Friday, February 15, 2013


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It's no secret that the mainstream media carries water for Barack Hussein Obama, but in the wake of the State of the Union address and Republican rebuttal, they've hauled it farther than Gunga Din.

Specifically, the Left-leaning media is apoplectic about Senator Marco Rubio pausing in his remarks for approximately a nanosecond to take a quick sip of bottled water before continuing with his on-target evisceration of Barry's preposterous speech.

If you're asking "what's the big deal?," Hope n' Change Cartoons is forced to reply that we have no freaking idea. CNN, which to date hasn't given a rat's ass about Obama's dereliction of duty in the Benghazi murders, actually asked "can a drink of water make or break a political career?" while running a slow-motion loop of Rubio's sip, subtitled "Career-Ender?"

Frankly, we think this is about the least interesting water-related political scandal imaginable. Especially when certain others which spring to mind...

Let's see, Teddy Kennedy drowned Mary Jo Kopechne in water. Jimmy Carter, while fishing in Georgia, spotted a bunny swimming in the water and beat the tar out of it with an oar.  Former and future presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton were neck deep in the Whitewater scandal. John Kerry's lies about his swiftboating experiences (while on water!) were used to undermine our country and our armed forces. And even Barack Obama needs to answer for adding to the environmental damage from the BP oil spill because he insisted that the waters be cleaned only by union crews, thereby increasing both cleanup time and cost.

All of which makes us think that simply taking a sip of water during a brilliant speech isn't much of a crime.

Maybe the mainstream media should actually try it sometime. It could make a nice break from the president's Kool-aid.
obama, obama jokes, rubio, water, conservative, hope and change, hope n' change, stilton jarlsberg, tea party, ducks, state of the union
In fairness, Hope n' Change wasn't drinking water that night either.


Anonymous said...

Water is not for drinking... it's for walking on.

Gang of One said...

@Stilton -- You do realize, my good man, that all this will eventuate in a dihydrous oxide ban.

Earl Allison said...

What else can the Leftists complain about? They can't attack the substance of Rubio's claims. They can't defend King Putt's SOTU, so they mindlessly attack on any angle they can.

What I am waiting for is an explanation for how this doesn't make all those attacking Rubio nasty little racists?

Hasn't that been the dialogue since Ear Leader decided to run for the Presidency? That anyone criticizing him is racist? Because he's (half) black? Well, Rubio is Hispanic, so ...

Make the Leftists own it -- now THEY are being racist (according to their own rules, certainly).

Why? Why does President Thin-Skin tolerate this blatant racism from within his own party?

Why is President Thin-Skin racist? Why does Chris Matthews, demonstrated racist, get to stay on the air?

You Leftists want to play nasty? See how much fun it is when you're on the defensive according to your OWN Rules for Radicals.

Irene Peduto said...

SJ - It's really all they have. They sling mud & call their opponents names. Sadly the MSM shills for their lack of good common sense by broadcasting this lack of civility. btw - Obama did his first "fireside chat" on Google yesterday. Can't say that I'm accustomed to any of this. It seems to get worse as time goes on. Truth has become passe' & in its place is anything goes to win - whether or not it is good for the country or not.

Red said...

They think he's changing it to wine but it's really Thunderbird. "Thunderchicken: It's finger-lickin'"!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- I'm pretty sure if there had been an 11th Commandment, that would've been it.

@Gang of One- How I love Penn & Teller. I have no doubt that the majority of Dems would vote to ban Dihydrous Oxide if given the chance.

@Earl Allison- What seriously amazes (and depresses) me about this story is that you can actually find lots of Lefties claiming that Rubio taking a sip of water is important and a substantive issue to analyze - unlike anything president buttburp has done. We really are on the crazy side of the looking glass now.

@Irene Peduto- I read that Barry's Internet Fireside Chat would be interactive with real people, live. But they had to submit their questions ahead of time so Barry's handlers could prepare responses for the questions they liked, and shred the rest.

@Red- Technically, any wine in the president's hand is designated "Thunderbird One."

Stan da Man said...

I've never managed to turn water to whine, but I'm pretty good at making water after drinking!

President ButtBurp - Stilt, that may well be better than 'CrapWeasel'!

Jim Hlavac said...

If Rubio had changed the water to wine liberals would have accused him of promoting alcoholism. If he had spilled the water they would have said he's too clumsy to hold "the button." If he coughed, he would be accused of being too ill to serve ... and Mayor Bloomberg is now going to ban water bottles -- well, I don't think it would make a difference what innocent thing Rubio would have done -- he's guilty as charged, and they'll think up more charges as this story flows along.

