Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hope But No Change

Well that could have gone better! Hope n' Change Cartoons is frankly stunned that American voters (not all of them, but far too many) clearly lack the intellectual capacity of garden vegetables.

In seriousness, and sadness, it seems that the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama was not about a failure of the Right to mount good candidates (we still like Romney/Ryan), but in a broader failure of our nation as a whole. The majority of people did not cast votes based on good information, careful analysis, selflessness, or patriotism. Instead, they made their priorities skin color, class hatred, greed, and vaginal maintenance.

The worst president in history carefully structured his campaign to appeal to the worst elements of American society. And while he's rejected the abundant resources of coal, gas, and oil in our country, Barack Obama has stripmined a motherlode of American ignorance, hate, and envy.

It's a sad day for America, but it's not the last day for America.

Things will be different, though. And in the coming days and weeks, we're all going to have to give a lot of thought to what we've just been shown about the New America...and how we're going to cope with it.


Gouda Cheddar said...

Can anyone please explain to me how the worst president ever just got a second term? Do people understand the implications of a lame duck Obama? I truly morn for America. I can not see a bright future for us. I feel like I was just assimilated by the Borg. Maybe I should just throw in the towel, get a free Obama phone, and apply for food stamps. I'm truly in shock. This country as we know it is finished. I really hear the fat lady singing.

Anonymous said...

all true but one thing has changed, I will no longer vote or care anything about Babylon/America. She is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

The second I have to pay the new IRS fine for not having Insurance means I now have Obama-insurance and I will be in the ER every day for any reason. My new goal is to drain the country dry. May the Civil War 2.0 come quickly so all the liberals will be vulture food.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Well, America was a great country once. Hope the fools who still work for a living and voted for Barack Hussein enjoy paying for all the freebies for those who refuse to work. I'm looking for someone named John Galt. Anyone seen him?

FlyBoy said...

For the first time in my adult life I am truly scared of what liea ahead. There is absolutely NOTHING to stop barry from doing anything he desires. Get ready for more executive orders to usurp the Constitution, more czars to trample on rights, and more 9/11 attacks on our soil and people.

Side note to our brothers & sisters in Isreal: you are on your own from now until ?

An Ex-Expat said...

I guess the consolation is a.) the margin of victory, at least in popular votes, was razor thin, b.) with the unanswered questions from the attack on the diplomatic compound in Libya, he might well wish he hadn’t been elected to a second term. And c.) he isn’t going anywhere with his agenda as the House remains Republican.

Irene Peduto said...

I feel as though something I love has died. Sleep escapes me again - so sad because the people who gave Obama another term despite what he has done and will continue to do are Americans and have made clear they are the majority now. I fear for my progeny and for whatever years I may have left.
Erick Erickson wrote last Sat. that we would still have our loved ones & our God should he be re-elected. I'm trying to get behind those words because I fear the worst.

SusieBee said...

In 1991, P.J. O'Rourke wrote, "All through history mankind has been bullied by scum. Those who lord it over their fellows and toss commands in every direction and would boss the grass in the meadow about which way to bend in the wind are the most depraved kind of prostitutes. They will submit to any indignity, perform any vile act, do anything to achieve power. The worst off-sloughings of the planet are the ingredients of soverignty. Every government is a parliament of whores.

The trouble is, in a democracy the whores are us."

I hope the whores who voted for Obama's freebies enjoy them while they last. We are dangerously near the tipping point, if we haven't already gone plummeting over the edge. I will continue to pray for my country, the true America, not this Babylon that the liberals want to make it.

Stilton, keep fighting the good fight. Although I haven't been so shocked since the O.J verdict was announced, I hope we can count on you to keep doing what you do to rally the troops.

An Ex-Expat said...

Ran across a quote, attributed to H. L. Mencken, which says; 'Never underestimate the stupidity of the American People'

But another thought for the future; looking at the county-by-county electoral results, shows once again only a handful of blue counties allowed Obama to carry the day.

This is disproportional representation in reverse and Baker vs. Carr needs a revisit!

Suzy said...

What's sad is that its truly a conflict of interest when 40% of the country or so need some type of government support, and then of course they vote to maintain that lifestyle. Forget the good of the country...people vote selfishly.


Suzy said...

And yes, I can't believe Benghazi happened a few weeks ago and yet Obama was reelected without a hitch.


Thanks Media.

Irene Peduto said...

@Suzy - the MSM, the anti-American groups, ACORN (read Soros) & other such entities have protected this President consistently. It is truly a very sad day for America. Rush, FOX, and all of the alternative media will face the fight of their lives in these next very long four years.
Benghazi is just the beginning - the unrest in the Arab countries will continue. America will not be prepared to defend itself.

Coon Tasty said...

I just KNEW they'd get away with this.

Just watch as, over the next four years, the Democrats expand their permanent voting bloc by extending citizenship to every criminal invader who has ever managed to crawl, swim, run or walk over the border. The Republicans will never win another Presidential election again. The USA is finished and Obama will usher in a new Islamic World Order.

"You maniacs!...Damn you! Damn you all to hell!"

Gang of One said...

@Flyboy -- Netanyahu is now the leader of the free world.

Dave said...

Well enjoy the freebies while they last. AS for me I'll be waiting for our friendly neighborhood Brown Shirts to show up at my door. Welcome to the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy...the end of the world as we know it. America dies not with a screaming kicking fight but runs eagerly toward the abyss. Welcome to the New America, a third world country with people dying in the streets and criminals running their baronies without anyone being able to stand up to them.

Necron99 said...

The future holds nothing else but confrontation. Keep your powder dry boys.

Pete(Detroit) said...

