Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Words That Heal

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When one hears the word "saboteur," it conjures images of an old black & white movie in which some sleazy, greasy-haired East European-type factory worker carries a lunchbox full of dynamite and places it under an assembly line making bombsights, rivets, silk stockings or other vital World War II materials.

But when you hear the word "saboteur" today, you should think of only one thing: Barack Obama. Because that is what he has become - and the worst is still ahead of us.

A great article in the Wall Street Journal points out that the president is now engaging in a deliberate campaign to injure the economy and the American people, causing as much pain as possible. Why? Because if he can blame it on the GOP, then the 2014 elections could put Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the House of Representatives, after which there will be no Socialist, totalitarian fantasy of the Left which will go unfulfilled. Stick a fork in Lady Liberty...she'll be done.

Look at the first (and sadly successful) part of Obama's new "gut America" strategy - the sequester. He created it in return for borrowing more money, he refused to make the spending cuts which would call off the sequester, he made sure that the automatic cuts would be as painful (and illogical) as possible,  he overhyped the potential effects as Armageddon, and he blamed all of this on the Republicans...and (as always) got the full backing of the media. He said that for the next six months, every time we hear bad economic news we should know that it would have been better news if not for the Republicans' sequester - and the lying bastard will make sure that there's plenty of bad economic news to report.

Janet Napolitano has certainly helped too, lying about airport delays and national security threats caused by "severe" budget cutbacks - while still finding $50 million to pay for new uniforms for each and every TSA inspector (at a cost of $1000 per inspector), and plenty of additional dollars to purchase 2700 armored troop carriers for domestic use. Gulp.

Similarly, the Whitehouse has sent out an email to Federal agencies instructing them to make sure that sequester cuts are administered in the most painful way possible because that's what Obama said they'd be.

So employment will continue to stink, the dollar will weaken, the healthcare system will descend further into chaos, and our national security will suffer - all by design. All to put Americans into so much pain and panic that they'll demand a government big enough to "solve" the problems... and that sort of big, all-controlling government is exactly what Obama intends to give us with no hope of escape. Ever.

So just what is the proper description for a man like this who fully intends to divide our nation and destroy our country for his own political gain:

A) Saboteur
B) Traitor
C) Enemy of the State?

But of course, you already know that the answer is D) All of the Above.

obama, obama jokes, ermey, f lee ermey, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, saboteur, sequester, conservative, tea party, pelosi
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Stilton Jarlsberg said...

READERS- Sorry about the late post this morning. My fault entirely - too many buttons to push, and too few neurons to push them all correctly.

Chuck said...

And what can we, the unwashed masses do about it? IMHO: not a darn thing. As long as the media continues to be the propaganda arm of the left, there is nothing we can do to prevent their success and our demise.

Time for more "coffee" ... lots more. It doesn't actually make anything better, but it dulls the pain some.

Velcro said...

Interesting about the WSJ article. There seem to be *occasional* flashes of realization in parts of the MSM about what's really going on.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna hold my breath though...

Pete D said...

S'okay Stilt - better latent than never...

AmericanCowboy said...

As a young child, and later as a responsible self-reliant working young man, and now as a long-in-the-tooth older man who has spent what feels like several life-times working cattle, breaking horses, caring for neighbors and friends when they were hurt and couldn't finish calving, get the hay in or other needed chores, my hard-as-nails father taught me some very important lessons that have and will serve me very well.

Never lie. Keep your guns cleaned and oiled. Prepare for and expect the worst that can happen. Watch your back and your friends backs. You won't be caught of guard and you will be able to handle whatever happens. If it doesn't happen that is a bonus. Does that now make me a bad American?

Gang of One said...