Meanwhile, in completely unrelated news, but great news, and that I must share -- my political blogging [partly inspired to start by this site 2 years ago, thanks] about the travails of my Uncle Otto leaving "Liberal" national socialist and communist Czechoslovakia after WWII for Australia has led that branch of the family to find me yesterday. -- Stilt -- I don't know if you have long lost relatives -- but, hey, with a blog they can find you! -- alas, so can the government, damn.

And now, I shall drink some firewater, in honor of Rubio, and long lost family.

Now, back to the hustings!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Whatever idiot prepared the set should have had the water at hand; not so far away that he had to lean almost out of camera range to get it. Rubio does not fit the establishment republican mold. I suspect there are as many republican hands stirring this particular "scandal" as there are brain dead leftist zomboids. But that's me...

And that's my two cents on this ridiculousness.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Stan da Man- A couple of decades ago, the youngest Jarlsberg referred to passing gas as a "bottom burp." I just truncated it a little...and it does fit Barry awfully well.

@Jim Hlavac- You're right that there was nothing Rubio could have done or said which wouldn't have been savaged. I'm surprised that MSNBC didn't criticize him for exhaling greenhouse gas.

Great news that you've found some long lost relatives! Maybe I'll hear from some old country Jarlsbergs today.

@Emmentaler- I agree that the water should have been within easy reach, but seriously - who could have predicted that the Left would have a hissy fit over the fact that Rubio had to reach an extra foot to grab his drink?

And you're right that there are a number of old guard Republicans who aren't crazy about Rubio. Which is one of many reasons that I don't consider myself a Republican.

It's No Gouda said...

Ah yes, the references to Thunderbird make me recall the old wino rhyme:
"What's the word?"
"What's the price?"
"Fifty twice!"
I suppose inflation has rendered the rhyme obsolete though.
I would suspect ol' Barry favors "choom" over wine any day.

DougM said...

I never drink water …
Obama walked on it.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: Butt burp, code named "air biscuit". Per the water, lesson learned. From now on all politicos should wear a camelback so they can just smooch their lips over to the tube between sentences.

@It's No Gouda: No, the rhyme still works in this economy. Just that the cents from then are worth bucks today...

Side note: I truly hate what captcha has evolved into on Google's products - these are just as impossible for humans to read as they are for machines... I wonder if they only use images so poorly conceived for the conservative blogs?

Colby said...

@Gang of One,
That website is friggin' hilarious! Stilton hinted that is has connections with Penn and Teller, which makes it even more funny. I hope some of the 27 people that think Chris Matthews is a real journalist get hold of that website and start pushing for a substance ban on di-hydrous monoxide. Perhaps they could even get Al Gore to jump on board.

The libs have no problem attacking Rubio because he isn't, by their definition, a REAL Hispanic. He's a coconut in their eyes, much like Herman Cain, Alan West and Dr. Carson. I would love it if Senator Rubio would wear one of those hats with the two beer cans (only with water bottles) the next time he speaks in public. That might drive home the point of just how incredibly stoooopid the MSM was by criticizing him for taking a damn drink of water during a speech.

I love the picture of SloJoe with his tiny beer, but I'll tell ya what. If I was Buttburp's VP, I'd be drinking heavily as well. (I still like Crap Weasel better, but let's give Buttburp a fair chance).

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@It's No Gouda- Actually, if you fill your waterpipe with Thunderbird and then smoke your choom in it, you can get the real Barry Soetoro experience! Assuming you're locking in a VW van.

@DougM- And as WC Fields famously said, "I don't drink water - fish f*ck in it."

@Emmentaler- I hate the hard to read "Captcha" codes currently required to comment...but I must admit that it's drastically cut down on the spam I have to deal with behind the scenes. So I thank ALL of you for helping me with this nuisance.

@Colby- I don't have any connection with Penn & Teller, other than being a huge fan of everything they do (performing, writing, opining). I loved their "Bullshit!" series.

And you're right that the Left gets to choose who is a "real" minority and who isn't. And ironically, it's not about your race - it's about whether you match the stereotypes which the Left insist on. Hard to think of something more demeaning to the individual.

Finally, Buttburp is not intended to replace Crap Weasel or Turdboy. It's simply another color to use in describing the rainbow of rot which is B. Hussein.

Sarah Rolph said...

Most excellent. I laughed a lot at the end there. That scenario makes a lot more sense than the idea that he said that with a straight face.

Gang of One, glad you linked to that, it deserves much wider fame. My brother showed it to me recently and I laughed my head off. Apparently the dhmo pitch has been believed and taken up by at least one senator. Send it to Barry, maybe he'll bite.

Earl--good point! Heck, yeah! Those racists!!!!!

