Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Songs in the Key of Strife

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What today's cartoon lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in accuracy: this is exactly the way Hope n' Change is feeling these days.

We'd sort of hoped that absolute disaster would at least wait until Obama's second term started, but apparently we were over-optimistic. And trust us, that doesn't happen very often.

A growing sex scandal is threatening to topple our intelligence and military communities, leaving tasty vacancies for Obama appointees while throwing a smokescreen over the successful terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Painfully obvious voter fraud is going uninvestigated (how did Obama get 140% of the vote in some areas, and Romney no votes at all?). Employers are firing people or cutting back their hours to avoid the punishing effects of Obamacare.

A report (delayed until after the election) shows an unprecedented skyrocketing of the number of people receiving foodstamps. Recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy absolutely suck - and yet the media cares not a whit that Obama hits the golf course for the 105th time in his presidency rather than offer aid and comfort to those hardest hit.

And a new report - also withheld until after the election - reveals that Iran is much closer to having nuclear weapons than B. Hussein previously admitted (and which Joe Biden flatly denied in one of his hysterical laughing fits during his debate with Paul Ryan). Meanwhile, John "Heinz 57" Kerry is being considered to become our next Secretary of Defense, despite his history of accusing Vietnam veterans of being psychotic and sadistic murderers, baby rapers, and ear collectors.

At this point in the commentary, Hope n' Change usually likes to make a pithy and funny remark intended to inspire courage and optimism. And we fully intend to do that...on Friday.

Because today, all we're seeing is Hell and Handbaskets.

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with politics, 
but we always thought that the evil living head in "Re-Animator" 
looks like John Kerry and it makes the film more fun to watch!


gwhdad/texas said...

Obama got 140% of the vote in some precincts? just proves my point that some (Democrat) people are SO civic-minded that they continue to vote even after they are dead. I'm sure we can look forward to DOJ investigating any/all voting improprieties ..... well, maybe not so much!

Necron99 said...

Yeah, but try to explain that to people who support 0. Any negative news about him and they stop listening or make excuses or blame conservatives. Getting a libtard to accept facts or think for themselves is like trying to get a potted plant to read the Silmarillion! It just ain't gonna happen.

We're dealing with people who get all their "news" from MSM, CNN, John Stewart & Stephen Colbert. They refuse to watch Fox or any alternative "real news". They have spent their whole lives avoiding reality. What makes anyone think they want to leave the Matrix for even a short serious conversation? They are the Jews who lived in Nazi Germany that thought everything would be ok until the SS showed up and drug them out of their homes, loaded them on box cars, and sent them to concentration camps.

Some day soon they may wake up and say, "I totally missed that because I was watching MSM and they said 0-blah-blah was the second coming of Christ! Besides, JayZ & Springstein and Cher & Cathy Griffin said don't vote for Romney. And I do everything celebrities say to do. If I'd of watched Fox instead maybe I would have known, but I can't watch Fox because my libtard friends said they are racist! Guess I'm fracked now!"

TrickyRicky said...

Holy crap, Stilton. I am just at a loss for words. My wife and I were so convinced that the country, or at least enough of the country, had awakened from their stupor that a Romney victory was a real possibility. I mean really, how could Obama NOT be losing by 70%-30%?

We entered a news blackout a week ago. We also entered the depths of depression and for the first time in my life I have the feeling that my country is in a death spiral that probably will not end without violent upheaval. The insane gyrations of this administration in only the first post-election week are so over the top that I have gone into outrage overload.

Then we had to put our sweet 13-year old Labrador to sleep early Saturday morning. She was my first dog since high school and I am closer to 60 than 50 years old. That focused my grief much closer to home. I guess that all I can do in the immediate future is try to nurture my family and immediate circle of friends. I only hope that God can save my country.

Colby said...

Hey! Look on the bright side! There's... um... well, you know we can.... er... um...

Never mind.

John the Econ said...

A sex scandal? Look, a squirrel!

John Kerry as Secretary of Defense? Puhleeze.

We're heading pedal-to-the-metal towards the newly re-discovered "fiscal cliff". (A re-branding of "taxageddon")

And we're getting closer to the 3am call announcing that Iran's created a smoking hole somewhere in Israel, and our President again votes "present".