I yesterday heard both Rush and Mark Levin making this same essential point: Obama does not govern, he campaigns and his campaign has been, still is, and will always be to bring Americans to their knees and drape the blame on the GOP. That this is not just being given a pass but a wholehearted endorsement by the usual [Socialist] suspects, fellow-travelers, Kool-Aid drinkers, America-haters, et. al. in the MSM/academia/entertainment industry is even more tragic and enraging. But just as Bob Woodward allowed some of the scales to fall from his eyes, there are some cracks in the armor ... Barrack Hussein is being exposed as the liar and divisive hack he really is.
This is going to get coyote ugly very soon, but I think enough people of good character will awaken soon.

It's No Gouda said...

Chuck, re your "coffee" comment I am reminded of one of the best lines ever from MASH.
Hawkeye walks into the "O" Club after they've all had a long hard day in the OR and spies Hot Lips sitting at the bar drinking.
He asks," Trying to drown your troubles?
She replies, "No, just taking them out for a little swim"
Unfortunately for us, our "troubles" seem be able to swim like Michael Phelps and it's gonna take a lot of "coffee" to slow 'em down.

Colby said...

I don't know whether to crap or go blind. If only Gunny was real and had his own primetime TV show!

And Stilton! Never apologize for a late post. It's always a treat to see new posts on days besides the promised Friday one.

I think the WSJ walks closer to the middle than most publications and is not afraid to publish articles that are critical of the lefties. Sad, but true, your average low info voter doesn't read the WSJ. They prefer to have their opinions fed to them in flashier forms such as Time Ragazine or USA Today.

I grew up in Wyoming amongst people like you and your Dad. Sad that this culture is fading.

John the Econ said...

This isn't new. For decades, there has been the wing of the Democrat Party that actually wishes people to suffer and has worked diligently to make it so, as such suffering serves to convince the dependent and weakened for the need for more government intervention in their lives.

Conversely, strong and independent citizens have little need for government beyond the Constitutional mandates.

The problem now is that so many people today are dependent upon the government for their day-to-day existence, that such threats carry far more weight than a generation ago when a government shutdown at worst meant that your vacation to a national park might get screwed up. (Thank you squishies)

How would we know when the government was at the "right size"? When a shutdown would occur, and few would notice.

Gang of One said...

@Velcro-- Those voters probably don't even read those rags. They get their sound bites from equally ignorant celebs or other pretend entities.

TC said...

I also read that John Stewart is taking a break from the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Perhaps Obama voters won't be able to get their "news" for a while and Republicans can use this to make some hay while they can. Republicans need to derail the possibility of Pelosi returning and telling us we have to pass ridiculous bills in order to find out what's in them (said like we're kids waiting to open our gifts on Christmas morning!).

CenTexTim said...

Stilt - no need to apologize. It was worth waiting for this one. Top-notch graphics and script. One of your best.

All great art is grounded in truth.

Chuck, I'm joining you in drinking some 'coffee.'

It's No Gouda - great line.

Earl Allison said...

Chuck, there is something we can do, but it needs to start at the local levels.

We can confront, we can expose the Left's blatant hypocrisy for what it is.

Where is President Gutsy Call's phone call to Amanda Collins for her treatment by the CO State Senator over the carry laws on CO College campuses?

Sandra Fluke got a call for much less, and yet it's the REPUBLICANS who are waging the War on Women?

The $85B sequester is a disaster of biblican proportions, and yet that's only a cut in the rate of increase for Fiscal Year 2013?

We the people who actually WORK for a living got a 2% cut due to Social Security "holiday," and the government can't manage a similar cut? Did YOU get a raise from last year? I didn't. And yet Obama wants to be sure this sequester hurts. White House tours are closed. Illegal aliens are released from custody. Blatant lies are told about delays at airports due to cutbacks.

When a stupid or ignorant co-worker touts the Leftist line about Obama, figuratively smack them down, hard. Make them provide actual facts.

Ask why we should show reverance to the office of President, and the horrifically-unqualified current occupant, when the Left savaged GW Bush far more viciously, with the blatant help of the Media.

