Friday, April 12, 2013

Free For All Friday

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To make sure that the pitiful Obama sequester cuts damage American morale as much as possible,  the "Blue Angels" precision flying team has been grounded - although if the pilots can learn to play soul music, there's still a chance that they might be paid to perform at one of the Obamas' next celebrities-only Whitehouse private parties...which are still fully and extravagantly funded.

SHOOTING HER MOUTH OFFobama, obama jokes, conservative, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg,  hadiya pendleton, michelle obama, gun controlNo one in the entire nation should hate our glorious first lady unless they have good reason. And this week, she gave us reason 1,000 or so when she dared compare herself to young murder victim Hadiya Pendleton in Chicago, in order to push gun control measures which have absolutely nothing to do with the (largely racial) gang violence which took Hadiya's life, and is totally out of control in Rahm Emmanuel's "Murder City."

Like her husband, Michelle Obama cares only about politics and doesn't give a single solitary crap about the millions of black Americans living in fear because no one has the courage to say that a significant part of the young African-American demographic is completely out of control.

But nooOOOooo. We keep seeing headlines that 200 or 400 "teenagers" (apparently none of them with recognizable ethnicity) are staging flash mob riots with looting and violence, and reading daily stories of the body counts in Chicago being higher than those in active war zones.

I wish Hadiya Pendelton was our first lady. Maybe she would have actually put her own comfort and reputation on the line to save some young lives.

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Laws are for the little people - and if you're a black entertainer in Obama's America, you're neither "little" nor expected to be particularly "lawful." And so it is that Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Cuba to help promote the "educational" story that socialism is paradise to the same young dipsticks who believe that hip-hop is music.

And who pulled the strings to make this happen? According to rapper Jay-Z (who, I believe, just lost the hosting job of the Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon), the authorization came straight out of the Whitehouse. Because seriously, who else do you expect to be promoting Socialism so aggressively?


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- Damn it, I did everything right to have these post last night at midnight, and Blogger STILL didn't do it. Anyway, sorry for the late post and hope you enjoy the cartoons!

Coon Tasty said...

"headlines that 200 or 400 "teenagers" (apparently none of them with recognizable ethnicity)"

Well, everyone knows it's those damned Amish gangs again...

Stan da Man said...

Clip-clop Clip-clop Clip-clop Clip-clop >BANG!< Clip-clop Clip-clop Clip-clop

... Amish drive by...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Can we all just go to the lobby? This movie is too disturbing...

I just finished reading Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series. Actually, a very entertaining read, but laced with deep anti-socialist, anti-Utopian, and, by my read, anti-Øbama themes. The anti-Øbama theme becomes explicit at the climax in the last book of the series. If you're into sci-fi/horror suspense with just a hint of goofy playfulness, I highly recommend them.

John the Econ said...

Fortunately, Americans will still be able to appreciate federally-funded airshows at any of the locations the Obamas choose to vacation at throughout the year.

Personally, I hope the sequester continues unabated. It will be fun attending Blue Angles-less airshows this summer and reminding all who will listen why they aren't there, and how a year of Obama vacations and fundraising trips would fund at least a decade of Blue Angles shows.

Again, the sequester is having the unintended consequence of demonstrating exactly what this administration's priorities really are. I hope it continues indefinitely, just like I had hoped the "occupy" movement would.

Earl said...

If Michelle and hubby truly embraced their own, they'd be mentioning how much the late term abortion doctor (mass murderer, imho) in the current "House of Horrors" trial reminds them of their Uncle so-and-so. This scumbag represents what Obama advocated for back in Illinois and wants for his own children should they have the misfortune of getting pregnant at an inconvenient time.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- I saw a TV show about this kind of wanton violence. It was called "Barn Raisings Gone Wild."

@Stan da Man- An oldie but a goody!

@Emmentaler- Sounds good to me.

@John the Econ- It does seem like some people are starting to tumble to the fact that the sequester cuts are almost all being made in areas to either A) inconvenience the American people or B) reduce our military strength.