I'm starting to wonder if ignorance is bliss...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@gwhdad/texas- The DOJ investigation into voter fraud will begin right after Eric Holder wraps up his investigation into who was making high-level security leaks from the Whitehouse to make Obama look good. It should be any day now.

@Necron99- By simply dismissing everything as "Faux News" (how they love their little witticisms) the Left waves away terror, joblessness, morality, the economy, and all other topics. And I'm tired of trying to explain it to Lefties using anything other than a whiffle bat.

@TrickyRicky- I don't think we'll ever see violent upheaval in this country, just death throes. There were more than enough people to vote Obama out of office - and they deserted us on the field of battle. Surely they won't put up a more significant fight when the going gets tougher. And the "death throes" I mention will be more akin to the demonstrations in Greece, and for the same reasons: people angry about losing their "free stuff" when no more money can be borrowed or stolen.

And damn it to hell, let me give you a big, manly long-distance hug over the loss of your Labrador. I'm getting misty here just thinking about your loss. Yesterday I took my dog Maggie (named for Dame Thatcher) to the vet for her annual checkup. She's got a bad heart murmur (for which she's medicated) and needs another ultrasound which we'll get in a few weeks. But I love that dog truly and deeply and will do all I can to keep her going. I'm sure your Lab had a lifetime of love, and I hope that thought can be some small comfort in the loss of such a close and special friend. (Second hug goes here)

@Colby- I'm still working on how to end that sentence myself. I'll keep you posted!

@John the Econ- Ignorance is bliss until its consequences become evident. I predict that even the ignorant will be unhappy soon.

CenTexTim said...

Add to the list recent indications that Eric Holder will remain as attorney general.

And the country's reaction to all this (well, at least the media and the left's)?


As for the rest of us, well, there's not much comfort in being able to say "I told you so."

Sarah Rolph said...

TrickyRicky, I'm very, very sorry for your loss. Take the time you need for your grief, and don't let anyone tell you how to feel.

Necron99, from what I have read recently it seems that a lot of Jews actually followed the orders they were given from the government and showed up at the train station with little or no baggage as requested. I find that extremely sobering.

It's hard to find anything positive to say at this point, but I'm starting to get the feeling that the Obama regime is not going to be able to fully cover its tracks. The wheels are coming off pretty fast...

Chuck said...

@TrickyRicky – my condolences … I can relate, but fortunately for me, not recently. Still it is easy to remember,and the tears come unbidden.

On the issues at hand: I have no doubt that the election was rigged and that there was plenty of voter fraud, but the tale of 141% turnout in a district in Florida is bogus. Everything else is spot-on, and I predict that things are only going to get worse … much, much worse. The media will run interference as long as they can and report that everything is “fine” and the government is fixing the problems (like Baghdad Bob), but when the unrest of the Øbamabots turns violent because the economy collapses and their ‘entitlements” can’t be fed, the media will cease to exist too.

On a side note: I’ve always known this, but it is being reinforced in a big way right now; liberals are poor losers and worse winners. The local bird-cage liner (which I unsubscribed to 3 months ago but am still getting delivered to my door … to boost their circulation?) is continuing to publish cartoons, articles and letters that are nothing short of hateful towards those who don’t believe as they do. Hey guys, you “won”, we got that. Have at it. Finish the job you started so that those who are left can get to work picking up the pieces and start putting the second Republic together. The first one is toast, and has been for years … we just didn’t want to accept that.

We are, I think, past the point of any chance to even slow the pace towards the cliff. I’d suggest that the last one out turn off the lights, but there probably won’t be any (energy saving or not) to turn out.

Or, I could declare it to be 5:00 o’clock now and pour myself some “coffee”.

graylady said...

@ Sarah: "the Obama regime is not going to be able to fully cover its tracks."
The Obama machine won't have to cover their tracks, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and all the other mainstream media's administration shills will gladly do it for them. And the sheeple will yawn and turn the tv to the newest reality show (which they find more interesting than REAL life.

rickn8or said...