Ask, over and over, what the body count from Watergate was. Ask if the Republicans circled the wagons around Nixon the way the Dems and Media have for Obama (and Clinton before him).

The Left didn't get into this position overnight. Until and unless the Media decides to show Obama's numerous illegal dealings, petty outbursts, and repeated shortcomings, it may take us years.

But it can be done.

Humanity MUST have enough pride in itself to want more than to crouch in chains and meekly lick the hand of its master. I want to believe that. I HAVE to believe that.

Sorry for the melodrama, but this is NOT an impossible fight. We need to make the Left live up to their claims, and expose their hypocrisy.


Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

I found the following link after a friend of mine forwarded some pictures of MRAPs on the railroad line just outside of Sealy, TX. Stewart & Stevenson had a Tactical Vehicle Plant there that was sold or divested to Navister a number of years ago.
FactChecking DHS Purchase of MRAP's

Much as I love a good conspiracy theory, I would find it incredible that this administration that leaks like a sieve and bumble-f***s everything it touches to have engineered this.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- Sadly, I don't know what we can do to stem the effect of these lies. Having the truth on our side doesn't help, especially when it's not what the masses want to hear.

@Velcro- The Wall Street Journal's editorial pages don't have occasional flashes of realization; they're more like a lighthouse sending out a piercing beam through the dark and fog. If you don't subscribe, you can still read a lot of their great articles by clicking on the stories in the WSJ widget on the left side of this blog.

@Pete D- Thanks. I think.

@AmericanCowboy- It makes you a good American, and an increasingly rare American.

@Gang of One- It's absolutely clear that Barry wants to hurt the country badly, blame the GOP, and regain a supermajority which will give him the power to execute a final death blow to capitalism and freedom. This is very scary stuff.

@Colby- I should point out that F. Lee Ermey is not responsible for the remarks in today's cartoon... but I'll bet a dollar he'd approve. There's no one better at delivering a tirade.

And for the record, I've updated the publishing schedule to make M, W, F all official - not just Friday. And if on one of those days I just can't make my deadline, I'll post an IOU or something.

@John the Econ- Fine analysis. This government takes strength from the dependency of citizens, and so does everything possible to force them into dependency. Which is one of the reasons why Liberal Democrats work so hard to keep black Americans in a hopeless state of ignorance and poverty.

@Gang of One- The truth is out there, and even clearly and eloquently expressed (as in the WSJ) - but the lefties and the low information voters don't want to hear it.

@TC- I can't stomach the idea of Pelosi's return to power. She is a horrid, evil, lying crone. If she becomes Speaker of the House again, I'll spend the rest of my days fighting for Texas to secede from the union.

@CenTexTim- Annoyingly, I had the cartoon and commentary done in plenty of time...I just hit the wrong freaking button to post it. And I wouldn't necessarily say this was one of my best, but it was enjoyably cathartic.

@Earl Allison- Comment of the Day. Standing ovation!

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Thanks for the factchecking. If I get something wrong, even second hand, I want to make sure the truth gets known. In this case, that the armored vehicles are apparently NOT for domestic use by the DHS. That being said, I'm leaving the original text about the armored vehicles in place because I don't want to clean up errors just to make myself look infallible. I'd rather apologize and give space to a correction in the interest of honesty.

AmericanCowboy said...

@ Colby

Howdy neighbor!

I am a high-line Montana native who still rides the Missouri breaks.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@Stilton: God man, don't apologize, even if not accurate it still provides a lot of fun to imagine what dumbo-ears and his cohorts might be up to...the only thing I fear is that it might give Jarrett ideas.

Saw that a Texas Congressman has introduced an amendment to the GOP 'Sequester' bill that cuts off public funds for Obama's golf trips - now if he had included Mooch's vacations, we'd be talking some real money - wonder if anyone has ever taken the time to sum total the taxpayers cost for Mooch's 'vacations' over the two terms?

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@American Cowboy: I grew up in the northern climes, but remarkably had conservative GOP parents, so I was raised with a work ethic, and the same values you speak of.

