Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Me at Second and Fifth

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In the spirit of Daylight Savings Time, Hope n' Change Cartoons is proud to announce that today, Inauguration Day, is the official start of "Sanity Savings Time" in which it will always be 5 o'clock for the next four years. Because seriously, who wants to sit through Obama's Inauguration (or second term) cold sober?!

The Inauguration (derived from the word "auger" which means "a huge screw") will feature eight real-life "citizen co-chairs" handpicked by the Obama machine, who will tell the world how they've benefitted from the president's policies while their spouses died of cancer caused by Mitt Romney.

Among the eight is a woman who got her job as an autoworker back after Barry gifted the unions with billions of dollars in taxpayer funds, a man who created a windpower business and (surprise!) supports windpower tax credits, and a woman whose brain tumor made it hard for her to get health insurance, but also made her extremely suggestible when she was repeatedly driven to various polling places by Democrat volunteers last November.

Truthfully, Hope n' Change Cartoons will not be watching any of this. In complete honesty and with no exaggeration, we put Obama's second term inauguration on par with 9/11...a deliberate attack on our values and an unmitigated disaster for our nation. A sickening, soul-rotting, anti-American hatefest decked out in recycled "Triumph of the Will" regalia.

But it could be worse. At least it's 5 o'clock.


This pretty much sums up how we feel today.
(Caution: hilarious, but not for weak stomachs)


David Finlayson said...

I feel your pain.

Velcro said...

I completely agree, and I also did not watch anything today related to the inebriation celebration. As if there is anything to celebrate. Change into sackcloth and bring on the ashes.

And a spitoon for hurling into.

SusieBee said...

As one of the few in this nation that still has a job, I will not be watching the inauguration. You can bet Barry's supporters will be watching, since they're not tied down by work and can party to their heart's content. I only have to help pay for it with my tax dollars.

BTW - since it's a double holiday (MLK day and the "great one's" inauguration, I wonder when the celebratory riots will commence? I plan to be safe at home tonight by nightfall, just in case.

TrickyRicky said...

I would rather have bamboo shoved under my fingernails while being flayed with a cat-o-nine tails during my colonoscopy than watch this vomit inducing sham. I'm sure the whole damn thing would make Leni Riefenstahl blush.

BTW, I just saw a headline that Obama's fucus in the second term will be on guns and immigration. So much for the laser-like fucus on the economy. And no, those are NOT typos.

Oops, that was a typo.

Colby said...

Guns and immigration, eh? Just like HRH's "fast and furious" first term I suppose. I guess we can expect to see a lot more immigrants with guns in the coming four miserable years.

...and I'm with ya on stuff I'd rather do that watch that tripe! The list is pretty durn long.

Grafton Cheddar said...

"Chowder" is one of my favs - certainly sums it up today. I'm boycotting (is that raaacist?) the TV today; even Fox can go eff off.

Jim Hlavac said...

Because I am an incurable optimist (and no, Obamacare does not cover that,) I like to think of the Jimmmy Cliff song: "The harder they come, the harder they fall" -- for it is true, in history, that the more power a politico gets, his end gets the more nasty and abrupt.

Right now the man and his supporters are flying a magic carpet -- alas, there's no air under it's wings, and no magic upon it, and it shall fall. Spectacularly ... for the math doesn't add up -- the country will go broke, and that's it ... and when all the things Obama said will be fixed are not fixed, and all the promises made broken, it shall be his supporters who will turn on him with a ferocity that will make your anger now seem tame.

Sit back and watch the fireworks. This 2nd term of his is not going to be the continuous dance he thinks it is.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@David B. Finlayson- It's sort of like "spreading the wealth," only substituting misery for wealth.

@Velcro- Barry's inauguration ceremony makes me think of the "dancing in the streets" celebrations in the Muslim world when the twin towers came down. I have no love for the ululating masses, including those in Washington.