"Add to the list recent indications that Eric Holder will remain as attorney general."

Guess Eric couldn't come up with the money for the upgrade to Supreme Court Justice.

Mike Porter said...

So more than thirty states have garnered enough signatures to secede from the United States of America - or so I've read. It would seem to me that this action is somewhat the reverse of what a fair reading of the situation would call for; that the United States of America should evict the federal government, as the states certainly do have just cause, and have had for some time now.

Of course, we could only accomplish this with the full backing of the military, which would then resemble something of a coup. And for some strange reason, I see nothing good coming from such an action unless those in charge of it were merely interested in stopping the horseshit, executing the traitors, and setting our country on a course resembling that which our founders would actually recognize.

But here I am obviously off my meds, and currently have no intention of wandering back onto the reservation and return to pretending that there is a civilized way to resolve our current predicament. That may change over time, as I may grow old and die.

And just as you cannot claim in a court of law that your ignorance of an inaccurate speedometer lead to your speeding ticket, you as well cannot properly defend yourself for the voting of liberal progressives into power. Treason is treason, weather by guile, ignorance or stupidity.

PRY said...

Depression is the mood of the's useless I know, but admitedly, it is how many of us feel nowdays.

Colby, you are sooo right!

Sarah, I hope you are right about O's wheels coming off the track soon...but I doubt it. I agree with graylady's assessment.The o train is on a roll, just getting started.

Let's face it...when we felt there was a chance of ousting obama,we could joke about some things. Seems like its a bit harder to do that, even Stilt is having a time apparently, and for good reason! The obama regime has become a fearsome monolith of destructive power right before our very eyes! History teaches us that, as in the overnight rise to power of Adolph Hitler, cannot end pretty. Hitler and o both are idealogues, and I feel both will stop at nothing to get done what they feel they must. Scary.

God's still in control, only hope, but the best hope we have.

I feel like Im watching an apocalytic movie.

txGreg said...

Even though most of the general population in unaware of Benghazi as the media continues to obfuscate it... at least there is a tiny bit of awareness. I'm constantly amazed at the almost complete blackout of the attack on Camp Bastion (Michelle Malkin) just a few days later. If it weren't for Michelle and a (very) few other blogs, I'd know nothing about it.

At least now I guess we know what was keeping our military leader in the region occupied.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- Eric Holder's only relation to justice should involve doing hard time in jail.

And I think if you print "I Told You So" on the aforementioned whiffle bat, you'll get more satisfaction when informing others about the effects of their bad choices.

@Sarah Rolph- I think the wheels ARE going to be coming off for the Obama administration, and quickly. The stories currently coming out of the Middle East with Hamas declaring that they'll "open the gates of Hell" on Israel may even be the flashpoint. With Barack Hussein Obama's removal of support for Israel, I think he's made a hot war almost inevitable.

@Chuck- I don't doubt that there was a lot of voter fraud, whether or not any given instance proves to be accurate or not. Eric Holder pretty much gave a huge wink and a nudge that no one would be prosecuted for Democratic voter fraud under his watch.

And yes, the Libs are insufferable in their joy at "winning." Because what they "won" was the sure destruction of our nation and the impoverishment of any progeny whom they don't abort.

@graylady- You're right that the Obama machine doesn't have to cover their tracks. The MSM doesn't report the wrongdoing and never will. Ignorance may be bliss, but it should at least be a choice. As long as the MSM covers for Obama, ignorance is practically mandatory.

@rickn8or- Oh, he'll probably still get nominated. I'm sure a lot of the older Supreme Court Justices will start retiring soon. Or falling in front of cars.

@Mike Porter- The whole "petition to secede" is sort of BS, albeit an interesting expression of protest. The petitions are on the Whitehouse website, and all they guarantee is that if 25,000 people sign a petition, they will look at it. But it's meaningless. Texas has more signatures than any other petition, but the state is doing nothing to advance action to secede, and Barack F. Obama couldn't throw Texas out of the union if he wanted to. So it's all just noise.

As you point out, there'd be very little point to a (how best to put this?) kinetic change of leadership at the moment, because the majority of Americans don't support the principles we'd like to see restored. Plus, in the words of Richard Nixon, "it would be wrong, that's for sure."