The water bottle thing--what Stilt said. It's really alarming. They have themselves brainwashed, and really believe it matters. This is who they are. This is why "binders" worked. I am still in shock from that one. Years from now, should humanity straighten itself out and survive (which I assume we will since I am an optimist), future historians will have a field day with this era. The Age of Fools, when great swaths of people convinced themselves that words had no meaning, concepts were unimportant, and thinking was optional.

How different really is the phrase "binders of women" from "binders of women's resumes." He was making the point that he sought gender balance in his administration--it's unbearably ironic, given the slobbering praise Obama would receive were he to do such a thing (which of course he has not, which a reporter at the time might have looked into, had Obama been the Republican). And the lovely, well-spoken Democrat high-level female from Romney's team as governor who spoke at the convention about his character might as well have been invisible.

Sigh. Anyway, after the binders thing the water bottle doesn't surprise me one bit. Although I was surprised to see some seemingly sensible people complaining about it. Katie Pavlich who wrote the book on Fast & Furious tweeted that it was a disaster and had an exchange with a former congressional staffer who was saying heads would roll over this. I think that shows that it's more than just the partisan baloney, it's also our creepy culture. Image really is everything for a lot of people, and especially for the would-be Ruling Class. Politics is becoming indistinguishable from entertainment.

Colby, oh, that's right. White Hispanic. Not protected.

Well, I got my giant IMPEACH OBAMA magnet today and placed it on the back of my car next to the enormous Gadsden flag (Don't Tread on Me). That cheered me up a bit!

JustaJeepGuy said...

Just to set the record straight, it wasn't Kool-aid, it was Fla-Vor-Aid at Jonestown.

Velcro said...

I heard a rumor that the Pope resigned because Cardinals wouldn't approve of him switching the communion wine to what Joe has there...

Queso Grande said...

Being a reformed democrat, I can tell you how the mind of the left works regarding the 'substance' of the 'heinous act'......
See Rubio drank water while rebutting the Presnewdebt's SOTU. Water makes you pee.
So Rubio was saying "piss on you, Barry".
And that is Racccccccccciiiiiiiiiissssssssttttttttt.
And the lemmings lather, rinse & repeat.
Ad infinitum.

There was dissatisfaction before(my party afiiliation was familial, and localized to Trenton in the 1970's & 80's & early 90's) but it was the blindness, the willfull rejection of the reality of Bill Clinton's Arkansas record that started my move Right.
It has gotten so, so much worse than I ever imgained it could be.
Apropos of that @Sarah Rolph, all of us here understand the distinction you speak of regarding 'binders' as did I am sure a lot of Americans. The Lemmings did not, nor are they capable of allowing that Romney was inelegant in his speec in the heat of the moment and used one less word than he had wanted.

(Shaking head, slumped shoulders)
We are surrounded by idiots.

@Stilton Jarlsberg, the only problem I have with the "Captcha" is that it shows me that I am really at the age where I need glasses.

REM1875 said...

Velcro- Bier ist Brot! (beer is Bread!) while a universal truth it's still hard to make a sandwich with and they tend to frown on it in church. (don't ask how I know either of these facts.)


I swear, the Repubs (of which I am one, may not be for long), need to get real. We DO live in a different time than what we grew up in. That does not mean they need to embrace the horrible methods and mindset the dems have, and historically have for many years. And just because our dumbed-down and uninformed populace regards their ways as compassionate though not necessarily sensible, they have not been given a rational alternative, which is why O got another crack at four more years. Look at the polls, approval ratings for our legislators and administration are still nothing to brag about, yet the same ol' bunch is still here. It's enough to gag a maggot. Until the GOP guys n gals start showing some TRUE compassion, as opposed to O's FALSE compassion, and get out there and mingle with the folks like the Dear Leader does, well, unless they do that, I am liable NEVER to see anything but lefty laws in my lifetime again!

Watch the old movie "IDIOCRACY" again...doesn't seem so far-out now.

Lately, just haven't come up with any new toons on my page. Dont know how you do it, Stilt. But glad you do.

Necron99 said...

@Pry, Its not compassion that the leftists use to manipulate their constituency, but fear.

Fear. Plain and simple.

It took me years to understand this; I used to think fear was a weakness. How could a timid, frightened person accomplish anything if they were being held back by all their worries? The leftists turn fear into violence and panic into a weapon. By creating imaginary problems and raising the specter of nonexistent enemies/catastrophes, they transform common people into a wild herd that destroys everything they do not understand... (ACORN, unions, "occupy" movements, special interest groups, etc.)

And there is a great deal they do not understand.

I agree with you that it is imperative that we of the Right have to win this battle for the minds and future of the American People. This is not a case of the leftists merely having a different point of view that can be debated in a rational way.

The leftists and their collectivist agenda are evil.

Truly evil.