"This is how freedom dies, not with a whimper, but a cheer"

I'm thinking of when we've hooverd up ALL the resources of ALL the planet and NO one has ANY thing left to loan us, and the austerity measures that get placed make Greece look like Disneyland, and the Moochers start rioting in the streets. Then, THEN perhaps they will see what they wrought. Or not. Perhaps they'll just wither and die...

TrickyRicky said...

I'm afraid that I have to concur with all of the awful and heretofore unimaginable scenarios enumerated above. I've been through a lot in my life. A lot of shaky employment situations, wondering how to pay the bills. I have never, ever been as apprehensive as I am now. This is probably the end of the country that my father fought to preserve in the Pacific theater in WWII. I'm glad he didn't live to see this outcome.

I fully expect my industry, oil and gas exploration, to be nationalized in the next 3-4 years. I also expect all personal retirement savings, 401k's, pensions, annuities and the like to be confiscated a la Argentina. When that step is finally taken, they will have to kill me, because I will fight back. Hell, I've had 60 good years. I will not go out as a serf.

Have a nice freaking day.

Skoonj said...

America has lost its sense of smell.

Emmentaler "That's All Folks!" Limburger said...

Aside from these points:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville

The Supreme Court is now lost as well.

It was a pleasure discussing with you all; hoping for sanity. Now it is pointless. Emmentaler Limburger, signing out.

Chuck said...

No new words (that I didn't speak last night/early this morning.) I'm tired and depressed. Seems our once great nation must collapse completely for the lesson to be learned.

The Supreme Court will be gone to rational thought for generations, but then where has it been for the last 40 years anyway.

Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow or next week, but right now the future looks very bleak, and like Emmentaler I'm tempted to throw in the towel and resign myself to the despair I see in our futures. But not yet, I think.

Four more years of this arrogant aggrandizing narcissistic prick is too much to even contemplate right now. We are rightly and totally screwed.

Thanks to Stilton and all of you for this place. It may be all we have left.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gouda Cheddar- I'm currently ascribing the SCOAMF's reelection to two things: his appeal to the worst elements of the American character, and the MSM's largely successful effort to hide the worst of Obama from the electorate.

And I share your feelings. I know I'm filled with emotion right now and need to move past that (please, God, let the WSJ editorial page be good today) but I genuinely do believe that America's tipping point is now behind us: there are more voters who want free stuff than voters who want freedom.

@Anonymous- I will vote, and I will care about America. But I'd be an idiot not to recognize the fact that the America of our founding fathers didn't die last night.

@Anonymous- I'll have to be honest and say that the idea of hastening the crash by getting government benefits has an emotional appeal for me right now. At the very least, I'm going to apply for an Arts grant to see if the gummint would like to support a sociopolitical webcomic which makes people aware of Obama's policies (hint: you're reading it now).

@JustaJeepGuy- John Galt? Yeah, he was here just a minute ago. I expect to be seeing a lot of him from now on.

@FlyBoy- I'm less scared than saddened. What lies ahead for us is what we can see right now in Greece and other cash-strapped countries.

And frankly, if I were Israel I'd unleash holy hell on Iran today, because they now know they're not getting backup from the formerly United States.

@An Ex-Expat- The margin of victory was razor thin, but Romney's win should have been huge. Obama has been an unmitigated disaster as president (sidenote: looks like another four years before I can capitalize "President" again) and it shouldn't even have been close. This election showed me a side of the American people that I wish I hadn't seen.

All that being said, the House Republicans MUST stand tough now. I want to see obstructionism at a level never seen in Washington before. And frankly, I don't want them making ANY deals on the fiscal cliff: it's Thelma & Louise time. If we're going to crash, let's do it with some style.

@Irene Peduto- Last night, I put on my comical eyeshades (with bulging eyeballs printed on them) to cut out the light, put on my "fighter pilot" CPAP mask (I snore), and then put on headphones playing an MP3 of a vacuum cleaner (to drown out my tinnitus). And with all of that sensory deprivation, what does my brain start repeating while I'm trying to fall asleep? The Obamaphone lady, cackling that "all minorities gots Obamaphone!"

Regarding the vote itself, it's important that we on the Right don't see ourselves as a small and inconsequential number - the popular vote was almost evenly split. There's a whole buttload of us out here, and in the coming days and weeks we're going to regroup.

Anonymous said...

Talk about making no sense at all: Missouri, West Virgina and Indiana voted for Romney, Reid and Obamacare.

This level of cognitive dissonance means we should give up all hope of rationality on the part of the voters.

Public education works!

Freddie Sykes

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sentiments of this post 100%. Last night, the America I received and knew as a kid, died.

John the Econ said...

Amazing. The GOP squishies barely scratched the worst President in living memory. But we really shouldn't be surprised.

This election was not lost yesterday. It was lost 12 to over 24 years ago, when the GOP squishies decided to abandon their limited government principles in order to make deals and get along with the Democrat socialists as they slowly but meticulously increased the size and scope of government, and the number of people who feel dependent upon it, and will vote to stay so.

Yesterday, we got confirmation that the looters are now the majority.

The only hope we have to reverse this now is to convince enough of the looters that their looting is not sustainable; that they will never be any more wealthy than they are by stealing from the producers than they can be by working for themselves. This is not likely.

It will be interesting to see what happens now that the President "has more flexibility".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SusieBee- What a great (and accurate) quote from PJ O'Rourke! And I agree that this outcome is a lot like the jaw-dropping OJ verdict and sadly, for much the same reason - the decision wasn't made on evidence, but was based on ignorance, resentment, and prejudice.

@An Ex-Expat- Overall, America's map looks pretty red this morning, with blue pockets where you'll find either massive handouts or insufferable elitists. By the way, I could never remember which party to associate with Red States or Blue States until I connected the Dems with Monica Lewinsky's infamous blue dress. Frankly, I see the same stain on every blue county on our electoral map.