All of that being said, I agree that ignorance is no excuse for what the voters (and the many non-voters) did to our nation.

@PRY- You're absolutely right that the laughs aren't coming easily these days. For four years, the heart of Hope n' Change was the hope for change...and now we know that it isn't going to happen and things are either going to get a lot worse before they get better, or they're simply not going to get better. Neither of which is a particularly risible prospect.

And while I've previously pointed out that I'm not a religious believer, I'd be tickled to the soles of my shoes (or the soles of my soul?) to rethink my views if a lot of people in Washington suddenly turned into pillars of salt or received a good smiting from a flaming sword. It's time, as they say, to go Old Testament on Washington's asses.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@txGreg- Because the election was still looming, news about the Camp Bastion attack was almost completely withheld from the public. For those who don't know, here's the meat from the link:

"The meticulously coordinated siege by 15 Taliban infiltrators — dressed in American combat fatigues and armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons — resulted not only in two deaths, but also in the most devastating loss of U.S. airpower since Vietnam. Six Harrier jets were destroyed; three refueling stations were wiped out; six hangars were damaged."

But nothing to see here, folks. Obama killed Osama and brought peace to the world. Except for the occasional "bump" felt when more Americans die, and terrorist attacks are entirely successful.

Gang of One said...

@Sarah Rolf and Stilton -- The wheels may come off very soon, if recent developments are an indication. It seems that the MSM's has to be done. Indeed, Bibi is now the leader of the free world, while its closest neighbors fan the flames...

Gang of One said...

Those last two links were for John the Econ, the entire post was not posted ...

Colby said...


GAAAAA! I hadn't even thought of that one! Holder on the Supreme Court?! GAAAAA!

I almost like the idea of Lurch getting on the Cabinet somewhere just to get his worthless carcass out of the Senate, but Holder a Supreme? GAAAAA!!

Oops! Gotta go. It's time for my electro-shock therepy...

Gang of One said...

My post got fusterclucked. Should have read:
"Israel knows what has to be done."

George said...

Colby said...

Um... well, you know we can.... er... um...

"Let me be very clear".............

Nevermind x2

Sparky said...

All the above comments are so right-on that I don't know what to add. It's good to know I'm not alone. I've been deeply saddened and deflated also but not just about the election. Got a major surgery coming up for Thoratic Outlet Syndrome. The drugs are dragging me down. But I degress.

As PRY said, God is still in control. He and what is Right will prevail. We'll keep soldiering on with the Banner of Truth held high. With the help of your wonderful blog to keep us buoyed up and not feel lonely, we'll make it. Good always does.

On the lighter side, your post Stilton gives me an idea. I may start selling red handbaskets. Might as well make a profit on the living dead (Obama believers) ...

abbeyroadwalker said...

God was also "in control" in 1939, but He let mankind's worst villains have the run of the planet for 6 years. I'm a God-fearing Christian like I know most of you guys are, but that statement doesn't give me the hope it used to. We have to figure out how to cut the legs out from under these bastards all by ourselves!

Earl said...

Refused to watch Obama's press conference so I'm waiting for "The Five" to start in a little over an hour. I particularly like Dana Perino's take on events since she was Dubya's press secretary after Tony Snow died. She strikes me as a thoughtful, honest, well-spoken lady. For those who have never seen this show, it's worth a try. It's an hour-long recap of the days events. Four of the five are conservative; the fifth is Bob Beckel who you just want to strangle more often than not. When he's off, Juan Williams fills in for him. That's when I want to strangle Juan. Anyway, after a slow start, I'm beginning to watch the show regularly. It's on FOX cable and starts at 5pm eastern time. So it's fair to have a drink while you watch, regardless of your personal time zone.

abbeyroadwalker said...