@SusieBee- I don't know how to break this to you, but if you're working on MLK day you must be a racist. (sad grin)

@TrickyRicky- And did you see the barely-mentioned news that it has now been over a year since Obama's Jobs Council has even had a meeting? The man doesn't give a fart in a windstorm about jobs, but cares about guns because it's an issue he can use to further divide the country and get votes, and cares about immigration because amnesty will provide a motherlode (or perhaps a freelode?) of new voters for the Left.

@Colby- Today is probably a good day for each of us to do the most disgusting possible chore that we've been putting it off. The reasoning is "at least it's better than watching the inauguration."

@Grafton Cheddar- The only TV I plan to watch today is Netflix.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Jim Hlavac- Hey, isn't that the plot from The Who's "Tommy?"

I appreciate your optimism today. Granted, it's an odd kind of optimism suggesting that things will collapse and B. Hussein's adoring flocks will turn on him. But hey, I'll take what I can get.

Irene Peduto said...

Stilton - when I read your cartoon, I laughed out loud. Then I read the first paragraph & again, I laughed out loud. Thanks for the chuckles because, after having turned FOX off early in the morning, I needed something to lighten up my mood. You sooooo succeeded! Thanks!
@TrickyRicky, I loved your correctly spelled "fukus economy". Great line
@Grafton Cheddar - I had to turn FOX off this AM - I know it has to be covered, but I don't have to watch it.
Actually, I have planned such a busy day (sans volunteering for some organization) that I will be working into the night and even into tomorrow morning. It's a rather invigorating way to start the week, I'm thinkin'. I also get to stay occupied throughout most of the media coverage.

Grafton Cheddar said...

Actually, Stilton, it's nice to see the "coffee couple" have a little color instead of the usual B/W/G. Diversity in action! ;-)

CenTexTim said...

Sipping from a big mug of 'coffee' as I read this...

American Cowboy said...

Like so many others of you I will be WORKING as soon as I am finished here. WORKING for myself, but nonetheless WORKING. Yes, that makes me a racist I am sure. I also will take a little time to target shoot a few rounds with the new semi-auto firearm I purchased wait for it comes... money I EARNED WORKING. Have as good a day as possible given what is going on in D.C. everyone!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Irene Peduto- Glad you got some laughs; that's the odd idea around here. And as far as Obama's inauguration goes, I think it's important that is well covered - just like anything similar in a litter box.

@Grafton Cheddar- And Obamacare taxes be damned, I think the Coffee Couple guy has been hitting a tanning booth! Then again, maybe he's Halfrican like the prezzie?

@CenTexTim- Just keep it away from open flames and you should be fine.

@American Cowboy- I, too, am working today...although I haven't quite managed to marry my efforts to that whole "earning" angle you're describing. Seems like a good goal, though!

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton: You "mis-titled" today's toon. It should have been: "Meet Me FOR a Second "Fifth". I'd be inclined to do it too as long as the second fifth is good ol' American sour mash bourbon. A long ago over-indulgence in the produce of Scotland left a sour taste somewhat akin to the animated cartoon.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Tripped over this gem - "Isn't it odd how the administration that supports (with armaments) uprisings in Libya, Syria, and Egypt pretends not to understand why Americans want "assault rifles"?

graylady said...

I woke up today with this picture firmly entrenched in my mind:
Barak Obama standing over Martin Luther King's grave asking Dr. King what he thought of the job he (Obama) was doing as President. A voice wafted up from the grave saying, "Don't bother me, I'm spinning."

I am a Southerner born and bred. My Grandfather's middle name was "RobertELee" (yes, it's on his birth certificate just like that). When we took my sons to Disney World, my Dad had fits when one of the boys wanted a "Yankee Blue" Civil War hat. Growing up in the 60's I didn't appreciate Dr. King, thinking him responsible for a lot of society's civil unrest and the anxiety my parents suffered. Now at 64, having grown up/matured/evolved, I am amazed at his courage, strength and wisdom. I can only surmise that he would be heartbroken at how this President has divided our nation and done as much as he has/can/will do to destroy the Constitution. How Dr. King's family can let his Bible be used to support this shameless man is beyond my uinderstanding.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Another day that will live forever in infamy... Except the military will likely never be mobilized against the perpetrator this time.