@Suzy- As I observed (sorta kinda) in a previous comment, the American people voted for free stuff rather than freedom: you can't have both.

And I daresay the majority of the American people have still never heard about Benghazi. I'm actually angrier at the MSM than I am at the politicians (including Obama). They betrayed this nation.

@Irene Peduto- I would imagine that people are ululating across the Middle East today, secure in the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood has a very close friend in the Whitehouse. And Putin is probably doing handsprings in Red Square today.

@Coon Tasty- I hope you're wrong in your predictions, which isn't the same as saying I disagree. And points for the Charlton Heston quote; boy - does that resonate today!

@Gang of One- just gave me a chill with that observation because it's true.

@Dave- Y'know, maybe the Mayans were on to something after all. That being said, I don't think we'll quite achieve third world status in the next four years. But neither will we be first world.

@Necron99- I don't even have powder. But I throw a pretty mean paperwad.

@Pete(Detroit)- I do hope that those who voted Obama back in get what they deserve instead of what they want.

@TrickyRicky- Last year, a friend who was one of Merrill's Marauders passed away - and last night I thought of him, and was glad that he died without seeing this election result. Although as "silver linings" go, that one pretty much sucks.

Regarding policy changes, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the sudden nationalization of retirement accounts. Which is why I need to go out to SAM's today to buy a post hole digger and a lot of mayonnaise jars in which to stockpile my life savings.

@Skoonj- That, my friend, is eloquent.

@Emmentaler- The inevitable turning of the Supreme Court has been weighing heavily on me, although I expect to be distracted as the stock market tumbles (with people trying to cash in before their capital gains taxes skyrocket).

I think we should have a loud, roudy Wake for America's Passing, with music and booze. I wonder if Ted Nugent is available...?

Pete D said...

John, with any luck he'll disappear up his own ass.
Metaphorically, of course. I think that the 'cure' for the looters is the same as in "Atlas Shrugged" - afte rteh collapse, there will be a lot fewer OF them. I just hope I'm not reduced to eating them. I know I've made the joke "Eat the Rich? Why? there are more Poor, and they're better marbled." but I' really prefer it not come to blood in the streets and cannibalism...
As has been pointed out, THIS time we DO have the house - but we need to get the gavel away from Boehner, and give it to someone w/ some balls. Anyone know if Ryan was even running for his House seat? Or is he dead to us now too?

Pete D said...

Here's a question for the statistic jockies - would proportional apportionment (ie, awarding electoral points based on DISTRICTS won, not on STATES won) have made ANY difference?

Cookie said...

I can only add my loud AMEN to what has been said here today. My sorrow is deep. Never have I been so discouraged and disappointed in the people of this great nation, or should I say once great nation. *sigh* May God bless and strengthen those of us who are still patriots and still fighting for our freedoms. Keep us motivated, Stilt!

John the Econ said...

@Pete D, I do agree that the looters will eventually suffer the consequences of yesterday's decision. As I frequently tell them, "Your big problem isn't that I oppose you. Your big problem is the day when I decide to give up financially supporting you to join you."

At least in Atlas Shrugged, there was somewhere for the producers to escape to. Alas, today's world is much smaller than Ayn Rand's was.

Sarah Rolph said...

I'm quite shocked and unbearably sad. And frightened.

Yes, Israel will be moving to Plan B now. I concur with the comment that they are now the leaders of the free world. Saw yesterday where Israel is reaching in to Sudan to cut Iranian supply lines to Gaza. Nice to know. You never know how things will turn out, maybe the war will take a positive turn, ultimately, as the Israelis get serious and team up with the smarter Arabs, who understand that Iran is a serious threat to the entire world. Israelis are good problem solvers and fearless negotiators. And there are huge discoveries of oil and gas there, so they have some new things to negotiate with. They did a gas deal with Russia. Maybe Russia will be pulled into a stable configuration by that.

Yes, I'm an optimist, even if I do have a huge pessimistic streak.

I fear for our country, but I will not give up on it. We are the resistance now. I'll mourn this week and then I'll mobilize. We'll just have to work harder to educate those who don't understand what they have done.

Thanks for the semi-positive cartoon, Stilt. That sunrise is the only one we'll see here in New England for a few days--snowstorm coming tonight! Not a lot of birds hanging around here at the moment, but we heard one singing yesterday. The birds will sing again.....

Red said...

Susie Bee nailed it. Though the sun still shines, it shines equally on idiots and intellects.

txGreg said...

Emmentaler did a good job of picking my favorite two quotes (from a 19th century Frenchman no less) to explain what happened last night and what will continue to happen as we continue our downward journey in the handbasket.

For those of you want some more insight, Alexis de Tocqueville has a lot more to say than most of the pundits you'll be hearing on the various "news" networks for the foreseeable future.

Irene Peduto said...

@SJ - re: the majority of people who haven't heard of Benghazi yet..
A lib friend was here yesterday & he told me of the book, Lone Survivor, about a Seal who alone survived a conflict w/ al qaeda. He knew nothing of Benghazi yet asked if it was true that Christie supported Obama. He then explained that he has had limited access to the news of late - but see what he did glean from the MSM!

rickn8or said...

Anonymous 9:32, that will in no way help the situation.

Things are bad enough (and will get worse) with 0bama as president. They would be catastrophic with him as a martyr.

PRY said...

The ol brain just now got calm enough to think ANYTHING! Concurring with every post today, good to know I am not alone with how I feel today, started last night with the loss of Ohio, turned off the tv, it was over.

I have in past comments surmised that any nation that turns from God Almight to go their own way, as this nation has done, will be allowed to do just that...and this is what you get: more of the same.

