Friday, February 22, 2013

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Shooting His Mouth Off
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In the ongoing battle between gun owners and the Whitehouse, Joe Biden has come forward to tell worried homeowners that they don't "need" an AR-15 for protection, and that they should instead "Buy a shotgun! Buy a shotgun!"

And in the event of a home invasion, what should innocent citizens DO with their two shots? According to Joe (in advice given to his wife), they should walk outside and "put that double-barrel shotgun up and fire two blasts outside the house!"

Unfortunately, this means that the homeowner is now effectively unarmed and - oh yeah! - has just committed a felony in many states by firing randomly at the neighbors with no regard to what damage may occur.

Much the way Joe's mouth does at news conferences.

Rice Baiting

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Hope n' Change isn't even going to try to put a humorous spin on this godawful story.  Susan Rice, who made the rounds of the Sunday news shows following last year's 9/11 terror attacks in Benghazi and blamed a YouTube video, has now gone on the Jon Stewart show to do more damage.

Specifically, Rice said that the murder of four Americans was a tragedy, but the subsequent investigation is "the bigger tragedy."

And what was the reacton of Stewart's studio audience? Riotous applause.

Frankly, Hope n' Change thinks that Susan Rice should henceforth have no more protection from danger than Ambassador Stevens did. And if, heaven forbid, something bad happens - we hope that no one will create a bigger tragedy by investigating it.


Grafton Cheddar said...

Amen to having Fried Rice. I saw this news clip, I think, on Imus, and I marvel at how un-reported it has been. This dumb bitch has got some effing nerve to say that!

And as for Crazy Plugs, Osama is making a big (and welcome) mistake by letting him spearhead (can I say that?) the gun confiscation operation - every time he opens his mouth, some new and different piece of absurdity comes out and servers to awaken even low info voters as to how stupid and dangerous the whole idea is. Keep the gaffes a-comin' Plugsie! It's Operation Daft and Dubious.

TrickyRicky said...

Cunning Stunt

Anonymous said...

In looking at this from a slightly different perspective, I'd have to agree with Rice - the investigation has been a greater tragedy. There is absolutely zero interest from the administration in releasing the truth, they have stonewalled, and lied. The media has done zero to force them to tell the truth. So the investigation has been a greater tragedy than the event as we see the further demise of our once great country.

Jim Hlavac said...

The reason that Biden wants folks to shoot into the air is that I'd say 99% of home invaders are probably Democratic voters, and he'd hate to lose one, and it could make the homeowner a felon, thus losing his vote, which wouldn't have been for him anyway.

The reason that Rice doesn't like the investigation is that I'd say 99% of Democratic voters think Benghazi is a an up and coming actor, and she'd hate them to find out otherwise.

For most of humanity, getting smarter, acting smarter, being smarter, is a goal -- for this administration voter stupidity is a blessing and desirable quality.

Irene Peduto said...

Biden's shotgun comments are ridiculous - Rice's are worse than his. But the absolute worst part of your commentary, Stilton, is the applause the audience gave to her. It is further proof of a deterioration of the country. The People are so un-informed or out of touch with reality that it scares me more than either Biden or Rice.

TC said...

Of course Rice got a massive applause from Jon Stewart's lemmings. He paid good money for the light-up "Applause" and "For god's sake PLEASE laugh at this joke!" signs his audience sees in the studio.

The biggest tragedy of all is the period of 8 years we'll call the two Obama terms.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grafton Cheddar- For Rice to say that the investigation is more tragic than the actual assault is like saying that "Zero Dark Thirty" is more important than the actual events of 9/11. Which, incidentally, Democrat lawmakers also believe.

Regarding Biden, what are we on the Right supposed to do when his gaffes are considered to be a charming part of Uncle Joe's personality? He tells black people that Wall Street wants to lynch them, and "that's just Joe being Joe." You know, the slap-happy muddle-brained second most powerful man on the planet.

@TrickyRicky- Are you suggesting Rice has lyxdicksia?

@Anonymous- I agree with you completely, though I'll say that the investigation has revealed a greater tragedy - one which encompasses not only the deaths of four Americans, but the malfeasance which made the massacre inevitable. And sadly, this tragedy is only compounded by the complete lack of interest from the MSM.

@Jim Hlavac- Excellent. I can't do anything but agree.

