Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inaugural Blowout

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Today's Hope n' Change Cartoon was never supposed to happen. The gameplan was to shout our lungs out about the myriad policy failings of Barack Hussein Obama during his first term, see him take a merciless drubbing at the polls in 2012, then publish our last-ever Hope n' Change Cartoon last Monday...celebrating Obama's removal from the Whitehouse, and the return of Hope and Change to our nation.

But noooOOOoooo.

 So Hope n' Change is still wearily in the saddle and, in lieu of retirement, today we'd like to give ourselves the gift of tactless succintness in describing Barry's second Inaugural speech: it was a complete load of horseshit.

 Gosh, that felt good!

Obama's speech was about many things: hate for Republicans, hate for American values, and hate for fiscal responsibility (he'll rein in the deficit as long as he doesn't have to make spending cuts, borrowing cuts, or touch Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security). 

And especially hate of capitalism. In the words of the president's speechwriters, "We, the people, understand our country cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it." Horseshit.

Of a nation facing desperate unemployment (and no meeting of the president's jobs council in over a year) and a heroin-like addiction to entitlement programs, Barry said "These things do not sap our iniative. They strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers, they free us to take the risks that make this country great." Horseshit.

And the president, smoke still rising from his hand's contact with the Bible, also said he'd work for women's equality (albeit just here, where it's already law, and not in the countries of his stone-throwing pals in the Muslim Brotherhood), civil rights (does Barry even know who the hell Martin Luther King Jr was?!), immigration reform ("Free taco with every Democratic vote!"), and of course turning back Climate Change (perhaps by having the United Nations send the sun a strongly worded letter). Horseshit, horseshit, horseshit, horseshit.

As we look Forward (horseshit!) into the future, Hope n' Change will endeavor to return to our usual journalistic standards and avoid four-letter expletives no matter how apt.

But today, we're feeling a little saddle sore. It's been a long ride already, and the horizon ain't gettin' any closer.

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Home, Home and deranged...


SeaDog52 said...

@Stilton: I, the ever hopeful optimist, believe that all Barry's chickens will come home to roost and smear guano all over his carefully crafted and marketed image. There's Orly Taitz's suit that has finally arrived on the Supreme Courts docket for hearing, there are persistent rumors that a rifle was not used at Sandy Hook and it's being covered up, then there is the now too all familiar "American Hostage Killed while Obama parties" meme.

I am beginning to think though, that in order to bring things to light, we need a funded (and massively so) legal group to be able to step in and file suit against Barry and his minions on an up close and personal basis. We can't depend on Congress, and forget the MSM.

All that said, we have the 2014 elections to look forward to, and another chance to take back the Senate, if Barry hasn't succeeded in fully eunuching the Republican Party by then.

TrickyRicky said...

Stilton, I too feel your pain. How the American people could have been so willfully ignorant of the severe damage the first Obummer administration caused to our country and our economy simiply boggles my mind. The way that the exalted one's slimy propaganda machine was able to demonize a flawed but very capable and honorable candidate sends chills down my spine. Thanks for your commitment to help lighten our load and give us a laugh three days a week.

@SeaDog52...please look into Judicial Watch and send them some money. They do awesome work with FOIA filings and other legal jabs at tyranny in the Washington swamp. Did you see Holder almost begging to not have F&F records released last week? They are truly indespensible, and contributions are tax deductible.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Back to the future. I'm hoping my dire predictions of a re-elected Dear Leader destroying the USA for all time are off the mark. But, barring a meteor strike on the Capitol during a joint meeting of congress attended by the "president" and vice president, I really do not see a "change I can believe in" on the horizon, or within what's left of my lifetime. I fear for what life my children must now live, and for the lives my grandchildren and their successors will have. I pray that there is a special place in hell reserved for those in power today, and for those who voted them into power...

TrickyRicky: watch Idiocracy to increase your understanding of a people unable to register the destruction of all they hold dear by their actions. It may seem like a funny movie, but it was actually a damning tome regarding the current state of society and here it is headed, thanks to the incessant "dumbing down" of our country, courtesy of the gummint.