Let me ask you guys a question. Have any of you listened to Rush Limbaugh since the election? Or Hugh Hewitt, or any talk radio? I'm still so pissed at those guys for getting my hopes up so high by suggesting that Romney had it made in the shade. Hewitt said he would win by a landslide, Rush said "blowout" many times in the final weeks. In a twisted kind of way, I feel like I was sold false hope just so they could keep us engaged and keep their ratings high. I can't understand how they could've been so wrong on so many of the particulars. The country is royally screwed, but they still have their radio shows, and still want their ratings. And yet, given what happened, I have to wonder if they had any effect at all in influencing undecideds over the last 4 years. I feel let down by talk radio just as much as by the masses of welfare parasites. I need help sorting this out...

txGreg said...


I agree in regards to "The Five." I became disillusioned w/Beck after the crap he pulled here in Texas during our last gubernatorial election, so I considered The Five to be a nice change of pace.

Also, I disagree with Beckel nearly 100% of the time, but I think he's one of those Liberals I honestly wouldn't mind hanging out with - as long as we didn't talk politics. (Unlike with Øbama, I'd actually raise a glass w/Mr. Beckel)

txGreg said...


I never listen to Rush, but I heard plenty of other "conservative voices" saying the same things. At the time, I really wished they'd shut their collective pie-holes. At best, I hoped Romney might win in spite of their grandstanding. At worst I was afraid they'd encourage people to stay at home. ("Well, if the GOP has this all sewn up in a landslide, there's no need of me taking off work to stand in line.")

For whatever reason, the conservative vote did not turn out. I think they own some of the blame. They should have been pushing people to the polls... not soft-selling the need.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Gang of One- I sort of doubt that Petraeus is really going to spill much in the way of damaging beans. I think the Whitehouse still has him by the short hairs in terms of blackmail - and this is exactly the Whitehouse to use it.

@Colby- It would actually be brilliant for Barry to put Holder on the Supreme Court, because so many remaining conservatives would just have aneurysms. I certainly know that the blood would be pulsing out of my ears before that final, moist "pop!"

@George- Yeah, that!

@Sparky- Good luck on the surgery. I'm not sure what it involves, but I recognize No Fun when I hear it.

And you know, I like the idea of Obama-brand Hell's Handbaskets! Let me know if you find some inexpensive Chinese basket weavers and need an investor!

@abbeyroadwalker- As I've previously established, I'm not the right guy to opine on matters theological. That being said, I understand that the concept of salvation also depends on the notion of free will - which includes the option for humans to make absolutely horrible choices. And if enough people make those horrible choices, they take a lot of others down with them (as in 1939). You may or may not believe that justice will be done in the hereafter, but I think the rules were made pretty clear about what our responsibilities are here on Earth.

@Earl- I haven't seen the show often, but sort of enjoyed it when I did. Bob Beckel is singularly annoying, and I'd like to stretch his suspenders out about 10 feet and then let go of them just to enjoy the loud THWACK! and screams of pain.

@abbeyroadwalker- I listen to Rush on a regular basis, and still enjoy his take on things. I don't know if he was deliberately trying to keep our spirits up (while not believing it), or if he was self-deceived into believing that the American people surely wouldn't give the SCOAMF a second term.

I like listening to Rush, because I like hearing someone who seems able to maintain a good mood in the face of bad news. Plus, I think he's hugely insightful about the Left.

But I won't be listening in the same way I used to: with hope and optimism balancing my outrage and sadness. Sorry not to put it in cheerier terms, but I've got to be honest.

@txGreg- I'd only raise a glass with Obama if I had a little "private time" with his glass first. (Note to Secret Service: a little urine never hurt anyone. Gandhi drank it by the gallon.)

Regarding the voter turnout, I don't blame talk radio - I blame the sumbitches who didn't go to the polls. The number one reason people don't register to vote is so they can avoid jury duty. Sorry, but when your laziness causes you to eff up the government AND the jury system, you're a stain on the citizenry.

SusieBee said...

Concerning what happened in 1939, God was in control as much then as He is in control today. It is true that Hitler, of his own free will (not God's will) effectively killed 6 million Jews. However, by his actions, Hitler unwittingly opened floodgates of support for Zionists looking to establish a homeland for the Jews after World War II. In 1948, the nation of Israel was established, fulfilling Ezekiel's prophesy from the Old Testament.

Make no mistake about it, the Jews are still God's chosen people, and God will not bless those who oppose Israel. We may yet see some Old Testament retribution, but if the US keeps backing away from Israel, it will be leveled at us.