Jim Hlavac said...

Stilt -- some of the best new barns have come from barn burnings -- or, when your house is on fire, reach for the marshmallows -- which is, I think, optimism indeed. :)

SeaDog52 said...

Re the anointed one's coronation yesterday - does any one remember an inauguration where the parades etc., (not the dinners or balls) lasted all day and into the dark? Granted, I never watched the past inaugurations, but it seems to me that you had the parades, the swearing of the oath of office, the speech, and that was about it - they adjourned for lunch and meetings. That was pretty much it. It seemed to me that looked like King Barrack the First accepting the adoration of his subjects (of which, I have to wonder how many were plants like the convention, to fill out the crowds). On The Five, they were discussing Inauguration trivia, and Greg Gutfeld asked "Which Presidential swearing in was done in Cantonese?"; Answer "The last one! - Think about it.".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@It's No Gouda- The joke works either way, whether we're having a second fifth on this (ahem) glorious occasion, or simply having a fifth in observance of Barry's second. By the way, my firewater of choice on Inebriation Day was cheap Canadian whiskey (Black Velvet - also good on cuts!). I'm afraid I didn't Buy American while saying Bye America.

@Pete(Detroit)- If the people's army of Occupy Wallstreet announced they wanted to kill the 1%, Obama would be shipping them rocket launchers and tanks.

@graylady- Barack Hussein Obama's handling of race in America is a tragedy. He has made a mockery of Dr. King's dream, because he would rather see black Americans in poverty and slavery than see them become active participants in capitalism.

I am old enough to remember when America was a melting pot, and assimilation was the goal. It saddens me to think of how many young people must take it for granted that black families in America have "always" been headed by women on welfare, with "baby daddies" instead of fathers, raising nearly illiterate children to become gangstas and ho's. And make no mistake- that's exactly how Barry Soetoro wants it.

@Emmentaler- Actually, that nicely describes the eight years which will constitute Obama's time in office: "A Daze of Infamy."

@Jim Hlavac- Unfortunately, I feel like the house with my family and friends is what's on I still feel a greater need to extinguish the flames than to make s'mores.

@SeaDog52- I'm not sure if Barry's celebrations are more grandiose, or whether they just annoy me more. One thing, though, is definitely true: it's very unusual for a president to use his Inaugural Address to attack the other party as Obama did, or to say that our path forward is through "collective action."

By the way, I just finished reading Greg Gutfeld's book "The Joy of Hate" and can recommend it as a fun, light read.

PRY said...

And how do you all 'really' feel? I know, I know, just tryin to be cute. Yeh, if anyone EVER thought he was the slight bit centrist, he took all doubt away with his "inauguration/campaign" speech! We were all correct; this second time around will be Barry unshackled! Again, nothing will get done (through congress anyway), and we have witnessed a real change in this country of ours. I shudder to think what democratic delights we and our families will be subject to. Drop by if ya have time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- If you want to know how I really feel, make sure you're here for Wednesday's cartoon and commentary. I let my Tourette's out of the bag.

Queso Grande, The Christie Critic said...

@SJ, I love these particular 'characters'. They make me pine for the days when Men wore hats; it was clear then who understood Courtesy and how it related to a successful society. Sadly, I am unable to find any humor regarding this travesty. I feel like the HatMan; just get me drunk enough to not know what is going on around me.
@graylady, I have had the same mental image of Dr. King spinnnnnnnnnning in his grave.....I've made the point LOUDLY in the hallways of my State Goobermint Agency building that if only we could harness the corpse as it turns, we'd be able to power Newark.
But speaking of images......I keep waiting for the narrators of the "Forever Lazy Snuggee" to tell us that it can now be paid for directly through unemployment!!

The Dee-Luxe Version comes with an application for SSDI attached.

@IrenePeduto, any thoughts on where you may like to meet up on Sunday next?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Queso Grande- The "coffee couple" are my tip of the hat (no pun intended) to the witty films of the 1930's and 40's with sharp, rapid-fire dialogue and women who were every bit the equal of men.