't be a super-easy location to secure, which suggests that there will be major impositions made on people trying to live and travel in the area. And good luck getting access to the "public" beach in front of Barry's mansion. I could easily see this driving down values in the immediate area. Although there's a little coffee shop/market nearby which will probably make a bundle from libby tourists.

badlarry said...

While I enjoy Coon Tasty and FlyBoy's solutions I much rather prefer General Pershing's.

Coon Tasty said...

@badlarry - Who do you think inspired me...?

graylady said...

If only our President had such balls, but then, of course, our President would have to be someone other than Obama.
Michelle must have used donated sperm.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@badlarry- Suddenly, I prefer General Pershing's method too.

@Coon Tasty- But in a larger sense, don't we all stand on the shoulders of giants?

@graylady- I don't think it's a question of Obama's balls (or lack of same), but rather a question of where his loyalties lie.

As for Michelle, I can't help but think that somewhere out there, there's a turkey baster with PTSD.

Stan da Man said...