PRY said...

@abbeyroadwalker...I wonder very much also when crap happens when God is 'in control.' Right now, I feel that's all I got, since the dipsh**s in this country voted that dork back in! We do live in a different time than we are used to.

Grizzly said...

You feeling depressed Stilton? Just look at your stock portfolio. (May as well get all the bad news out at once.) Wall Street is not upbeat about Zero's second term either, it seems.

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, what I've read about voter turnout is that most of Barack Hussein's margin came from early voters. As in, the Demo_Rats held rallies at colleges and then bussed the "students" to the polls and made sure they voted. (Did they then vote on election day? Who knows?) So the Demo_Rats had a huge advantage from the get-go. I'm sure there was a lot of vote fraud somewhere, all in the favor of the Demo_rats. Interesting that where ID was required for voting, Romney won. Where there was no ID requirement, Barack Hussein won. What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is what happened to all the lawyers both sides had lined up for immediate use after the election? Did the GOP lawyers forget to act, or were their heads spinning so fast from Romney's concession speech they just haven't gotten their bearings yet?

Irene Peduto said...

I haven't been paying much attention to my conservative sites of late - still personally rebounding from the effects of a house I rehabbed (on the water in Brick) for the purposes of selling - asap! Tried to re-coup some of the $$ I'd lost from my last home. So much for taking that risk because I am so "under water" now I'm not sure when I'll get out from under. Then there is all of this deception from the Chicago thugs who run America, & I am feeling worse & worse. I try to listen to Rush because, as Stilton has said, he keeps a level of optimism in the face of the worst admin. to ever control our nation. I believe his goal is to bankrupt America so we can become a part of the One World Order & it becomes ever apparent as the MSM assists him in his destruction of America.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- Daniel Henninger wrote a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today suggesting that Obama won because he kept his campaign machine running during all four years of his presidency. Supporters were never allowed to stop hearing accolades about him, or be given time to think about the truth of what they were being told. Henninger calls it agitprop, I call it cult-like brainwashing. The machine then got those early voters to the polls by any means possible, at which point those of us who were actually using thought to determine who to vote for were already pan-fried and topped with gravy. And a heapin' helpin' of fraud was the delicious side order.

@Anonymous- When our hopes rest with lawyers, we're already screwed.

@Irene Peduto- I absolutely believe in Dinesh D'Souza's theory (expressed so clearly in the film "2016," as well as D'Souza's inciteful books) that it is Obama's goal to take America down as many notches as possible for the good of the rest of the world. Which is why he's perfectly happy with the notion of taking the country over the fiscal cliff: he can continue the unbuilding of our nation AND blame the Republicans. Win-win!

Meanwhile, even though I'm not exactly Mr. Optimism myself lately, it's important for all of us to remember that an asteroid hasn't struck the Earth, the black plague (can I still say that?) isn't mowing down humanity, and America would have to fall much, much farther than it has to date to keep it from being the best place on Earth to live.

Thanksgiving may be a week off, but I think all of us (including myself) would do well to start listing the many things we can be thankful for right now.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grizzly- Regarding Wall Street, my retirement portfolio has taken a world class beating since Obama's reelection. And I can't imagine that Barry's announcement that he's going to try to take $1.6 trillion out of the pockets of job creators (by raising taxes) is going to make the market any happier.

Earl Allison said...

Head still spinning from Obama's "Press Conference."

Man, the Media just keeps going deeper and deeper into the tank, don't they?

Not one voice asked President "My Lips are Moving Therefore I am Lying" how he could act all indignant about Rice's treatment when;

1. Rice was the voice of the Administration when she talked about the bogus video story (because if she wasn't, and Obama seems to be implying this, WHAT WAS SHE DOING, THEN?), and

2. So, WHO told Rice this bogus story? Or was she in on the lie as much as Obama was?

And oooh, so tough! He hid behind Hillary's skirts, Rice's skirts, and is pretty much a puppet of Jarrett. Then he has the audacity to (and remember, Dems are the Party of Women, as they have said over and over) undercut himself AND Rice by pretending to defend her, and being offended.