And we Conservatives (both common citizen and elected official alike) must prepare ourselves to be soldiers of the truth in this battle to save our Constitutional Republic and the freedom it provides.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Sarah Rolph- Image is more important than substance now. Way more important. And that can't end well.

And I like the idea of a big IMPEACH OBAMA magnet for my car. Although it might make my vehicle easier for the drones to spot...

@JustaJeepGuy- You get points for accuracy. "Kool-aid" has become part of the vernacular so I used it. I still think one of the most chilling things I've ever heard is the recording of Jim Jones telling everyone to hurry up and drink. It would be easy to imagine Obama telling us the same.

@Velcro- Popest Blue Ribbon?

@Queso Grande- In the MSM, no imperfection by Barry will be mentioned, and no imperfection from our side will be allowed. Romney was entirely clear about the binders of women's resumes, and he was equally clear that he would represent all Americans if elected - but ignore during the election those whose votes couldn't be won because they were already bought by the Left.

Still, every time I think that the absurdity and hypocrisy have hit rock bottom, we get something like Rubio taking a sip of water. It's rampant, contagious insanity.

And sorry about the annoying captcha codes. One hint: if something is totally illegible, you can hit the little "arrow chasing its tail" icon to have Captcha give you another one which might be easier to read. But copy and save your comment first, just in case.

@REM1875- I don't think the problem is so much beer in church, but the Oompah Band backing the choir.

@PRY-THRU THE TIME WARP- I completely agree that Conservatives need to sell the personal benefits of our policies in a much smarter, broader way...while at the same time educating the public about the damage done by generations of Liberal policies.

And this is a different time and country than the one we grew up in. I may not like Rubio addressing a national audience in Spanish... but I like it a helluva lot better than letting the Dems be the only ones talking to this huge and industrious demographic.

As I've mentioned before, I think "IDIOCRACY" is terrifying (and hilariously) accurate. And as far as coming up with new toons on a regular basis, I've got to admit that a lot of days it's hard.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Necron99- Great comment! And I agree that the agenda of the Left is essentially evil. It's an absolutely moot point whether or not they intend to harm anyone - the only thing that matters is whether their policies and beliefs are doing good or doing harm.

Although I'll also say that once there's proof that their policies are doing harm, the choice to continue them becomes purely self-serving and prima facie evil.

PRY said...

You're right, Necron...
fear is what keeps'em coming back for more, they are afraid not to...that is why the hapless GOP guys should follow right behind O as he makes his 'post-election' campaign swings, clearly articulate some solutions, state some facts, call out O every chance they get! But....I know the MSM is there to put the squash on every effort.

Dr. Ben Carson is a possible political candidate in the future...I heard him say..."Let them dig for skeletons, they won't find any". If that is the case, they'll just make'em up, and people will believe the MSM as usual. baaaaaa....

Necron99 said...

@Dr. J, I'm more inclined to label the leftists & their agenda as "res ipsa loquitur evil".

JustaJeepGuy said...

@Stilt, I didn't hear that same recording, but I did hear a recording of Jones' weird giggling laugh when he was listening to a young boy saying what he would do to his father if he came to take him back to the U.S. Chilling, indeed!


Hi, a NEW CARTOON posted this mornimg if you care to come over. Have a good one!

Irene Peduto said...

@Pry thru...
Can't access your site - tried clicking your name, your photo, even checked out the noreply....
Maybe you can send me the name of your blog?


@Irene...try typing in...

I hope it works for you and you enjoy the toon. It's totally original, but it has been difficult finding humor in today's climate. Have a good one.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- Sadly (hmm, let me change that to "tragically") you're right that the MSM will invent whatever is needed to keep Dr. Carson out of public office. Think of what passes for "scandal" these days: a dog in a cartop carrier decades ago, a drink of water when thirsty, or allegations of sexual misconduct from the latest "client" of Gloria Allred. The Left will destroy what it fears - and it fears truth, courage, and patriotism.

@Necron99- I think it speaks well of this blog that we enjoy tossing around bon mots in Latin.

@JustaJeepGuy- Jim Jones will give you nightmares. And you can't un-hear his voice (sort of like someone else who's currently on the golf course).

PRY- Great cartoon (and a small typo in your comments: the word "reachaed" could use some revision). I've been trying to think of a way to spin a joke off of waterboarding and Rubio's bottle of water, but nothing has crystallized yet. Maybe Homeland Security could grab him for possession of "waterboarding paraphernlia?"


Thanks, its what happens when I don't wear the specs!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- I catch a lot of typos in my own work (and others sneak through). In today's cartoon (President's Day) I stared at the phrase "undo significance" for a looooooong time before I did a facepalm and changed it to "undue significance." D'oh!