The one thing I have thought about, I, like a lot of baby boomers, were raised by the Greatest Generation, parents who lived through the Depression, fought/participated/went through WWII, and were used to making hard choices. Our generation's parenting skills were dumbed down by Dr. Spock, etc. to the point now where I just want to yell at most of these kids - would y'all just grow a set and man up.

PRY said...

This whole nightmare of an American Regime just gets more ridiculous by the day! The 'less-informed' of the nation are what the One is counting on and they will be faithful as long as the handouts keep coming, but one day in the not too distant future, the 'entitlements' will stop. Cue the greek street riot footage in many American cities!

Pure Evil, my friends.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Well, it wasn't much of an apology on my part. In an effort to be topical, sometimes I'll share info which later proves to be inaccurate. It's rare, and I try to let people know when it happens. Of course, even when something like this proves not to be true, I suspect worse things are happening in secret - so I suppose it all evens out.

And I hear you about being part of the baby boom raised by the Greatest Generation. Back then, morality and responsibility were part of the air we breathed, and was reinforced throughout the culture.

Some time ago, I read about a church which was using old episodes of Andy Griffith to stimulate discussion about moral choices. My hat's off to them - that's a great idea.

@PRY- Pure evil is right. I'm put in mind of HG Wells "The Time Machine" in which the future is ruled by subterranean Morlocks who provide for the basic wants and needs of the entirely docile and unquestioning surface-people called Eloi. The Eloi think they live in paradise...but actually they're simply being farmed by the Morlocks as a source of meat. Or, perhaps, votes.

Chuck said...

@Earl – I love what you wrote and could almost hear “America the Beautiful” playing as I read it … and I do so wish it were that way, but I don’t think it is. In my experience, the minions on the left are programmed to be what they are: useful idiots, and only useful in that they can be counted on to vote for the democrat (if you can get them off their duffs and to the polls). Their minds are made up and they refuse to be confused by facts. To them, Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat, and nothing you say, do or show them will convince them otherwise. At most you’ll get a, “well that was back when the Republican Party was more like the Democrat Party”. You can give all the evidence you want that it was the Democrat Party that fought desegregation, but they won’t listen, preferring instead to focus on Honey Boo-Boo, American Idol, or the seasonal sport. And they will NOT support any platform that takes away their freebees, period. They will vote the way their masters on the liberal plantation with the soft-bigotry of low expectations tell them to. Those on the right are the only racists, and that’s just the way it is.

Arguing with a lefty is like beating yourself in the head with a hammer: hurts, accomplishes nothing worthwhile and feels good when you stop. Logic plays no role in their thought processes … they operate on feelings alone. There is no right or wrong, only what feels right or wrong … at the moment (subject to change without notice).

Now, I know there are some here who proclaim to be converted liberals, but I don’t buy it. I believe they are conservatives who were raised in the environment of the left, but still managed to put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4, in spite of the best efforts of their “betters”. They didn’t need to be convinced; they figured it out on their own just as the Founding Fathers did.

And the bottom line is, the media controls the message: they are what got Ă˜bama reelected. And they will get Nasty Pelosi back in charge of the House in 2014 unless we have another perfect storm as we did in 2010: energized right and apathetic left. In 2012 there were too many on the right that took the apathetic route and chose not to vote rather than save the Republic (short term) and vote for the lesser of evils.

I do believe that, as is, before 2016 gets here the right will be neutered (already is, for the most part) and the Supreme Court will have a solid leftist majority. Sorry, but I do believe the best hope is that Texas manages to secede from the Union, and then move there (if they’ll have me). Barring that, where are you going to go? We were already the last best hope for mankind (this side of the grave) and there is no other beacon on a hill becoming to a freedom loving people.

As for me in the here and now, I’m going to have some more “coffee” and pull out my DVD of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (made before Hollywood fell to the left, right and wrong still existed and integrity mattered).