He wants Rice for SoS, and he pretty much comes out and says she can't handle some hard questions? Then what is she doing here? That's what the job is about!

So he insults her by calling her a wilting flower, then pretty much says she's not qualified (then again, neither is he, maybe he sees a lack of qualification as a good thing)? And no one calls him on that?

I love when he shows righteous indignation, it reminds me of a grade-schooler who thinks he's all that -- and he isn't. The problem is, the grade-schooler will grow out of it -- apparently Obama never will.

I don't mean this next bit literally, and props to those who get it;

"Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?"

Thanks for posting!

It's No Gouda said...

RE; The Election, my wife ran across an interesting graphic on somebody's Facebook page. It showed how it was possible to drive across the US East to West and North to South without EVER crossing a county that went for Obama. The North-South trip was a LOT easier!

Colby said...

John McCain got about as animated as I have ever seen him yesterday over the Benghazi / Obama / Rice / Clinton thing. Somebody needs to tell Susan Rice and her crap weasel boss that she is in the big leagues now. Sorry woman.. you wanted to run with the big dogs and here you are! Man the hell up or go away. Wasn't it a famous Democrat that said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"? And Barry said to go after him, not Rice?? Fine, ya pathetic little man, have it your way, but you have done a really good job at one thing. You are the teflon don of presidents, and have shifted blame away from yourself better than anybody I can think of. If you are saying that you are FINALLY going to take responsibility for what happens under your watch, awesome! Let's rock and roll, McCain, Issa and Graham.

Not holding the old breath here, but I hope the upcoming hearings are the beginning of the end for this administration of Chicago slimeballs.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl Allison- I think it's time to rename the Whitehouse Press Corps the Whitehouse Propaganda Corps and give them official uniforms with Obama logos.

Your assessment of Obama's reaction to Benghazi is exactly right: he says that Rice is an "easy target" (making her seem utterly insubstantial) and then says "Come after me." Okay, asshole, give us some straight answers. But of course, that won't happen until somebody has the courage to ask him the tough questions.

@It's No Gouda- But it's more fun driving through the counties that did vote for Obama... preferably in a steamroller, and not using the streets.

@Colby- Rice is a joke, albeit not a funny one. I'm hoping McCain, Issa, and Graham carve Barry a new butthole. I don't expect it, but I'd relish it.

Assuming, of course, that we don't all get distracted by an Israeli war which B. Hussein has made virtually unavoidable.

Colby said...

@It's No Gouda,
Last Sunday, the Charlotte Disturber printed a huge map that showed all counties and how they voted. It had so much red, it made my eyes hurt. The blue spots were nearly all metropolitan areas and large cities. I took from this that rural America is completely screwed!

The Electoral College was created to protect less populated states from the biggies. What the hell happened? Every State gets two Senators, so every state should get equal say in who the president is! So what if there are more people in Charlotte, NC than the entire state of Wyoming. Wyoming gets the same say-so as NC. After all, they get the same say-so in the US Senate.

Colby said...

... I meant, the map showed all counties in the whole country...

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton, steamroller? Nah, howzabout an M-1 Abrams?

It's No Gouda said...

Colby, the Electoral College is made up of electors equal to the total of each state's represetation in BOTH houses of Congress. There for the more populous states DO have more say in the outcome.

Suzy said...

Yeah this voter fraud thing makes me so angry. And you know if Romney would have gotten THREE votes by fraud, it would be plastered all over the news and there would be a national re-count. Idiots.

Also all the stuff they were hiding until after the election! A drone shot down?! All these horrible fiscal numbers?

Honest question...what is in it for the media? Honestly...what do they get for covering up for Obama? Because...WHY?!

Queso Grande, fired up like pepper jack said...

I've been ruminating on electors voting in line with the # of Congressional districts taken. I think that would go a long way to cleaning up the map we've all seen by now.....a vast sea of Red, with pockets of blue that drove the State.

@TrickyRicky, my heart goes out to you. Spike got put down almost 3 years ago now and I still stroke the box her ashes are in. Took a bit, but I managed to get an almost carbon copy off the intarwebs. Maggie goes a looong way in filling that hole. I hope you and the Mrs. manage to find another.