I know we are not all committed believers here, but all should consider a personal relationship with Jesus's gonna get rough, because history DOES repeat itself.
God bless.

Anonymous said...


But this is precisely what a "community organizer" does. I was stunned when O told a group of reporters (early on--when he was still talking to reporters) that he really likes being president, "and it turns out I'm very good at it," because the man clearly wouldn't know a leadership quality if it bit him in the ass. Then I read Saul Alinsky's _Rules for Radicals_ and the comment made perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Well that's what I get for not using the preview button. The <> was supposed to include this:

"carefully structured his campaign to appeal to the worst elements of American society... Barack Obama has stripmined a motherlode of American ignorance, hate, and envy."

A Mouldering Cheese said...

I have lost all faith in the electorate, the electoral process, and in the chance for survival of my country. I believe I have cast the last ballot of my lifetime - it seems pretty pointless from here on out, especially as the socialists continue to stack the deck. Soros must be laughing his evil ass off.

"But the Republicans kept the house," you say? How the fuck does that matter when the villain in charge has already demonstrated his disdain for - and his ability to circumvent - the system of checks-and-balances our government used to be based upon? Might as well send the entirety of congress home - they no longer serve any purpose.

By the way, the real president, Valerie Jarret, said a couple of weeks ago, and I quote: “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” and all who opposed The One would pay the price; would be "punished". Welcome to the USSR.

Born 7-11-1776 Died 11-6-2012
Cause of death: Cancer

A Mouldering Cheese said...

Sorry. A little too worked up. That should have been "USSA" and "7-4-1776"

Dobro Player said...

How the hell did this happen? Did the democrats fix the election, or is half of America's population drooling morons? If I was Romney I would be moving to the Cayman islands for the next four years.

Could someone please explain the point to the electoral college votes? Obama seems to have gotten around twice the electoral college votes, yet the popular vote is much closer. Why aren't presidents elected on the popular vote instead?

It was interesting to see the collectivist Obama supporters after they realized he had won the election. Not one shred of independent thought among them. Every one of them was doing exactly the same figure-8 flag waving, combined with some sort of back and forward rocking motion, which I assume was meant to be dancing to music the democrat party was playing. Every one of them was doing this, not just most of them, and it went on for at least 10-30 minutes. It is a fascinating display of the collectivist hive mind behind an Obama supporter, and I am not sure whether it is amusing or frightening.

All I can say is I would advise everyone to stock up on guns, ammo, canned food, water, fishing supplies if you live near water, maybe a concrete bunker if you can afford one, and anything else that would help you survive should the excrement hit the industrial fan due to any of Obama's actions or inactions. I myself will be ordering bulk supplies of guitar strings.

Anonymous said...

On Nov 7 this is how our family feels: "But,we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of power may be of God, and not of us. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down but not destroyed. IICor 4:7

Skoonj said...

Dobro Player, people do not elect a president. States do.

Anonymous said...

I just read PRY's comment and it is so true. Without a belief in God we are truly lost. I was so upset last night when it became evident that Romney had lost that I could not sleep. It was this morning when I thought of IICor 4:7 and that all is not lost! We do have shit head for another four years but after that he cannot run again! Biden can though! The last thought really causes me to double up with laughter. We have some excellent young conservatives out there who will be involved in 2016. Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, Paul Ryan etc, etc, etc. Keep the faith people...

the last me said...

I loved your quote describing Obama's campaign. What is the source? I'd love to be able to send it to a lot of shell shocked friends.

as for myself, I'm going out and buying ammo today. Expect the brown shirts arriving demanding my guns sooner or later. Plan on going down fighting.

Unknown said...

Last night I cried. I cried as I did when I buried my best friend at Arlington – dead from the ravages of Agent Orange, I cried as I did when I learned that most of my boot camp platoon was KIA/WIA at Hue City, I cried because that which I love has been severely wounded. But I realized that wounded was not killed, that here, as well as in other pockets, there are patriots and leaders still willing to go forward in the face of overwhelming odds to carry the flag forward. In the parlance of my orders there was always the last specification in the mission statement “Failure is not a mission parameter”. I do not intend to go quietly in the dark, if this be the era of America In Exile, then I shall be the Force Resistance. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “A Republic, if you can keep it” – I intend to keep it.

Emmentaler did a good job of picking my favorite two quotes, but I find that a third is appropriate - in the words of Thomas Paine in Common Sense: “Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries by a government, which we might expect in a country without government, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.

We did not arrive at this point overnight. The Republican Party in its present form has reaped the seeds that it has sown, and unless it changes philosophy/direction, it will follow other political parties into the dust of obscurity. The solution will neither be easy nor in the short term. All incumbent political parties (with the exception of the Carter presidency) enjoy a two term presidency, we have the 2014 elections, then the 2016 ahead. I do not advocate anarchy, but rather change from within the framework of the Constitution. I have not researched as to how many Democrat Senate seats may be up for turnover in 2014, but we must all work to keep the House turn the Senate majority so that we can begin to restore this nation. It will take work.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete D- We need to pump Boehner full of steroids or something, because we need The Incredible Effing Hulk swinging that gavel.

@Cookie- I'm telling myself that the emotional impact of today will lessen as we learn to deal with our "new normal." As far as keeping people motivated, you'll notice that I've added an additional graphic to the page today (noting that 11/6 and 9/11 are the same number if you flip 'em). I must admit that I got a lift out of taking a jab at Barry, and being reminded that we can still piss off liberals (and must!)

@John the Econ- I find myself wishing deeply and fervently that everyone who voted for Obama gets exactly what they really voted for. Call it justice or revenge, but I want them to suffer.