I’ve no doubt I’ll feel more hopeful “tomorrow”. Right now I fear that any light I might think I see at the end of the tunnel is a DHS MRAP bearing down on me.  And the Eloi - Morlock analogy is very fitting … and more accurately descriptive than anything I’ve come up with!

Queso Grande said...

To all,
The only way to rebutt the LSM's stranglehold on the un-knowing( I differentiate between they and the dogmatic Liberal) is to use their toys agin' em. I keep my smart phone topped up with the latest refutation, recognition(of the perfidy of this admin) and editorial written with eyes open and have it ready to go. Show it to 'em on a screen, and you win. Especially helpful when the Slate's, Time's etc... occasionally trip over the truth. Dog them, keep at them. NEVER give up.
I spoke of my lousy week last week. State of NJ worker, I am also an 'arteest' the medium of printed pix and magic marker.....I had up a picture of thsat slag at Arlington screaming at the sign whilst shooting it the bird with the caption..."We support the Troops" signed, the Left. My boss turned me in for a CR violation,.
I took the Civil Rights violation with pride, and am telling everyone what, why and how disgusting it is that the AA/EEOC Director put in place by the Dems(he brought tons of Union county votes to the table from his native countrymen in his area) feels it is disgusting that I show the calumny of the Left, saying one thing and doing another.
There is only one way to fight fire.
W/ith a far far hotter fire. I know I get down, but if I only have here to get recharged, refreshed and ready to fight again, then that is what I get(happily I might add).
It is going to get uglier; we can't accept the narrative of the left that we have no choice but to lay back and think of England.

Chip, chip, chip away at the footings.

After Woodward, Davis & Fournier, we got the SNL skit.

Chip, chip chip.

Irene Peduto said...

Wow! Just completed reading Stilton's blog & all of the comments. What an awesome group this is!
Stilton - your commentary was so compelling that I actually experienced a visceral response. It was chillingly prophetic regarding the game plan of 2014. I must say that I don't have much hope for America - whether Pelosi returns in 2014 or not, I believe it's only a matter of time. Sorry for the lack of optimism but the culture that was once America is gone and will never return.
I love the WSJ.
I agree with so many of you but in particular I want to tell Earl Allison that his comments were so nice to read but I am unable to fight the good fight. I get so angry over their lack of information that I find myself stumbling over the truth with anger & disgust. I know it isn't helpful & I'm working on it, but it is so difficult to maintain composure in the face of blind ignorance.
Chuck - I agree with you about your comments because they seem to resonate with reality. I really just want to say "yep" to all you wrote.
Queso Grande - so sorry that you experienced such a week. Our freedoms are really being taken from us - and we know when any liberty is taken away, it will never return. So sad. Regarding our get-together - it's ok. Time has a way of expanding itself to fill any & all available spaces. I am so incredibly busy but mostly with social activities - such a joy.

Bacon said...

Did anyone hear the blip about the WH actually having the MSM on their payroll? I was told about this yesterday and I requested sources, which I was told will be emailed to me. Just wondering if anyone else had caught wind of it?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- Great comment and I'm very much in agreement. I am worried about the Right being neutered by the forces rallied against us, but I'm not giving up. Maybe I should watch a Frank Capra film or two...

@Queso Grande- Yes, you should wear that CR violation with pride. And you're right that there is just a little chipping around the edges of Obama's narrative. We all have to keep pushing.

@Irene Peduto- It is a hard fight, because a certain amount of anger and bumfuzzlement is the only sane response to the craziness. And when debate fails, it's hard not to imagine more visceral ways of convincing others about the error of their ways (say, an entirely metaphorical two-by-four over the cranium). I think one of the great things about this blog is that it allows us to blow off some steam while also sharpening our rhetoric.

@Bacon- I haven't heard that story yet, but would find it less than startling. I'll dig around a bit and see if I can find out anything!

