Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sacrificial Lame

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As a show of solidarity with the federal workers being furloughed by the Obama Sequester Cuts, the president has announced that he will voluntarily take a 5% pay cut beginning immediately, and double the number of prayers he says each day that he'll somehow find a way to put bread on the table for his family - assuming he can find his family members at their various five-star vacation resorts.

Although when the president's "sacrifice" is given greater scrutiny, we can see both the "screw" and the "tiny." For one thing, he's not taking a pay cut, but instead voluntarily "writing a check every month" to give back a total of $20,000 per year...out of a combined family income of nearly $800,000 while living with (oh yeah!) all imaginable expenses paid.

And guess what?! Because Obama is one of the evil rich, he can claim a hefty tax deduction of 39.6% for this "donation" to the US Treasury - putting a tidy $7,920 back in his pocket at taxpayer expense.

All of which makes the president's grand gesture seem like all of his other gestures: a one-finger salute to the American people who are genuinely suffering under the deliberately disastrous effects of the Obamaconomy.

obama, obama jokes, 5%, pay, sequester, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, hope and change, conservative, evil rich, cartoon, sacrifice, wealth


Colby said...

What do my eyes behold but a THURSDAY post from Dr. J! Nice!

When I'm enjoying my nightly gruel huddled around "the heating candle," I'll remember what a huge sacrifice dear leader has made in solidarity with his loyal subjects. I really warms my heart, but unfortunately not my house.

Again, this hunk of condensed owl dung is making news with somthing that don't mean shit to a tree. It will have zero effect on my outlandish health insurance costs, horrendous grocery bills and $100 per week in gas just to get to the job that I (thank God!) still have. Can't wait to hear what Chris Tingles has to say.

Oh... and a pox on all you lemmings that fall for his endless parade of caballo caca!

PRY said...

Hope things are working out, Stilt...good cartoon also! I have been laying off the 'news' outa DC lately, you seem to be right on top of things as usual, even during your own personal 'sequester'! I think I reached my limit on falsehoods...I find I sleep better at night!

Chuck said...

Just when you think it can't get any stupider ...

And the lemmings will gobble it up: “oh look at dear leader and how he loves us …”

Tingles will have a (possibly) terminal orgasm. (one can hope)

Chuck said...

And by posting on Thursday, all I can say is:

"Cutting back": Those words ... I don't think they mean what you think they do.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

I'd write a meaningful comments,but I'm enthralled in the happy annual exercise of trying to keep as much of my income as possible out of the hands of the vacationing evil emperor Ă˜bama and that woolly mammoth he's married to.

Stilt, you're doing far better than I would be under similar circumstances. You're a fine example of what all conservatives strive to be: self reliant and self sufficient. Good on ya, brother!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- D'oh!!! I'm juggling some chainsaws on this end and so have to admit that the reason there was a Thursday cartoon was because I effed up. I thought I'd set it to post on Friday...but nooOOoooo. Oh well, it's a bonus for you diehards that show up on the off days (and thank you). There won't be a different cartoon on Friday, though - I'm already tapdancing as fast as I can.

Regarding Barry's "sacrifice," it's clearly without meaning - while the rest of us are being screwed right into the ground.

@PRY- My current circumstances haven't really allowed me (or motivated me) to pay close attention to the news. But some idiocy just demands a cartoon - and this qualified.

@Chuck- The thought of Chris Matthews having a terminal orgasm gave me my first smile of the day. Thanks!

@Emmentaler- Thank you for the kind comments. They mean a lot.

Anonymous said...

are you sure, the mouse,isn't playing the tune..,
"My Heart Pumps Piss, For You"?
Huch Huckleberry

Jim Hlavac said...

You know, you can't keep posting stuff willy nilly during your hiatus. How are we to know? It's like trying to pin down the president's golf trips -- it's all a guess.

Well, btw, in the brain mapping thingy of yesterday, while they're looking up "effing epilepsy" -- which is very worthwhile - I hope they don't forget that, well, you know, what and who. :)

Now, go take a rest, and don't post anything in the morning.

SeaDog52 said...

Let's see, his 'pay cut' annually equates to less than 1% of a golf outing, less than 1% of one of Mooch's bi-monthly vacations, less than 1% of one party hardy at the WH, less than .001% of a campaign trip. Breaks my freaking heart it does, meanwhile I'm searching for a clinic that will take Medicare, since my doctor has decided to opt out.

Thought for the great unpaid research department, doesn't the use of AF One for political campaigns violate the fed election laws? (not that The One ever paid attention to those silly things).

We need more congress types like Ted Cruz - you know he's doing something right when he makes Sheila Jackson Lee's s*** list.

Earl Allison said...

...must ... control ... fist of death ...

Wow, maybe I'd buy his sacrifice if he pledged no more vacations in 2013, or no more golf ...

But who am I kidding, this is a dog and pony show, like everything else in this Administration.

What. A. Tool.

TrickyRicky said...

@Colby - Nice "Eskimo Blue Day" reference.

Stilton, I hope that although things are not great on your personal front, may your trials and tribulations be tolerable and may your burden lighten each day.

Regarding Barry Antoinette, let us all eat cake, right beotch?

Colby said...