@Earl- I, too, am deeply disturbed by the revealed monstrosity of the Gosnell abortion factory, and the MSM's active attempt to cover it all up. This sonofabitch was murdering full-term, living babies exactly as Barack Hussein Obama wants and defends. The deaths at Sandy Hook would have been a slow average day at this monster's "clinic." But because the "doctor" is black and abortion is universally recognized as dandy by the left - no matter the age or health of the unborn, the media dare not share the ugly secrets of what really happens.

So here's a more accurate quote for Michelle Obama: "Doctor Gosnell is me, and I am him."

Grafton Cheddar said...

So much to hate about our power possessors, so little time.

Hope all is well with you, SJ.

Colby said...

Whoo-Hoo! A three-fer! Thanks, Stilton, and curses on blogger for screwing up your best laid plans.

I'm beginning to think Turd Eyes isn't as clever as he once was advertised to be. If he really wanted to make his idiotic "The evil Republicans did this sequester thingy to you" crap fly, he wouldn't be following up every blame party with a lavish White House party or vacation. I think the luster is fading, of at least I hope it is.

As far as Mooch, I say, since she is such an advocate for non-violence, we should send her to North Korea to fix Un's wagon. That would teach that little prick. By God, screw with the U.S. and you get The Wookie!

Perhaps JayZ and his conceited little ho can join Michael Moore and move to Cuba since it's so friggin's great. Just ask Marco Rubio how great it is.

I'm a Dean Koontz fan (despite most of his books having the same basic plot), and have suspected he leans right. Now I gotta get the Frakenstein books!

I am an ex-pot smoking, war hating, tree hugging liberal, but fail to understand why it is OK to hack babies to death by the millions, but not OK to own a gun to defend yourself because you might accidently shoot some dirtbag rapist or mugger. Makes me wonder if the horrendous events at Sandy Hook would have been acceptable to liberals had the murderer been an certified abortionist. Why are the liberals not advocating anti-scalpel laws?

John the Econ said...

It's pretty easy to understand why the media really really wants the Gosnell story to disappear. First, the reality of it will make even many ardent pro-abortion advocates squirm and question themselves, perhaps for the first time ever.

Second, remember that Obama himself fervently fought for this. The media knows they can't afford to allow the gruesome photos from the trial to be in any way associated with The One.

Perhaps he'd be forced to "evolve" again.

PRY said...

@John the Econ..."Again, the sequester is having the unintended consequence of demonstrating exactly what this administration's priorities really are. I hope it continues indefinitely, just like I had hoped the "occupy" movement would."

Man, I hope you are right! We still do and will have a very 'uninformed' (code for don't care) voting block out here, spending most of their time being 'connected' on their smart phones. Obama understands this, and that is why he is not hesitant about the lies and totally incredible policies he keeps throwin out daily, same for all those vacations. He KNOWS very few, relatively speaking, realize what he is doing! I personally don't think enough will wise up in time to get in Hilary's way to the White House in 2016! Incredible time we live in, folks!

John the Econ said...

@PRY, even the most confirmed low-information Obamaton understands the unpleasantness of being blackmailed. And that is effectively what Obama's sequester is. It's this administration's way of saying "Get on board with our budget agenda, or we will punish you by defunding the little things you like".

The irony is that for people like me, who depend very little on Federal largesse, the sequester doesn't mean very much. The biggest impact on me personally will be not seeing the Blue Angels perform. Wow. How will I ever survive that.

Of course, this is why the left wants, no needs massive government expansion into more vital sectors of my private existence, like in say "health care", so that the blackmail will be more effective on people like you and I.

REM1875 said...

Gosnell trial- only time in recent history where a serial killer is only local news.
I do believe that between this media intentional disaster and the continued vacations and parties especially during a time of financial crisis that even some with 'slow fuses' are beginning to burn.
To those who have for years responded to us with 'if that was true I would have heard it on the news' -We told you so.

REM1875 said...

hmmm I got this fantasy of some of those hollyweird liberals stuck in cuba without the benefit of US passports and my favorite one is of michael moore chopping cane under a blazing cuban sun.
Hmmmm citizen cain? how about comrade cane? course it would be kinda a short flick cause I would not expect him to last more than a few minutes and then the only to get him functioning again would be voodoo.
Would not be long before those hollyweird types who survived 'the swim' would be kissing US soil if they ever touched it again. Now that would be a visit to cuba for 'educational' purpose.