@Sarah Rolph- Maybe Israel should do a pre-emptive strike on Washington, just to show Iran they're serious. (NOTE TO SECRET SERVICE: That's a joke!) (NOTE TO BIBI: Still, it's worth a thought)

For what it's worth, it's a beautiful day in Texas. Slightly cool, leaves just starting to change, crystal blue skies, and the birds are indeed singing. I'll be spending some time outdoors today to remind myself of larger things.

@Red- Yes, but the idiots won't use sunscreen and will get skin cancer.

@txGreg- I think it's time to brush up on my de Tocqueville. Great link!

@Irene Peduto- I wasn't kidding; most people have NO IDEA about Benghazi. And Christie didn't "support" Obama, he offered him a photo-op in return for massive amounts of federal aid to his state (not inappropriate for a governor). So the "bipartisan" picture got a lot of MSM airtime, but not so much on the actual failings of FEMA... like not even asking for BIDS on drinking water until the hurricane had already torn through the Northwest.

@Rickn8or- I permanently deleted the comment you're referring to. This blog has a strict NO VIOLENCE rule with no exceptions. Besides, Obama isn't the biggest problem now - the depth of stupidity in the American people is the problem. If Obama were martyred, we'd have some other idiot in the Whitehouse who'd be just as bad. Maybe a Native American like Elizabeth "Running Gag" Warren.

@PRY- I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not a religious guy, and am not a believer. That being said, I'm envious of those who believe there's a Bigger Plan at work, and your ability to take solace in your faith. And please know that I'm saying that with not an ounce of cynicism or condescension. And I have never been anything but touched and appreciative when people offer prayers for me and my family (and certainly for our nation).

@Anonymous- Barry is a great community organizer and a lousy president. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

@A Mouldering Cheese- Emotionally I'm with you, though I'm giving myself a few days of deep cleansing breaths so I can start to discern between my thoughts and my feelings.

@Dobro Player- As far as what the hell happened, I think I'd go with "all of the above" on the options you listed. And the "hive mind" phenomenon you describe is exactly what's going on. Happy, happy drones.

And you're stocking up on guitar strings? Man- shit just got real!

@annamc- Per my previous comment, I'm jealous of your perspective and trying to creep up on something similar in my own secular way.

And by the way, the idea of Biden running in 2016 put the first smile on my face since last night. It hurt a little (I should have stretched first), but it's nice to know I still can.

@the last me- I think the quote you're referring to was in today's commentary (under the cartoon), written by noted political philosopher and front porch crank Stilton Jarlsberg, MD. Please DO send it to some friends. Agitation is good for the blood circulation.

Earl said...

I didn't think it possible, but I feel much worse than four years ago. Then, the horrible feelings in the pit of my stomach were FEAR of what could happen. Today, it's KNOWING what will happen. (Heavy sigh.) Thank you Stilton, for helping us deal with this crap without losing our minds. I feel like giving up today, but know that's not a choice we can ever make. Romney sign staying up in the front yard for just a little longer. And it heartens me (a tad) that Gitmo is still open.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog52- I felt like crying, but didn't want to scare the womenfolk in my household. So I just let the grief eat into my bone marrow like acid.

I completely agree that the old-guard Republican party is nearly as big a problem as the Dems. It took two to make this tangled mess. The Republican House had better take a hard, hard turn to the Right - or they're going to find themselves without the support of the passionate, the patriotic, and the productive.

We are a force to be reckoned with. The new questions on the table are organization, goals, and implementation.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl- Perhaps this is a good time to remind you (and everyone) to visit Johnny Optimism. The whole purpose of the strip is to remind people that pain and laughter can coexist simultaneously. So even if we can't keep ourselves from hurting today (how could we?), it's okay to laugh too - and probably a damn good idea to seek out anything which CAN make us laugh.

And to the extent I can, I'll try to help!

Colby said...

Drove to work this morning in a daze; practically everybody I work with is absolutely stunned and walking around like zombies, but I have also heard some noises like "OK, now it's ON!" North Carolina did rather well for itself yesterday; we went completely red. Tea Party Governor; got rid of some liberal reps; actually supported Romney. Now if we cna just get a few other states to follow suit...

Survival tips for the coming four years:

Learn to speak Arabic and Chinese.

Apply for food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid, heating assistance, free phone and any other government handout that exists. Get it while you can ‘cause it will be gone in another four years or less. Getting this stuff is easy if you wear a rag on your head and have your wife wear a burka. Tell ‘em you have 8 kids.

Buy as many non-registered guns & ammo that you can possibly afford, but tell no one.

Stock your pantry, but tell no one.

Stock up on essential drugs like aspirin and first aid stuff, but tell no one.

Buy physical gold and silver and HIDE it where NOBODY can find it but you. Cash will eventually be worthless.

If you still have a job, find ways to get to it without driving. Gas will be $10/gallon in four more years. Maybe your boss will let you live in a tent on the property or have a cot in the supply room.

Learn to hunt and fish.

If push comes to shove, cut off a leg or an arm and file for disability.

Oh, and write a letter to Chris Christie and tell him, “Thanks a lot, asshole!”

Necron99 said...

The only thing that gives me any optimism is the number of red states on this mornings map. If we remove New England and the West Coast, we're almost a perfect country! Those pesky midwest states will fall in line when they get a dose of the "new reality" they called down on themselves. Notice how states that procude something other than "media" outnumber the states that "export media".

Unknown said...

@Stilton: I agree, as one to continue my Constitutional right to disagree, I will be putting a site up in the next week to put together some ideas on the goals, organizational methods and such that we can all use/comment on/suggest/improve to make this change.

TheOldMan said...

Only taxpayers should be allowed to vote. The more taxes you pay, the more votes you get.

Unknown said...