Stilton, I give you much credit for keeping this up. I'm really having to restrain myself everyday from taking up the virtual pen again, as pointless as I see that being. Anyway, a belated "as happy as you can mange" new year to you. Sorry I couldn't afford to gift you a bottle this year - clearly, it would have helped you endure the travesty in WDC.

Jim Hlavac said...

Oh, I quibble -- it's cowdung, and not horse... -- horses work, you know ... cows just lounge around. Or maybe it's platypus droppings, since the president's an odd duck. Or maybe, it's a whole menagerie up there, and I wouldn't look to any of these animals on Orwell's DC farm -- but perhaps try something else altogether.

And that is, to try to resurrect the "Republican" brand is pointless -- the left has destroyed it (and the Republicans themselves,) and there's really not much to be done against the onslaught -- for the left will not allow you to bring back any good to the name.

If politics is chess, and it's a new game, using the Republican side is like starting off without a few pieces. No, better to pick a whole new party, or one hanging around with ballot access in all 50 states and a few party members elected too -- the Libertarians.

Colby said...

Caballo caca!

Wonderful rant, Dr. J. but how about a graphic from the greatest movie of all time? You know, the scene with, "The Sheriff's a ni...BONG! No! Dang blammit dag nabbit! I said the sheriff's a ni... BONG!" I'm sure we all feel a lot like that guy sometimes; shouting "The President's a Socialist!" but nobody understands.

SusieBee said...

On the subject of the inauguration, did you see the photo of the First Family playing with their smartphones during the ceremony? And don't get me started on Michelle's eye roll... class and dignity have left the building.

With Barry pandering to the lowest commom denominator, we need to take the high road and appeal to those who still have some sense. I agree with Jim that the Republican party is virtually dead. The Libertarian Party is looking better to me every day.

Irene Peduto said...

@SeaDog52 - I am of the opinion that the deterioration of America will continue until it is no longer America - I suspect we will no longer be alive but our progeny will be here to endure what's left of this once great nation. I see the left as having gained incredible power over the past 50 years and the Rep. Party being perceived as a dinosaur.
@Stilton - your cartoon & commentary are so right-on! We were supposed to be free of this Marxist but the People didn't agree with the us - the fewer!
@TrickyRicky - then there is Heritage, Breitbart, Bill Whittle, Erick Erickson, Beck, etc. It isn't that there aren't like-minded people out there, it's that they are not in the eye of the public.
@Emmentaler Limburger - Your prayers (& mine) cannot undo all they will have accomplished in these four years, I'm thinkin'. I also know my progeny will suffer for this - but prayer will not help them! I do give Stilton credit for carrying on the cause with you!
@Jim Hlavac - the Libertarian Party is a third party - nothing can come of it - the Republicans must be a viable party if we will ever see real change come to this nation.
@SusieBee - the high road is what we have taken - policies rather than personal attacks - look where that has taken us! As far as the Libertarian Party - they are not a viable alternative - they have already divided the Republican Party - the Dems have no such alternatives rather they are a united front which gets more inclusive and PUBLIC!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog52- I hope you're right, and I'd love to see a massively funded legal attack on this president.

And I'm so sick of Barry spiking the ball over his election win that I want the House Republicans to draw a line in the sand and tell him "your fun stops here." No real spending cuts? No debt ceiling increase - period. No budget from the Senate? No funding from the House. No answers on Benghazi? Then no approval on any of Barry's cabinet picks.

Oxymoronically, I'm tired of the fight and ready for war.

@TrickyRicky- And isn't it interesting that the things Romney said about Mali and "Jeeps in China" were mocked and ridiculed during the campaign, but he was right. I think Mitt would've been a good president, which makes the current situation all the more unbearable.

And Judicial Watch is a great group. Maybe I'll send them some dough today!

@Emmentaler Limburger- We're in the same place. It was hard to picture how we'd get America back on track if Barry lost, let alone with him getting another four years to promote his now-nakedly socialist agenda. I about hurled when he declared that "collective action" is the root of all good.

And by the way, I still have the bottle you sent. Granted, it's been empty for a long time... (grin)

@Jim Hlavac- I went with horse manure because I have clipart of a farting horse, and it tickles me every time I use it.