@Irene Peduto- Biden's comments are ridiculous. His advice was directed to his wife, telling her to go outside "on the balcony" to fire the shotgun (and maybe kill or maim some stranger down the street). But what about the rabble who don't own mansions with balconies? Is his advice simply to pick up your shotgun and start firing into the dark when you hear a strange noise - then hope that you haven't blown a hole in a family member? PREDICTION: Biden will be called as an expert witness by Oscar Pistorius's defense team.

Regarding Jon Stewart's audience, that's the most painful part of the clip for me. Jon Stewart can be an ass and Susan Rice can be a shill - those are their roles, and they make me angry. But it's the applause from the "little people" which fills me with despair. How did so many get so stupid so quickly?

@TC- I'm surprised Obama doesn't use applause signs at his rallies. Hey, if HE gets a teleprompter, why shouldn't the audience?

And you're right that the Obama presidency is the biggest - and still unfolding - tragedy.

CenTexTim said...

"Just think. This woman (Susan Rice) could have been Secretary of State."

She certainly has the necessary attributes: tragically misplaced priorities, deviousness, and the ability to 'misspeak' with a straight face.

On a more serious note, Anonymous (at 7:02 a.m.) nailed it. The greater tragedy is the callousness and duplicity by of the obama administration, coupled with the media's compliance and the American public's apathy, towards White House actions (or inactions) that have resulted in people being killed in at least two separate instances - Benghazi, and Fast & Furious.

Where are Woodward and Berstein, Sam Ervin, and Ken Starr when we need them?

It's No Gouda said...

Aha, now that "famous" picture of Obama "shooting skeet" makes sense. He was just following Slow Joe's "advice" and scaring "evil intruders" i.e. Republicans away from the W.H.

Queso Grande said...

John Stewart is a boil on the ass of Civilization, but his audience is the pus that fills it.

Bob Owens takes apart Plugs's advice. Highly recommended.

It's not much, but every time I go to the Eastern Shore of VA, I will push the mini-van rather than buy single drop of gas; or for that matter anything else- in Delaware.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I feel the need for a primal scream.

Mike aka Proof said...

"Fried rice"? We have the Benghazi chicken with half baked Rice. It's a rotisserie chicken - you can tell from the spin. The Benghazi chicken should really be roasted over Rice.

PRY said...

It just never stops, does it? Stilt, you had material aplenty this week to work with, great job, too!

But, if we take a look at the 'bigger' picture of libland, I hope we all DO NOT expect any rational dialogue from this bunch! Truthfulness? Fact is, the Dem Party moguls spent a couple million to make people think (back before the disastrous 2012 election), that Todd Akins, the republican candidate for congress against Claire McCaskill in Missouri was the most conservative guy to whip McCaskill, (really not too big a job) when there were at least two other GOOD candidates who WOULD have beaten her! But the dems made it happen! Then, as a bonus, Akins made his infamous "rape" remarks, and stayed in the fray as his party asked him not to. You know the rest.
Remember when the story came out about George W's problem with drinkin and driving? Huge huh? Completely fabricated to scare off the evangelical vote, which was successfully done in part. Thankfully, he was still reelected.
Point is, the GOP could resort to such underhanded tactics, and it might make some progress, but most still have that pesky ethics thing in their way. I don't want my party to do it anyway.
I do not see anything changing in the near future, barring something catastrophic, economically or otherwise. It's the 'new normal' until something does happen, and it will. Won't be pretty, for any of us.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- Exactly right; the MSM is not only failing to report horrendous actions by this administration, it's actually covering them up. How can our election system possibly work when lies are told and reinforced almost universally?

Journalism, with only a few exceptions, is dead and gone.

@It's No Gouda- Frankly, Obama with a shotgun would scare the hell out of me because there's no telling what he's going to hit.

@Queso Grande- I may not know much about poetry, but I know a good "pus and boil" analogy when I hear one. Well done, sir!

@Proof- Funny stuff! At the point Hope n' Change starts expanding (we're waiting for a federal grant), I should hire you to crank out some punchlines for the strip!

@PRY- There was a lot of material to work with this week, but depressingly it's all too familiar. By rights, I should have done a cartoon about the impending sequester but A)I don't think the cuts will amount to more than a gnat's fart, B) Obama is lying his ass off about who's responsible and the media is helping, but that's nothing new, so C) frankly I don't give a damn.