@Colby: The gold and silver is a good idea, just be careful where you obtain it - Goldline, etc., are there to make a profit - read the terms of service - I get mine from the US Treasury - costs the same per oz and no fees, charges, etc.

Unknown said...

Some thoughts:

Pete D said...

Gold and silver if you want, when stocking up on precious metals I prefer brass and lead - more fungable, I'd think, and w/ a bit of skill I can convert them directly into food.
Just sayin'

Suzy said...

On the positive side, at least Stilt isn't out of a job...four more years of comics!!!! We'll need something to make us laugh, or we'll cry!

Pete D said...

Suzy, every agreed. But he neesd to sell some adspace, get a grant, put up a tip jar, SOMEthing to support this habit of his that we so enjoy!

Colby said...

I think we are paying the price for turning our backs on God, even though the righteous will suffer with the wicked. I'm sure many of the Jews in the exodus were faithful, but they were swept up with the rebellious bunch and spent the same 40 years lost in the desert. If those of us who still believe in God will do the work He gave us, we will turn this boat around. We are too timid and have had this politically correct crap driven into our brains so long we are afraid to speak up. I'm just as guilty as anyone.

I'm going to pout for a week or two, then get started preparing for 2014 when we have another chance to at least kick Reid and his minions to the curb. I think it would be awesome to see Crap Weasel getting his vetoes overridden for two years straight.

Queso Grande, now weeping like brie said...

Stilton, Christie's kowtowing was totally unecessary. With all the media about the storm, he'd have to give up the lucre. Besides which, the disaster struck; the money was OURS. Again, additionally it is our Senators job to get the $$.

What he did was to allow himself to be USED by the Wan, driving Benghazi off what little TV it was getting.

I work for the State of NJ. I have followed CC since
his USATTY days. All hat, no cattle, if y'all get that expression down yer' way. ;)

No, he did this because somehow, someway he got cheesed at Romney. Whether it was the Veep spot, the move towards actual conservative policy from Romney or his own shot at the Gold Ring(or just re-election next year) I do not know. But to keep yammering away? He could not be so inept to NOT know what the end result would be.
And his endorsement of Romney? The very definition of 'tepid'.

CC is not now, nor has he ever been a conservative. His elevation of Sohail Mohammed to Superior Court-even tho he is on record as anti-Big n Little Satan, his abjuring of critics of Sharia, his stances on gun control, tax policy, immigration(he said as USAtty that he 'did not know if illegal immigration was actually illegal) ad infinitum have long been decried by me over at since before he was elected and until only the last 5 days I was shouted down.

As for my personal feelings on the election?

I am hanging the Black Flag.

De Tocqueville's Prophesy Fulfilled. We have given the Republic away to those who take, not had it preserved by those who make.

Jim Hlavac said...


There, that's all I got to say.

SusieBee said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Colby - this current situation is truly "America's chickens come home to roost." God is a gentleman - He won't insert Himself into places where He's not wanted. We've spent the last 50 years giving Him the middle finger - is it any wonder we're getting our wish now?

Also, the way the US has treated the Jews lately - God's chosen people, the apple of his eye - makes me tremble. The British sold the Jewish people down the river right before WWII, and look how that turned out for England! Once upon a time the sun never set on the British Empire, but those days are gone forever.

Rather than wallowing in despair, we need to examine ourselves, correct our attitudes if necessary, shake off this defeat, and get back to fighting the good fight. It's time to be bold and courageous!

Coon Tasty said...

SJ, I can honestly say that my greatest solace in this whole debacle is that I will get to see another 4 years of H'n'C cartoons! (Until criticism of Obama becomes a capital offence, of course.)

PRY said...

Susie Bee, you are so right...after millions of unborn babies destroyed in the name of convenience, the throwing out of anything to do with God in the public arena (think back...wasn't life a lot better before we did all that? As a nation, I mean).

After all this and many other ungodly ideas, I do believe America is reaping the whirlwind.

The thing about God is...he will always take you back, no matter what...just as He did the Prodigal Son. Do not despair. Cast ALL your cares upon Him.

SC said...

I haven’t posted in so long, but, I’ve been here every day. Great comments, as usual from the gang.

My favorite line from a Harry Potter movie “Clench your buttocks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”
Get ready for gas & electricity prices soar.
Obamacare, the entitlement to beat all entitlements, will put us over the edge for sure.

I’m not scared for me, I am just broken hearted that my kids & grandkids are going to have to struggle, even harder than I did. And I’m angry, sorry & ashamed that we couldn’t leave them a brighter future like our folks did for us and every generation before that. I feel like we really let them down.

My money is on the House Republicans caving & soon. I hope I’m wrong, like I was about the election, but, I don’t think so. I’d love to see them just start de-funding entire Depts. Starting with the EPA & Education. They do hold the purse strings, time to tighten them up, a lot!

59 1/2 can’t come soon enough, when I can dip into my 401K. It will be worthless or raided by the time I get to retire, I’m hitting hard as soon as I can.

The really big electoral numbers are in the 3 biggies, NY, CA & IL. Those states with the largest populations centered in democratically run cities. The bluest of the blue & believe me, if you are conservative & live there, you’re blue, especially today.

Can I just whine about the people’s republic of Illinois for a second? The dems that run our state re-drew the congressional districts after the 2010 census, perfectly legal. We lost 5-6 house seats in northern IL because of it. They have us by the short & curlies. I was so depressed this morning, because, here really, our votes don’t count for sh%t. And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a major election. Some sort of character defect…?

Hey, I’m thinking about moving to CO to drown my sorrows in some legal marijuana! At least a vacation. If they tax the hell out it, they could get a pretty good tax stream going. Just sayin’

CenTexTim said...

Okay, we've all rent our garments and donned sackcloth and ashes. Now let's get back to work.