Earl Allison said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I really appreciate them and hope that my faith in humanity is not misplaced :)

I've read a very telling comment here and in other places before, and I suspect others will have heard this too:

"A conservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality."

I think we're seeing that, and we will see a LOT more of it in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act (more accurately called Obamacare) goes into full effect.

That's going to be a pretty big mugger, taking lots of cash from people who still go to work for a living, or who are retired on a fixed income. And there will be no hiding from who owns this, despite Obama's love of and prowess with class warfare.

Obama's aura of invincibility is starting to flicker.

Yesterday, Rand Paul fillibustered the Senate, asking a simple question of our tin-plated despot with delusions of grandeur;

"Why can't the President come out and say he doesn't have the right to use drones to kill US citizens on US soil without due process?"

The silence from the White House was deafening, and I think some eyes were opened. Not a lot, but some.

There are cracks in the shoddy foundation of the Obama Administration. We need only seek them out and ask why they were allowed to continue.

Why is "I didn't know" an acceptable answer from Napolitano, Holder, Clinton, and Obama? I know it stopped working for me after grade school.

Ask all the Obama apologists if they would have accepted the same excuse from GW Bush. Ask why they railed against the Patriot Act under Bush, why they all sympathized with Cindy Sheehan while Bush was President, and are silent on the same alleged criminal acts now.

It might cost some friends, or some estrangements among family, but it's time to start making the Left play by the rules they've set up these past several decades.

If Nixon was criminal for his coverup of Watergate, what does that make Holder and Obama over Fast and Furious, or Clinton and Obama over Benghazi?

They (Liberals) are attacking Woodward, their (former) media hero, for what, exactly? For pointing out the actual fact that the Sequester came from Obama?

Have you noticed, that for all the "wins" the Left has had since 2008, that they have remained shrill, angry, and petty? They are as nasty now as they were when GW Bush was in office. Why?

Personally, and this is simply an opinion, not based on any fact in evidence, I think they know, in their hearts, that Liberalism as it is under the Democrats, is a lie.

They can't be happy because, in the dark, where no one else is looking, they know their President is a sham. They know that, without the Media covering for him, Obama would either still be Senator, impeached any number of times by now, or in jail somewhere.

And the Emperor himself? He is petty and thin-skinned. Yesterday's fillibuster will work its way under his skin like a grain of sand -- just like any disagreement with him does.

He'll slip up, and it will be in a way his Praetorean Media cannot shield him. His "I am not a dictator" line is one such slip -- and will, God willing, go down in history along with;

"Read my lips, no new taxes."

"I am not a crook."

It's coming. It has to be, because the alternative, the US becoming a third-world country, is unthinkable to me.

And it's people like you, bloggers and posters who still have hope, that I draw that strength from.

The Liberals have already overreached on Gun Control. They overplayed their hand, and it is costing them. If they make the play to seize 401k's as a new source of revenue -- that may be the new "shot heard round the world," though I pray not.

There are lines that even the Low-Information Voters will not cross, and I think we are fast approaching them.

Again, thank you all for your kind words.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilt: I have to apologize for tuning into this cartoon late. So late, in fact, that your apology is meaningless. After all: if a tree falls in the forest...

I keep having a nightmare in which my progeny generations hence keep asking "How come no-one did anything to stop them..."

Nuff said.

John the Econ said...

Just what is one to make of Eric Holder's assertion yesterday that individuals engaged in criminal activities within our largest banks may be impossible to prosecute because doing so might be harmful to the economic health of the country?

Since when has this administration worried about that???

Chuck said...

@Stilton - I'm not giving up. I just recognize reality when it smacks me down. It’s important to remember our place in the grand scheme of things … yours, and many others here, far surpass my own. But we need to step back from time to time and remember that we are just a note in the song being sung.

Chuck said...

And here’s a reality check for you: ask anyone you know about the filibuster that just happened … and enjoy the blank stares … if you can.