Personally, I don't want to see the GOP start using underhanded tactics - especially when the truth, when correctly delivered, can be so much more effective.

And by "correctly delivered," I mean bold, direct, and as subtle as a kick to the nuts. I want to hear top GOP voices simply saying "we're not dealing with Obama anymore because he's a liar and he hates America."

Nothing will change for the better until "tact" is bludgeoned to death and left in a shallow grave.

PRY said...

Remember the "you lie!" at O's previous SOTU? I loved it! SOMEbody in DC has GOT to be gettin fed up and ready to lay it on the line, knowing he will be barbecued by the left and MSM. In my eyes, that person will be a hero! And, then, maybe we will find that being pounded by the MSM is not the deadly force it thinks it is now!

Sarah Rolph said...

"How did so many get so stupid so quickly?"

The two biggest causes that come to mind right away are:

1. Postmodernism. Well described by Dr. Sanity (blogger who gave up in despair, for now anyway, when Obama won his second term, but the archives are still there and very useful) and by Stephen Hicks. If you teach people there is no such thing as reality, truth, or standards, bad things will happen. (The good news is that the human spirit drives us toward the truth, so there is a built-in remedy for the not-fully-damaged, as evidence by this very blog; as long as some people tell the truth, it's possible to send things in the other direction. I believe in the human spirit.)

2. Social pressure. People have a innate desire for belonging. It's inevitable that some will take advantage of this, so part of life is learning to find the balance, to stand up for what one believes even when it is unpopular. It's hard enough to do this in normal circumstances, but now we have a cult of personality in the White House supported by the media. The public is told by the authorities that if they obey certain conventions and promote certain memes they will be rewarded with Insider status and Belonging.

Oh, was that a rhetorical question? In that case, nevermind...


@SarahRolph...makes perfect sense to me. We do live in a postmodern age now, and it does explain a lot why people believe the way they do about EVERYTHING! And, everyone has the need to belong, plus our desire for the familiar things in our life is a very strong factor. Personally, I think these things DO help to explain why people have gotten so stupid! Thanks.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- Exactly; we need a lot more "Joe Wilson" moments, and they need to be the rule instead of the exception.

@Sarah Rolph- While my question was intended as rhetorical, I'm glad that you didn't treat it that way. You do a great job of summarizing the factors that have created this abundance of social insanity.

@PRY- Yeah, what you said.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Joe Biden's advice: We already own shotguns. However, I'm sorry to say, my wife's gun is one of those reviled "semi-auto thingies". He probably doesn't want to see her or anyone else to own it.

Another thing: Despite the lovely advice of Joe "shotgun" Biden, I am not a fan of warning shots. If someone is coming at us with ill will, the only warning they'll get is the sound of us chambering shells in our guns. The next thing that happens will either be that they run for their lives, or that we defend our own.

AmericanCowboy said...

I concur with your comment.
Personal experience has shown firearms do not have to be fired in every case to deter crime. In one case as a criminal was in the process of breaking into my previous home the mere sound of the hammer being thumbed back on my .44 sent him scurrying like the rat he was. In a second case where a neighbors place across the road was being ransacked when I got in from chores after dark the three or four punks left in a real big hurry when I asked them what they were doing as I nonchalantly held the same revolver.
Contrast that with the way law enforcement responded when I reported one of several break-ins to my home while I was on the road, 'If you do anything to the criminal and they are hurt we WILL charge you with assault!"
I'll take my chances, and to Hades with the criminals if I ever encounter them in the future. I believe THAT to be my God given right as an American citizen.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Biden's advice is especially bad in that he's suggesting that his wife give intruders a "warning" that she's now holding an unloaded shotgun.

@American Cowboy- In Chicago, the cops won't even respond after a home burglary because they're so busy trying to (slightly) reduce the number of street killings.

And of course, having a police force which favors protection of the guilty over the innocent is insane. Fortunately, the rules are a little different in my home state of Texas.

Anonymous said...

It can't be an official Biden quote until there's a 'Man' thrown into his verbal crap.


I would have to say that yet-to-be-fried Rice's idea of the "tragedy" that the call for investigation into Benghazi represents, is the possibility that more low-information voters might get a little more information that could lead them (we could only hope) to, or at least closer to, the conclusion that Obama is one big-assed mistake, Amerika!