While I agree with the general tenor of the remarks in our little community, I'd also like to emphasize that the electoral vote is somewhat misleading. The popular vote was almost an even split, which means that about half the country thinks like we do. Disengaging from the struggle now, while there is still some hope, is a sure path to total defeat.

There's still a lot about our country that is worth fighting for. Like Bluto said in Animal House, "Nothing is over until we decide it is."

A Mouldering Cheese said...

What makes any of you think there will ever be presidential elections again? Watch in amazement as The One moves to make himself president for life, just as reid is making moves to obviate any opposition to what He wants in the now redundant senate...

Pete(Detroit) said...

Queso, I seriously think that was Christie's opening salvo to run in'16 - as a Dem.

CenTex, good point. Let's bring the bitch down, rather than BURN it down.

Mouldering - Whirling Crap Weasel tries THAT, we won't need to think of terrorists nuking DC (metaphorically). I'd hope he'd wake up and find himself the target of a slightly more forceful (if non-lethal) removal, at the hands of those who took the oath to "Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States from ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic" a tad more seriously than HE does.
As always (on this site) I urge everyone to work w/in the law. However, if that malicious turd burgler goes so far as to declare himself pres for life, I can only hope that the SecService would remove him for his own protection, as Armed insurrection backed by the Military would, in MY uneducated mind, be 100% legal and appropriate.
Just sayin'...

Earl Allison said...

Still alive, got talked off the ledge (figuratively, not literally).

We need to dust ourselves off and get back into this fight. If not for our own sakes, than for our children.

Thanks for posting!

Colby said...

I heard something interesting on Rush Radio (Raleigh, NC) this morning. A caller was advocating that, since the feds are so far out of control, the States need to kick back. We need Governors that will stand up and say, "Hell No! Take your health care law and your back breaking regulations and shove them up your ass; we are not implementing nor enforcing them!" The federal gubmint really has no authority over the states in most matters, the states existed first; this is addressed in the 10th ammendment.

So, easy enough to SAY, but... are there any governors and state legislatures out there with the nuts to do it? I think there just might be one or two, and if they would make the first stand, we might find a few more who become emboldened.

Would we have more influence at the state level? We sure as hell don't have any at the federal level!

Bearcat said...

How in the world could this have happened??
Oh God, how I hate to have been right...

Unknown said...

@Colby: Perry and the TX Atty Gen have been fighting the feds for years in the courts. The way the Feds fight back is to remove all their funding, but the way I see it, the witholding the tax dollars we earn in the state from the state. A tax revolt would be a nice thought, but the IRS would just seize everything. Remeber, the Civil War was fought over States Rights, not slavery.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- Good list of suggestion!

@Necron99- I think the "new reality" is going to bite those blue state voters in the butt, but they're going to hear the disasters they've created blamed on Republican obstructionism for the next four years. "They won't LET Obama fix the economy!"

@SeaDog52- I look forward to seeing your new site. In fact, I look forward to seeing many new ideas across the Internet for meaningful protest and actions.

@TheOldMan- It's easy to find flaws in a system like that, but I think it would be an improvement over what's going on now.

@Suzy- Four more years of comics? as Pete D points out, I'd really need to find a way to monetize this site to make that likely (NOTE TO KOCH BROTHERS - "Please Send Cash"). I can promise I'm not going to shut up about the Left attacking (what's left of) our country...but the current format is going to change. How, even I'm not sure yet.

@Colby- I'm not a believer, but certainly I'm on the same side as God's army in this fight. And yes, kicking Reid out and taking over the Senate would ease the pain at least a little.

@Queso Grande- I agree that Christie could have gracefully accepted assistance without all of the ass-smooching. And the "visuals" of Obama reaching out in times of trouble proved to be very damaging- even though the sumbitch didn't really do anything.

Christie's bluntness was initially amusing, but I've lost my taste for him. I do indeed understand "all hat and no cattle," and think you've applied it properly.

Don't be too quick to raise the black flag, though. People will think it's another Al-Qaeda banner being raised over another vanquished American outpost.

@Jim Hlavac- Brevity is...

@SusieBee- When it comes to correcting our attitudes, the only thing I'm personally correcting is my previous belief that we hadn't yet reached the tipping point in which a majority of voters are fools and takers. In NewAmerica, support of traditional American values and Constitutionality now puts us in a minority which is unlikely to ever again be a majority opinion. So it's time for us to think outside the box - or in this case, the ballot box.

@Coon Tasty- You know, I could basically run the last four years of cartoons all over again, since Obama hasn't solved a single problem since taking office...

@PRY- Reaping the Whirlwind sounds pretty accurate just now.

@SC- Good to hear from you again (even under trying circumstances). Like you, I expect to be fine (well, fine-ish) but I weep for the nation's future. And like you, I now find I'm having to do homework to figure out how to start withdrawing my (ha!) retirement funds before they're confiscated, or rendered worthless by Quantitative Easing.

By the way, I have warm memories of Illinois from about 50 years ago (sigh) when my grandparents lived in Paris, Ill. But I visited that little city a year or so ago, and it saddened me to see what the years (and Illinois politics) have done to it.

@CenTexTim- The fight definitely isn't's just got to change. The important thing I take away from the popular vote is that there are a LOT of us who voted the right way, and who still care about this nation. I think we need to find a way to organize those people and channel their energies into a new approach to power. Mind you, I'm not talking about armed insurrection- but I'm talking about every legal method possible for making life Hell for the Left. It's our new duty.

@A Mouldering Cheese- Personally, I don't think elections (whether held or not) can clean up our messes anymore - though certainly electing conservatives will always be a good thing. We need new, legal, strategies for righting this great wrong.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Good post, and let me reinforce what you're saying: this site has a STRICT non-violence policy, and nothing - however vaguely worded - should ever be interpreted as suggesting or supporting non-legal actions or activities. That being said, much mischief (protests, boycotts, etc) can be accomplished legally, and we need to get on it NOW.