I had to Google "Eskimo Blue Day" to find out what you were talking about. I remember when Jefferson Airplane became popular, but for the life of me don't remember this song. The lyrics are... strange. And yes. obuttma's piddling $20k don't mean shit to a tree! Hell, if he donated his entire salary, it wouldn't change their lavish lifestyle one damn bit. Ironic (and maddening) that the people PAYING for their parties, golfing, skiing, and extravagant vacations (us) can't shut off his allowance. I would like nothing better than to see crap weasel living in a hut next to his brother someday.

Terminal orgasm? Now there's something I'd Tivo and watch over and over and over and...

This whole $20k fiasco reminds me of the widow's mite Bible story. Paraphrasing... the rich guy made a big deal of giving a bunch of money to the church, but it was not a sacrifice for him, and he did it for his own glory. The poor wido gave only a mite (penny), but she was blessed by God because it was all she had; a huge sacrifice. Not that God expects us to give all we have (He only asks for 10%), but He definitely doesn't want us acting all self righteous when we give. Hear that, Barry?

OK.... off soapbox now.

John the Econ said...

Just restating the obvious: Pocket change compared to what his vacations are costing us. Cut those out for the duration and I night be impressed.

How about that jobs report? Only 88k jobs (instead of the assumed >200k) and yet the celebrate unemployment going down?

Food-stamp nation forward!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Huckleberry- I could tell you the name of the tune, but it's so sad that none of us would get anything done for the rest of the day.

@Jim Hlavac- I should clarify that I referred to "effing epilepsy" because it's been a particular difficulty for my family. Both my wife and daughter have epilepsy. I, on the other hand, just twitch a lot. Especially over the past 4+ years.

@SeaDog52- It's a meaningless amount of money. Obama could probably save more funds for taxpayers by switching to Charmin in the executive bathroom instead of having silk napkins and Chippendale's washroom attendants.

@Earl Allison- Yes, you must control that fist. Though if you didn't, you'd find a surprising amount of forgiveness...

@Colby- Between "Eskimo Blue Day" and "Widow's mite," I've learned a lot today!

@John the Econ- The "happy" report that unemployment is statistically down because the American people have given up hope and stopped looking for work makes me want to scream until my head is surrounded by a cloud of bloody mist. How can so many be so stupid for so long?

oaksmiles said...

The key point, in my arrogant opinion, is not the amount, but the reason.

Remember, he's identifying with "federal workers", pointedly not "the American people".

When he sees suffering, it is on the part of the beloved state, not on the part of the people who actually pay for all this.

If there is any good to come out of all this, it is that the next time I hear about the horrors of the sequester on government workers, I can say, "oh, well dear leader took a pay cut, so everything must be ok, right?"

John the Econ said...

If I was Boenher, I'd go on TV tonight and tell people to quit their jobs on Monday, and then sign up for SS disability for being terminally stupid on Monday. Then perhaps we could get U-1 down to 6.5 and the Fed will quit printing money.

Grizzly said...

As a federal employee facing looming furloughs, I can tell you that he is paying nowhere near enough to begin to identify with the rank and file. To put it into the vocabulary of the progtards, "HE AIN'T PAYIN' HIS FAIR SHARE!!" Those who have much higher incomes need to pay a much higher percentage, dontcha know.

(I almost slipped and said that Barry earned a high salary, but that would be incorrect. He receives a high salary, but he has never earned (deserved) it.)

PRY said...

I see Monday April 8 is Holocaust remembrance day, which I have never noticed before. I would be interested to know if any of my fellow Americans here have this horrible experience in their family history, maybe a short story or two. Thanks.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Back in the 80's, was shift mgr at a McD in Dallas, "old" woman came in, w/ a number tattooed sloppily on the inside of her right arm. Almost asked about it, and realized what it must be. She noticed me noticing, we shared a glance. Would have bought her the lunch, but thought it might have embarrassed her (proud grandmothers not liking to 'take charity' and all that).
At any rate, it struck me then how few of them (survivors) there must be, how many left still?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@oaksmiles- Excellent point; Obama is all about the "suffering" of his bloated government and not the rest of the country.

@John the Econ- I often hear the devil whisper in my ear with the same sort of suggestions: give up the fight, go on the dole, get a little of my own money back. But it's just not in my DNA.

@Grizzly- Sacrifice which is meaningless is no sacrifice at all. Rather, in this case, it's an insult to federal workers and the rest of the country. And you're darn right that Barry hasn't earned a dime of his salary, whatever its size.

@PRY- I fear that our younger generations don't even know what the Holocaust was anymore, or believe that it's so far back in grainy black-and-white film footage "history" that it has nothing to do with real people. Real lives and real deaths. And that there is nothing to prevent it from happening again other than a population which remembers and cares enough to show vigilance.

@Pete(Detroit)- Thanks for sharing the story. By the way, this conversation reminds me of "Harold and Maude" (a favorite film of mine), in which young Harold catches a glimpse of just such a tattoo on Maude's arm. Little (or maybe nothing?) is said aloud - but volumes are spoken.

PRY said...

Appreciate that, Pete. Those holocaust survivors are starting to get pretty scarce now!

David Finlayson said...
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