I agree that the political battle is unlikely to be won by the Republicans in the future; the Left has honed their campaign machine too well, and made the electorate too stupid. I don't see the Libertarian party or any other third party going anywhere either. Maybe we need a 4th party; I'm thinking UFO aliens carrying disintegrators and a copy of Roberts Rules of Order.

@Colby- I also think about the story "The Emperor's New Clothes." Which has probably been updated these days so that the child who finally says out loud "he's naked!" is stoned to death by the angry crowd.

@SusieBee- Were those smartphones or Obamaphones? (Beats head on desk)

And let me be clear- I really like much of what the Libertarians stand for (I'm probably way closer to being Libertarian than Republican). I just think that the game has changed completely and the election system is broken - perhaps permanently.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Excellent comments. I agree with you straight down the line!

John the Econ said...

I intentionally tuned out Monday. I appreciate Stilton's efforts on my behalf.

Just how liberal was Obama's speech? It was so liberal that the MSM actually called it "liberal"! Now there's something that I'd never thought I'd actually hear.

The rest of the news I saw pretty much centered around Michelle's new hairdo, so it seems I didn't miss all that much.

Again, don't waste too many brain cells trying to analyse this speech. Like most others, it wasn't meant for you. It was meant for the "47%" who are slaves to government, and see the state as their only salvation.

Meanwhile, the rest of us see our taxes increasing, paychecks shrinking, and inflation eating up more of whatever is left. Those of us who actually "create" in this economy are hardly feeling free " take the risks that make this country great." It's tough to feel "free" when you clearly see your future clouded in inescapable debt and a state poised to take more of what you've created. That's not freedom. It's called "slavery".

@TrickyRicky, too many of "the American people" don't care. They've been raised by generations of Progressive education to believe that they are "entitled", and feel morally justified in looting the wealth of others. They deserve it.

American Cowboy said...

When I was but a cub my father told me, "Boy, don't you ever throw the first punch in a fight. But if the other guy throws one then you fight, and you fight dirty, and you fight to WIN!"
That is the problem with most conservatives today. They refuse to throw ANY punches. And if by chance they do toss in a jab here or there they are limp "gentlemanly" jabs. Nothing is going to change in the country until someone takes the gloves off and decides that winning is what matters not being polite and PC. The left unfortunately has already seen that, and are using it to their advantage now.

CenTexTim said...

On the bright side, at least we have four more years of Hope n' Change to look forward to (accompanied, of course, by a few cups of morning 'coffee').

On a more serious note, I find it very hard to muster any enthusiasm for a republican party that includes the likes of John "Spineless" Boehner and Chris "Turncoat" Christie. Maybe we can arrange a forced marriage between the Libertarians and the Tea Party.

American Cowboy is 100% right. The democrats fight dirty. The republicans refuse to fight. Until they get some cojones the dems will continue to run roughshod over what's left of this country.

greg46107 said...

Oh, I dunno. I think that about sums it up. I thought Ol' Paint did a particularly succinct and concise summation of Obama's jobs plan.

Colby said...

Perhaps The Libertarian Party is not "viable" at this point in time, but things change. The Republican Party used to be obscure, too. Some Libertarian stances seem strange and unwelcome, such as their take on abortion. Their philosophy is that the gubmint should not even be involved in regulating abortions. This goes against my grain bigtime because I believe human life begins the second the egg is fertilized. But, think about it. There were no abortion issues in 1789 because people thought it was immoral. The gubmint stayed out of it and left people to decide. As a matter of fact, the gubmint stayed out of pretty much everything and left people to make their own damn decisions.

All things considered, I think a government run by Libertarians would be a huge breath of fresh air, but the "47 percenters" would absolutely crap! Imagine a federal gubmint that served one purpose, and that is to keep us safe from foreign powers. That is the federal gubmint Jefferson imagined and the Libertarians are pushing for.

We need to get behind something major to stop this insanity, and it is becoming ever more painfully obvious the Republican Party is useless, floundering, lacking leadership and barely even a hair different than the damn Dumocrats. If you utter the words "Tea Party" you're branded some sort of nut job, so let's be Tea Partiers under the Libertarian brand.

There.... done ranting now - coffee time.

CenTexTim said...

Colby +1

txGreg said...

Colby +2

Also, maybe some others like Rand Paul will continue to infiltrate the RINO party with some conservative backbone.