@Earl Allison- None of us should be on the ledge, because we mustn't give the Left the pleasure of watching us plunge to the sidewalks like the people in the World Trade Center did following a similar attack.

And I'm not bringing in 9/11 lightly or hyperbolically. I think Tuesday's attack on America was infinitely worse and infinitely more damaging.

@Colby- I live in Texas, and our state is telling the Feds to go screw themselves in a number of areas. Frankly, I'm about ready for some serious talks about seceding. Think of all the jobs it would create for flag makers, map makers, and BORDER FENCE builders!

Mrs. Colby said...

Wait a minute!!!! This is NOT a lost cause! 50% of us DID NOT VOTE FOR BO!!!! And probably a lot more, because of election machines who changed the vote to BO after it was over. I know of several people who voted absentee at their old residence and present at their current residence, and you know who they voted for! Wake up people! Do you not realize the opposition wants you beat down? If our fathers faught and died for freedom and our country, who are we to give up so easy? Hell NO!!! I won't go!!!! I hate the whole thing that just happened! All of it! Hurricane, Bengazi, Christie, liars, thugs, cheaters! But God will not be mocked! The Democratic party has kicked Him to the curb, and mark my words, that won't stand. 50% of this country stood where they needed to stand in spite of everything! Remember in Sodom and Gamorrah it took ONLY one man! This is a time to stand up and fight! If everyone gives up, we are really defeated, and only by ourselves! Come on!!! Hit a shot of good single malt; shake it off; and be glad that we stand together! And that we are not that one lone man or woman who makes the difference!

Pete D said...

Thanks, Stilt, I knew I was getting close to the line when I posted that (REAL close).
It has since occurred to me that an UNARMED insurrection might be just as effective. A million or so people just 'show up' in DC, Mill around, occupy the streets, etc - basically shut the place the heck down... would anyone actually open fire on unarmed citizens holding peaceful protest?

Also, a REAL good list for suggestions on "going Galt" and limiting the amount you actually contribute to this fiasco. One item they missed was 'cancel cable' but other than that, seems pretty good...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mrs. Colby- I agree that this is not a lost cause (and you expressed this eloquently and passionately!) but I think that we're fighting a different kind of battle than we ever have, and we need to fight it in a new way. I'm thinking boycotts, protests, and Ayn Rand-ian type actions.

@Pete D- That's a great link and here's a clickable version for folks.

And yes, I'm thinking about little things like having one million people choke the streets of Washington DC until an actual budget is passed. Maybe it's time we show the Occupy Wall Street crowd how it should really be done...

Colby said...

Now, y'all can see why I fell in love with Mrs. Colby!

Going Galt. So many of our "producers" have sort of done that. But they didn't go create a mini-society hidden in the mountains; they moved their businesses to China!

I have always admired the way Texas fights back, and perhaps when the feds threaten to remove funding, Texas should remove THEIR damn funding. Pass a law banning the IRS from collecting money from Texans based on the "illegal search and seizure" ammendment (can't remember the number). Maybe the South's really gonna do it again, and bring a few central and western states with us this time!

Pete D said...

Colby, Texas is unique. Because they were an independent nation (sort of - had just seceded from Mexico) they demanded the right to secede the US if it ever came to that. Or, so I was told when I lived there. True or not, many MANY Texans BELIEVE it is true. Not so for any other state, that I'm aware of.

Unknown said...

@Pete D: I, even after living here for 45+ years always thought the same, and more curious, my wife who is a native Texan thought the same, but after Perry was misquoted about it, it was clarified that Texas has the same right under the Constitution, as any other state to withdraw from the union.

Mrs. Colby said...

If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got. Yes, Stilton, you are absolutely right! We have to find a new way to fight! A sneaky unexpected way! And we need it fast, and we need lots of choices in unexpected means so that the other side never knows what’s coming. How about we start thinking of some legal but unexpected ways here on this blog, and start passing them around in our various ways, and get this thing going?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- I'm just glad she's speaking up here, too! And regarding Texas, it really IS a different place and a different headspace. "Don't Mess With Texas" is not just a license plate slogan - it's a warning.

@Pete D- Texas was an independent nation when it joined the United States, and retains privileges granted to no other state. For instance, the Texas flag can fly just as high as the American flag. I think secession should be seriously considered.

@SeaDog52- It's not just about the right to secede, it's about the sense that it's starting to make.

@Mrs. Colby- I'm going to be giving a lot of thought to legal ways of disrupting the system, establishing new ways to exercise power, and generally making life Hell for the Left. For their own good, of course (grin).

CenTexTim said...

@PeteD - We didn't secede from Mexico. We won our independence from them on the field of battle, exactly like the original 13 colonies won their independence from Great Britain.

Not only can we secede from the union, we also retain the right to split our state into five states. Come to think of it, that's not such a bad idea. That would give the republicans 8 more senators, which would swing the balance of power in the senate to our side.

Pete D said...

Cen Tex Tim - right - liek I said, a successful secession.... "We're outta here" "no, you're not" (Boom) "Yes, actually, we ARE" (boomo BOOM!)
But we digress.

abbeyroadwalker said...

Viva Texas..!!
South Carolina tried it twice, with disastrous consequences. But if Texas does it, I'm moving!

Anonymous said...


Red said...

"@Red- Yes, but the idiots won't use sunscreen and will get skin cancer."

I can relate to feeling burned.Ever since 06 NOV 2012 I've developed a raging case of red-ass and I don't think Boudreaux's ButtPaste™ is gonna handle up on it.