In regards to the Jews of WWII going willingly to their fates, even worse stories are out there. Why, George Soros spoke fondly of how he would identify other Jews for the Nazi's and how he took their possessions. Now, instead of Jews doing the work of the Nazi's, we have college kids destroying the futures of their fellow students.

I've been in a deep funk myself. I am coming out of it. We MUST resist. As little as I care about the rest of the world right now, if America ceases to exist AS IT WAS, no place will be safe.
Research, read, remember and regurgitate.
I spoke to a co-worker today......I start every conversation the same way with everyone now...."The names of Ty Woods, Glenn Doherty and Sean Smith will live forever in my heart. That the presnidebt watched them slaughtered like animals on live video feed and DID NOTHING. Then the Left re-elected him. That disgusts me. And how are you?"
I got....."Did you know 33 embassies were attacked under W?"
"No," says I.."there were 12, where 33 people died. Of those 12, 7 were on embassies or consulates. The rest were NEAR. None had an ambassador murdered(last one was 1979, hmmm how was Preezy then?) nor were any called 'spontaneous". Each was calle what it was- an act of terror- and there were responses. Nor was the reactionary forces ordered to NOT RESPOND."
I then turned my back and trust me those were the last words I will speak to him.
We must resist!!
Blood has been shed by too many to turn our backs on America.

Democrats Delenda Est

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- No question that the great expanses of our nation are "red" when it comes to voting. The blue areas seem small enough that they seem possible to cut out, like bad spots on a potato...

@It's No Gouda- See, that's the difference between efficiency and real style. Nice!

And good quick explanation of the electoral college.

@Suzy- That's an excellent question, and I don't have a decent answer at all. My theory is that nobody in the news these days actually wants to accurately report the news because it's hard work and relatively passive (in the sense that the reporter can't affect the story). But the new breed of (ahem) "journalists" consider themselves activitists out to change the world for the better. And to do that, they'll skew stories, hide stories, or invent stories to shape the news into what they want it to be rather than what it is.

And because virtually all of these folks are radical Lefties, they're essentially enemies of the Constitution.

@Queso Grande- Glad to hear that your Maggie has helped. I was so saddened by the loss of our dogs that we didn't have one for years - I just didn't have it in me. Then we got adopted by a very pregnant stray, which was a lucky day for us. All the pups went to good homes, and MY Maggie just this moment walked in to see what I was writing about her. She's a mutt and a "good time girl," and we love her to pieces.

Regarding the people (and I use the term loosely) who would compare Benghazi to anything that happened under Bush's watch post 9-11, I'm simply point out that Bush never went to the United Nations to suggest that America had brought a terroist attack on itself by "allowing" a citizen to "slander the Prophet of Islam."

It IS important for us to start shaking off our depression and frustration and begin fighting back again. And at the very least, as things go bad (and they will) we all need to make sure that the Democrats, Lefties, and Non-Voters around us are MADE TO OWN IT. For the next four years, it is our sacred duty to rub their noses in the mess they've made for all of us.

Queso Grande, fired up like pepper jack said...

I think I recall reading about the pups and Maggie a while back? Good to hear that they all found a place.
My Mags came out of a Newark, NJ pound. Stray around 8 months old when we got her. Brudda, she fit in so easy I feel as if it is Spike reincarnated.
We also had my MIL move in-lost my garage and back porch to a MIL unit-and she brought Sasha, a sweet sweet Weimariner. My MIL was an Eagles fan living in a Giants home, but she was as good a MIL as a man could ask for. Complimentary, gracious(as an 87 YO Jersey City gal from the Ol' School could be) and grateful. We lost her in April.
Long story short, now we got two in the house.

As for your closing comment on making the Left own it, I've decided to allow my inner obnoxious bastard to flourish and run free and BE DAT GUY.

Ciao to all! Fight the good fight and keep the faith!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Queso Grande- Great post. Good dog stories, good people stories (and I'm genuinely sorry about the loss of your MIL), as well as a good attitude about BEING DAT GUY. I salute you, sir, and intend to follow your model!