He knew he would be savaged by the media wing of the Democratic party for saying Clinton should have been fired, and that the administration was refusing to own up to the mistakes made... but he said it anyway. (And I'm sure he knows that a lot of the Republicans are going to backstab him for it as well).

Queso Grande, The Christie Critic said...

Hmmmm, typical for the Demonrats. Turning commonplace things on their heads......usually, it is wisdom from the horses mouth......
Maybe we can get lucky......some high rankin' dem pol might run over a jourolist(er)s kid and that'll be enough to get them investigating this RICO indictment waiting to happen.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Yes, even the MSM had to grudgingly admit that there were discernible hints of liberalism in Barry's speech...much the way you can find similar hints in the Communist Manifesto.

His words, overall, were either meaningless, lies, or (frequently) both. But it was clear enough where he plans to take our country, via means of handbasket.

The sheer ridiculousness of thinking our nation is freer to take risks when we're punishing the risktakers (by forcing them to pay for virtually all of the entitlements) is beyond preposterous. How I loathe this man.

@American Cowboy- We have fought fair, we have turned the other cheek, we have tried bipartisanship, and we have absorbed the first blow again and again. Now I think it's time to take your Dad's advice, put on our pointy-toed cowboy boots, and start kicking folks repeatedly in the nuts (and don't stop when we get them down, either). I speak metaphorically, of course, so as not to be visited by the Secret Service. If I was being literal, I would have referred to kicking "teeny tiny little nuts."

@CenTexTim- Four more years of Hope n' Change may be a bright side for you, but I think I'm running my guts through a blender by remaining pissed off all the time. It would probably help if there were a high-dollar Conservative angel out there who'd like to support this site so I'd feel a little less like Don Quixote. If any of you know the Koch Brothers, please pass the word!

But returning to the point at hand, it IS time to fight dirty and to fight to win. We owe it to those in our past, present, and future.

@gcw- Ol' Paint brings a clarity to analysis which the talking heads on TV can never dream of. Plus, by tapping out numbers with his hoof, he can explain why Obama's financial numbers don't add up!

@Colby- Very good points. And I'd love to see the looks on the faces of the 47% under a Libertarian regime.

@txGreg- Listening to Rand Paul today gave me goosebumps. That's what we're talking about. Courage, Intelligence, and a no-BS attitude. I have to admit that his dressing down of Hillary was the highpoint of my week so far.


Wow, monday's activities and that SPEECH,sure makes it difficult to drum up anything near comical when it comes to making fun of this bunch in DC. Felt the same way for a few days after the election, so I am assuming it will wear off. I'm sure you concur. And today at the congressional hearings, the score was Hilary Clinton 2, Congress 0. Are we surprised?

Irene Peduto said...

@American Cowboy - Bingo!! The left not only plays hard & personal but they also will say ANYTHING to win. For the left is all about winning. Since Ayers traitorous act decades ago, their efforts have been toward a revolution in this country. Ayers & others have used the educational system to do so. This is like fighting in Afghanistan w/ extreme limitations while fighting those who may behead them with no negative consequences. It is drastically unequal.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- Yeah, I've got the same feeling of depression and shell shock that I did after the election. And I doubt that the feeling will wear off until SOMEone gives the Lefties a good kick in the jewels.

And the Hillary testimony was quite disappointing. Does she really think it doesn't matter if Benghazi was a planned, terrorist 9/11 attack or "a guy walking down the street who wanted to kill Americans"?! Seriously, after uttering that line, her ass should have been dragged straight to jail.

@Irene Peduto- The great thing is, our side can now fight dirty WHILE fighting fair, because we don't have to make up lies. We just need to stop being too polite to mention the sins, betrayals, and failures of the left. They've given us the dirt - it's time we start throwing it!

Sarah Rolph said...

Gosh, that felt good to read, too! Maybe we should all say *Horseshit!* more often.

I have found that speaking openly about the dire crimes of this president and the need to impeach him has helped my mood lately.

Had a good conversation with the guys at the Post Office the other day. It was a bit sad when they hushed up at the arrival of another customer, but you can't have everything.

I have a new client that is a small business with a sturdy product made in the USA--which is considered a big plus by its distributors and customers (roofing contractors). That cheered me up too (as did the conversation we had about politics; I'm done shutting up about this stuff, as evidenced by the enormous Gadsden flag on my car--bumper-sticker size didn't seem like enough).

As to this:

"does Barry even know who the hell Martin Luther King Jr was?!"

No he does not. The last thing Obama is interested in is a world in which people are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. If Obama heard that quote he would probably wonder what cartoon character was being referenced.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

" take the risks that make this country great." Yeah, that gem. Where the great pretender (and others, frankly) fail in their approach to admiration of risk takers is that it is not those who simply take risk that make this country, a company, or themselves great - there are plenty who have taken risk to their - and our - detriment. It is those who take and effectively manage risk who did and do so. Any dumbass can put trillions of dollars into something and watch it swirl down the toilet. Case in point: "green" technology industries and the supposed president. Yeah, that's taking risk. My how bold. But it was an abject failure because any attempt to manage the risk therein was shrugged off by the oh-so-much-smarter-than-every-one-else presidunce - even when advice which would have mitigated much of the risk came from his own cadre of advisers.

No. Pardon my french, but we're fluking doomed with another four from him and the totally neutered opposition in congress.

REM1875 said...

Let us pray that the Republicans in the senate do not cave and join in their own execution. Remember the media screams and wailing when the republicans mentioned the possibility of the 'nuclear option' ? Suddenly now it is a fantastic idea. I look at the senators on 'our' side and have no grand expectations.
And on an even cheerier note women can now serve in combat so they can be promoted. Lib speak = soon we can have an all female joint chief of staff and heads of the military services and the there will be no war, because as we all know women are much smarter and would never fight a war. ( Golda Mier, Margaret Thacher, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, etc, etc)

SeaDog52 said...

Garnered an interesting graphic, courtesy of the Ben Ferguson Show via one of their listeners. This was just as Feinstein was launching her trashing of the second amendment this morning. Click on my name/url link at the top of this post.

SeaDog52 said...

There is a very scary interview out on YouTube questioning the new litmus test of Obama military commanders would be if the US Military would shoot Americans, (click on my name to link)- normally, I'm not one to spread wacko stuff, but I have heard about this from other sources, and, that it is a Boston TV station doing the interview might lend a little more credence. The Posse Comitatus act would have to be suspended for the military to act in a law enforcement role, but that would be done under martial law. And how much riot gear, how many rounds of hollow-point have been ordered by DHS, the Army, and the Weather Bureau for 'training'? Paranoid under this president - You Bet'cha

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sarah Rolph- Glad that you weren't shaken by my excrement experiment. Friday's commentary gets back to "family safe" language, but no less anger.

I think you make a good point that we've passed the time when we can afford to be shy about trash-talking Barry and the Left. We need to be loud and proud and NOT shut up when someone of unknown political sensibilities enters the conversation.

And as you say, there is nothing - nothing - in the message of Dr. King which Barry would agree with or stand for.

@Emmentaler- You make a great point that Barry's idea of taking a risk is making a stupid investment. Yeah, that's risky alright - but mostly idiotic. And where is his dedication to rewarding the risk takers rather than punishing them?

I'll also point out that the risks he's currently taking - like turning out the poorest educated workers in generations, and borrowing money which we can never pay back - are not what will make our country great. They're what will soon make our country history. In Cantonese.

@REM1875- I think women are being approved for frontline positions so that their battered, bloody corpses can be used by the media and politicians to end involvement in foreign affairs. The Left already considered women to be "just bodies" politically. They can be even more useful as "just dead bodies."

@SeaDog52- I've heard a lot about this "litmus test" for officers, asking if they'd shoot Americans. The sourcing isn't good enough for me to really take it too seriously at this point, but that doesn't mean I'm not worried about the weirdness with ammunition purchases and FEMA depots around the country. Remember that in 2008 Barack Obama said that he wanted a domestic army every bit as big and well-armed as our foreign forces to handle things within our borders. The media gave him a pass on that (as they did everything else), but the rest of us should STILL be screaming "what the fuck?!" and wanting to know exactly what Adolf Hussein Obama had/has in mind.

Pete(Detroit) said...

"Adolph Hussein Obama" - even better than Whirling Crap Weasel?